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Prehistory to Medieval

Prehistory to Medieval

Norris Museum Collection: Prehistory to Medieval

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Brampton BABronze AgeBRAMPTONThe Bronze Age barrow cemetery and Iron Age enclosure at Brampton, grid ref. 204713, were excavated by D.A. White in September and October 1966 and published in PCAS 62 (1969) pp. 1-20. The Norris Museum is said to have stored the site notes and finds, but if the notes were kept here their present location is a mystery. Some notes, drawings and sections were transferred from Dorset County Museum (where White worked) to the Cambs County Council Archaeology Field Unit at Haggis Gap, Fulbourn in January 1996. Finds from the Iron Age enclosure are catalogued and stored under IRON AGE.
Houghton BABronze AgeHOUGHTONFor Coote's 1929 excavations that produced the Houghton beakers (X.676-7) see CHAS 5 pp. 248-50. We have photographs of the site catalogued as PH/HOUGH/35-41.
Leighton Bromswold Salome Lodge BABronze AgeLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDFor material from Salome Lodge, Leighton Bromswold, see also Iron Age and Roman. Site is published in CHAS 6, p. 66.
84.13*Bronze AgeRAMSEYSEE 84.13, catalogued under Medieval, for a possible Bronze Age sickle blade from Bodsey House.
82.42*Bronze AgeST IVESSee 82.42, catalogued under ROMAN, St Ives (Meadow Lane).
X.0640Bronze AgeRAMSEYSmall socketed bronze spearhead, with short leaf-shaped blade and two loops on the side of the socket; Middle Bronze Age; length 98mm.
2003.04Bronze AgeRAMSEYSherds of a Food Vessel: thick red-grey ware with stabbed decoration; below the rim is a concave band between two horizontal ridges, a wide vertical neck below that, then an outward shoulder below which the body of the pot probably curves inwards towards the base; one sherd has a hole, presumably for hanging the pot up, in the vertical neck.
2003.04 (contd.)Bronze Age
X.0301Bronze AgeDelicately worked semicircular blade of black flint, with part of cortex on one side. Length 81mm, width 31mm.
X.0398Bronze AgeHOUGHTONThree small sherds of Beaker pottery.
X.0401Bronze AgeLT PAXTONBarbed and tanged flint arrowhead, one tang broken off; length 24mm.
X.0402Bronze AgeLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDBarbed and tanged flint arrowhead, one tang broken off; length 38mm.
X.0406Bronze AgeWYTONBarbed and tanged flint arrowhead, length 25mm, width 16mm.
X.0407Bronze AgeHOUGHTONBarbed and tanged arrowhead, point and tang broken off; length 18mm.
X.0414Bronze Age?HOUGHTONBlade of brown flint with fine secondary flaking; length 89mm, width 30mm.
X.0432Bronze AgeFEN DRAYTONBarbed and tanged arrowhead, point and one barb broken off; length 26mm, width 19mm.
X.0433Bronze AgeST IVESBarbed and tanged arrowhead of black flint, point and both barbs broken off; length 27mm, width 22mm.
X.0442Bronze AgeHARTFORDTanged arrowhead of black flint, vestigial barbs, point broken off; length 32mm, width 19mm.
X.0465Bronze AgeFEN DRAYTONSingle-barbed arrowhead of grey flint, length 47mm, width 36mm.
X.0498Bronze AgeST IVESPart of a blade of black flint, with very fine serrations along the long edges; length 34mm.
X.0503Bronze AgeBARTINDALEBarbed and tanged arrowhead of white flint, length 27mm, width 18mm.
X.0521Bronze AgeBLUNTISHAMBarbed arrowhead of black flint, broken obliquely across the blade; length 28mm, width 27mm.
X.0541Bronze AgeEATON SOCONBarbed and tanged arrowhead of grey flint, length 39mm, width 27mm.
X.0598Bronze AgePart of axehead, ground, of grey stone, with flattened edges; width 50mm.
X.0630Bronze AgeST NEOTSSocketed bronze axehead, single loop, three moulded ribs on each side; length 90mm, width 48mm.
X.0632Bronze AgeST IVESBronze spearhead, socketed with loops on either side of socket, Middle Bronze Age; length 161mm, width 26mm.
X.0634Bronze AgeTanged and barbed arrowhead of brown flint, length 28mm.
X.0636Bronze AgeNO PROVENANCEBarbed and tanged arrowhead of white flint, length 27mm.
X.0637Bronze AgeBarbed and tanged arrowhead of grey flint, length 35mm.
X.0638Bronze AgeWOOD WALTONFlat, leaf-shaped knife of brown flint; length 140mm, width 50mm.
X.0641Bronze AgeWOOD WALTONLarge barbed and tanged arrowhead of brown flint, length 50mm, width 35mm.
X.0642Bronze AgeBRAMPTONVery thin, broad flint blade, Early Bronze Age. Length 108mm, width 47mm.
X.0643Bronze Age?HARTFORDSquare-sectioned bone spike, length 125mm.
X.0644Bronze AgeSocketed bronze axehead, with single loop, length 100mm.
X.0645Bronze AgeST IVESBlade of small bronze dagger, flat and round-ended, with hole in tang. Length 112mm.
X.0646Bronze AgeBroken pieces from five socketed bronze axeheads, one with a loop on the socket. Max length 65mm.
X.0648Bronze AgeWOOD WALTONNine sherds of pottery, Middle Bronze Age.
X.0652Bronze Age?HOUGHTONSide-scraper of grey flint, length 76mm, width 38mm.
X.0654Bronze AgeHARTFORD?Flanged bronze axehead, with stop ridge, butt broken off; never sharpened or used: the moulding flash is still present round the blade. Length 102mm.
X.0656Bronze AgeLT PAXTONBroad, flat, lozenge-shaped flint blade, with delicate pressure flaking; length 109mm, width 63mm.
X.0657Bronze AgeOFFORDTwo small sherds of Beaker.
X.0659Bronze AgePIDLEYSocketed bronze axehead with single loop, length 104mm.
X.0661Bronze AgePIDLEYSocketed bronze axehead, much corroded, with remains of loop; length 83mm.
X.0662Bronze AgeNO PROVENANCEFlanged bronze axehead with stop-ridge, rather corroded; length 140mm.
X.0663Bronze AgeNO PROVENANCEBarbed and tanged arrowhead of grey flint; length 41mm, width 28mm.
X.0664Bronze AgeWOOD WALTONLarge barbed and tanged arrowhead of brown flint; length 58mm, width 33mm.
X.0665Bronze AgeHOUGHTONSingle-barbed arrowhead of brown flint, length 42mm, width 25mm.
X.0668Bronze AgeWOOD WALTONBronze palstave, length 175mm.
X.0669Bronze AgeGT RAVELEYBronze palstave, length 168mm, width 76mm.
X.0670Bronze AgeCONINGTONSmall socketed bronze spearhead, with two loops on socket and lobes on the base of the blade. Stripped down to the bare metal. Length 149mm, width 28mm.
X.0671Bronze AgeRAMSEYSmall socketed bronze spearhead with two loops on socket; length 118mm, width 18mm.
X.0672Bronze AgeSAWTRYAxe-hammer of grey stone, with cylindrical perforation, length 163mm.
X.0673Bronze AgeRAMSEYSocketed bronze spearhead with broad blade and two loops on socket; length 217mm, width 59mm.
X.0674Bronze AgeCONINGTONSocketed bronze spearhead with wide, lozenge-shaped blade and two loops on socket; length 152mm, width 55mm.
X.0675Bronze AgeHOUGHTONRimless jar of red, beaker-type fabric, with rows of vertical notches; restored. Ht. 102mm, diam. 76mm.
X.0676Bronze AgeHOUGHTONLong-necked beaker with collar round rim, extensively decorated with bands of hatching and fingernail impressions; restored. Ht. 165mm, diam. 145mm.
X.0677Bronze AgeHOUGHTONLong-necked beaker, decorated all over with comb and stabbed decoration; restored. Ht. 171mm, diam. 115mm.
X.0678Bronze AgeALCONBURY WESTONLarge axe-hammer of grey sandstone, with cylindrical perforation; length 203mm, width 84mm.
X.0682Bronze AgeBRAMPTONSherds of a beaker: numerous sherds, most of them very small, although a few larger sherds have been assembled to form part of the base and some show bands of combed and cord decoration; red ware.
X.0854Bronze AgeBRAMPTONLarge cinerary urn of thick brown ware, with decoration of impressed cords; heavily restored, rim missing. Ht. 38cms, diam.31½ cms. Also a few sherds left over from the reconstruction.
X.0862Bronze AgeWOOD WALTONSocketed bronze axehead, with circular-sectioned socket and single loop, bead on rim. The loop is, unusually, on the long side of the socket, suggesting that the blade may have been hafted as an adze rather than an axe (observation & suggestion by Mr Roger Thomas of Jesus College, visit 3:7:1984). Length 92mm.
X.0863Bronze AgeHARTFORDGround axehead of grey stone, with expanded edge suggesting a metal prototype; length 142mm, width 72mm.
X.0864Bronze AgeCOVENEYGround axehead of greenstone, with flattened edges; length 153mm.
X.0865Bronze AgeHARTFORDFlanged bronze axehead with stop-ridge and remains of loop; length 141mm.
X.0866Bronze AgeBRAMPTONThe tip of a plano-convex knife of white flint, crackled by heat. Length 26mm.
X.0928Bronze AgeBronze dagger-blade, thin blade widening to broad, flat tang, with notches for rivets; length 169mm.
X.1793Bronze AgeBRAMPTONPart of an amber bead, disc-shaped with a central hole, decayed and part of the circumference missing. Diam. 8mm
X.1794Bronze AgeBRAMPTONSherds of pottery, coarse black inside with buff exterior, a few of them glued together.
X.1795Bronze AgeBRAMPTONSoil.
X.1796Bronze AgeBRAMPTONFragments of cremated bone.
X.1797Bronze AgeBRAMPTONFragments of cremated bone.
X.1798Bronze AgeBRAMPTONA piece of cremated bone.
X.1799Bronze AgeBRAMPTONTiny fragments of cremated bone.
X.1800Bronze AgeBRAMPTONA few fragments of pottery.
X.1801(Bronze Age)BRAMPTONSmall rim-sherd of Romano-British red ware.
X.1802Bronze AgeBRAMPTONSmall triangular scraper of grey flint, with steep retouch apparently on the striking platform above the bulb. Length 34mm.
X.0026GeologyHOUGHTONPiece of rock showing ice scratches, from the Boulder Clay.
X.0028GeologyST IVESPiece of stone.
X.0032GeologyHOUGHTONLump of rock.
X.0035GeologyBUCKDENNodule of flint.
X.0036GeologyST IVESPiece of St Ives Rock.
00000ArchaeologyST NEOTSButton: made of metal (probably brass); circular in shape; front side decorated with squares; reverse side centrally has raised but corroded area where it may have been attached to garment. Diameter: 26mm.
X.1188*RomanCOVINGTONSee X.1188, catalogued under KEYSTON.
82.42**Iron AgeST IVESSee 82.42, catalogued under ROMAN: St.Ives (Meadow Lane).
X.1974*MesolithicBLUNTISHAMSee X.1974, catalogued under Neolithic but perhaps including Mesolithic material.
Water Newton 1958 RBRomanWATER NEWTONThe Saxon and Medieval site at Water Newton dug by Charles Green in 1958 also yielded Roman finds, probably just a scatter from a nearby Roman villa. See the finds, catalogued under Medieval, and the publication in PCAS 56-7 (1964) p 68ff.
Water Newton 1958 SaxonSaxonWATER NEWTONThe site at Water Newton dug by Charles Green in 1958 produced finds from two phases of occupation, late Saxon and 13th century. All the finds are catalogued together under Medieval, qv. See also the publication in PCAS 56-7 (1964) p 68ff.
Water Newton 1958 MedvlArchaeologyWATER NEWTONThe site at Water Newton dug by Charles Green in 1958 produced finds from two phases of occupation, late Saxon and 13th century, also a scatter of Roman material probably from the nearby villa. All the finds are catalogued together under Medieval. See the publication in PCAS 56-7 (1964) p 68ff.
Water Newton 1958 Medvl (contd.)ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONThere was also another set of trenches with Arabic numerals instead of Roman, A 14.1 to D 17.2 (test trenches dug by Graham Webster before Charles Green took over the site). We don’t have any finds still with these trench numbers. But there is a second set of finds individually marked with numbers starting WA. Were these from Graham Webster's trenches? Note that one WA find, a whetstone marked WA 31 +, is illustrated in PCAS (fig. 5), so we know the WA finds came from this excavation. The whetstone came from a Graham Webster trench, so perhaps all the WA finds did too.
X.3053ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware and glazed post-medieval ware.
X.3054ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, piece of tile (?Roman) and pieces of bone.
X.3055ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware including Saxon shell-tempered ware, and animal bones and teeth; also ?Roman wall plaster.
X.3056ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware including Saxon shell-tempered ware, also green-glazed ware and post-medieval glazed ware; tile; animal bone.
X.3057ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware including Saxon shell-tempered ware; piece of animal bone.
X.3058ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware including Saxon shell-tempered ware, also pieces of Roman flue tile, green-glazed ware, animal bones and teeth, iron nail.
X.3059ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, pieces of tile, animal bones & teeth.
X.3060ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, green-glazed ware, tile (?Roman), post-medieval glazed ware, animal bones and teeth.
X.3061ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware including Saxon shell-tempered ware and post-medieval glazed ware and clay pipe stem.
X.3062ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, animal tooth, piece of post-medieval glass wine bottle.
X.3063ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse and green-glazed ware, iron nail and staple, animal bone.
X.3064ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware including Saxon shell-tempered ware, animal bones & teeth.
X.3065ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware including Saxon shell-tempered ware, piece of tile (?Roman).
X.3066ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware including Saxon shell-tempered ware, pieces of Roman tegula and flue tile, pieces of animal bones, green-glazed ware and post-Medieval glazed ware.
X.3067ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware including Saxon shell-tempered ware, sherd of post-medieval glazed ware, pieces of tile (?Roman), iron nail, pieces of animal bone.
X.3068ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, post-medieval glazed ware and Roman tegula.
X.3069ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware and post-medieval glazed ware, two pieces of whetstone, animal bones & teeth.
X.3070ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware and post-medieval glazed ware, pieces of glass wine bottle and clay pipe.
X.3071ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware and piece of Roman imbrex.
X.3072ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware including Saxon shell-tempered ware, green-glazed ware, post-medieval glazed ware and pieces of tile (?Roman)
X.3073ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware and post-medieval glazed ware, pieces of glass wine bottle and pieces of tile (?Roman).
X.3074ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware including Saxon shell-tempered ware, post-medieval glazed ware, pieces of glass wine bottle and of clay pipe, and pieces of tile (inc. Roman tegula).
X.3075ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse and green-glazed ware, including Saxon shell-tempered ware.
X.3076ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse and green-glazed ware, including Saxon shell-tempered ware.
X.3077ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse and green-glazed ware, including Saxon shell-tempered ware.
X.3078ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse and green-glazed ware, including Saxon shell-tempered ware and post-medieval glazed ware.
X.3079ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse and green-glazed ware, including Saxon shell-tempered ware, and R-B colour-coated Nene Valley ware.
X.3080ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse and green-glazed ware, including Saxon shell-tempered ware, and R-B colour-coated Nene Valley ware.
X.3081ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse and green-glazed ware, including Saxon shell-tempered ware, tile and post-medieval glazed ware.
X.3082ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of RB colour-coated Nene Valley ware, Saxon shell-tempered ware and green-glazed ware, and a crescentic piece of iron.
X.3083ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of RB colour-coated Nene Valley ware, coarse ware and flue tile, Saxon shell-tempered ware, coarse ware and post-medieval glazed ware.
X.3084ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, green-glazed ware, Saxon shell-tempered ware and tile.
X.3085ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, Saxon shell-tempered ware, RB colour-coated Nene Valley ware and post-medieval glazed ware, and part of a whetstone.
X.3086ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, green-glazed ware, Saxon shell-tempered ware and RB colour-coated Nene Valley ware; whetstone.
X.3087ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, green-glazed ware and Saxon shell-tempered ware, piece of whetstone.
X.3088ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, green-glazed ware and Saxon shell-tempered ware.
X.3089ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, green-glazed ware and Saxon shell-tempered ware.
X.3090ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherd of coarse ware, animal bones & teeth.
X.3091ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware and post-medieval glazed ware, piece of RB flue tile.
X.3092ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, green-glazed ware, Saxon shell-tempered ware and piece of RB colour-coated Nene Valley ware.
X.3093ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, green-glazed ware, Saxon shell-tempered ware and post-medieval glazed ware.
X.3094ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware and Saxon shell-tempered ware.
X.3095ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, green-glazed ware and Saxon shell-tempered ware, animal bones and teeth.
X.3096ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, green-glazed ware and Saxon shell-tempered ware, a small sherd of RB colour-coated Nene Valley ware.
X.3097ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, green-glazed ware, Saxon shell-tempered ware and RB colour-coated Nene Valley ware.
X.3098ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, green-glazed ware, Saxon shell-tempered ware and post-medieval glazed ware, animal bones and piece of antler.
X.3099ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, green-glazed ware, Saxon shell-tempered ware and RB colour-coated Nene Valley ware, animal bones.
X.3100ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONThree pieces of animal bone.
X.3101ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, Saxon shell-tempered ware and RB colour-coated Nene Valley ware, two pieces of RB flue tile and two tesserae; animal bones.
X.3102ArchaeologyWATER NEWTONSherds of coarse ware, green-glazed ware and Saxon shell-tempered ware.
X.3103ArchaeologySAWTRYSeven pieces of decorated floor tiles, of thick, hard-fired, red-grey clay, with a yellow-green glaze; five of the seven have incised curvilinear designs, the other two are undecorated. Lengths 138mm, 115mm, 99mm, 95mm, 95mm, 90mm, 75mm.
X.3104ArchaeologyRAMSEYA rectangular brick, of red-buff ware, 235 x 120 x 50mm (9¼ x 4¾ x 2 inches, flatter than a modern brick).
2008.17ArchaeologyNO PROVENANCECorbel of oolitic limestone carved with a woman's face: rectangular with the face on one end, a woman with high forehead, downturned mouth and curled hair down each side of the face; a cut or flaw in the top right of the face is filled with a different material - is this natural or artificial? 32 x 16 x 20cms.
2008.18ArchaeologyNO PROVENANCECorbel of oolitic limestone carved with a monk's face: rectangular with the face on one end, surrounded by the folds of a cowl; small area of paint on top left border of cowl; 29 x 16 x 20cms.
2008.27PalaeontologyORTON LONGUEVILLEThree pieces of the dorsal fin spine of Hybodus: curving and tapered with nodules all over the leading sides and a double row of spikes, or sockets for them, on the trailing edge. Length of all three pieces put together 147mm.
Palaeolithic datingPalaeolithicTim Reynolds in the "Atlas of Cambs & Hunts History" (2000) says the characteristic Cambs Palaeo assemblage is handaxes, Levallois cores & flakes etc. which fits into S. British & Continental patterns usually called Mousterian of Acheulian Tradition (MAT). It's usually associated with Neanderthals and dated to c 60,000-40,000 BP. Cam/Ouse terraces are now dated to OIS3, a warm phase within the last Ice Age also dated to c 60,000-40,000, so contemporary with Continental MAT.
X.3126ArchaeologyLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDPieces of a ridge tile of green-glazed ware, assembled with additional plaster to give a much restored but complete tile: grey, shell-tempered ware with variable amounts of glaze; a lug protruding from the centre top of the tile. Length as restored about 38cms.
X.3127ArchaeologyLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDVery large bowl of shell-tempered (?St Neots) ware: with flat bottom and sides, and shoulder just below rim with small circular stamps on it; rim has concave top; two holes close together just below the rim; assembled from numerous sherds with plaster infill. Diam as restored 418mm.
X.3128ArchaeologyLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDPieces of window: part of an iron frame with a tapered central bar to which are riveted two C-shaped curved pieces, length 155mm; a bundle of lead strips fused together, length 90mm; and seven pieces of glass with parts of designs in brown paint.
X.3129ArchaeologyRAMSEYModern plaster copy of a Ramsey Abbey seal impression, 12th century: pointed oval showing St Benedict with hand raised in blessing and holding a pastoral staff; inscription round the edge "SIGILLVM SCI B[E]NEDIC[TI RA]MESENSIS ECCLE"; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 91mm.
X.3130ArchaeologyRAMSEYModern plaster copy of an impression of the seal of Richard of Selby, Abbot of Ramsey 1214-16: pointed oval showing St Benedict seated and giving a pastoral staff to the kneeling abbot; inscription round the edge "[SIGILLVM] RICARDI DEI GRATIA ABBA[T]IS SANCTI BENEDICTI DE RAMMES"; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 70mm.
X.3131ArchaeologyRAMSEYModern plaster copy of a Ramsey Abbey seal impression, 14th century: pointed oval showing standing figures of St Oswald or St Ivo, with mitre, and St Benedict, with Virgin and Child above and two rams below; inscription round the edge "S ECCLESIE SANCTE MARIE ET SCI BEN[EDICTI DE R]AMESEYE"; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 93mm.
X.3133ArchaeologyRAMSEYModern plaster copy of an impression of the seal of Abbot Ranulph of Ramsey (1231-53): pointed oval showing the abbot standing on a bracket with two rams below; inscription round the edge "[S]IG[ILLVM RAN]VLPHI DEI GR[ACIA ABBAT]IS RAMESE . . ."; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 76mm.
X.3132ArchaeologyRAMSEYModern plaster copy of a Ramsey Abbey seal impression, 12th century: small pointed oval counterseal showing the Virgin and Child under a canopy and the abbot kneeling beneath; inscription round the edge "AVE MARIA GRACIA PLENA DNS TECVM"; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 50mm.
X.3134ArchaeologyRAMSEYModern plaster copy of an impression of the reverse of the seal of Abbot Ranulph of Ramsey (1231-53): small pointed oval counterseal showing the Annunciation with the abbot in prayer below; inscription round the edge "AVE M[ARIA GRAC]IA PLENA [D]OMIN[VS TEC]VM."; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 59mm.
X.3135ArchaeologyRAMSEYModern plaster copy of an impression of the seal of Hugh of Sulgrave, Abbot of Ramsey 1254-67: small pointed oval showing St Benedict and St Ivo, both standing; inscription round the edge "TE BENEDCVS HVGO SALVET TE PROTEGAT YVO"; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 45mm.
X.3136ArchaeologyRAMSEYModern plaster copy of an impression of the seal of William of Godmanchester, Abbot of Ramsey 1267-85: pointed oval showing St Benedict standing with book and staff, a monk's head on each side of him; inscription round the edge "SIGILL WILLI DE [. . . ABB]ATIS RAMESEYE"; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 66mm.
X.3137ArchaeologyRAMSEYModern plaster copy of an impression of the seal of John of Sawtry, Abbot of Ramsey 1285-1316: pointed oval showing the abbot standing with book and staff, a ram below; of the inscription round the edge only "OHIS D" survives; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 70mm.
X.3138ArchaeologyRAMSEYModern plaster copy of an impression of the seal of Simon of Eye, Abbot of Ramsey 1316-43: pointed oval showing the abbot standing with book and staff, two lozenges containing heads on each side; inscription round the edge "S SIMONIS DEI G . . ."; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 68mm.
X.3139ArchaeologyRAMSEYModern plaster copy of an impression of the seal of Robert of Nassington, Abbot of Ramsey 1343-49: small oval showing the Virgin and Child under a canopy wit the abbot in prayer beneath, shields of arms of Nassington and of Ramsey Abbey to left and right; inscription round the edge "[SIGIL]L FRIS ROB . . . TONE ABBATIS RAME . . ."; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 39mm.
X.3140ArchaeologyRAMSEYModern plaster copy of an impression of the seal of John Stow, Abbot of Ramsey 1436-68: pointed oval showing the Virgin and Child under a canopy wit the abbot in prayer beneath, shields to left and right; inscription round the edge "SIGILLVM IOHIS STOW ABBATIS RAMSEYE"; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 74mm.
X.3141ArchaeologyST NEOTSModern plaster copy of a St Neots Priory seal impression, 13th century: oval seal showing the Virgin giving a pastoral staff to the kneeling abbot; inscription round the edge "SIGI . . . MARIE . . . ABB.TIS"; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 60mm.
X.3142ArchaeologyST NEOTSModern plaster copy of an impression of the reverse of the seal of Reginald, Prior of St Neots 1226-c.1235: small oval showing an antique intaglio of a head in profile; inscription round the edge "REGINALD:DE:SCO:NEOTO"; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 30mm.
X.3143ArchaeologySAWTRYModern plaster copy of a Sawtry Abbey seal impression, 13th century: pointed oval seal showing an abbot with book and pastoral staff; inscription round the edge "SIGILL ABB . . . TEREIA"; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 48mm.
X.3144ArchaeologySAWTRYModern plaster copy of a Sawtry Abbey seal impression, 15th century: circular seal showing the Virgin and Child under a triple canopy with vine on the left and lily on the right; inscription round the edge "SIGILLVM:COMVN . . . BTE . . . RIE:DE:SAVTREE"; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 53mm.
X.3145ArchaeologyHUNTINGDONModern plaster copy of a Huntingdon Priory seal impression, 14th century: circular seal showing the coronation of the Virgin in a cusped circle with four-winged angels on each side; inscription round the edge "COMMVNE . . . RVM . . . MARIE:HVNTINGDONE"; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 63mm.
X.3146ArchaeologyHUNTINGDONModern plaster copy of the reverse of the 14th century Huntingdon Priory seal impression X.3145: circular seal showing the Priory church with St Augustine sitting in it and above it CLEM V (Pope Clement V, 1305-14; inscription round the edge "CANOICIS:LEGES:PR:AVGVS . . . DE . . . H'PIA:DONA TVIS"; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 64mm.
X.3147ArchaeologyKIMBOLTONModern plaster copy of a Stonely Priory seal impression, 14th century: pointed oval seal showing the Virgin and Child on a throne; inscription round the edge "S'[COM]MVNE:CANONIC . . . MARIE:DE:STONLE"; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 53mm.
X.3152ArchaeologyHUNTINGDONModern plaster copy of a seal impression of an archdeacon of Huntingdon, ?12th or 13th century: pointed oval seal showing the archdeacon standing; inscription round the edge "SIGILL ROBERTI DE . . . ARCHID HVNTIDVNE"; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 56mm.
X.3156ArchaeologyNO PROVENANCEModern plaster copy of a seal impression, identity unknown: small circular seal showing the head of a woman with illegible inscription round the edge; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Diam 18mm.
X.3157ArchaeologyNO PROVENANCEModern plaster copy of a seal impression, identity unknown, ?14th century: incomplete circular seal showing a figure seated in a building, only legible part of the inscription round the edge is "EM"; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Diam 77mm.
X.3158ArchaeologyNO PROVENANCEModern plaster copy of a seal impression, identity unknown: incomplete and unclear pointed oval seal showing a ?church near the bottom, everything else obscure; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 52mm.
X.3159ArchaeologyNO PROVENANCEModern plaster copy of a seal impression, identity unknown: sharp and clear but fragmentary, pointed oval seal showing the Virgin and Child above and part of a robed figure below; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 64mm.
X.3160ArchaeologyNO PROVENANCEModern plaster copy of a seal impression, identity unknown: sharp and clear but fragmentary, pointed oval seal showing part of a canopy above and part of a robed figure below; painted green, with cardboard and narrow strip of gold foil round the edge. Length 70mm.
2012.05Bronze AgeBRAMPTONCremated bone etc: bone fragments more than 4mm, 2-4mm and less than 2mm; two boxes of larger fragments; fired clay fragment less than 4mm; charcoal fragments more than 4mm and 2-4mm.
X.3284PalaentologySomershamFragments of mammoth? From Somersham gravel beds 1900. L 250mm, W 60mm.
X.3285PalaentologySomersham4 Fragments of Bos (Cow, Ox, Bull) from Somersham gravel beds 1900, longest 240mm and shortest 120mm.
X.3286PalaentologySomersham?4 Fragments possibly Bos (Cow, Ox, Bull) from Somersham gravel beds 1900, longest 180mm and shortest 50mm
X.3287PalaentologyBasal Fragment of Red Deer antler (cervus elaphus). Gravel. L 160mm, W 80mm.
X.3288PalaentologyBuckden5 Left radius fragments of Bos (Cow, Ox,Bull) from L,M and S Railway station gravel pit, Bucken. 7-8 feet from surface, identified by C. Forster Cooper, Director of Zoology Museum Cambridge. Longest 160mm and shortest 60mm.
X.3289Iron AgeAlconburyHandmade fragement of Iron Age "A" pottery. Blacklands. L 60mm, W 50mm. Pottery from Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3290Iron AgeAlconburyPart of base and side of handwade vessel, grey, Iron Age "A" E.T.A Cobb Close? L 55mm, W 5mm. Pottery from Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3291NeolithicGreat GransdenOutside flake of flint, black, trimmed as scraper, L 50mm, W 40mm
X.3292NeolithicBlack flint, end scraper. L 60mm, W 50mm
X.3293NeolithicFlint scraper from the surface. 1926. Stockingate? L 40mm W 40mm
X.3294NeolithicSpeeton2 flint scrapers from the surface. 1926. Largest 35mm, smaller 25mm
X.3295EgyptWheat from an Egyptian tomb by Signor Albanasi in a glass phial. 1869.Length 90mm
X.3296EgyptBarley from an Egyptian tomb by Signor Albanasi in a glass phial. 1869. Length 90 mm.
X.3297EgyptBlue glazed faience figure. L 75mm, W 30mm.
X.3298NeolithicAn almond shaped quartzite hand axe, flaked on both surfaces, sharp point.L 165mm, W 100mm From the desert of Somaliland and presented by Mr H. W. Seton-Karr in 1933.
X.3299NeolithicA cordate hand axe, secondary chipping, wear on the bowl. L 120mm, W 100mm. From the desert of Somaliland and presented by Mr H. W. Seton-Karr in 1933.
X.3300NeolithicA cordate hand axe. L 70mm, W 70mm . From the desert of Somaliland and presented by Mr H. W. Seton-Karr in 1933.
X.3301NeolithicElongated flint ovate, chipped on both faces. L 100mm, W 70. From the desert of Somaliland and presented by Mr H. W. Seton-Karr in 1933.
X.3302NeolithicShaped flint. L 60mm, W 50mm. From the desert of Somaliland and presented by Mr H. W. Seton-Karr in 1933.
X.3303ZoologyHartfordIncisor of pig. Hartford gravel, 4ft deep. 60mm Presented by Colin Drage.
X.3304PalaeolithicRiver VezereFragment of flint from River Vezere. L 60mm, W 20mm. 1927 gift from Reginal Smith, director of British and Medieval antiquities at British Museum,
X.3305PalaeolithicRiver VezereFlint flake from River Vezere. L 50mm, W 25mm. 1927 gift from Reginal Smith, director of British and Medieval antiquities at British Museum,
X.3306ArchaeologyAlconbury HillTwo pieces of wood from Ermine street, Alconbury Hill, when water-pipes laid across Great North Road. Antiquity Journal Jan 1938. Presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3307NeolithicGodmanchesterFlint from Round Close, Godmanchester. L 50mm, W 35mm.
X.3308RomanSt. IvesRoman pottery, storage jar? L 230mm, W 100mm. Found under foundation of "Mr Stand. House".
X.3309RomanSt. IvesCoarse Roman Pottery, storage jar? L 80 mm, W 65mm. Found under foundation of "Mr Stand. House".
X.3310RomanSt. IvesPiece of rim of grey Roman cooking pot. L 100mm, W 40mm. Found under foundation of "Mr Stand. House".
X.3311RomanSt. IvesPiece of rim of grey Roman cooking pot. L 60mm, W 40mm. Found under foundation of "Mr Stand. House".
X.3312RomanSt. IvesFragment of dark grey Roman cooking pot. L 120mm, W 90mm. Found under foundation of "Mr Stand. House".
X.3313RomanSt. IvesFragment of dark grey Roman cooking pot? L 120mm, W 90mm. Found under foundation of "Mr Stand. House".
X.3314RomanSt. IvesPiece of Roman pottery from the priory. L 70mm, W 50mm.
X.3315RomanEaton SoconPiece of Roman pottery rim. L 50mm W 45mm. Found between Basmead Manor and Wood House in Eaton Socon, from C G Tebbutt about 1942.Grid reference 145613.
X.3316RomanEaton SoconThree fragments of grooved Roman pottery. Larger L 90mm W 70mm. Smaller L 60mm W 60mm. Found between Basmead Manor and Wood House in Eaton Socon, from C G Tebbutt about 1942.Grid reference 145613.
X.3317RomanEaton SoconFragment of globular vessel 1st Century? Two grooves. L 70mm, W 50mm. Found between Basmead Manor and Wood House in Eaton Socon, from C G Tebbutt about 1942. Grid reference 145613.
X.3318RomanEaton SoconTwo redish fragments of Roman pottery. One with grooves. Larger L 40mm, W 30mm. Smaller grooved L 30mm, W 20mm. Found between Basmead Manor and Wood House in Eaton Socon, from C G Tebbutt about 1942. Grid reference 145613.
X.3319RomanEaton SoconFour white fragments possibly Roman. Largest 40mm smallest 30mm. Found between Basmead Manor and Wood House in Eaton Socon, from C G Tebbutt about 1942.Grid reference 145613.
X.3320RomanEaton SoconTwo fragments of Roman pottery. Largest L 45mm W 40mm. Smallest L 45mm, W 30mm. Found between Basmead Manor and Wood House in Eaton Socon, from C G Tebbutt about 1942. Grid reference 145613.
X.3321RomanEaton SoconTwo fragments of Roman pottery. Largest L 50mm, W 30mm. Smaller L 30mm, W 30mm. Found between Basmead Manor and Wood House in Eaton Socon, from C G Tebbutt about 1942. Grid reference 145613.
X.3322RomanEaton SoconTwo fragments of Roman pottery. Together L 70mm, W 40mm. Found between Basmead Manor and Wood House in Eaton Socon, from C G Tebbutt about 1942.Grid reference 145613.
X.3323RomanEaton SoconAssorted unidentified fragments of Roman pottery. Found between Basmead Manor and Wood House in Eaton Socon, from C G Tebbutt about 1942.Grid reference 145613.
X.3324RomanEaton SoconTwo red rims. Larger L 60mm, W 30mm. Smaller L 20mm, W 20mm. Found between Basmead Manor and Wood House in Eaton Socon, from C G Tebbutt about 1942.Grid reference 145613.
X.3325RomanEaton SoconFour grey rims of Roman pottery. Largest L 60mm, W 30mm. Smallest L 30mm, W 20mm. Found between Basmead Manor and Wood House in Eaton Socon, from C G Tebbutt about 1942.Grid reference 145613.
X.3326RomanEaton SoconSix fragments of bases of Roman pots. Largest L 70mm, W 50mm. Smallest L 40mm, W 35mm. Found between Basmead Manor and Wood House in Eaton Socon, from C G Tebbutt about 1942.Grid reference 145613.
X.3327RomanEaton SoconTwo fragments of Roman pottery with grooving. Largest L 40mm, W 30mm. Smallest L 40mm,W 20mm.Found between Basmead Manor and Wood House in Eaton Socon, from C G Tebbutt about 1942.Grid reference 145613.
X.3328ArchaeologyEaton SoconThree medieval rims? Largest L 100mm, W 50mm. Smallest L 70mm, W 35mm. Found between Basmead Manor and Wood House in Eaton Socon, from C G Tebbutt about 1942.Grid reference 145613.
X.3329ArchaeologyHail WestonAssorted unidentified fragments. From Hail Weston, by Weston Wood, Ring Site. November 1939. J. R. Garrood.
X.3330RomanEaton SoconFragment of grey bowl rim. L 50mm, W 30mm. Found between Basmead Manor and Wood House in Eaton Socon, from C G Tebbutt about 1942.Grid reference 145613.
X.3331ArchaeologyConningtonPart of base of vessel.L 45mm, W 35mm. From Spinney Field, Connington. Found and presented by Peter Carpenter.
X.3332ArchaeologyConningtonRim of Medieval vessel. L 65mm, W 40mm. From Park Field, Connington. Presented by Peter Carpenter
X.3333Iron Age/RomanHemmingfordRim of brownish grey, Iron Age 'C' 1st Century pot. L 130mm, W 60mmFrom digging foundations of a house on land formerly Dendy Sadlers. Presented by W. A. Lea.
X.3334RomanConningtonBase of a grey Roman pot found in telegraph cable trenches, centre of Ermine Street, 3 ft deep. L 110mm, W 90mm. North of Connington Park, presented by Mr A. Dyke of Norwich.
X.3335ArchaeologyConningtonFragment of cheese strainer? Disc with circular ridges. L 90mm, W 70mm.Connington Bridge, Dawson Upton.
X.3336RomanConningtonFragment of base of samian ware vessel.L 65mm, W 40mm. Connington Bridge, Dawson Upton.
X.3337ArchaeologyConningtonHandle of vessel. L 50mm, W 50mm. Connington Bridge, Dawson Upton.
X.3338ArchaeologyConningtonPart of base of vessel. L 70mm, W 40mm.Connington Bridge, Dawson Upton.
X.3339ArchaeologyConningtonFragment of coarse rim.L 80mm, W 60mm. Connington Bridge, Dawson Upton.
X.3340ArchaeologyConningtonFragment of scored pottery.90mm, 60mm. Connington Bridge, Dawson Upton.
X.3341SaxonBramptonFragment of angular rim, possibly handmade, finger impressions. Late saxon? L 45mm, W 35mm. Found in foundation trenches of new house near Park Farm, Brampton.
X.3342ArchaeologyBramptonTwo fragments on Medieval pottery rim. L 85mm, W 25mm and L 60mm, W 60mm. Foundation trenches for new house near Park Farm, Brampton.
X.3343ArchaeologyFenstantonFive fragments of unidentified pottery. One large grey piece of rim L 145mm, W 80mm, one piece of scored pottery L 80mm, W 50mm and three black fragments. Grid ref 52/320682.
X.3344RomanBoughton, DiddingtonPiece of a "flange"? Possibly part of mortarium? Early 2nd century.Cream sandy material. L 110mm, W 40mm Boughton.From C. G. Tebbutt, 1937
X.3345RomanBoughton, Diddington.Lower portion of vessel, turning marks, sandy redish pottery. L 160mm, W 80mm. Boughton, Diddington. From C. G. Tebbutt, 1937.
X.3346RomanAbbots RiptonSmall fragments of Roman pottery from Clay Way near Abbots Ripton Station, bottom field on the right. 2 pieces castor (one base), 4 grey fragments, one red. Largest L 45mm, W 30mm. Smallest L 15mm, W 15mm.
X.3347RomanAbbots RiptonRoman pottery fragments, including one piece of mortarium base. Largest L 80mm, W 40mm. Smallest L 40mm, W 25mm. From Abbots Ripton Hall, 10ft. Deep within a few feet of the "river" which is an artificial portion of the brook.
X.3348RomanGlattonSix Roman pottery fragments from in front of Glatton Rectory. Largest L 90mm, W 75mm. Ref. CHAS transactions 1934. From Rev. A Cavell?
X.3349RomanAlconburyPiece of coarse ware storage vessel, herringbone pattern, wheel-made and looks like Iron Age but is of hard dark material probably 1st C. Maggots gap, Alconbury. Pottery from Alconbury Hill. Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII. Figure 5. Deposited by J. R. Garood.
X.3350ArchaeologyBuckworth4 Pieces of glass and one piece of pottery. S. Dilch? R Rd. Buckworth.
X.3477ArchaeologyHartfordTwo pieces of ridged glass. N.W Allen's pit, Hartford. 1st fort?
X.3478RomanWood WaltonRomano British flagon neck. L 70mm, W 55mm. yellow sandy material from "Banks" Ref, CHAS 12
X.3479ArchaeologyColneTwo pieces of dark grey pottery, one a piece of rim. Rim piece L 55mm, W 50mm. Other piece L 65mm, W 55mm. Picked up by H.E. Norris, June 4th 1925.
X.3480RomanOffordPiece of thick brown pottery with grooved decoration. L 90mm, W 65mm. Objects from gravel pit, offord. Between village and railway, about midway between two villages opposite bend in the river, 1942. Mr. F Tebbutt.
X.3481ArchaeologyOffordCylindrical stone, perforated longitudinally. L 20mm, W 20mm. Objects from gravel pit, offord. Between village and railway, about midway between two villages opposite bend in the river, 1942. Mr. F Tebbutt.
X.3482RomanOffordPiece of pottery, traces of brown paint. L 60mm, W 40mm. Objects from gravel pit, offord. Between village and railway, about midway between two villages opposite bend in the river, 1942. Mr. F Tebbutt.
X.3483RomanOfford12 fragments of Roman pottery including 3 bases and 2 rims. Largest 100mm, W 80mm. Objects from gravel pit, offord. Between village and railway, about midway between two villages opposite bend in the river, 1942. Mr. F Tebbutt.
X.3484RomanOffordPiece of Roman brown pottery, angular rim. L 40mm. W 25mm. Objects from gravel pit, offord. Between village and railway, about midway between two villages opposite bend in the river, 1942. Mr. F Tebbutt.
X.3485ArchaeologyOffordPiece of cream ridged rim. L 45mm, W 20mm. Objects from gravel pit, offord. Between village and railway, about midway between two villages opposite bend in the river, 1942. Mr. F Tebbutt.
X.3486RomanOffordPiece of rim of black bowl with groove beneath. L 60mm, W 45mm. Objects from gravel pit, offord. Between village and railway, about midway between two villages opposite bend in the river, 1942. Mr. F Tebbutt.
X.3487RomanOffordPiece of angular rim of grey bowl. L 80mm, W 50mm. Objects from gravel pit, offord. Between village and railway, about midway between two villages opposite bend in the river, 1942. Mr. F Tebbutt.
X.3488ArchaeologySt. IvesCollection of animal mandibles from meadow lane, St. Ives.
X.3489ArchaeologySt. IvesCollection of animal teeth from Meadow Lane, St. Ives.
X.3490ArchaeologySt. IvesCollection of animal bone from Meadow Lane, St. Ives.
X.3491ArchaeologySt. IvesCollection of animal bone from Meadow Lane, St. Ives
X.3492ArchaeologySt. IvesSmall animal bones, Longest L 70mm, W 10mm. From Meadow Lane, St. Ives
X.3493ArchaeologySt. Ives9 Oyster shells, from Meadow Lane, St. Ives
X.3494ArchaeologySt. Ives4 animal bones, Largest L 220, W 50mm, Meadow Lane, St. Ives
X.3495ArchaeologySt. IvesAnimal bone, including a horn core and 2 vertebre from Meadow Lane, St. Ives.
X.3496ArchaeologySt. Ives2 mandibles, one possibly pig. L 200mm, W 60mm. L 180mm, W 40mm. From Meadow Lane, St. Ives
X.3497Roman?St. IvesFragments of pottery from Meadow Lane, St. Ives. "??- of pottery found associated with Romano Saxon sherd".
X.3498ArchaeologySt. IvesFragment of pottery, L 50mm, W 40mm, from Meadow Lane? 325702 St. Ives.
X.3499Roman?NeedingworthFragments of a large cream vessel, probably all the same vessel.
X.3500ArchaeologyNeedingworthFragment of grey pottery found in recreation ground of Godmanchester County Primary School by Clifford Newell near where the mill used to stand, sent to Dr Garrood, 1948. L 70mm, W 45mm.
X.3501RomanNeedingworthFragment of pottery from Needingworth gravel pit. Grid ref 342725.
X.3502RomanKetteringSmall grey roman vessel with lattice decoration. Height 100mm, Diameter 70mm. Found in collection with unidentified key inside. Found at stone workings, weekley, Kettering. Deposited by Mrs Owen.
X.3503RomanKetteringGrey indented beaker, poppy seed shaped. Height 130mm, Diameter 110mm. Found in collection with unidentified key inside. Found at stone workings, weekley, Kettering. Deposited by Mrs Owen.
X.3504RomanKetteringBlack indented beaker, poppy seed shaped. Height 160mm, Diameter 120mm. In three pieces. Found in collection with unidentified key inside. Found at stone workings, weekley, Kettering. Deposited by Mrs Owen.
X.3505RomanKetteringLarge fragment of decorated samian ware, form 30? L 130mm. W 110mm. Found in collection with unidentified key inside. Found at stone workings, weekley, Kettering. Deposited by Mrs Owen.
X.3506Roman/Iron AgeKetteringDark grey Iron Age type vessel with flat base, 1st century? In 7 pieces. Height 100mm, Diameter 130mm. Found in collection with unidentified key inside. Found at stone workings, weekley, Kettering. Deposited by Mrs Owen.
X.3507ArchaeologyBathRoughly formed jug with short neck and globular body, one handle. Height 130mm, Diameter 110mm.
X.3508ArchaeologyBath?Water worn neck of a bottle, light red colour. L 40mm, W 50mm. Possibly from Bath, no provenance in HLSI but with other entries from Bath.
X.3509RomanLondonSeven fragments of samian ware. Makers marks on two pieces OFFSAB and OFMO(E). Roman pottery dug up in London 1852, Presented by C. Roach Smith Esq. FSA June 1852.
X.3510ArchaeologyBath?Neck and upper part of a bottle, H 110mm, D 100mm, red with circular thumb depressions, possibly from Bath.
X.3511RomanFragment of neck of a bottle. L 50mm, W 40mm. Found in Beds. Deposited by M Foster 1842?
X.3512RomanDoverTwo pieces of brick with mortar, largest L 140mm, W 100mm, from pharos (lighthouse) at Dover Castle, supposed to be the oldest building in Britain.
X.3513RomanPiece of Samian ware, L 130mm, W 100mm.
X.3581ArchaeologyBuckdenOyster shell
X.3582ArchaeologyBuckden5 bowls sherds of samian ware with bases, one marked OSEVERI and one piece blue glass handle.
X.3583ArchaeologyBuckdenIron nail
X.3584ArchaeologyBuckdenPart of Samian dish, form 35D
X.3585ArchaeologyBuckdenPart of flue tile. Romano British
X.3586ArchaeologyBuckdenPart of roofing tile (tegula)
X.3587ArchaeologyBuckdenPart of Castor plate with curving side, dark brown surface, cream paste, narrow light red band within.
X.3588ArchaeologyBuckdenRim of grey vessel, Romano British, approx. diameter 9"
X.3589ArchaeologyBuckdenPart of black Romano British plate, grey paste
X.3590ArchaeologyBuckdenPart of base of cream mortarium, black grit.
X.3591ArchaeologyBuckdenRed base, probably medieval, and part of side of vessel with horizontal grooves
X.3592ArchaeologyBuckden3 sherds Romano British - buff base sherd; and 2 grey sherds - one base.
X.3593ArchaeologyBuckdenRed overhanging rim sherd
X.3594ArchaeologyGreat GransdenPart of samian ware base, form 32,36 or 38. Surface has mottled light patches, inside surface ground away but no imbedded particles. Foot also worn.
X.3595ArchaeologyGreat GransdenRed earthenware pedestal base
X.3596ArchaeologyGreat Gransden6 bases various, 1 smooth pink buff is a late pedestal perhaps immitating samian, 1 perforated
X.3597ArchaeologyAlconburyUpper part of vessel with long neck. Iron Age C, 1st. C. AD. Figure 3. L 130mm, W 120mm. Pottery from Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3598ArchaeologyAlconburyFragment of a beaker probably 1st C. L 70mm, 50mm. Figure 7. Pottery from Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3599ArchaeologyAlconburyPart of a grey storage jar (olla), style Iron Age C but technique Roman. L 70mm, W 80mm. From Cobb Close, Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3600ArchaeologyAlconburyFragment of grey plate with foot ring. L 70mm, W50mm. Figure 2. Pottery from Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3601ArchaeologyAlconburyPart of globular vessel, Iron Age C. L 70, W 50. Pottery from Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3602ArchaeologyAlconburyPart of two reeded-rimmed bowls, Both L 90mm, W 50mm. Late 1st or ealy 2nd C. Figure 11. Pottery from Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3603ArchaeologyAlconburyPart of mortarium rim, 3rd to 4th C. L 100mm, W 60mm. Pottery from Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3604ArchaeologyAlconburySmall fragment of grey rusticated ware. 1st to 2nd C. L 30mm, W 30mm. Pottery from Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3605ArchaeologyAlconburyRed handle of flagon, 3rd to 4th C. L 70mm, W 40mm. Pottery from Cobb Close, Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3606ArchaeologyAlconburyFragment of rim of castor ware wth black slip. L 60mm, W 20mm. Pottery from Cobb Close, Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3607ArchaeologyAlconburyFragment of Iron Age C storage jar. L 90mm, W 80mm. Pottery from Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3608ArchaeologyAlconburyPiece of stone with scratch marks. Pottery from Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3609ArchaeologyAlconburyPart of rim and neck of coarse storage vessel. L 150mm, W90mm. Pottery from Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3610ArchaeologyAlconburyBlack base of castor vase. D 60mm. Pottery from Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3611ArchaeologyAlconbury2 fragments of black castor with cordon decoration. Pottery from Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3612ArchaeologyAlconburyPart of a roof tile from the surface L 100mm, W 80mm. Pottery from Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3613ArchaeologyAlconburyFragment of grooved tile L 60mm, W 40mm. Pottery from Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3614ArchaeologyAlconburyFragment of Roman pottery with burnished herringbone decoration. L 30mm, 30mm. Pottery from Alconbury Hill, Trans C.H.A.S. VI VIII, presented by J. R. Garrood.
X.3615ArchaeologyGreat GransdenCastor rim of flanged bowl 6"4 diameter. Cream paste, dull red slip.
X.3616ArchaeologyGreat GransdenTwo specimens castor with linear barbotine ornament, one light red paste brown slip, the other cream paste and dirty black slip
X.3617ArchaeologyGreat GransdenCastor base, slightly hollow foot 1.4" diameter cream paste brown slip
X.3618ArchaeologyGreat GransdenPart of base. Equivalent diameter 3" pull off mark pink paste brown slip
X.3619ArchaeologyGreat Gransden2 ribbed Castor handle buff paste black slip
X.3620ArchaeologyGreat Gransden9 rim fragments: 3 sandy ware, 2 with base, height 3cm and 3.6cm; 1 St Neots ware; 1 black paste; 1 buff paste with traces of black slip; 3 miceous sandy ware
X.3621ArchaeologyGreat GransdenBody sherd of indented beaker. Grey paste, 2 horizontal grooves
X.3622ArchaeologyGreat GransdenFragment of mortarium base. Buff paste with black particles.
X.3623ArchaeologyGreat Gransden6 rims: 2 buff paste, one with folded over rim; one shelly ware, orange paste; one with two grooves; one orange paste; one buff paste with black slip
X.3624ArchaeologyGreat GransdenSamian rim sherd, D31. Late II cent.
X.3625ArchaeologyGreat GransdenSamian base fragment
X.3626ArchaeologyGreat GransdenSamian rim fragment D31
X.3627ArchaeologyGreat GransdenRim of bowl, cream coloured paste, traces of red paint. 3rd cent.
X.3628ArchaeologyGreat GransdenFragment of castor bowl - circumferential grooves on the black outside, white paint on chocolate surface inside.
X.3629ArchaeologyGreat Gransden39 sherds: 1 mortarium rim fragment, buff with black grits; 1 samian plate sherd; 1 castor base sherd;7 sherds St Neots type shell tempered; 7 sherds yellow/grey paste; 2 sherds buff paste; 3 sherds buff/yellow sandy ware; 13 sherds grey sandy ware;
X.3629 (cont.)ArchaeologyGreat Gransden(cont).4 sherds orange/grey paste; 4 sherds orange paste with grey core; 1 sherd orange paste; 5 sherds grey; 4 sherds buff sandy ware.
X.3351ArchaeologyToselandFragment base 3' 3'' diameter, Grey surface and paste, smooth slip. Max 97x79 mm.
X.3352ArchaeologySouthoeFragment of rim of red unglazed jug, probably XIV century. Rim thickened and back has slight corrugations. Max 76x48 mm.
X.3353ArchaeologySomershamFragment of rim of large vessel. Dark grey, patchy glaze inside. Max 51x32 mm
X.3354ArchaeologySomershamFragment of rim of large vessel. Wall of vessel 9mm thick, with thicker rim.
X.3355RomanDiddingtonFragment of base of Samian ware pottery. 93x105 mm
X.3356RomanGreat Staughton23 assorted fragments of Samian ware from a number of different vessels
X.3357ArchaeologyHuntingdonOlla with moulded rim, a groove round the centre, three grooves on neck and a number of shallow ones on the body. Plain base. H160mm, base dia 84mm. Pinkish buff sandy, grey core. Depression on shoulder indicates a waster.
X.3358ArchaeologyHuntingdonOx horn from foundations of Ermine Street , between St Andrew's House and Sayer Street. One of a large number found. Length 285mm max diameter 52mm
X.3359ArchaeologyHuntingdonMost of left mandible of ox, with four teeth. Length 295mm Overall height about 230 mm.
X.3360ArchaeologyHuntingdon7 sherds. 4 rims of large vessels; thick, sandy coloured (218x45mm); sandy coloured (138x70mm); grey slip (130x55mm); grey (75x90mm). Body, grey exterior, ridged interior (123x111mm). Two rim fragments ~60mm diameter, green glazed interior and exterior
X.3361ArchaeologyHuntingdonFragment of upper part of vessel. Small moulded rim, crude zigzag ornament inside. Max height 80mm max width 64mm.
X.3362ArchaeologyHuntingdonRim of vessel with out bent rim. Buff hard paste, lighter inside.
X.3363ArchaeologyHuntingdonThick down turned moulded rim; gritted ware; black outside, buff within.
X.3364ArchaeologyHuntingdonBlack thickened out bent rim
X.3365ArchaeologyHuntingdonTwo fragments ornamented with green glaze.
X.3366ArchaeologyHuntingdonFour sherds. 1 grey out turned rim (l48, h23mm); 1 red straight rim (w44, h31mm). 2 fragments reddish inside, darker outside (w43, h38mm) (w50, h42mm) All labelled 'Turtle'.
X.3367ArchaeologyHuntingdonBase of ? tall flagon. Red paste, black glaze. (dia 90, h65mm)
X.3368ArchaeologyHuntingdonPart of a straight spout and side of a vessel. Of crude workmanship. Slight ornament of incised lines. Red inside and out. Internal diameter 15mm. Length 56mm.
X.3369ArchaeologyHuntingdonPart of grey handle with 3 grooves (w55 h40mm)
X.3370ArchaeologyHuntingdonRim of large red pancheon 406mm diameter. (max l122, w34, h25mm
X.3371ArchaeologyHuntingdonbrown rim, thickened oral section (h42, w35mm)
X.3372ArchaeologyHuntingdonHard grey thickened rim with finger tip impressions (rim w48, h32mm)
X.3373ArchaeologyHuntingdonFour fragments of rim. Grey moulded, groove on rim (w53, h31mm); grey moulded out turned rim (w140, h41mm); (w130, h54mm); (w45, h48mm)
X.3374Romano-BritishHuntingdonFragment of grey pie dish, Dia at rim 254mm. (w78, h69mm)
X.3375Romano-BritishHuntingdonRim of pot, grey inside. Dia at rim 203mm. (w126, h60mm)
X.3376Romano-BritishHuntingdonProbably a fragment of roofing tile. Blue on one surface. 38mm thick. (Max w197, h133mm)
X.3377Romano-BritishHuntingdonFragment of roofing tile, 20mm thick. (w215, h270mm)
X.3378Romano-BritishHuntingdonFour assorted rim fragments. Brown (w105, h41mm); brown (w88, h23mm); brown (w62, h30mm); smooth grey (w65, h25mm); rough grey (w82, h41mm)
X.3379ArchaeologyHuntingdonTwo rim fragments. Smooth grey (w80, h40mm); yellow-brown (w72, h20mm).
X.3380ArchaeologyHuntingdonLight red and black rim fragment (w47, h25mm)
X.3381ArchaeologyHuntingdonPart of base and side of vessel. Red slip inside and out. (w45, h26mm)
X.3382ArchaeologyHuntingdonFragment of vessel; brown slip on outside with 3 concentric grooves; red slip on inside. (w26, h35mm)
X.3383Romano BritishHuntingdonSamian base (18/31D). Coned upwards and bears part of potter's mark. ~90mm diameter. (w101, l58, h30mm).
X.3384Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of castor base with grooved and moulded foot. Cream paste and lustrous red decorated surface. Diameter 140mm. (w760, h420mm)
X.3385ArchaeologyHuntingdonSmall fragment of out turned rim, black exterior, grey inside. (w35, 33mm)
X.3386ArchaeologyHuntingdonNarrow base of vessel, part of body curving outwards. Red slip. Base diameter 48mm. (w78, 55mm)
X.3387ArchaeologyHuntingdonPart of frontal bone of bos horn (max w90, l147mm)
X.3388Romano BritishHuntingdonPart of grey vessel, about 150mm diameter at shoulder on which there is a ledge. Base diameter 66mm. (100mm)
X.3389Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of hard, sandy flanged rim, groove round outside of rim, burnt. Possible mortarium?
X.3390Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of burnished vessel. Grey, rather rough pottery. 229mm diameter (rim w88, h55mm)
X.3391Romano BritishHuntingdonLight red lid(?) 30mm diameter. Slightly concave for 25mm, then rapidly curving out. ~7mm thick. It is hollow inside with a 'pull off' mark outside. Top is perforated.
X.3392Romano BritishHuntingdonTwo fragments of red gritted pottery with combings (w60, h65mm) (w54, h46mm)
X.3393Romano BritishHuntingdonTwo fragments of undercut rims of sandy olla (w78, h27 mm); (62, h39mm)
X.3394Romano BritishHuntingdonTwo fragments of Samian ware. Body (w36, l42mm); rim (w31, h36mm)
X.3395Romano BritishHuntingdonSamian fragment, bead rim (w28, h24mm)
X.3396Romano BritishHuntingdonTwo fragments indented beakers. Brown outside, cream paste (w63, h75mm); (max w75, h103mm)
X.3397Romano BritishHuntingdonTwo fragments of pink buff sandy olla. Body (w53, h78mm); base (75mm diameter) and side (w93, h30mm)
X.3398Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of grey pie dish, straight rim, groove below. (w36, h57mm)
X.3399Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of lower part of vessel with piece of base. Buff to black paste; light red outside. (w72, h75mm)
X.3400Romano BritishHuntingdonThick paste of grey pottery, showing distinct pull off mark.
X.3401Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of Samian bowl, surface worn away inside.
X.3402Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of neck of a beaker, slight groove at the shoulder. Moulded rim, grey paste and formed exterior
X.3403Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of bowl of pink-buff sandy material. Cream paste, 203mm diameter at rim, which is reeded. (w62, h46mm)
X.3404Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of square sectioned rim, lip projecting inwards. Of brown, coarse, gritted ware (max w55, h45mm)
X.3405Romano BritishHuntingdonRim of grey vessel, burnished lines on neck
X.3406Romano BritishHuntingdonBase 38mm in diameter. Hard grey ware. Circular groove inside and out. (w55, h39mm)
X.3407Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of hard grey flanged and rimmed bowl imitating form 35D. The rim bears black paint imitating the ivy leaf decoration (w110, h62mm)
X.3408Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of castor ware with barbotine (w35, h35mm)
X.3409Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of grey burnished bowl 660mm high, diameter 2565mm. Straight rim bulging inwards and narrow chamfer at base (w60, h70mm)
X.3410Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of burnished black flanged bowl. Drain at flange. (w110, h80mm)
X.3411Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of cream flanged rim; bears a groove on upper surface (w53, h57mm)
X.3412Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of black burnished bowl, diameter 216mm, moulded rim (w125, h68mm)
X.3413Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of grey pottery, ornamented by burnished grooves (w80, h45mm)
X.3414Romano BritishHuntingdonCylindrical spout (internal diameter 25mm) on a fragment of red, gritted bowl. Possibly derived from form 456 (w50, h45)
X.3415Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of grey pie dish 2184mm diameter at rim which bears a groove on upper surface forming a rudimentary flanged rim (w90, h45mm)
X.3416Romano BritishHuntingdonGrey bowl fragment with straight rim (w75, h47mm)
X.3417Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of rim of globular vessel, castor ware, cream paste with light brown slips and everted rim (w55, h27mm)
X.3418Romano BritishHuntingdonFour fragments of large globular vessel with everted rim, black surface, grey paste (w72, h76mm); (w70, h70mm); grooves round neck (w90, h70mm); (w142, h110mm). All 4 fit together.
X.3419Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of grey pottery, rouletted ornament (w45, h55mm)
X.3420Romano BritishHuntingdonFragment of coarse buff stone jar (max w126, h100mm)
X.3421Romano BritishHuntingdonFive fragments of Samian ware. Base and side of bowl (rim w78, h30mm); rim (w18, h58mm); lid? with potter's mark CELS AN..)(w79, h65mm); (w50, 40mm); (w40, h50mm)
X.3422Romano BritishHuntingdon6 frags: pink ext. painted red stripe (w56 h61mm); brown fine decorated Nene ware? (w40 h38mm); black int and ext combed ext (w114 h60mm); brown decorated with grooves (w92 h62mm); pink outside, buff inside (w74 h52mm); brown indented beaker (w36 h56mm).
X.3423Romano BritishHuntingdon14 rims; 1 large orange (largest) (w262, h70mm); 5 grey rims; 1 dark red exterior, red inside; 2 brown/black ext buff int; 1 orange ext, buff int; 1 buff; 1 dull red/orange; 1 light brown (smallest) (w50, h21mm); 1 orange with red marks on ext.
X.3424Romano BritishHuntingdon7 bases; 1 dull red int, white slip ext ~7.5mm widest diameter (largest) (w100, h52mm); 1 dull red and white slip, very shallow foot; 3 black int and ext; 1 light grey, very shallow foot; 1 buff with pink decorations on vertical (smallest) (w55, h27mm);
X.3425Romano BritishHuntingdon6 fragments of buff pottery, largest (w117, h80mm), smallest (w53, h29mm)
X.3426Romano BritishHuntingdonFour assorted sherds. Rim ext black with grooves, int black with red mark, (w64, h60mm); rim black int and ext (w42, h25mm); rim grey int and ext (w48, h35mm); black fragment (w40, h18mm)
X.3427Romano BritishHuntingdonRim, straight sided vessel, black/grey ext, grey int. (w55, h47mm). Part base and side, grey/buff ext, buff int (w74, h39mm) - possible match for a fragment in X3426
X.3428Romano BritishKimboltonTwo parts of rim and shoulder of large corn jar. Rolled rim, undercut, shoulder covered with circumferential grooves. Int dia of rim 390mm. Grey surface and paste. Coarse pottery containing evidence of use of straw or similar material in manufacture
X.3429Romano BritishWytonFragment of mortarium. Early 3rd century. Samian ware D45. (w78, l76mm)
X.3430Romano BritishWytonPart of castor pie dish, rim and base (rim 58w, 41hmm)
X.3431Saxon?WytonPart of bowl, slightly curved side, rim nearly at right angles; finger tip impressions on outer edge. Dia 230mm. Gritted ware, dark grey outside, buff within. ?late Saxon (rim w81, h52mm)
X.3432Romano BritishWytonSmall base, 28mm dia. Hard grey paste and surface. (w61, h27mm)
X.3433Romano BritishWytonHandle, 38mm dia. Hard grey paste and surface (w48, h26mm)
X.3434Romano BritishWytonRim, stepped outside. Black, yellow on body and inside. Hard sandy paste. (rim w37, h23mm)
X.3435Romano BritishWytonPart of roughly made tegula (roof tile). Gritted brown ware. Flange rounded. (max w70, h50mm)
X.3436Romano BritishWytonStraight out bent rim. Black gritted ware, light red inside. (rim w58, h30mm)
X.3437Romano British?YaxleyFragment of rim of large vessel, out turned. Dark grey exterior with grooves and wavy line, lighter interior. (rim w110, h67mm)
X.3438Romano British?YaxleyFragment of rim of large vessel, out turned. Yellow inside and out. (rim w97, h34mm)
X.3439Romano British?YaxleySmall base 28mm dia. Orange inside and out. (w55, h25mm)
X.3440Romano British?YaxleySmall base 32mm diameter. Dull red inside and out. (w72, h38mm)
X.3441Romano British?YaxleyRim of mortarium. Out turned rim with spout (21mm wide). Well worn coarse grit inside. (max w22.8, h54mm)
X.3442Romano British?YaxleyFragment of Samian base. Potter's mark MA..? (max w61, l64mm)
X.3443Romano British?YaxleyFragment of Samian base of large dish. (max w145, longer edge 88mm)
X.3444Romano British?YaxleyBase and part of body of bowl 50mm diameter. Dark grey inside and out. (w104, h42mm)
X.3445ArchaeologyYaxleyFragment of pottery, brown and black on exterior divided by lighter line, dark brown inside. (w23, l47mm)
X.3446ArchaeologyWoodhurstFour rims: grey out turned rim of large vessel, (rim w157, h44mm); coarse red rim of large vessel, 113mm thick, (rim w125, h80mm); brown slip inside and out (rim w100, h44mm); coarse slightly out turned rim with groove under (rim w40, h58).
X.3447ArchaeologyWoodhurstFour bases: thick base with red slip inside and out (w64, l49mm); thick base about 70mm int diam, with grey slip inside and out (w88, l53mm); base 67mm with dull red slip ext diam (w80, h26mm); flat grey sherd with slight upturn on edge (w72, l61mm).
X.3448ArchaeologyWoodhurstThree fragments: 16mm thick, coarse gritty sherd dull orange int, brown ext, incised lines in 2 directions (w72, l75mm); part of curved vessel brown slip on outside, 2 concentric groves round body (w57, max l 70mm).
X.3449ArchaeologyWood WaltonRim (ext diam 96mm) and neck (h106mm) of large jar, missing handle. Labelled on sherd as "Blacksmith's piece". Dark brown slip inside and out.
X.3450ArchaeologyWood WaltonFive fragments of vessel (four contiguous) orange outside and inside sizes (w39, max l 40mm); (w55, l 57mm); max w41, l 44); (w51, l 23mm); (max w25, l 25mm)
X.3451ArchaeologyWood WaltonTwo sherds that may come from the same vessel. Colours vary, but shapes and two concentric grooves are identical. Sizes (width at top groove 92, h72mm); (width at top groove 65, h75mm)
X.3452ArchaeologyWood WaltonRim (ext diam 115mm, h34mm) and fragment of vessel. Grey undecorated fabric.(w50, l37mm)
X.3453ArchaeologyWood WaltonNine assorted fragments: largest (w50, l 52mm); smallest, small part of rim (w22, h12mm)
X.3454ArchaeologyWood WaltonSeven assorted lumps, mostly square cross section. Three reddish coloured, four grey. Largest ((w81, l37, h35mm); smallest (23x18x13mm)
X.3455ArchaeologyWood WaltonTwo animal teeth
X.3456ArchaeologyWood WaltonTwo base fragments from one pot ~90mm external diam. Some dark red colour on outside, rest dull red. Sizes (w76, l65mm), (w92, l ~50mm)
X.3457ArchaeologyWood WaltonFour assorted base fragments: grey ext, light grey/brown int (base w75, h42mm); light brown int, grey ext (base w66, h32mm); (base w45, h57mm); grey gritty int, grey with possible remains of buff slip ext (base w43, h54mm)
X.3458ArchaeologyWood Walton13 assorted rim fragments: 5 light grey, 3 red, 1 small gritty dark grey, 1 with black rim fading to dull red below, with red int, 2 black ext, red int, 1 light brown int and ext. Largest (w60, max h 45mm); smallest (w34, h22mm)
X.3459ArchaeologyWood WaltonThree assorted fragments: light grey int and ext with single groove (w52, h60mm); light grey int and ext with raised circular decoration (w73, h50mm); pink/grey ext dull red int (w71, h40mm)
X.3460ArchaeologyHuntingdon14 assorted small fragments of pot: 3 rims, largest black slip inside and out (rim w61, l30mm); 8 red/buff/grey sherds smallest(15x12mm); 3 black/grey sherds
X.3461ArchaeologyHuntingdonPart of jaw bones of pig, with 6 attached teeth and ox with 1 tooth.
X.3462ArchaeologyHuntingdon11 assorted pottery fragments: 1 red ext black glaze int; 1 red glaze int and ext largest (45x45mm); 5 red/grey; 4 black/grey smallest (19x14mm)
X.3463ArchaeologyHuntingdon9 assorted fragments: 1 grey base largest (66x68mm); 1 red/black base; 1 red rim smallest (21x18mm); 5 red/grey sherds; 1 grey sherd, incised decoration on raised circular feature.
X.3464ArchaeologyHuntingdon15 assorted fragments: 12 grey rims smallest (rim width 31, h29mm); 1 red rim largest (rim w73, h48mm); 1 red base, groove on lower side; 1 grey fragment with broken handle attachment.
X.3465ArchaeologyHuntingdon8 assorted sherds : 2 bases, grey/buff (105x65mm); 1 coarse grey base smallest (52x28mm); 1 base grey/black ext red int; 1 red rim with handle attachment; 1 grey ext, buff int; 1 grey/black ext red int; 1 grey sherd with indentations along raised area.
X.3466ArchaeologyHuntingdon6 pieces of iron - possible buckle? Largest (50x25mm); smallest (11x7mm)
X.3467ArchaeologyHuntingdonPiece of flooring stone? About 24mm thick. (56x40mm)
X.3468ArchaeologyHuntingdon1 base red/dark red ext, orange int; 1 base dull red int and ext; 9 rims 1 with fingertip impressions on rim and slash marks below. Largest (rim w92, h40mm), smallest (rim width 21, h25mm)
X.3469ArchaeologyHuntingdonFour fragments of flue tile largest (92x57x46mm); end of pipe or spout int diam ~20mm (w40, h36mm) some glaze in inside
X.3470ArchaeologyHuntingdonTwo fragments of castor ware: 1 rim (rim w35, h32mm); 1 sherd (27x16mm)
X.3471ArchaeologyHuntingdon15 ass sherds: 1 rim dull red ext, brown int; 1 rim dull red ext, brown int and top; 1 rim, brown rim, red ext and int (w77, h30mm); 1 base black ext, red int; 1 base dull red ext, red int; 1 Samian base; 8 sherds black/grey smallest;1 sherd red/grey.
X.3472ArchaeologyHuntingdon15 ass sherds: 2 grey rims; 2 red rims one with incised marks on top; 1 black/buff base; 4 grey sherds; 2 plain red sherds; 1 sherd red slip ext, brown slip int; 1 sherd with two fine grooves; 1 sherd with one wide groove; 1 sherd with faint incised marks
X.3473ArchaeologyHuntingdon31 ass. Undecorated sherds, various colours, differing fabrics largest (100x62mm), smallest (30x22mm); 1 with raised groove on outside; 1 sherd very small base, red slip in and out, incised pattern on base; 1 sherd of mortarium with worn grit inclusions.
X.3474ArchaeologyHuntingdon1 frag of flat bone; 1 flint point; 46 frags pot; 5 bases; 8 rims; 1 red, brown int. glaze; 1 black, incised line on ext; 1 rim, black glaze; 1 red, fine incised lines on ext; 1 brown, buff decorations on int; 1 indent on raised area (like sherd in X3465)
X.3475ArchaeologyHuntingdon1 horn core; 1 vertebra (sheep?); 68 assorted sherds, various colours, various fabrics.
X.3476RomanSomershamRed rim, smooth. Possible traces of red and white paint. (rim width 74, h44mm)
X.3514RomanSomershamConical flanged bowl, castor ware, white paste, chocolate slip, shallow groove between flange and rim 3rd to 4th century (rim w127, h62mm)
X.3515RomanSomershamRim 127mm diameter, white paste, light red slip, recurved and thickened, nearly flat on top (rim w105, hh30mm)
X.3516RomanSamian base. Potter's mark ʌTVSM 203mm deep (45x28mm)
X.3517RomanSomershamMortarium, buff sandy paste, white slip, part of pouring mouth shown. 1st - 2nd century (rim w122, h67mm)
X.3518RomanSomershamCastor bowl, 250-280mm diameter, buff paste, dark red slip, rim set in for lid, body rouletted. (rim w75, h50mm)
X.3519RomanSomershamNarrow castor base, grey, fumed outside, late.
X.3520RomanSomershamBase, white paste, pink to chocolate slip, deep concentric grooves inside (97,x35mm)
X.3521RomanSomershamLight red base fragment imitating Samian (41x40mm)
X.3522RomanSomershamThick (10mm) grey neck and shoulder, vertical lines of combing, one firing perforation (rim w44, h48mm)
X.3523RomanSomershamBase trimmed to form disc; rough buff to red, groove inside (100x100x15mm)
X.3524RomanSomershamCream, hollow, sagging, light red slip (dia 52, h14mm)
X.3525RomanSomershamSamian base, hollow, much worn. (diam40, h14mm)
X.3526RomanSomershamRim fragment of mortarium, cream with black particles. (rim w50, h28mm)
X.3527RomanSomershamRim of bowl, flat, grooved above and on outer edge, burnished lines, white paste, blue/grey outside. Copy of D36
X.3528RomanSomershamNarrow, thin grey neck, ridge at junction of neck and shoulder (int diam 32, h37mm)
X.3529RomanSomershamLight red fragment of bowl, bead rim imitating D31 (max w63, h56mm)
X.3530RomanSomershamLight red olla rim, creaam slip, moulded undercut rim, flat on top, groove on outer edge (rim w75, h48mm)
X.3531RomanSomershamBase trimmed to form disc; hard, sandy, red, hollow, cylindrical (diam70, h24mm)
X.3532RomanSomershamBase trimmed to form disc; castor ware, cream paste, chocolate-light red, grooves within, pull off mark (69x57x15mm)
X.3533Roman?SomershamYellow green glass, omphaloid base with foot (diam 25, h10mm).
X.3534RomanSomershamSamian bowl 178mm diam, D31, 2nd century h55mm
X.3535Iron age?SomershamPart of large, heavy, rough, handmade grey bowl (130x105x19mm)
X.3536RomanSomershamRim of castor bowl 203mm diam, white paste, bluee/black slip, barbotine leaves, copy of D36 (rim w68, h30mm)
X.3537ArchaeologySomersham3 fragments heavy grey coarse ware: 1 rim, side and base (rim w130, h80mm); 1 base (w168, 75mm); rim (rim w138, h70mm)
X.3538ArchaeologySomersham1 Samian base of large bowl (w165, h33mm); 1 rim Samian bowl (rim w70, h60mm); 2 sherds Castor ware( 59x47mm and 52x35mm); 1 fragment mortarium rim (rim w104, 43mm); 1 fragment buff slip inside and out; grey paste, thin grey line round outside (69x70mm)
X.3539ArchaeologySomershamFragment of mortarium, red/orange with 3 grooves on rim (rim w55, 93mm)
X.3540ArchaeologyColne1 thick rim, red slip inside and out (rim w50, 21mm); 1 rim, groove under rim, red slip inside and out (rim w62, h53mm); 1 buff coloured rim (67, h60mm).
X.3541ArchaeologySomershamGrooved rim of flagon (possibly part of X3520) (w45, h15mm)
X.3542ArchaeologySomershamFour bases: 3 light grey inside and out, (base diam 112, h64, thick 7mm); (base diam 97, h29, thick 5mm); (base diam 55, h62, thick 5mm); 1 dark grey inside and out (base diam 120 h18 thick 7mm)
X.3543ArchaeologySomershamSix rims: 3 grey inside and out (rim w163, h52, thick 7mm); (rim w126 h62 thick 5-7mm); (rim w20, h58, thick 6mm); grey inside and out (rim w55 h80 th 7mm); light grey in and out (rim w92 h53 th7mm); brown in and out white slip (rim w42 h29 th55mm)
X.3544ArchaeologySomersham2 fragments: light grey inside and out, two grooves on exterior (100x82mm); (112x44mm)
X.3545ArchaeologySomersham1 rim fragment, brown and black inside and out, coarse material (rim w74 h46 thick 9mm)
X.3546ArchaeologySomersham6 rim sherds: orange in and out (rim w106 h37, 4mm); red ext. dark red int. (rim w52 25mm); red in and out (rim w56 h23mm); pink, black and grey blotches in and out (rim w 83 h41); red in and out (rim w20 h38mm); Samian, two grooves on inside (rim w37mm)
X.3547ArchaeologySomershamFragment of strainer with 1 complete hole (3mm int diam) and parts of 3 others (40x34)
X.3548ArchaeologySomershamBase trimmed to form disc; smooth hard grey 60mm diam, 5mm thick, pull off mark on base
X.3549ArchaeologySomershamRim fragment, grey with some black, flanged, (rim w75, h58mm)
X.3550ArchaeologySomersham3 large out turned rims, grey slip in and out; 1 buff rim, 2 grooves under rim, 1 on shoulder; 1 rim, red slip in and out 20mm dia; 1 base, coiled, red inside grey outside, base diam80mm; 1 neck, coiled 50mm dia; 1 large fragment light grey out darker in
X.3551ArchaeologySomershamCoarse, heavy straight sided bowl, 254mm diam, coarse paste full of cavities, black outside, light red within, stumpy pie dish rim (rim w74, h90, thick 13mm)
X.3552ArchaeologySomersham1 mortarium rim no grit yellow/buff; 1 sherd dull orange/grey in and out; 1 base chocolate out, white in; 2 sherds red vessel; 1 rim light buff in and out; 1 rim light grey in darker out; 1 sherd indented grey in and out; 3 Samian bases; 2 Samian rims
X.3553ArchaeologySomersham1 sherd dark grey in lighter out; 1 light grey sherd faint crosshatch pattern; 1 dark grey wavy lines; 1 grey/buff rim; 1 rim, dark grey slip; 1 rim, chocolate slip; 1 light buff rim; 1 thick rough rim; 1 base grey out, lighter in; 1 base indented vessel
X.3554ArchaeologyBluntishamTwo fragments castor bases with chocolate slip, one buff gritted, one nicely moulded (50x56mm), (36x28mm). Probably 2nd century rim w32, h26mm). Also one coarse rim, red inside (46x29mm m).
X.3555ArchaeologyBluntishamFragment of light red castor pot lid, rouletted (36x21mm)
X.3556ArchaeologyBluntishamTwo fragments of Samian ware (38x10mm) and imitation Samian ware (40x16mm)
X.3557ArchaeologyBluntishamFragment of imitation Samian ware (25x20mm)
X.3558ArchaeologyBluntishamPart of oyster shell (43x38mm)
X.3559ArchaeologyBluntishamThree fragments of flanged roofing tile and inbrex (80x90mm), (92x53mm), 47x60mm)
X.3560ArchaeologyBluntishamFragment of grooved tile, chipped at one end and hole bored through. (127x97mm)
X.3561ArchaeologyBluntishamFragment, light buff gritted ware, gark grey inside (90x55mm)
X.3562ArchaeologyBluntishamTwo fragments of globular ollae with outcurved rims, 203mm diam. Bearing shallow girth grooves, red inside, light grey outside. (134x77mm), (67x57mm). Also, 1 fragment with out turned rim, buff inside and out (rim w105, h57mm).
X.3563ArchaeologyBluntishamFragment of rim of large corn jar. Light grey outsode, buff inside. (43x45mm)
X.3564ArchaeologyBluntishamFive fragments of rims of grey ollae (80x22mm); (55x42mm); (49x23mm); 47x20mm); (36x24mm)
X.3565ArchaeologyBluntishamThree rims of grey gritted ware (70x36mm); (84x28mm); (42x24mm)
X.3566ArchaeologyBluntishamFragment of small globular pot with out turned, slightly thickened rim, decorated with slight grooves at neck. (39x43mm)
X.3567ArchaeologyBluntishamTwo fragments of black plates, one with straight rim one flanged rim (58x16mm); (27x39mm)
X.3568ArchaeologyBluntishamTwo fragments coarse gritted ware (40x37mm); (32x21mm)
X.3569ArchaeologyBluntishamFive fragments castor and chocolate ware (39x50mm); (54x24mm);(43x38mm); (43x37mm); (30x24mm)
X.3570ArchaeologyBluntishamTwo combed fragments,(38x40mm), (26x25mm); fragment of ox horn core (60x38mm).
X.3571ArchaeologyBluntishamThree fragments, red inside, grey out (45x30mm); one red on and out, has been stuck to another sherd (35x13mm); 22x24mm)
X.3572ArchaeologyBluntisham35 assorted fragments, mostly grey , some red/orange. One fragment of flat bone
X.3573ArchaeologySomershamFive fragments of shallow dishes outward sloping, bases to rims: red slip in and out (rim w34, h37mm); grey slip inside (rim w56, h40mm); black slip in and out (rim w74, h39mm); black slip in and out, (rim w66 h36mm); grey coarse fabric (rim w45 h48mm)
X.3574ArchaeologySomershamSamian base, bearing potter's mark SATURNNI. Base diam 59mm, h18mm
X.3575ArchaeologySomershamOne base of large vessel, coarse fabric, pink inside and out, outward sloping wall. (97x85x8mm)
X.3576ArchaeologySomershamThree bases: light paste, brown slip inside (diam 75, h34mm); pink paste, light slip inside and out, (diam 50, h22mm); dark paste, black and white slip outside, buff and brown inside (diam 39, h44mm).
X.3577ArchaeologySomershamThree bases: red paste, no slip, (diam 65, h69mm); red paste, incomplete base (h30mm); small, red paste (diam 34, h20mm).
X.3578ArchaeologySomershamFive bases: grey/white inside and out (diam 70 h70mm); coarse grey (diam 65 h50mm); buff/grey (diam 80 h42mm); grey slip inside and out, rouletted inside (diam 81, h21mm); grey slip inside and out (diam 27 h31mm)
X.3579ArchaeologySomersham7 Samian sherds: 1 straight rim (rim w33 h70mm); 1 out turned rim (rim w32, h44); 1 out turned rim (rim w22 h45); 1 sherd two incised lines on outside (59x39); 1 sherd ridges on outside (42x35); 1 sherd slight bulge (37x41); 1 sherd ridges outside (44x32)
X.3580ArchaeologySomershamSix sherds: 1 grey inside buff out, groups of combed lines outside (102x79mm); 1 dark grey outside,grey slip in90x60mm); 1 orange inside, grey out (82x58mm); 1 orange in and out, rouletted outside (34x42mm); 1 black (40x35); 1 brown rouletted out (37x29)
X.3630ArchaeologyStibbingtonFragment of vessel, possibly part of shoulder, red paste, black slip outside, red inside (70x48mm)
X.3631ArchaeologyStibbingtonThree fragments of large vessel, black and red outside, grey paste (60x36mm); (64x56mm); (58x41mm)
X.3632ArchaeologyStibbingtonSix fragments: 3 with grey slip on outside, red in, buff paste; grey slip on outside with several concentric grooves, red inside; possible part of shoulder, 2 with grey slip inside and out, buff paste;
X.3633ArchaeologyStibbingtonFive rim fragments: 2 orange inside and out, slightly out turned rim (contiguous); 1 very similar fragment; 1 red out turned rim; 1 dull orange/brown, grey paste, very thin fabric
X.3634ArchaeologyStibbington5 assorted fragments: red inside and out, grey paste irregular grooves on outside (75x65mm); grey slip inside and out (72x65mm); red/brown outside, red inside (60x45mm); orange/red outside, light brown slip inside (31x45mm); black slip inside and out (44x20mm)
X.3635ArchaeologyStibbingtonOne rim (rim w64 h35mm)and two fragments thick gritty vessel(s?). Brown paste, red on outside: (63x52mm) (60x39mm) .
X.3636ArchaeologyStibbingtonTwo rims: grey outside, buff inside, buff paste out turned thickened rim (rim w40 h25mm); grey outside, red brown inside (rim w45 h30mm)
X.3637ArchaeologyStibbingtonFour fragments: part of base, gritty fabric black outside, red in (43x34mm); black gritty ware, three concentric grooves on outside (29x254mm); two similar fabrics brown/orange outside and out (38x45mm) and (30x36mm)
X.3638ArchaeologyLong StowTwo portions of large olla. Grey surface and paste, rather smooth.
X.3639ArchaeologyLong StowBody sherd of grey paste pot. 2 circumferential grooves.
X.3640ArchaeologyLong Stow6 rims 3 grey paste, 3 pinky buff shell tempered 2 at least 1st century AD
X.3641ArchaeologyLong StowLight brown rim sherd, hard and sandy. Equ. Diameter 7". Rim triangular in section.
X.3642ArchaeologyLong StowPart of side of fairly large vessel. Buff paste and slate coloured slip. Castor ware
X.3643ArchaeologyLong StowSmall body sherd, pinky buff shell tempered paste. cf.X3640
X.3644ArchaeologyLong StowSamian rim and base of form D18/31. Late 1st to early 2nd century A.D.
X.3645ArchaeologyLong StowPart of square sectioned rim of storage jar, grey paste, pink exterior, c.f. X3640. Shell tempered. Picked up on same field as 2512
X.3646ArchaeologyHoughton9 body sherds La Tene pottery probably all one pot. 3 pairs sherds joining. Decoration of incised grooves with incised wavy line between
X.3647ArchaeologyHoughton9 sherds shell tempered pot. Est. diameter 17cm 7sherds joining. Pinky buff paste, triangular rim.
X.3648ArchaeologyHoughton3 joining sherds shell tempered pot, triangular shaped rim, pinky buff paste
X.3649ArchaeologySomershamIncomplete base of mortarium light grey with black grit (base widt 105, h30mm); rim of mortarium with part of spout light grey (88x38mm)
X.3650ArchaeologySomershamThick base dull red inside, dark grey out (diam 72, 32mm); incomplete base pink/red inside, grey out thick coarse material (140x60mm)
X.3651ArchaeologySomershamThree fragments of red tile: 2 with gentle curves (100x70mm) and (80x55); 1 with deeply incised pattern (70x50mm).
X.3652ArchaeologySomershamThick base and side of large wide vessel, coarse fabric pink inside, grey/pink outside (125x85mm), (125x95mm)
X.3653ArchaeologySomershamThick fragment light grey slip combed on outside, (90x50mm)
X.3654ArchaeologySomershamFour sherds; slightly curved, combed red/brown (70x75mm); thick (17mm) coarse sherd, white slip inside, brown out (135x105mm); 2 sherds thick (25 and 29mm) pink on both sides very friable one with very large inclusion (67x50mm) and (50x45mm)
X.3655ArchaeologySomershamTwo fragments from out turned rim of vessel, about 150mm diam, red/brown slip inside and out (rim w89 h37) and (rim w71 h43mm)
X.3656ArchaeologySomershamTwo rim fragments red paste, brown slip (rim w80 h46mm), (rim w33 h38mm)
X.3657ArchaeologySomershamNeck of vessel, red paste, diam 56mm h28mm; rim fragment from similar vessel (rim w38 h22mm)
X.3658ArchaeologySomershamRim fragment from large vessel, coarse grey fabric (rim w120 h56mm)
X.3659ArchaeologySomershamSix rim fragments: red slip (rim w118 23mm); dark red (rim w63 h24mm); overturned rim, red slip (rim w37 h64mm); buff/orange slip (rim w54 h40mm); slightly thickened rim red slip (rim w60 h45mm); dull red slip (rim w45 h20mm)
X.3660ArchaeologySomershamTwo rim fragments: dull red, thickened out turned (rim w96 48mm); dark brown slip (rim w87 h53mm)
X.3661ArchaeologySomershamFive rim fragments: red paste red inside black rim (rim w71 h37mm); orange inside and out (rim w55 h40mm); buff paste brown slip on outside (rim w59 h25mm); buff/grey (rim w65 h28mm); buff (rim w21 h48mm)
X.3662ArchaeologySomershamSix assorted rim fragments, all grey, all straight rims
X.3663ArchaeologySomershamSeven decorated out turned rim fragments all grey; two parallel grooves on shoulder; grooves and slanting lines on shoulder; step under rim; three grooves under rim, two together one offset; three grooves under rim; faint grooves (combing) under rim
X.3664ArchaeologySomershamNine out turned rim fragments, all of coarse fabric, no slip.
X.3665ArchaeologySomershamGrey out turned rim fragment of large vessel, grey slip, wavy discontinuous line under rim on outside (rim w89 h74mm)
X.3666ArchaeologySomershamSix assorted rim fragments, all with grey slip inside and out dimensions (all width at rim and height) (90, 65mm); (86, 64mm); (68, 55mm); (88, 52mm); (56, 33mm); (49, 45mm)
X.3667ArchaeologySomershamSix assorted rim fragments, all grey slip inside and out
X.3668ArchaeologySomersham6 assorted out turned rim frags: 1 thick coarse fabric, dark grey in/out (rim w113 h36mm); 1 grey fabric (rim w67 h50mm); 1 orange/grey (rim w70 h37mm); 2 grey slip in/out, fine fabric (rim w43 h36mm) (rim w28 h37mm); 1 light grey slip (rim w57 h33mm);
X.3669ArchaeologyStibbingtonTwo fragments red sandy olla, shallow grooves on neck and shoulder, everted slightly thickened rim, slight fine grit? Early 2nd century (122x72mm); (66x75mm). Also five other fragments, all of which are contiguous with one or other of these fragments.
X.3670ArchaeologyStibbingtonBlack moulded under cut rim with numerous horizontal grooves on shoulder, black gritted ware, probably 1st century (rim w43, h42mm)
X.3671ArchaeologyStibbingtonThree specimens of castor ware showing rouletting; base (50x27mm); (30x16mm); (26x22mm)
X.3672ArchaeologyStibbingtonReddish brown fragment showing barbotine, castor ware (54x39mm)
X.3673ArchaeologyStibbingtonTapering cylindrical foot stand, base diam 42mm, h30mm
X.3674ArchaeologyStibbingtonFragment of cornice rim, castor ware? Early 2nd century (rim w39, h35mm)
X.3675ArchaeologyStibbingtonFour fragments of storage vessel, moulded rim, red surface gritted with shell, dark grey core, 406mm diam at rim (rim w105 h80mm); (rim w67 h75mm)
X.3676ArchaeologyStibbingtonFragment of moulded rim, flat top, light grey surface, cream paste (rim w37, h20mm)
X.3677ArchaeologyStibbingtonUpper part light buff handle of flagon showing finger prints of edges (w57, h25mm)
X.3678ArchaeologyStibbingtonFragment angular triangular section with zigzag grooved ornament on outer surface, 127mm equivalent diam at rim (rim w55, h15mm)
X.3679ArchaeologyStibbingtonCastor base, tapering cylinder, red inside, black outside (40x16mm)
X.3680ArchaeologyStibbingtonThick base, now broken, castor, slight signs of paint (42x29mm)
X.3681ArchaeologyStibbingtonFragment showing horizontal ribs, red pottery brown and green glaze and sundry other fragments (37x27mm)
X.3682ArchaeologyStibbingtonFlint core (37x28x34mm)
X.3683ArchaeologyStibbingtonPart of vertebra of large animal.
X.3684ArchaeologyStibbingtonFour fragments (3 contiguous) of flat pottery, dark grey outside, red inside (35x24mm); (47x30mm); (22x21mm); (66x46mm)
X.3685ArchaeologyStibbingtonFragment of base and straight rim of shallow dish, side slightly slanting outwards. Grey slip inside and out, buff paste. (rim w27, 20mm)
X.3686ArchaeologyStibbingtonBase fragments from two vessels, dark grey slip outside, lighter inside (40x55mm) and dark grey slip outside, red inside (40x63mm)
X.3687ArchaeologyStibbingtonThree assorted fragments; slightly thickened rim, gritted fabric (rim w45 h32mm); fragment red/brown inside and out, gritty fabric (70x40mm); fragment orange outside, buff inside (40x24mm)
X.3688ArchaeologyStibbingtonFragment, buff inside, green glaze outside (31x20mm)
X.3689ArchaeologyStibbingtonThree fragments gritted ware (two contiguous) red inside and out (45x45mm); (40x29mm); (18x34mm)
X.3690ArchaeologyStibbingtonBase and fragment of large vessel, orange inside and out (70 h40mm); (45x42mm)
X.3691ArchaeologyStibbingtonTwo large fragments both gritted: edge of rim, brown inside and out (65x70mm); red inside and out (80x65mm)
X.3692ArchaeologyStibbington5 assorted fragments: grey paste, buff ins and out (36x30mm); gritted ware, red in black out (42x22mm); gritted ware, brown out red/brown in (36x25mm); gritted ware, only one external side, red, grey paste (29x25mm); base fragment black out buff in (21x22mm)
X.3693ArchaeologyStibbingtonTwo fragments from same vessel, red gritted ware, grey paste (77x23mm) and (63x31mm)
X.3694ArchaeologyStibbingtonFive fragments from same vessel? (two are contiguous), grey/red outside, red/orange inside (42x45mm); (46x47mm); (60x43mm); (73x43mm); (40x40mm)
X.3695ArchaeologyStibbingtonBase 51mm diam, buff paste, grey slip outside light brown/buff inside, height 26mm)
X.3696ArchaeologyStibbingtonFragment of straight rim, grey slip inside and out, buff paste (31x29mm)
X.3697ArchaeologyHoughton3 sherds (one handle frag) grey paste, pink exterior, traces of green glaze, very porous fabric.
X.3698ArchaeologyHoughtonOne body sherd shell tempered
X.3699ArchaeologyHoughtonOne body sherd, pink paste, green glaze
X.3700ArchaeologyHoughtonOne sherd poss. lid, buff paste, traces red slip
X.3701ArchaeologyHoughton2 rim sherds grey ware
X.3702ArchaeologyHoughtonRim fragment Castor ware
X.3703ArchaeologyHoughtonOne sherd rim and body Samian ware form 18/31
X.3704ArchaeologyHoughton2 sherds
X.3705ArchaeologyLittle PaxtonBase of Castor vessel. Grroved foot ring. Diam.2.9" Light red slip, cream paste
X.3706ArchaeologyLittle PaxtonBase of Samian vessel - Potter's mark QVINT.I.M Quintus Lezoux AD 117-161
X.3707ArchaeologyLittle PaxtonFragments of cooking pot. Thickened rim - Diameter 6.1" Buff outside, with blackened areas. Coarse gritted ware.
X.3708ArchaeologyWytonGroup of 5 rim and shoulder fragments of 3 large vessels.
X.3709ArchaeologyWytonFragments of hard grey medieval pottery. One fragment of angular rim on short neck indicates diam of 11". Sagging bases.
X.3710ArchaeologySomersham Park3 fragments of medieval pottery: one rim and one Early Elizabethan rim and handle from same pot. Handle fragment consists of 2 joined pieces - brown/green glaze on outside. Rim fragment is red earthenware, yellow/green glaze on both sides
X.3711ArchaeologySt. IvesFragment medieval green glazed pot with horizontal handle. Grey paste, red slip under glaze. C.1175-1300 AD
X.3712ArchaeologySt. IvesFragment high Medieval 'strainer', red paste, glazed on one side.
X.3713ArchaeologyGodmanchesterGlazed rim fragment.
X.3714ArchaeologyHemingford Grey2 fragments. 1x rim St Neots type, 1x Huntingdon Fen sandy ware 3cm diam base from large storage jar
X.3715ArchaeologyHuntingdon6 joining fragments large jug with pinched spout.From Lyveden, Northants. Shelley fabric 1150-1350 AD
X.3716ArchaeologyHemingford Grey4 sherds (2 joining) Lyveden-Stanion glazed ware c.1100-1400, 1 x tile fragment with mortar attached, 1x inverted rim sherd with impressed design (from Lyveden, Northants), 2 joining rim sherds St Neots type ware, thumbed pie crust rim.
X.3717ArchaeologySt Ives4 joining sherds sandy paste with applied raised design and yellow glaze.
X.3718ArchaeologySt Ives12 sherds (11 joining) grey paste, green glaze with brown vertical stripes around middle of pot.Stand-up pie-crust rim and two thumb prints at edge of base. Sagged base.
X.3719ArchaeologyRamseyNeck of a flagon with 2 handles of hard light brown paste and dirty buff surface, ornamented with a groove 0.3 " long below the mouth next to a band of diagonal lines of rouletting. The handles are luted on roughly. Prob imported.
X.3720ArchaeologyHolywell2 sherds Rim sherd with thumbed indentations next to handle. Grey paste and olive green glaze. Rim and neck of large pot, Lyveden ware pink/buff shelly fabric. Hand built, wheel finished and pie-crust rim.1150-1350 AD
X.3721ArchaeologyHuntingdonCylindrical handle with splash of green glaze and ornamentation of indented holes on outer edge
X.3722ArchaeologyWoodhurst1x sherd grimstone ware with arm decoration c.1250-1500 AD
X.3723ArchaeologyWoodhurst2 joining sherds jug with pinched spout. Medieval Ely ware c. 1150-1350 AD green glaze
X.3724ArchaeologySomershamFragment of handle from large pot. Pink/buff paste and green glaze.
X.3725ArchaeologyEynesburyBody sherd of grey paste, mottled dark green glaze.
X.3726ArchaeologyWytonBourne medieval ware handle and rim sherd c. 1450-1650 AD orange paste.
X.3727ArchaeologyFarcetMedieval pottery from a house S.W. of Conquest Lane in Osier Fen Farcet.Handle from large vessel, partially glazed, decorated with stabbed holes that create a knobbled effect on the underside of the handle.Grimston ware.
X.3728ArchaeologySt NeotsBrown glazed two handled cup with applied discs of pottery glazed yellow. Cistercian ware. Red earthenware. 1480-1600 AD
X.3729ArchaeologyColneLate 17th century tyg. Brown glaze with 3 groups of 3 applied pottery discs - one for each handle, glazed yellow.1480-1600 AD probably from E Midlands/ W Yorks
X.3730ArchaeologySt NeotsCistercian ware 2 handled cup. Coil formed base.1480-1600 AD
X.3731ArchaeologyHuntingdon4 handled tyg. Brown over fired lustrous glaze, red/brown paste. 16th century.
X.3732ArchaeologySt Neots2 handled cup, coil built, brown glaze with applied design on 2 sides of 3 discs smeared to form a flower-like shape, glazed yellow.
X.3733ArchaeologySt Neots16th century tyg. 2 handled, brown glaze inside and partially out. Hand built wheel finished rim. 3 applied discs glazed yellow on each side of cup.
X.3735ArchaeologySt NeotsHanging oil lamp (?) Red paste with traces of brown slip, rough surface.
X.3736ArchaeologyHuntingdonLate medieval reduced ware.Pinched spout, handle broken off. 19.5cm high x 12cm at widest part. 8cm diameter at mouth. Mouth repaired at some time.1350-1500 AD
X.3738ArchaeologySt NeotsLate Medieval jug 2 large glued portions and 17 sherds, some joining.14th-15th century. Bullet hole (?) in side.
X.3739ArchaeologySt NeotsLate Medieval cistern.Red paste, black core, piecrust base. Very flaky condition. 31cm high.
X.3740ArchaeologyHuntingdonLyveden ware (Northants kilns) 12-13th century. Bottom half of wheel-made jug, sagged base. Remains of handle attached with thumb prints.
X.3741ArchaeologySt NeotsBowl - Metropolitan slipware. Red paste, internally glazed brown with swirls of yellow slip. Made S. Essex. 17th century
X.3744ArchaeologyEarithStoneware drinking jug, almost complete. Piecrust base.From Siegburg in the Rhineland.1350-1450 AD
X.3745ArchaeologyChatterisStoneware Drinking jug, coil built, piecrust base. From Raeren in the Rhineland. 1450-1550 AD
X.3746ArchaeologyHemingford Grey13 sherds St. Neots type ware 11th-13th century
X.3747ArchaeologyHemingford Grey16 sherds
X.3748ArchaeologyHemingford Grey6 sherds Huntingdon early Medieval ware 11th-13th century
X.3749ArchaeologyHemingford Grey6 rims, shell tempered
X.3750ArchaeologyHemingford Grey3 rims, 1 base, 1 handle Medieval Ely ware. c.1150-1350
X.3753ArchaeologySt. IvesHandle from Dutch redware dripping dish with internal glaze 1350-1550AD
X.3754ArchaeologySt. IvesStabbed rim and body sherd from bowl, late Medieval
X.3755ArchaeologySomershamBunghole and base of cistern. Colne medieval ware 1200-1350AD
X.3756ArchaeologySomershamStanion ware body sherd. Trace of green glaze, 1100-1400AD
X.3757ArchaeologyWoodhurst2 sherds Stanion ware, rim and neck with rolled stamped decoration.
X.3758ArchaeologyWoodhurst2 rims, buff fabric, one having a wavy rim.
X.3759ArchaeologyWoodhurstRim of Huntingdonshire Fen Sandy ware 1175-1300AD
X.3760ArchaeologyWoodhurstRim Huntingdonshire Early Medieval ware 1050-1200AD
X.3761ArchaeologyWoodhurst2 body sherds. 1x St. Neots type ware 1050-1250AD, one Stamford ware with mottled green glaze.875-1200AD
X.3762ArchaeologyWoodhurst3 sherds: 2x smooth orange paste, 1x rough orange oxidised paste.
X.3763ArchaeologyWoodhurstRim, sandy grey ware. 2 concentric incised circles on rim.
X.3764ArchaeologyGreat Paxton2x sherds St. Neots ware 875-1100AD
X.3765ArchaeologyBrampton2 sherds Shelly ware buff paste, oxidised to red on outside. 1150-1350AD
X.3766ArchaeologyNeedingworth1x body sherd, buff paste.
X.3767ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim, buff paste, oxidised on internal surface
X.3768ArchaeologyHuntingdonFragment of shoulder of jar. Grey paste, thumbed design. Thetford Ware 875-1150AD
X.3769ArchaeologyHemingford GreyRim sherd Thetford ware. Thumbed design below rim.
X.3770ArchaeologySt. Neots3 sherds: one rim and 2 body sherds.
X.3771ArchaeologyHuntingdonShelly ware. 1x early style frilled rim, 1x stabbed handle, 1x rim with stabbed decoration beneath the rim.
X.3772ArchaeologyHuntingdonSandy ware. 2 joining sherds of sagging base, 4x grey paste with orange slip, 2x thin walled dark orange paste with grey core.
X.3773ArchaeologyHuntingdon1x rim sherd of a small greyware bowl, 1x rim sherd of shelly ware, 1x stabbed rim, 1x Lyveden-Stanion ware with wavy line decoration.
X.3774ArchaeologyHuntingdonSt. Neots ware. 1x interned rim, 1x small early jar rim. 875-1100AD
X.3775ArchaeologyHuntingdonStamford Ware. 2 sherds 875-1200 A.D.
X.3776ArchaeologyHuntingdonPart of thickened rounded rim and side of bowl; over 14" diameter. St Neots type ware.
X.3777ArchaeologyHuntingdonColne ware. Late example of jar rim. Thumbed design below rim.
X.3778ArchaeologyHuntingdonRim fragment with finger tip fluting inside rim. St. Neots type ware. 1050-1250AD
X.3781ArchaeologySt. NeotsStamford Ware, 1x sagging base sherd with green glaze.
X.3782ArchaeologyHemingford GreyStamford Ware, 1x body sherd decorated with incised circumferential line and mottled green glaze.
X.3783ArchaeologyWoodhurstStamford Ware, 2x sherds: 1x body sherd with part of strap handle; 1x handle with traces of green glaze.
X.3784ArchaeologyGodmanchesterStamford Ware, 1x body sherd
X.3785ArchaeologySomershamBaluster jug 1500-1600AD. Red earthenware with splashes of green glaze. Copy of a metal style. Probably made in Essex.
X.3788ArchaeologySt.Neots3 joining rim sherds of Saxon dish. (900-1150AD) Rest of bowl reconstructed
X.3789ArchaeologyHuntingdonSemi complete biconical lamp, partially reconstructed. Stamford ware 850-1150AD
X.3790ArchaeologyHuntingdon2 rims, one decorated with slashes, and 2 body sherds
X.3791ArchaeologyHuntingdon3 sherds. 1x St Neots type rim with stabbed decoration on rim; 1x stabbed handle fragment; 1x St Neots ware base
X.3792ArchaeologyHuntingdonOne handle fragment with pie-crust edge and stabbed decoration.
X.3793ArchaeologyHuntingdonJug rim sherd, pie-crust decoration on rim.prob medieval Ely ware 1150-1350AD 15-17cm diameter.
X.3794ArchaeologySt. NeotsSmall sherd Cambs sgraffito ware 15th century
X.3795ArchaeologyYellingSkillet handle, decorated with stabbed holes and finger-sized holes forming ridges down the sides (for grip?). End of handle curls under. Grey sandy paste. 13th-14th century
X.3796ArchaeologyNeedingworthSmall sherd with stabbed design. Micaceous sandy grey ware 1050-1225AD
X.3797ArchaeologySt.Ives2 sherds.1x Hunts early Medieval ware showing where handle attached; 1x sandy greyware, part of side and base with incised concentric circles.
X.3798ArchaeologySt. IvesHandle fragment from large jug. Stabbed design Medieval Ely ware.
X.3799ArchaeologyGodmanchester2x rims fragments. 1x inverted bowl, St. Neots type ware; 1x pie-crust, large jug Lyveden ware late 12th c.
X.3800ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 joining rim fragments. St Neots ware dish. 875-1100AD
X.3801ArchaeologyWoodhurst1 sherd Lyveden ware, covered in heavily weathered glaze, stamped decoration. 1100-1400AD
X.3802ArchaeologyWoodhurst2 joining sherds Grimstone ware. Olive glaze with raised brown dots.
X.3803ArchaeologyWoodhurst3 joining sherds Medieval Ely ware. Large pot with slashes at base.1150-1350AD
X.3804ArchaeologyWoodhurst4 joining sherds Medieval Ely ware. Pot with sagging base, thumb print decoration at base. 1150-1350AD
X.3805ArchaeologyWoodhurstAssorted sherds of sandy redware. From pots with very large diameter – possibly “basin”. Rims almost no wider than the wall thickness.
X.3806ArchaeologyWoodhurst3 pie-crust rims and one body sherd. Shell tempered redware, grey core.
X.3807ArchaeologyWoodhurstRim sherd from dish. Everted rim. Micaceous sandy ware, red paste with dark grey core.
X.3808ArchaeologyWoodhurst3 sherds: 2 St.Neots type everted rims and one small rim sherd
X.3809ArchaeologyWoodhurst3 rims micaceous sandy redware, all heavily weathered. One has slip just below rim with triangular stamped design, one has wavy line inscribed on internal and external surface.
X.3810ArchaeologyHemingford Grey9 rims and one base sherd St. Neots type ware. 875-1250AD
X.3811ArchaeologyHemingford GreyFragment of Medieval Ely ware jar with inscribed wavy design. Thin fabric, grey paste with oxidized outer surface. 1150-1350AD
X.3812ArchaeologyHemingford Grey6 sherds (2 joining) various pots: Rim sherd with rope design on top of rim; 2 sherds with concentric circles of triangular stamped pattern; thick rim with almost no curvature grid ref. 390307; 2 joining sherds with combed wavy design. 1100-1450AD
X.3813ArchaeologyHemingford Grey1 sherd Lyveden Stanion glazed ware. White slip with stamped design under olive green glaze. 1100-1400AD
X.3814ArchaeologyHemingford GreyOne sherd. White slip and white dots under yellow glaze. Pink paste.
X.3855ArchaeologyBuryHandle. Strap form. Light red fabric with calcareous inclusions. Smooth and hard
X.3856ArchaeologyBuryHandle. Strap form. Hard grey fabric, red surface inside pot. Granite tempered.
X.3857ArchaeologyBuryThree pieces of wedge-shaped rim, flat on top surface. Wheel made, hard light red fabric. From above stones and skeletons.
X.3858ArchaeologyBuryPiece of flat outbent rim. Grey, brown paste.
X.3859ArchaeologyBury4 bases: pink fabric; buff with pink core, sagging base; grey micaceous sandy ware with large calcareous inclusions; hard grey paste.
X.3860ArchaeologyBury8 body sherds: 2 sherds Medieval Ely ware, one part glazed; 1 sherd grey paste; 3 sherds redware with white and grey slip and yellow glaze; 2 sherds redware painted with white/grey slip.
X.3861ArchaeologyEarith11 sherds (3 joining) St. Neots type fabric. Brown/black paste with high organic content.
X.3862ArchaeologyEarith3 sherds: 1 base with thumb print, red paste with black core; 1 shoulder and neck of jar with traces of glaze, red paste; 1 body sherd with traces of glaze, red paste, grey core.
X.3863ArchaeologyHemingford GreyShallow rounded bowl fragment of Brill Boarstall ware. Thickened rim. Traces of glaze. 1200-1500AD
X.3864ArchaeologyHemingford Grey3 rims, grey paste: 1 shell tempered, clubbed, inturned; 1 sandy, thickened inturned; 1 thickened everted rim with groove for lid.
X.3865ArchaeologyHemingford GreyAssorted sherds of sandy redware with dark core.1 body sherd from a small jar or bowl with 5 rows of circumferencial stamped holes; 1 neck and flanged jug rim; 1 body sherd of biconical bowl; 3 sherds hand built bowl inturned rims, thumb-impressed; 2 jar rims, pie-crust design
X.3866ArchaeologyHemingford Grey7 assorted sherds: 1 jar rim and neck, pie-crust design; 1 jug sherd with thickened rim; 1 flanged rim; 1 thickened rim; 1 body sherd St. Neots type ware; 1 jar base, St.Neots type ware, hand built; 1 fragment lid, thumb-impressed at edge.
X.3867ArchaeologyHemingford Grey10 assorted sherds Stamford ware. 6 sherds glazed. 875-1200AD
X.3868ArchaeologyHemingford Grey2 rims and piece of slate: 1 St. Neots type ware, pie-crust rim and neck of jar; 1 shell tempered everted jar rim.
X.3869ArchaeologyHemingford Grey2 joining body sherds of biconical jar, grey sandy ware.
X.3870ArchaeologyHemingford Grey4 sherds yellow sandy ware: 2 bases, wheel formed; 1 everted rim having a groove around the outer edge; 1 rolled rim.
X.3815ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPortion of rim of storage jar, 12 inches diameter, hard grey paste and surface, a cordon bounded by burnished firth(?) grooves at neck and below this a band of vertical burnished lines bounded by similar horizontal ones. L:200mm. W:70mm.
X.3816ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPortion of rim and shoulder of crude buff cordoned vessel, rough diagonal and vertical combing in three zones divided by a single line. L: 95mm, W:120mm.
X.3817ArchaeologyGodmanchesterTwo pieces of Roman pottery. One piece of rim, one coarse piece of rim. Yellowish sandy material. L: 110, W: 60mm, L: 75mm, W: 50mm.
X.3818ArchaeologyGodmanchesterThree pieces of amphorae.
X.3819ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPiece of rim of Mortarium, L:100mm, W:40mm. Possibly 2nd Century.
X.3820ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragments of a yellow and red vessel of hard grey paste, decorated with black painted bands. Interior coloured light and dark alternately. L: 190mm, W: 140mm. Found 1926?
X.3821ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragments of a vessel rim, yellowish coarse paste, smooth black surface, 5 grooves on the shoulder, oblique rim, found near the funerary urn (number 670), Probably 1st century. Presented by Reverend H. Kitchener 1926.
X.3822ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPortion of storage jar rim 13 inch diameter, soft grey paste with white inclusions, surface light red, slightly indented rim, horizontal combed lines below the neck. L:200mm, W: 90mm.
X.3823ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of a light orange mortarium with grit fragments in body, bent down rim flange rising above it, 3rd centry AD? L: 240mm, W: 100mm.
X.3824ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of large storage jar, 17 inches diameter at rim, hard grey paste, oblique combing in various directions below the neck, heavy everted moulded rim, two firth? grooves at neck
X.3825ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of mortarium, light orange, heavily moulded rim, possibly early 3rd century.L: 170mm, W:90mm.
X.3826ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of mortarium, light orange, smaller hooked rim, like wroxeter 38? 80-112AD? L:110mm, W: 90mm.
X.3827ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of body or mortarium, large black grit inclusions. L:80mm, W:55mm.
X.3828ArchaeologyGodmanchesterTwo fragments of coarse buff tile showing deep grooves at right angles to each other, hypocaust? L: 140mm, W: 120mm. L:90mm, W: 70mm.
X.3829ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPortion of flanged roofing tile. L: 80mm, W: 70mm.
X.3830ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of vessel of grey paste and surface. L: 110mm, W: 110mm. According to HLSI other fragments as well but these are missing.
X.3831ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFive painted fragments similar to X3820. Largest L: 130mm, W: 60mm.
X.3832ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase of thick, badly made, much cracked indented beaker. H: 70mm, D: 80mm.
X.3833ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPossibly the rim of beaker X3832, in two pieces. L: 110mm, W: 40mm.
X.3834ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of grey paste vessel, surface showing two bands of wedge shaped decoration probably made with a flat sharpened stick. Two girth grooves. L: 90mm, W:60mm.
X.3835ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSimilar fragment to X3834. Showing girth grooves and band of decoration made with sharpened stick.
X.3836ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of slightly splayed base of a grey pot showing perforations made before the vessel was fired.
X.3837ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of castor ware showing metallic lustre? Mica-coated. Band of decoration and an object? L:65mm, W: 30mm.
X.3838ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSmall fragment of castor ware showing decoration similar to V.C.H. Hunts. Plate 8 No.1.
X.3839ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of chocolate coloured castor and white painted ornament. L: 50mm, W: 30mm.
X.3840ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFive fragments of samian ware, chocolate coloured, form 31D. 2 specimens of a portion with decoration
X.3841ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSeven fragments of samian ware, one with debased egg and dart? Fringe and other poor decoration.
X.3842ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSix rims of coarse large storage jars.
X.3843ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPart of a large coarse fabric storage jar. L: 190mm, W: 150mm.
X.3844ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPart of neck of amphora. L: 160mm, W: 80mm.
X.3845ArchaeologyGodmanchesterCoarse round base. D: 60mm.
X.3846ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPiece of glass
X.3847ArchaeologyGodmanchesterVarious fragments of coarseware.
X.3848ArchaeologyGodmanchesterVarious fragments of black burnished ware?
X.3849ArchaeologyGodmanchesterVarious fragments of Roman greyware
X.3850ArchaeologyGodmanchesterVarious fragments of coarseware cooking/storage jars.
X.3851ArchaeologyGodmanchesterVarious fragments, including the base of a beaker, of Roman finerwares.
X.3852ArchaeologyGodmanchesterVarious fragments of reddish black pottery.
X.3853ArchaeologyGodmanchesterVarious fragments of creamy orange pottery
X.3854ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of large coarseware vessel. L: 90mm, W:80mm.
X.3871ArchaeologyGreat GiddingLead alloy brooch. Thistle surrounded by garlanded bell. Marks of attachment on back. From pipe line, Oak Tree corner.
X.3872ArchaeologyAbbots Ripton9 assorted sherds: 3 body sherds St. Neots ware; one body sherd with line of white slip; 1 upright ribbed rim, shelly fabric; 1 everted, clubbed rim with pie-crust decoration on the top surface, shelly fabric; 1 body and base fragment, shelly fabric; 1 everted clubbed rim of yellow/orange sandy fabric covered in black slip; 1 thickened rim of Medieval Ely ware, straight-sided dish.
X.3875ArchaeologyColneMortarium hooked rim fragment. Grey fabric, buff surface. II-III c.AD
X.3876ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of large jar, Medieval Ely ware, squared rim with rope-like pattern, finger slashes below rim, hand built. Rim has apparently been sawn or chiseled flat after firing and the whole piece has saw marks down one edge.
X.3877ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPedestal lamp fragment. Red earthenware.Top glazed pale brown with thumb prints giving the effect of flower petals.
X.3878ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 fragments: 1 base, chunky yellow sandy fabric with grey slip, coil built, 'tree-trunk' impression of concentric rings on base; 1 bottle neck, luted on to body of vessel, buff fabric, traces of green glaze, possibly developed Stamford ware.
X.3880ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherd of Stamford ware. Traces of glaze.
X.3881ArchaeologyEarith7 assorted sherds: 2 joining pieces of jar resembling Medieval Ely (1150-1350) ware but having very large (5mm) inclusions, hand built with wheelmade everted rim; 1 fragment narrow strap handle (2.7mm wide) with deep slashes down the centre, hard grey sandy fabric having traces of green glaze;3 sherds (2 joining) of red fabric with dark black core, hand built, thumb prints on inner surface; 1 sherd yellow/grey sandy ware, evidence of brushing and soot blackening, probably base of a globular jar.
X.3882ArchaeologyEaton Socon4 assorted sherds: 2 St Neots type rims (840-1150AD), one thickened dish rim, one thickened jar rim with groove for lid; 2 later sherds quartz tempered, pale orange surface, fragment of strap handle and fragment of body where handle attached by thumbing. Thin walled (4mm) wheel-made vessel.
X.3883ArchaeologyBramptonFragment of upper part of jug, green glaze outside and light red inside. Simple pulled, lip spout, single rib beneath rim. Stamped design of offset ovals having internal trellis design, in a band below the neck. Lyveden Stanion ware 1100-1400AD
X.3884ArchaeologyBramptonPart of light red bowl, equ. Diameter over 35cm. Thickened rim. Wavy incised pattern just below rim on internal surface. Applied band on outside 1cm wide x 6cm running from the rim edge vertically down the bowl, with thumbed design. 2 narrow incised horizontal grooves around bowl.
X.3885ArchaeologyBramptonRim sherd with internal bevel. Soft light red shelly fabric, wheel made. Signs of soot on outer surface. Equivalent diameter 6.5”
X.3886ArchaeologyBrampton5 base sherds: 4 pieces light red, shell tempered, sagging bases; 1 sherd red paste with black core, calcite flecks.
X.3887ArchaeologyBrampton1 sherd Lyveden Stanion glazed ware. White slip with stamped design under olive green glaze. Heavily weathered. 1100-1400 AD
X.3888ArchaeologyBrampton1sherd of thickened rim and neck of jar. Light red, shell tempered fabric.
X.3889ArchaeologyBramptonFragment of sagging base of Huntingdonshire Fen sandy ware. 1175-1300AD.
X.3890ArchaeologyBurySheep's lower jaw, Part of human upper jaw, oyster shell and ox bone.
X.3891ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherd of Grimston ware 1250-1500 AD
X.3892ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 rim, thickened with pie-crust decoration on inside of rim. Light red, shell tempered fabric.
X.3893ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBody sherd with weathered green glaze. Three ribs. Orange fabric with calcite inclusions.
X.3896ArchaeologyEarithIron implement. 4 sided top, flat sides tapering to the end attached in one part to a stem that would have fitted into a wooden shaft. An iron band was with this and would have encircled the wooden shaft. Use unknown.
X.3897ArchaeologyEynesbury3 joining flanged rim sherds. Light red fabric, soapy texture, gritted with medium to large stones. Thumb print at side of rim suggestive of pinched spout. Labeled trench no. 40
X.3898ArchaeologyEynesbury10 sherds of light red shell tempered fabric, some joining. Everted, thickened rim with lightly thumb-printed edge. From trench 43
X.3899ArchaeologyEynesbury4 fragments of ridge tile of 3 types: 2 of gritty light red brown fabric, with dull green glaze and a serrated arris at the top, 'U' shaped sections being cut out while the clay was soft; 1 with lass gritty surface showing holes where tempering material has leached out. Covered in a weathered brown glaze and has a serrated arris with 'V' shaped spaces cut out.(no.60 in publication figures); Heavily weathered orange fabric with calcitic inclusions that have leached from surface.
X.3900ArchaeologyEynesburyRoof tile fragments: buff coloured, sandy, stamped hole.
X.3901ArchaeologyEynesburyStained window glass from chapel. Mostly devitrified. One piece pale blue (Cu) containing large unvitrified quartz grains. One piece aqua coloured. Several pieces with traces of red paint. Three pieces clear glass, highly weathered. From contexts 2, 43 and 41.
X.3902ArchaeologyEynesburyRim fragment of vessel glass. Heavily weathered and devitrified. Red/brown core. From context 48.
X.3903ArchaeologyEynesbury3 bronze objects attached to display card: part of Agnus Dei 17mm across from context 39; square washer with circular hole 12mm square, context 44; rivet head in the shape of a 6 petalled flower, 14mm diameter, from context 43.
X.3904ArchaeologyEynesburyFragments of iron ring and other iron objects from context 42.
X.3905ArchaeologyEynesburyPainted wall plaster. 5 pieces: 4 pink and 1 white. Context number 44
X.3906ArchaeologyEynesbury5 tile fragments: 1 sandy buff paste with transparent yellow glaze, 27mm thick from context 2; 1 sandy orange paste with opaque yellow glaze 37mm (1½” ) thick from context 2; 1 sandy brick red paste with a thin clear green glaze, mortar attached to the back 25mm(1”) thick from context 2; 1 dark red paste with black core and green/black glaze 27mm thick from context 45; 1 hard brick pink paste with dark brown glaze 35mm thick no context number.
X.3908ArchaeologyEynesbury11 sherds Stamford ware, 2 joining pairs, 6 with traces of transparent green glaze, one handle fragment. All found below 1' 6”. 875-1200 AD
X.3909ArchaeologyEynesburyCollection of sherds from trench 6, mostly wheel thrown St. Neots type ware 875-1100 AD. 6 rims: 5 thickened, 1 with finger print on edge – possibly pie-crust pattern; 1 having a flat top. 4 sherds sagging bases. 2 sherds from biconical jars. Buff, pink and black fabrics. 2 sherds not shell tempered and having a rough grainy surface like sandpaper, pale orange fabric.
X.3910ArchaeologyEynesburyRim, body and base sherds from two jars of Huntingdonshire Fen sandy ware, c. 1175-1300. Sagging base and pie-crust rim. All from trench 3, 2'3” deep
X.3911ArchaeologyEynesbury21 assorted rims sherds from chapel, 2 joining. 9 from above 1'6” .3 rolled, one with thumbed handle attachment just below rim.
X.3912ArchaeologyEynesbury8 assorted base sherds: 4 joining redware with splashes of glaze on the base; 2 sagging bases, one with a thumb-print at the join between side and base; 1 base from rectangular straight-sided dish.
X.3913ArchaeologyEynesbury17 assorted decorated sherds: 5 sherds redware with traces of olive green glaze; 1 piece shelly ware with traces green glaze; 1 piece grey exterior, buff interior with rouletting on exterior; 3 sherds red ware with sandpaper-like internal surface and external olive green glaze. 2 pieces of Stamford – like ware glazed on 2 sides; 1 sherd Lyveden-Stanion ware with decoration of white slip stamped with 'pineapple' design, covered in green glaze.
X.3914ArchaeologyEynesburyAssorted body sherds from Chapel.
X.3915ArchaeologyEynesburySmall fragment burnt bone.
X.3916ArchaeologyEynesbury10 assorted rim sherds, 1 body sherd with thumb-print where handle attached, 1 body sherd of Stamford ware.
X.3917ArchaeologyHuntingdonHalf of human lower jaw wisdom tooth big – not ground down. 2 boar tusks, 2 horse incisors, 1 horse molar.
X.3918ArchaeologyHeydon4 vertebrae from human neck, found in Anglo Saxon ditch dating from 6th-7th century.
X.3919ArchaeologyHuntingdonHalf of human lower jaw.
X.3920ArchaeologyHuntingdon7 human bone fragments. Found in Mr Driver's Orchard in 1924, presumed to be Medieval.
X.3921ArchaeologyHolywell7 jar sherds. Hand built, Hard dark grey paste, smooth on outside edge and rough, like sandpaper on inside. Quartz tempered with occasional very large grains. Also 3 sherds of brick red shelly ware bowl. Rim with pie-crust decoration. 1 piece red, shell tempered ware.
X.3922ArchaeologyHolywell1 everted rim with trace of handle attached below rim. Wheel made, pink paste with grey centre. Occasional calcite inclusions.
X.3923ArchaeologyHoughtonSherd of handmade jar or jug. Hard grey paste. Sand tempered, smooth on outside and rough on internal surface.
X.3924ArchaeologyHoughtonTile and large assortment of pottery: 2 joining rim, neck and body sherds Huntingdonshire Early Medieval Ware, oxidized paste with black centre, handmade, wheel made clubbed rim 1050-1200AD; 7 Jug sherds of light grey sandy fabric with olive green glaze which extends over the base, also handle with stabbed decoration 1200-1400; 3 joining jar sherds, sagging base, orange pink smooth sandy paste, hand made, one finger mark at join of body and base; 6 rims of hard dark grey, pimply paste, one with strap handle having pierced decoration; 4 sherds shelly ware; 11 pale orange sherds small amounts of shell temper, 5 with traces of glaze, one with black painted decoration; 3 sherds glazed olive green Grimston ware; 1 sherd micaceous sandy ware from biconical jug; 4 sherds grey sandy fabric; 1 collared rim sherd of redware; 3 joining sherds red ware.
X.3941ArchaeologyHuntingdonPottery sherd, wheel made, buff paste.
X.3942ArchaeologyHuntingdon9 sherds Stamford Ware: 2 strap handles, one with yellow glaze; 1 rim with traces of green glaze; 6 body sherds, 2 with yellow glaze, 2 with pale green glaze and 2 with dark green mottled glaze. 875-1200 AD
X.3933ArchaeologyHuntingdon7 rims. 5 shelly ware, one gritted ware, one hard grey paste. 7 sagging bases, 2 body sherds.One lower jaw of juvenile animal.
X.3935ArchaeologyHuntingdonPart of base and side of shelly ware jar. Wheel made, grey paste, sagging base, soot blackened on outside.
X.3925ArchaeologyGrafhamHandle. Rod form, red paste with red surface. Also 2 rims, one everted, one upright, both red paste.
X.3926ArchaeologyGrafhamAssortment of tiles, brick, potsherds, oyster shell and industrial ceramics. 5 fragments of glazed tile. 1 brick fragment (22.8cm x 12.3cm x 4.5cm). 4 pottery sherds one glazed black, 2 crucible fragments, one complete rim of very small bottle with vitrified products in the neck.
X.3927ArchaeologyHuntingdonCollection of assorted sherds ranging from early to late Medieval: 41 rims of which 6 are joining pairs. One Stamford ware rim with internal glaze. 6 shell tempered. 1 pair with splashed yellow/green glaze.14 of hard grey paste. 26 body sherds of which 3 pairs are from the same pots. I sherd early Stamford ware, 5 sherds of Stamford type, thin fabric with internal and external leaf green glaze having good coverage. Also a yellow glazed sherd of similar fabric. 4 sherds Lyveden Stanion ware. 2 joining sherds early Medieval St Neots type ware. 5, possibly 6 sherds from same hand built green glazed Lyveden Stanion jug with incised wavy design and applied strip forming a rope-like decoration in a loop from the neck to the widest part of the body. 7 handle fragments. 4 with rim attached. 20 base fragments. 1 pair Lyveden Stanion ware joining. 1 base fragment is of a bowl with an internally glazed bottom.
X.3929ArchaeologyHuntingdon3 sherds: 2 joining rim sherds of red paste with grey core; everted rim of 8” diameter. One base sherd of red paste with few calcareous inclusions. Both wheel thrown.14th century.
X.3930ArchaeologyJug in shape of leather bottle. Hand built, rod handle, hard yellowish paste with smooth red slip. Top made up. Height 23.6cm, diameter at top 9.7cm
X.3931Archaeology4 rim and handle sherds
X.4016ArchaeologyHuntingdon9 sherds Stamford Ware 875-1200AD
X.4017ArchaeologyHuntingdon3 sherds Stamford Ware 875-1200AD
X.4018ArchaeologyHuntingdonPottery from 2 feet below shell layer - designated 0". 2 sherds of glazed Stamford Ware, one rim and one strap handle; one sherd 16th century stoneware and one highly weathered sherd
X.4019 MedievalHuntingdonPottery from 3'6"-4' from top. 3 sherds buff/grey St. Neots type ware, 5 sherds yellow/ grey micaceous sandy ware and one animal bone. 1050-1250 AD
X.4020ArchaeologyHuntingdonPottery from 7' from top. 3 sherds handmade sandy ware: one wheel finished neck fragment. 1050-1250 AD
X.4021ArchaeologyHuntingdon5 sherds: 3 sherds developed St. Neots type, 2 of which are hand built; 2 sherds of hand built yellow/grey sandy ware 1050-1250 AD
X.4022Roman and MedievalHuntingdon5 sherds and one piece of concrete: 1x greyware strap handle and 1x rim sherd (Roman); 2x pink/orange sagging base shelly ware and one shelly ware body sherd.
X.4023ArchaeologyHuntingdonone iron nail, 7 sherds Thetford ware 840-1150;5 sherds Ipswich Ware 720-850 AD; 5 sherds sandy ware, 5 sherds shelly ware, 1x Romano British; 2 bones with worked ends possibly used for pottery impressions, 1 bone smoothing tool.
X.3944ArchaeologyHuntingdon1 sherd grey paste with combed design.
X.3945ArchaeologyHuntingdon2 sherds sandy grey paste from unknown levels.
X.3947ArchaeologyHuntingdonRim fragment, clubbed and everted, of hard grey paste with 2 widely spaced thumb prints on the top.
X.3948ArchaeologyHuntingdon6 sherds: 2 sherds Ipswich Ware, 1 rim and 1 body. 5 fragments heavily weathered oyster shell.
X.3949ArchaeologyHuntingdon12 sherds: 2 rims and 3 bases. 1 pig's jaw bone, R side, some patination suggesting use.
X.3950ArchaeologyHuntingdon21 sherds: 1 rim Ipswich Ware 720-850 AD. Several sherds of early medieval shelly ware.
X.3951ArchaeologyHuntingdon14 sherds: Rim and joining body sherd of Huntingdonshire Fen sandy ware, piecrust top to rim with ridge below with thumb print pattern (1175-1300). 1 sherd Thetford type (840-1150). 1 base + 2 body sherds Medieval Ely ware.1 sherd St. Neots type (1050-1250). 1 strap handle of hard grey paste.
X.3943ArchaeologyHuntingdon7 sherds: 3 Castor ware; 1 rim of hard grey paste; 2 shelly type of red paste; 1 grey burnished sherd
X.4000BuildingsStow LongaFragments (9 pieces) of diamond shaped pane - inscribed "March 11th 1778. John Warren set me here, and bid me stand a hundred year." (Dirty)
X.4001BuildingsStow LongaThree roundels stained glass probably from same source. (Stow Church) (Dirty)
X.4002BuildingsStow LongaStained glass from Stow Church, East Window, South Aisle. Given to S. I. Ladds by Mr Sharlaud, Sept 1916. OR Fragment of stained glass from Stow Manor House.1916. (Dirty) 87mm x 76mm
X.4003EthnographyPort MoresbySimilar adze of rather lighter stone 130mm x 39mm
X.4004EthnographyPort MoresbySmall axe or chisel of similar stone to 993,oval … slightly hallowed on one face, much more so on the other, sides rounded, butt bruised cutting edge has once face rounded the other …, 992 - 994 from Port Moresby, New Guinea, purchased from a trader there … J.H Jones, Wyton, 1931 108mm x 27mm
X.4005EthnographyNew GuineaAdze from New Guinea. Made from shell of giant clam … Dr. J. H. Jones. 202mm x 58mm
X.4006EthnographyNew GuineaCircular Hoe … hole in centre. Blackstone from New Guinea. Pres. By Dr. J.H. Jones 130mm x 129mm
X.4007EthnographyNew GuineaAxe of black stone … thick oval section, thick rounded butt rather hallowed from … pres. By Mr Denwich Stuklely Hall 1935 94mm x 36mm
X.4008EthnographyAxe of light … stone. Thick oval section, thick rounded butt rather battered, finely polished all over, pres. Mrs Fenwick 84mm x 39mm
X.4009EthnographyBlack Stone Chisel from the Pacific. Polished … Pres. Capt. Fenwick 135mm x 29mm
X.4010EthnographyBlack Stone Adze. Pacific. Pres. By Capt. Fenwick 79mm x 39mm
X.4011EthnographyBlack Stone Adze. Butt broken. Pres. By Capt. Fenwick 74mm x 41mm
X.4012EthnographyBlack Stone Adze … Pres. By Capt Fenwick 90mm x 43mm
X.3952ArchaeologyHuntingdon2 animal jaw bones (1x fallow deer). 2 small animal bones, one with a hole by the joint.3 pieces ceramic building material. 17 sherds, hand-built, greyware, one with traces of pale glaze and 2 with concentric inscribed lines. 5 sherds micaceous sandy ware (1050-1225AD)
X.3953ArchaeologyHuntingdonBone from inside animal horn (bovine?). Scallop shell. Worked bone implement. 21 assorted sherd: Handle fragment hard grey ware; 3 rims 1x shell tempered, 1x sandy grey paste, 1x grey paste with mid brown outer surface; 1x base, shell tempered; one body sherd biconical pot; 2x Ipswich type sherds (720-850AD).
X.3954ArchaeologyHuntingdon1x bone fragment, cut from horn bone. 1x bone possible implement. 20 sherds: 1x stamford ware (875-1200)with green/yellow glaze. 5 sherds St. Neots type(875-1100AD), 1x flat base, 1x jug rim; 14 sherds Thetford type ( 840-1150 AD), 2 with applied decoration, 2 with concentric lines inscribed into paste, 1x base sherd. 1 piece mortar.
X.3955ArchaeologyHuntingdonTanged iron blade.Approx. 8cm in length from tang. Heavily corroded.
X.3956ArchaeologyHuntingdon9 rim sherds: 6 shell tempered, buff and pale grey, 3 hard grey paste of Thetford type one with inscribed wavy design on the neck. 4 base sherds. 14 body sherds: 1 glazed Lyveden Stanion ware 1100-1400 AD, 5x micaceous sandy ware 1050-1225 AD, 2 sherds with faint rouletting. 1x heavily weathered fragment of bone.
X.3957ArchaeologyHuntingdonIron hook. Approx. 7.5cm x 4.8cm. Heavily corroded.
X.3958ArchaeologyHuntingdonBone: 2 parts of jaw bone, 1 x bovine molar, 6x unworked bones. 2x pieces of mortar. 1 brick fragment and one tile fragment.
X.3959ArchaeologyHuntingdon3 sherds Huntingdonshire Early Medieval ware (1050-1200AD). 29 sherds shell tempered fabric (1050-1250 AD). 6 sherds, buff coloured paste from same pot.13 sherds hard dark grey paste: 1x rim and neck sherd with handle fragment attached having a finger imprinted pie-crust decoration where the handle meets the rim. 1x everted rim sherd also with finger imprinted rim. 36 other assorted sherds
X.3960ArchaeologyHuntingdonOyster shell and mussel shell fragments. 1 bone worked to a point and one other worked bone. One tusk fragment, one bone with cut marks and evidence of gnawing by small animals. Bone part of horn. 2 other bones.
X.3961ArchaeologyHuntingdon2 nail fragments, heavily corroded. Iron loop, rectangular cross-section, possibly part of a buckle. 2 unidentifiable fragments of corroded iron.
X.3962ArchaeologyHuntingdon3 pieces of mortar and a fragment of brick.
X.3963Post MedievalHuntingdon5 glazed sherds. Pipkin handle painted with green, black and yellow stripes of slip and glazed internally with brown glaze 17th century. Sherd with green and yellow glaze. Sherd of Staffordshire slipware, brown pattern of yellow background (late 17th century). Sherd of victorian pottery, blue pattern on white. Plate sherd, red paste, thick brownn glaze on inner surface, (early 17th century).
X.3964ArchaeologyHuntingdon5 glazed sherds: Strap handle of Grimston ware with stabbed design and olive green glaze1250-1500 AD. Jug rim, red outer surface, grey paste, olive green glaze. Sherd Medieval Ely ware with olive green glaze(1150-1350AD).2 sherds Lyveden-Stanion glazed ware (1100-1400).
X.3965RomanHuntingdon13 assorted sherds: 5 greyware, 3 Castor ware, 1 sherd Samian, 1 sherd RB Samian.
X.3966ArchaeologyHuntingdonLarge assortment of sherds inc. 1 small sherd Stamford ware, 2 rims St Neots type ware.
X.3968ArchaeologyRamsey3 sherds: 2 shelly ware and one buff paste with yellow glaze on one side.
X.3970ArchaeologyOrton WatervilleStabbed, strap shaped handle with traces of pale green glaze (13th century). Upper part of a jug or jar in three parts, with traces of heavily weathered glaze (14th century). One sherd Lyvedon- Stanion glazed ware (1100-1400 AD) with stipes of white slip and green glaze.
X.3971ArchaeologySt. Ives3 sherds of Stamford ware: one glazed yellow, one green and one squared rim having a dot of yellow glaze splashed on it.
X.3972ArchaeologyPidley12 sherds: 7 base sherds from same pot, some joining, buff coloured sandy fabric (1200-1500 AD); 3 sherds very roughly made sherds of sandy fabric; one sherd hand built micaceous sandy ware; one neck sherd of Huntingdon fen sandy ware (1175-1300AD).
X.3973ArchaeologyKings Ripton/ BroughtonOne neck and rim of large jar, shell tempered with one rib below the neck and pie-crust rim.
X.3974ArchaeologySt.NeotsRim sherd hard grey paste, Thetford type ware (840-1150).
X.3975RomanNeedingworth3 sherds: rim castor ware; thin sherd, buff paste and red slip; sandy grey sherd.
X.3976ArchaeologyNeedingworth19 sherds: 14 sherds of sandy red paste with black core, some joined; lid sherd, smooth buff/pink paste; base sherd of micaeous sandy fabric, grey/ brown fabric; Rim sherd, everted, folded,Lyvedon-Stanion ware.
X.3977ArchaeologyNeedingworth5 sherds, 2 joined: neck of hard black paste, wheel made, stamped design; 2 joined sherds of wheel made St. neots type smooth black shell tempered.; Neck sherd wheel finished hard black fabric with a groove running circumferencially; neck of pale grey Thetford type, incised bands and impressed dot decoration.
X.3979ArchaeologySt. Neots2 fragments of pottery: fragment of sagging base of grey, sandy Lyveden -Stanion type (1100-1400); Fragment of hard, grey ware with a low micaceous content and rough outer surface. 2 fragments of devitrified window glass.
X.3980ArchaeologyGt. Staughton28 sherds and one fragment of tile: 6 rims: 1 x shell tempered, upright, 1 x shell tempered upright with grooves running around the outer edge, 1x shell tempered, right angled, 1 x shell and grit tempered rolled and inverted, 1 x shell tempered clubbed, 1 x Huntingdonshire fen sandy ware (1175-1300 AD); 5 sagging base fragments all shell tempered, 1 x base of straight-sided dish; 15 body sherds: 2 of hard black paste with a groove( 7th-8th c.), 1 x buff pste with a grey core and olive green glaze, 1x hard grey paste with a pimply surface decorated with fine grooves.
X.3983ArchaeologySt. Neotspiece of coal
X.3985ArchaeologySt. NeotsFragment of stone with chisel marks.10.5cm x 4.5cm x 4.3cm at widest part.
X.3986ArchaeologySt. Neots4 bones, worked at one end.
X.3987ArchaeologySt. NeotsLarge 2 handled jar in pieces. Rim almost complete. Hard grey paste with a pimply surface. Inner surface shows pitting possibly from chemical wear.Flat everted rim, also showing signs of wear from having something resting on top of it.Strap handles with large thumb prints at the point of attachment to the body of the jar. Some sherds joined.
X.3988ArchaeologySt. Neots5 sherds of large jar 206mm diameter. Everted, folded rim.Grey, sandy fabric.
X.3989ArchaeologySt. Neots15 sherds: 7 sherds from 4 cucurbits having a flat neck and upright rim; One handle sherd; 2 flat rim sherds; one flat rim with groove for a lid; one neck and upright rim sherd with groove from a lidded jug; 2 body sherds. All of hard dark grey paste with a pimply surface.
X.3990ArchaeologySt. Neots26 sherds. : 4 joining sherds from a hand built, wheel finished jug, buff coloured paste with a pimply surface; 2 other sherds of similar paste, one with thick, heavily weathered glaze; upright rim and handle of redware; 3 flat rim sherds; one upright rim with impressed design on neck; one base of hard grey paste; 8 body sherds; one buff coloured base sherd with traces of brown slip; one hand built base of sandy redware; one jar rim, clubbed and everted of shelly ware; 3 sherds from a wide, shallow bowl of mid brown sandy ware.
X.3995ArchaeologySt.NeotsLeather sole of shoe. 36mm wide at heel, 74mm wide at widest point.21cm in length.
X.3996ArchaeologyWinwickNiedermendig lava possibly from Anglo Saxon quern stone, V shape section 13.5 cm diameter. Oyster shell, 48mm long. Stone roof tile fragment with circular hole. Sherd Lyveden Stanion glazed ware 1100-1400 AD with olive green glaze. 2x tiles also covered in olive green glaze. Fragment of jar neck of red earthenware. Chunky piece of pottery covered in olive green glaze. The pot has holes of 1-2mm diameter that were put into the pot before firing. Neck of jar with traces of internal glaze.
X.3997ArchaeologyWoodhurstLarge assortment of sherds 11th -13th c. One brown sherd has a 'nipple' with a metal wire running through the middle. Ipswich ware rim with thumb imprint. Rim shape H in Medieval Pottery Research Group Occasional paper 7. (720-850 AD) One sherd glazed Grimston ware (1250-1500 AD)
X.3998ArchaeologyWoodhurstLarge assortment of sherds 11th-13th c. 3 sherds Thetford ware, one with thumb print pattern.(840-1150 AD) Several sherds Huntingdonshire early Medieval ware (1050-1200 AD) 2 sherds glazed East Anglian Redwares (1200-1400 AD). Piece of iron, unidentifiable.I glazed sherd Grimston ware (1250-1500 AD)
X.3999ArchaeologyWoodhurst2 sherds Stamford ware, 2 sherds developed Stamford ware.
X.4024ArchaeologyWoodhurst18 fragments of brick, 7 having double grooves of 1.5cm width, sandy composition with very large (up to 1cm diamenter) inclusions. One roof tile fragment. Also one lump corroded iron, of no recognisable form.
X.4025ArchaeologyWoodhurst3 chalk cobbles and one of ironstone. One fragment flat micaceous stoneand and piece of sandstone.
X.4026ArchaeologyWoodhurstRidge tile fragment, 67mm x 86mm.
X.4027ArchaeologyWoodhurst59 sherds Huntingdonshire Early Medieval ware (1050-1200 AD) and Huntingdonshire Fen Sandy ware (1175-1300 AD). 17 rim fragments: 2 upright, 7 thumbed, 4 clubbed, 4 everted. 6 base fragments. Two body sherds with inscribed wavy pattern.One body sherd with faint triangular indentations.
X.4028ArchaeologyWoodhurst3 sherds iron stained red/brown sandy ware, rough surface calcareous inclusions.
X.4029ArchaeologyWoodhurstAssorted glazed sherds. Rim and handle of glazed Medieval Ely ware jug (1150-1350). 10 sherds Grimston ware(1250-1500). 5 sherds Lyveden Stanion ware(1100-1400). 2 joining sherds from jug of glazed redware. Handmade rim with dark green glaze inside.Sherd greyware with thumbprint decoration on rim, covered in white slip.2 other sherds glazed redware.
X.4030ArchaeologyWoodhurst8 sherds of pink fabric. Jug rim sherd covered in white slip.Handmade sherd, buff outer, fingernail marks inside. 9 sherds varied red wares. Piece of shaped pale brown stone.
X.4031ArchaeologyWoodhurstPiece of leather.
X.4032ArchaeologyWoodhurst9 sherds early Medieval EssexMicaceous Sandy ware (1050-1225 AD). 2 sherds sandy grey ware.
X.4033ArchaeologyWoodhurst2 sherds Ipswich ware (720-850 AD).
X.4034ArchaeologyWoodhurstRim sherd form bowl, buff fabric covered in black slip. Groove under rim.
X.4035ArchaeologyWoodhurstAssorted sherds of shell tempered ware. 3 sherds wheel finished.2 upright rims, 1 inveted rim, 1 flat base, handmade, 3 sagging bases.1 folded rim.
X.4013ArchaeologyWoodhurstAntler fragment. Cut marks on the side and where the beam has been removed. Slight patination on the remaining tine where it may have been held.
X.3969ArchaeologyWoodhurst18 sherds of St. Neots type ware.(875-1100 AD): One base, handmade buff fabric, sagging base; black fabric rims- upright, one thickened, one clubbed, one inverted; buff rims- one upright, one inverted; buff/pink fabric rims- one everted, one flat (5mm wide) with a rib beneath it; 10 body sherds.
X.4036ArchaeologyWoodhurst21 sherds Huntingdonshire Fen Sandy ware (1175-1300 AD). 10 rim fragments. 6 base fragments. One body sherd has residue burnt onto its inner surface.
X.4037ArchaeologyWoodhurst11 assorted sherds
X.4038ArchaeologyHiltonOne body sherd St. Neots type ware.
X.4039ArchaeologyWoodhurstLarge bag medieval pottery. Fabric colour from grey to light red/ brown. Sandy fabric with variable quantitiies of calcareous inclusions. Inclusions have been leached form the surface of all sherds.One base piece has heavily corroded green glaze on its internal surface. 6 pieces joining. One stabbed strap handle sherd. One rod handle with impressed design.
X.4040ArchaeologyHemingford Grey10 sherds of Huntingdonshire Early Medieval Ware (1050-1200 AD). Hand made, sandy, oxidized paste with large calcite inclusions. One sherd with a rolled rim.
X.4041ArchaeologyHemingford Grey15 sherds of grey paste, hand made, quite porous with angular quartz grains and occasional calcareous inclusions, probably all from the same pot. 7 base sherds.
X.4042ArchaeologyHemingford Grey11 sherds of Thetford Ware (840-1050 AD). Hard, reduced sand- tempered, grey fabric. 2 body sherds with thumb-print decoration. 2 sherds of small jars, 2 sherds larger jar with sagging base. One small fragment of strap handle.
X.4043ArchaeologyHemingford Grey8 fragments of glazed tile. Grey paste. Green glaze spread unevenly on the tiles. One curved tile.
X.4045ArchaeologyHemingford Grey9 fragments of tile, one with patchy yellow/green glaze, 4 fragments of plaster.
X.4046ArchaeologyHemingford Grey2 fragments grey, slag-like material both having a square corner and 2 relatively straight sides. Both are 18mm thick and tile-like in appearance apart from the porous nature of the fabric. Possibly wasters.
X.4047ArchaeologyHemingford GreyBag of hard grey sherds, mostly small, hand made non-diagnostic pieces. 4 rim fragments: one has a large pouring lip possibly from a mortar, light grey with a yellow tinge at the break; one everted, clubbed, wheel finished, dark grey on the break. 3 sherds roughly hand made black pottery with upright rim.
X.4048ArchaeologyHemingford GreyBag of hard, dark grey sherds with pimply surfaces. 5 base sherds, dark grey at the break but pink tinge towards the flat surface of the pot. 5 rim sherds, one rolled rim with a disk of clay where handle attached just below rim. Finger indent inside rim apparently where the potter held the rim as they attached the handle. 2 joining sherds of small upright rim and neck; one upright rim in a similar style but from a larger pot. One flat, everted rim with an outward curving neck.
X.4049ArchaeologyHemingford Grey4 sherds. Neck of wheel made Lyveden Stanion ware jug with heavily degraded green glaze on external surface(14th-15th c.). Hand made Lyveden Stanion ware sherd(12th c.). 2 sherds of grey paste with traces of white slip on one surface.
X.4050ArchaeologyHemingford Grey2 sherds unglazed Stamford ware. One is blackened on the extenal surface.
X.4051ArchaeologyHemingford GreyLarge bag of shell tempered sherds, a mixture of black and buff pastes. 14 base sherds: 2 fully oxidised joining, handmade sherds of brick red paste, there is a clear circumferencial indent in the base made by a finger; 2 wheel formed plate bases; one flat base sherd or part of lid; the rest all sagging bases. 14 rim sherds: 2 joining, black sherds with an upright rim, having an inverted lip (875-950 AD), one upright rim with indent possibly for a lid, brick red paste; 7 neck sherds broken off just below the rim. Other sherds mostly wheel made body sherds, some hand made.875-1250 AD
X.4052ArchaeologyHemingford GreyLarge bag of sherds of grey paste with buff to red outer surfaces. The fabric is quite porous where the temper has leached out from the surface and edges of the sherds.11 rims: One flat rim, the fabric has a sandy feel (possibly Roman); 7 upright rims, 2 everted rims, one rim with finger-print fluting on the top. 4 neck sherds, one with imprinted rectangular decoration. 8 base sherds, 3 joining. The rest are non-diagnostic body sherds.
X.4053ArchaeologyHemingford GreyLarge bag of sandy oxidized sherds, hand formed and wheel made, some clamp fired. 6 rims; 2 folded, one folded and 'thumbed' into a fluted pattern. 4 neck sherds from rounded jugs. 8 base sherds, all sagging bases. 2 body sherds imprinted with lines of square dots and one with grooves.One body sherd with dribbles of black slip running down from the neck.
X.4054ArchaeologyHemingford GreySmall fragment of bone and two flakes of iron.
X.4055ArchaeologyHemingford Grey7 sherds of Lyveden Stanion ware, one with traces of olive green glaze, one with a splash of glaze and two thumb prints where the handle was attached, one with heavily weathered white slip under a glaze and one with white slip under weathered glaze on the internal surface.( 1300-1400 AD). One body sherd of sandy grey ware, covered in white slip. One base fragment of hard orange/pink fabric. Two joining sherds of orange/pink fabric covered in black slip. One tile fragment, 12mm thick. One sherd of hard grey paste.Three sherds, possibly tile fragments, grey fabric with oxidised outsides.
X.4056ArchaeologyEarithSingle body sherd of grey ware with raised lumps of clay drawn up from the body as decoration.(50-200 AD)
X.4057ArchaeologyKimbolton2 sherds of shell tempered ware, one with thickened rim. One buff sherd with orange outside surfaces, rough with small quartz grains.Sherd of large jar of Medieval Ely ware with thumb prints where handle was attached (1150-1350 AD). Rim of wheel made buff fabric, everted, lipped shape(Early Post Medieval).Fragment of dark red brick, no external dimensions possible.
X.4058ArchaeologyKimboltonPiece of copper alloy 46mm x 47mm; flat with holes punched around the edge, corroded but stable. Found with X.4057
X.4052ArchaeologyHemingford GreyLarge bag of sherds of grey paste with buff to red outer surfaces. The fabric is quite porous where the temper has leached out from the surface and edges of the sherds.11 rims: One flat rim, the fabric has a sandy feel (possibly Roman); 7 upright rims, 2 everted rims, one rim with finger-print fluting on the top. 4 neck sherds, one with imprinted rectangular decoration. 8 base sherds, 3 joining. The rest are non-diagnostic body sherds.
X.4053ArchaeologyHemingford GreyLarge bag of sandy oxidized sherds, hand formed and wheel made, some clamp fired. 6 rims; 2 folded, one folded and 'thumbed' into a fluted pattern. 4 neck sherds from rounded jugs. 8 base sherds, all sagging bases. 2 body sherds imprinted with lines of square dots and one with grooves.One body sherd with dribbles of black slip running down from the neck.
X.4060ArchaeologyHemingford Grey4 sherds of buff coloured grit tempered fabric. The sherds are embedded in a reconstruction of the pot.
X.4061ArchaeologyHoughton2 sherds pink coloured fabric embedded in a rough reconstrucion of the pot .
X.4062ArchaeologyHoughtonBox of finds from the floor of a Saxon hut. Part of Red deer skull with antlers cut off. 6 pieces of deer antler. 9 pieces of daub. 7 pieces of loomwieghts, also showing signs of burning. Bag of pottery, all non diagnostic body sherds apart from 6 fragments of upright rims. Pottery: 16 sherds buff to pink on surface, two combed sherds, of sandy fabric, joining. Two other combed sherds of shell tempered fabric and one heavily combed sherd. All other sherds grey to black fabric with varying amounts of quartz temper. One very porous sherd remeniscent of pumice. Flake of struck flint. Bone and horn: 4 horn cores, 3 goat and one sheep. 4 fragments of ox jaw and a loose tooth. Lower jaws and teeth from deer (3), pig (2), goat (2) and sheep(2). 2 pig upper jaws and 2 unidentified upper jaws. 3 jaw fragments. 16 ribs. Part of deer skull with antlers cut off. 6 pieces of antler., one piece cut longitudinally.(70mm long).
X.4063ArchaeologyHuntingdonBox of finds from Castle Hill Ditch (now bagged). A mixture of Late Saxon, Early Medieval and late Medieval (3 sherds) pottery. Saxon: fragment of flat base, handmade on slow wheel, heavily sooted on external surface, tempered with fine shell. 2 sagging base fragments, shell tempered. Fragment with sagging base, shell tempered, hole 23mm from base, approx 7mm wide - made after firing. Early Medieval: 6 rim sherds of light brown shell tempered ware, one has thumbed pattern on inner edge of rim. 3 sherds joined to body sherds from large pot. 4 body sherds, 3 joining with circumferencial rope impression. Handle fragment of strap shape. Tiny sherd of later Stamford type ware with dark green glaze. A rim, base fragment and 2 body sherds of Huntingdonshire Early Medieval Ware (1050-1200 AD). The base has been made separately and joined to the body. The rim has 'pie-crust' decoration with child-sized finger imprints.2 rim sherds of Huntingdon Fen Sandy Ware (1175-1300 AD). Late Medieval: Rim sherd with brown glaze with clay drawn up to make a nose with nostrils and an impression for a mouth, a circular eye has been painted on in black. Sherd of red earthenware having a stamped disk and wavy line in applied clay under an olive green glaze. Rim sherd of earthenware pot.
X.4064ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHLSI record states 'Three Samian fragments of form 37D, showing a bird, metopes, and medallions and ovals'. Dimensions, max. - (1) 85mm, (2) 50mm, (3) 40mm.
X.4065ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHLSI record states 'Base fragment, Samian, with incised lines across the foot'. Dimension - 75 x 45 mm
X.4066ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHLSI record states 'Two Samian fragments, form 37D?'. Both are rim fragments. Dimensions - (1) 33 x 31 mm and (2) 35 x 26 mm
X.4067ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHLSI record states 'Six Castor fragments showing rouletting'. Four pieces found, with one piece comprising two joining pieces. Dimensions - (1) 55 x 42 mm, (2) 40 x 28 mm, (3) 27 x 23 mm, (4) 34 x 14 mm
X.4068ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHLSI record states 'Fragment of Castor ware with cream barbotine lines'. Dimension - 29 x 18 mm
X.4069ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHLSI record states 'Three fragments of Castor bases'. Dimensions - (1) 47 mm base diameter, (2) 40 mm max., (3) 35 mm max.
X.4070ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHLSI record states 'Fragment of globular bowl - red paste, light: slightly darker smooth surface'. Part of the rim. Dimension - 65 x 40 mm
X.4071ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHLSI record states 'Fragment of hard grey pottery - rusticated ornament - early 2nd century'. Dimension - 65 x 56 mm
X.4072ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHLSI record states 'Three flagon lips -two single ringed - 2nd century and the third, thick, flattened. All buff coloured'. Dimensions - (1) 41 mm rim diam., (2) 38 mm rim diam., (3) 50 mm long max.
X.4073ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHLSI record states 'Smaller portion of amphora handle - pale buff'. Dimensions - 52 mm diam. max., 95 mm long.
X.4074ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHLSI record states 'Fragment of light red gritted tile: grooves made with finger tips; flange wavy and slightly curved'. Dimension - 127 x 88 mm.
X.4075ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHLSI record states 'Three fragments, dishes with beaded rims, grey'. Dimensions - (1) 34 x 23 mm, (2) 30 x 25 mm (third fragment not found)
X.4076ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHLSI record states ' Two fragments, dishes with straight rims, one with a chamfer'. Dimensions - (1) 35 x 32 mm, (2) 28 x 25 mm.
X.4077ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHLSI record states 'Six pie dish rims; one lozenge section; two with bead rims'. Dimensions - (1) 56 x 43 mm, (2) 52 x 35 mm, (3) 52 x 23 mm, (4) 35 x 30 mm, (5) 45 x 25 mm, (6) 33 x 22 mm.
X.4078ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHLSI record states ' Fragment - rim with flaring mouth'. Dimension - 70 x 45 mm
X.4079ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHLSI record states ' Fragment - buff flanged bowl'. Rim sherd. Dimension - 106 mm long
X.4080ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHLSI record states 'Five fragments, undercut rims: 2 red, 2 buff, 1 black'. Dimensions - (1) 45 mm long, (2) 36 mm long, (3) 85 mm long, (4) 57 mm long, (5) 42 mm long.
X.4081ArchaeologySt.NeotsTwo metal objects, copper alloy, 7mm in diameter, hemispherical in shape with octagonal fluted sides. Described as hanging ornaments in the shape of a tiny bell in museum notes.One has a loop on the top and a flat wire hanging down inside. ?More likely to be bead caps. 13th c.
X.4082 ArchaeologySt. Neots15th century metal button.(This has been inferred from the existance of a label for a 15th century button; there was no no.2 of this date in the card index.)
X.4083ArchaeologySt NeotsThimble 15mm diameter x 15mm high. Made from copper alloy, slightly corroded.
X.4084ArchaeologySt.NeotsBase of Medieval glass bottle
X.4085ArchaeologySt. NeotsUpper part of dog or pack-horse bell 15th c. 33mm diameter
X.4086ArchaeologySt.NeotsWooden needle. 116mm long
X.4088ArchaeologySt. NeotsBone button with thin bronze ornament on one side. 13th -15th century. 22mm diameter
X.4087Medieval, York House StoreSomersham ParkMetal button 15th c. 27mm diameter. Flat button with loop on back. Engraved flower on front.
X.4089ArchaeologyGodmanchester7 rims of ollas- 6 grey ware (one small hooked rim), 1 pink shelly ware - (1) 90 mm, (2) 53 mm, (3) 44 mm, (4) 30 mm, (5) 30 mm, (6) 25 mm, (7) 45 mm
X.4090ArchaeologyGodmanchesterThree fragments - chamfered pie dish bases - (1) 45 mm, (2) 40 mm, (3) 30 mm
X.4100ArchaeologyGreat GiddingBone fragment with face and cross crudely carved into it. The cross is where the chest of the figure would be. No arms or legs are indicated.Max. length 101mm
X.4101ArchaeologyWoodhurstBone engraving tool. Max. length 93mm.The tool is engraved along one side . The tool is broken at one end and tapers to a flattened point at the other.
X.4102ArchaeologyBuckdenBone knife handle with two sets of three rill lines at handle with two grooves and ridge by hole where knife is inserted. Length 95mm.
X.4104ArchaeologyFenstantonPolished bone thread picker. Length 148mm. One end tapers to a point the other end broken since found.
X.4105ArchaeologyHemingford GreyPolished bone thread picker. Length 132mm.
X.4106ArchaeologyBone pin. Length 83mm. Shaft thickens in the middle. One end flattens to a disc with a hole in the centre. Faint incised lines radiate from the hole.
X.4107ArchaeologyPidleyBone pin. Length 59mm. One end flattened to a helmet shape with a hole in the middle.
X.4108ArchaeologyGodmanchesterLarge portion of olla, buff-red shelly fabric with fine combing - 135 mm high, 120 mm rim diam., 70 mm base diam. When dug up it contained a number of snail shells of varying size. From trench 872.873
X.4109ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSix sherds - (1) Nene Valley colour coat, part of lid? Red slip altered by heat above flange, worn away at lower part - 100 mm diam., (2) Base of Samian cup, DR33 form ? 41 mm diam. Potter's stamp MINN…?, (3) Mortarium fragment, grey with red slip, brown quartz grits - 38 x 27 mm, (4) buff fragment with pink-brown slip, grooved and rouletted decoration - 40 mm max. length, (5) Grey rim fragment of scalloped, flanged bowl - 150 mm diam., (6) Base, buff fabric with orange slip, stamped VILL..? - 80 mm diam.
X.4111ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSamian base fragment, cup, DR35 form - 50 mm diam. 1st century.
X.4112ArchaeologyGodmanchester20 fragments of Samian dishes, DR36 form - 9 rim sherds - 170 mm, 280 mm diams., 3 base/rims - 68 mm base and 40 mm base diams., 8 body sherds - 19 to 72 mm long. 2nd century. Curved-over decorated rim.
X.4113ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSamian rim fragment, bowl, DR30 form, 1st to 2nd century - 160 mm diam, 70 mm long
X.4114ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPortion of a plain red bowl, slight glaze on rim otherwise dull, Samian or imitation Samian? 80 mm diam. base, 230 mm diam. rim
X.4115ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 Samian rim sherds, cup DR33 form, 1st to 2nd century, 130 to 160 mm diams.
X.4116ArchaeologyGodmanchester14 Samian base sherds - diameters range from 60 to 100 mm
X.4117ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 Samian bowl sherds - 2 rims, 1 base, 1 body. DR 18/31 form. 160 mm rim diams., 130 mm base diam. 1st to 2nd century.
X.4118ArchaeologyGodmanchester6 Samian rim sherds, plain - rim diam. ca. 170 mm.
X.4120ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPiece of grey pottey cut into a hexagon and pierced with a central hole. Most likely a gaming piece or bottle stopper. 32mm diameter, bore 4mm.
X.4121ArchaeologyHuntingdonStone spindle whorl, biconical light grey. 38mm diameter x 25mm, bore 11mm.
X.4122ArchaeologyHartford3 'Egyptian faience' beads. Bead 1: buff, spherical, 17.5mm diameter x 15mm, bore 4mm. Bead 2: buff, spherical, 15mm diameter x 13mm, bore 5mm. Bead 3: buff, spherical, 12mm diameter x 11mm, bore 6mm.
X.4123ArchaeologySomersham 'Egyptian faience' bead, light brown, spherical 13mm diameter x 12mm, bore 3mm widening to 5mm.
X.4124ArchaeologyWoodhurst'Egyptian faience' bead, buff and dark grey, weathered, spherical 11mm diameter x 7mm, bore 5mm
X.4125ArchaeologySt. Neots5 spherical beads. 2 amber, 2 black stone and 1 cream stone. The beads have been sliced about a quarter of the way through after excavation presumably for display purposes. Traces of glue remain on the cut surfaces.Bead 1: amber, 11mm wide. Bead 2:amber, 11mm wide. Bead 3: black stone, 13mm wide. Bead 4: black stone, 12mm wide. Bead 5: cream stone, 12mm wide.
X.4126ArchaeologySt.NeotsIron arrowhead, barbed and socketted, 15th century. Length, 42mm; diam. 11mm (15th c.)
X.4127ArchaeologyHolywellA group of 8 beads and 2 spindle whorls. Roman to early Medieval. Beads 1,2,3: clear turquoise blue glass, annular, D shaped in section, one is clearly made from small pieces of remelted cullet, 20mm diameter x 10mm thick, 6mm bore; 20mm diameter x 10mm thick, 8mm bore; 23mm diameter x 12mm thick, 8mm bore.(600-900AD)Bead 4: tan coloured stone, lozenge shaped, 21mm long x 17mm wide, bore 5mm (narrowest). Beads 5,6: opaque glass, blck and white circumferencial stripes, annular, 14mm diameter x 4.5mm, bore 5mm; 17mm diameter x 6mm, bore 5mm. Bead 7: cobalt blue glass, annular with three white glass spirals, 13mm diameter x 8mm, bore 5mm. Bead 8: clear quartz, annular, roughly faceted, 12mm diameter x 8mm, bore 4mm. Lead alloy spindle whorl, conical, 25mm x 10mm (thickest), hole, 7mm. Stone spindle whorl 22mm x 10mm, bore 9mm.
X.4128ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 sherds (2 small rim fragments) of Samian D37 bowl, 1st to 2nd century, (1) and (2) 110 mm diam. rim, (3) 40 mm, (4) 28 mm
X.4129ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 large fragments of a dish with flange just below rim, white fabric with fumed black to brown surface, 4th century - 160 mm diam. rim, 80 mm diam. base, height 85 mm
X.4130ArchaeologyGodmanchester6 bases of grey ware, 3 with groove on foot ring, 1st to 2nd century - (1) 70 mm diam., (2) 65 mm diam., (3) 74 mm diam., (4) 70 mm diam., (5) 50 mm diam., (6) ca. 90 mm diam.
X.4131ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 fragments of mortarium bases, pale buff fabric and brown and black grits - (1) 150 mm diam., (2) 150 mm diam., (3) 130 mm diam.
X.4132ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 mortarium rim fragments with horizontal reeded rims, one red ware with black grits (420 mm diam.) and one buff (360 mm diam.)
X.4133ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 mortarium rim fragments, curved rims, buff with brownish black grits - (1) ca. 430 mm diam., (2) 100 mm length max., (3) 110 mm length max.
X.4134ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPart of a square, pale blue glass vessel; 4 pieces - 86 mm base side length with 3 concentric ring impression (76 mm, 44 mm and 24 mm diams.); plus one piece of curved, patinated, pale yellow-green glass
X.4135ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 sherds of colour coated ware, one rim and two body sherds, ornamented in bands, buff and brown, 4th century - (1) 220 mm diam., (2) 60 mm, (3) 42 mm
X.4136ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSmall grey pot fragment with small out-bent rim, flattened on top, burnished lattice decoration bounded by burnished girth grooves - 45 mm base diam., 60 mm rim diam.
X.4137ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase of a large, Castor ware pot, part of foot chipped away, brown colour-coat, 4th century - base ca. 66 mm diam., wall ca. 9 mm thick, 72 mm tall
X.4138ArchaeologyGodmanchesterNeck of a jar, grey ware, everted rim, low cordon bounded by girth grooves at base of neck, probably 2nd century - 81 mm diam. Rim
X.4139ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSmall fragment of Castor ware vase, red fabric, grey metallic-effect surface, barbotine tendril, 2nd century - 35 mm
X.4140ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim fragment of carinated bowl, straight rim with groove below, rim projects slightly inside, buff fabric with grey surface - 180 mm diam.
X.4141ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of bowl with flat, reeded rim, carination rounded with a groove marking it, buff, 1st century - 190 mm rim diam.
X.4142ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase of small Castor ware pot, orange-red colour-coat surface, buff fabric, 3rd century - 36 mm diam. Base
X.4143ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBody sherd of colour-coated vessel, buff fabric, orange-red surface, groove and rouletted decoration - 51 mm
X.4144ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMortarium fragment with vertical grooved rim, buff with black grits, 4th century - 210 mm rim diam.
X.4145ArchaeologyGodmanchesterCastor ware rim fragment, white fabric, grey-black surface, 3rd century - 50 mm long max.
X.4146ArchaeologyGodmanchesterGritted ware rim fragment (small) with recess for lid, red with blackened outer surface, 1st century - 170 mm diam.
X.4147ArchaeologyHuntingdonBronze casket Key.39mm long. Diamond shaped head, 10mm wide with oval hole in middle, 5mm x 6mm
X.4148ArchaeologyBrass key. Length 36mm. Oval head, 13mm wide with an egg-shaped hole, 8.5mm x 7mm. Hole in the end of the shaft.
X.4149ArchaeologyWater NewtonCopper alloy thimble. 21mm x 18mm diameter.
X.4150ArchaeologyHuntingdon cemetaryFloor tile corner fragment of red fabric with yellow glaze, thickness 34mm. Mortar attached on 2 sides and bottom. 75mm x 95mm
X.4151ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim fragment of storage jar, grey fabric with pale red surface; rolled rim with broad groove on neck, girth groove below followed by incised interlacing squares - diam. 350 mm
X.4152ArchaeologyGodmanchesterIron slag, disc-shaped lump, 105 x 95 mm, 375 grams
X.4153ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of tegula, reddish buff fabric - 120 x 65 mm
X.4154ArchaeologyGodmanchester11 fragments of decorated samian bowl, form D37, 2nd century - (1) rim sherd, 190 mm diam., (2) body sherd, 62 mm, (3) body, 60 mm, (4) body, 54 mm, (5) body 74 mm, (6) body, 53 mm, (7) body, 35 mm, (8) body, 41 mm, (9) body, 30 mm, (10) body, 35 mm, (11) body, 21 mm.
X.4155ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 medieval floor tiles - (1) 113 x 61 x 31 mm, (2) 102 x 64 x 26 mm, (3) 109 x 70 x 25 mm.
X.4156ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSmall rim sherd of samian ware pierced by small hole - 24 mm
X.4157ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim sherd of carinated bowl, light red fabric with darker red herring bone pattern decoration, 4th century - 110 mm diam.
X.4158ArchaeologyLeighton Bromswold2 pieces of Castor ware. One described as a tapering cylindrical hollow foot, but could also be the top of a lid (very little wear on 'base'). Light grey fabric with red slip and black paint. Second sherd is from a bottle or jar and has an everted rim. NOT PHOTOGRAPHED
X.4159ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 sherds of a grey-brown olla with everted rim and globular body - (1) moulded base, grooved below, lattice decoration on body, 57 mm base diam., 94 mm height, (2) rim sherd, ca. 120 mm rim diam., (3) body sherd, 60 mm max.
X.4160ArchaeologyGodmanchesterJoined sherds forming lower part of olla, rather coarse brown fabric with many vertical lines of burnish - 66 mm base diam., 119 mm max. height.
X.4161ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherds, some joined, forming part of buff, sandy olla, everted rim, fine horizontal tooling from rim to base - 60 mm base diam., 130 mm rim diam.
X.4162Archa eologyGodmanchester9 rim sherds, hard grey fabrics - rim diams. 200 mm, 150 mm, 160 mm, 130 mm, 170 mm, 90 mm, 140 mm, 80 mm, 110 mm and one body sherd - 85 mm
X.4163ArchaeologyGodmanchesterJoining sherds of a grey, straight-rimmed plate distorted in firing - 180 mm rim diam., ca. 170 mm base diam., 42 mm height.
X.4164ArchaeologyGodmanchesterJoining rim and base sherd of buff coloured plate with moulded rim and slightly chamfered base - 160 mm diam. rim, 94 mm diam. base.
X.4165ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPart of a small, grey, squat vessel with moulded rim and cordon on neck - 50 mm base diam., 75 mm rim diam., 83 mm height
X.4166ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of a plate (dog bowl), grey fabric with black colour coat - 130 mm base diam., 150 mm rim diam., 44 mm height.
X.4167ArchaeologyGodmanchesterGrey pot fragments with lattice decoration on shoulder. 2 rim sherds - 160 mm and 170 mm in diam. and two body sherds - 90 mm and 105 mm.
X.4168ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 sherds of Castor ware, cream fabric and brown colour coat, straight rim of plate, groove below rim on outside and chamfer at base - 180 mm rim diam., 150 mm base diam.
X.4169ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 rim sherd and several body sherds (some joined) of indented beaker with cream fabric and buff slip, slightly everted plain rim and slight cordon at junction of neck and shoulder - 100 mm rim diam.
X.4170ArchaeologyGodmanchesterUpper portion of grey vase, well curved shoulder with two shallow girth grooves and traces of burnished lines, everted rim and one base sherd - 130 mm rim diam., 70 mm base diam.
X.4171ArchaeologyGodmanchester36 sherds of a thin globular vase, buff to orange. Sherds range in size from 20 to 75 mm.
X.4172ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 sherds (one rim fragment) of angular-shouldered vessels with burnished grooves on neck, hard grey fabric - (1) 92 mm, (2) 80 mm, (3) rim of 150 mm diam.
X.4173ArchaeologyGodmanchesterGritted ware vessel, red on inside and grey on outside; 6 base sherds - 110 mm diam and 3 body sherds - 120 mm, 110 mm, 60 mm.
X.4174ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSundry grey and buff sherds, some labelled Roman rubbish pits - 2 bases, 70 mm diam.; 3 rims, 150 mm, 200 mm and 150 mm diam; 12 body sherds ranging from 22 mm to 110 mm, two with cross-hatched decoration.
X.4175ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFlagon lip with pinched mouth and handle, buff fabric, whitish on inside - max. length 110 mm, inside diam. 40 mm max.
X.4176ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 sherds of a flagon, buff fabric - (1) part of lateral mouth with perforated diaphragm within spout forming a strainer - 80 mm max. length, (2) part of base - 65 mm diam.
X.4177ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPart of a plate with thin, turned-over rim, grey-buff fabric, slightly burnt on face of plate - 80 mm diam. base, 260 mm diam. rim.
X.4178ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPart of a grey ware vessel ornamented with grooves and burnished lattice and curved forms, small part of rim with diam. 230 mm.
X.4179ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of grey ware pot with four holes drilled in it after firing - 80 mm
X.4180ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragments of two carinated bowls with convoluted sides , one with brown-orange paint in grooves; hard, buff fabric - (1) 190 mm rim diam., (2) 170 mm rim diam., 120 mm base diam.
X.4181ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase, 2 rim sherds and body sherds of a thin, sandy ware buff vessel with flat rim and short neck; some sooting on outside - 56 mm diam. base, 150 mm diam. rim.
X.4182ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 joining sherds of hard grey ware vessel with everted rim, small base and slightly corrugated, high shoulder - 100 mm rim diam., ca. 50 mm base diam., ca. 100 mm tall
X.4183ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherds of several dark grey ware vessels with rows of horizontal grooves on neck and shoulder - 1 base sherd, 50 mm diam; 5 rim sherds, 150 mm, 200 mm, 90 mm, 160 mm and 150 mm diams.; 13 body sherds, 30 to 90 mm long
X.4184ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPart of base of dish with small foot, brown-grey fabric - 72 mm base diam.
X.4185ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPart of base, body and neck of vessel with carinated shoulder; 2 grooves and a cordon on its upper part with rim missing; brownish grey fabric; some surface pitting - 70 mm base diam.
X.4186ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPart of base and body of grey, carinated vase with small foot - 50 mm base diam.
X.4187ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPart of rim and body of grey vessel with black burnished outer surface; everted rim - 150 mm rim diam.
X.4188ArchaeologyGodmanchesterA grey ware nipple or spout. Probably intended to be luted onto a vessel but came apart (a waster) - length 50 mm, 47 to 60 mm across., nipple diam. 20 mm.
X.4189ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPart of a Castor ware indented beaker with scale ornament between indentations; orange-buff fabric - rim diam. 110 mm.
X.4190ArchaeologyGodmanchester6 bone pin fragments - 30 mm to 47 mm long.
X.4191ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 rim sherds with small, perforated lugs - (1) buff fabric with orange-brown colour coat, 120 mm diam., (2) sandy-buff fabric.
X.4192ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherd of a dish; hard, buff fabric with orange painted lines and wavy line inside - rim ca. 200 mm diam., base ca. 160 mm diam.
X.4193ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 sherd of vessel with everted rim and convoluted neck; brown fabric with some shell - 130 mm rim diam.
X.4194ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 joining body sherds of buff pottery with orange-red barbotine spots - 68 x 35 mm
X.4195ArchaeologySt.NeotsIron single edged blade with hilt and quillons, tip broken. The blade and quillons have been laquered at some time. The hilt is made in 2 parts. It has a hollow tube with a criss-sross pattern on it that is secured to the bar of the body by 3 rivets. Total length: 284mm. Hilt: 129mm. Total width of quillons: 103mm
X.4196Archaeology (Metal)St. NeotsLong, thin strip of metal that has been bent over almost at the mid-point. Max length: 49mm, width of strip:0.9 mm Possibly a hairpin or tweezers.
X.4197ArchaeologyWoodhurstPiece of limestone 92mm x 80mm. Tooled straight on one edge. Flat on one side and tapered on the other face to make a rounded edge. Broken on one side - may have been a semicircle originally.
X.3002ArchaeologyHUNTINGDON2 tiles: Square floor tile of red ware with dark green glaze on one side, tapered slightly with the glazed face wider; 12cms square. Half of floor tile of red ware with pale yellow glaze on one side, tapered slightly with the glazed face wider.12cm wide, 21mm thick.
X.4198ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 joining sherds of globular vessel with small, slightly dished flat rim at right angles to the body with no neck, red, gritted ware with some surface blackening.- 190 mm rim diam.
X.4199ArchaeologyGodmanchester5 body sherds of hard, buff fabric with orange-brown painted banding as decoration - 30 mm to 115 mm
X.4200ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 grey ware body sherds with burnished lattice decoration - 60 mm and 45 mm.
X.4201ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBones of infant(s), 6-7 months.
X.4202ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBones of infant ca. 9 months.
X.4203ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 fragments of floor tile, flat and 35 mm to 40 mm thick - 110 mm by 80 mm; 195 mm by 110 mm; 150 mm by 140 mm with parallel curved lines scored on top side.
X.4204ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBones of infant; 1 skull fragment and 10 long bones
X.4205ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherds of samian D35 form - 3 base sherds, 90 mm diam.; 4 small fragments of rim; 5 body sherds, 15 mm to 40 mm.
X.4206ArchaeologyGodmanchesterCharcoal and burnt wood from a funeral pyre
X.4207ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 body sherds of a hard, light grey fabric pot - 38 mm to 50 mm.
X.4208ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 grey ware rim sherd, burnished surface, short neck, with impressed foliate decoration on shoulder - 150 mm rim diam.
X.4209ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 grey ware sherds with barbotine decoration - (1) dotted, 30 mm, (2) short lines, 34 mm
X.4210ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSundry shards of glass, some collected during the laying of water pipes - part of a blue glass handle, 38 mm long; 9 rim fragments of very pale blue-green vessels; fragments of flat glass and of vessels
X.4211ArchaeologyGodmanchesterProbably a small whetstone - 52 mm by 20 mm by 6 mm thick
X.4212ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 body sherd of brown-grey fabric with low vertical barbotine lines - 45 mm max. length
X.4213ArchaeologyGodmanchester5 fragments of pale grey stone, possibly parts of whetstone - longest piece is 100 mm
X.4214ArchaeologyGodmanchester25 sherds (various) of grey and buff wares with barbotine decorations (dots, pricked lines, vertical lines) - max. dimension 55 mm
X.4215ArchaeologyGodmanchesterA brick of oolitic limestone with a round plug of lead going part way through and at right angles to one end - 167 mm by 74 mm by 46 mm; length of lead plug - 50 mm.
X.4216ArchaeologyGodmanchesterCircle of iron with bronze cosmetic implements 93 mm; iron ring, 50 mm diam.; 8 pieces of bronze, 32 mm to 105 mm lengths; 2 fragments of sheet.
X.4217ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of box flue tile with rollered diamond pattern; part of a circular vent - 15 mm thick, max. length 145 mm.
X.4218ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of roof tile (tegula) with imprint of dog's paw - 20 mm thick, max. length 115 mm.
X.4219ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHard, sandy brown fragment of a mortarium rim, flanged with low rim - 60 mm length
X.4220ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 mortarium rim sherds - (1) 300 mm diam., reeded rim, orange fabric, grey grits, (2) 320 mm diam., pale buff with black grits, (3) 350 mm diam., hard grey fabric (no grits on this piece), (4) 400 mm diam., hard, buff fabric, black grits.
X.4221ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase of Castor ware vase with black surface - 51 mm diam., max. height 50 mm.
X.4222ArchaeologyGodmanchesterCream mortarium reeded rim sherd with black grits - 370 mm diam.
X.4223ArchaeologyHolywellRemains of a human skull, mandible, upper jaw and nasal cavity are missing.
X.4224ArchaeologyWoodhurstPiece of cast iron depicting a saint.85mm x 63mm
X.4225ArchaeologySomershamTwo limestone heads, 15th century. One has a chipped nose and the hair is missing from above the ear on the right side. The other has 2 large chips from the right side of the face and is missing its nose.
X.4226ArchaeologyWarboysBronze seal - Saunte Petris. Counter seal of Peterborough Monastery with Lombardic lettering and figure of St. Peter holding the key. Circa 1300.
X.4227ArchaeologyAlconbury WestonBrass seal of John, Prior of St. Bartholomew, London, 1391-1414 Inscription "IOHIS DE WATFORD ST PRIS" (S. PR(ior)IS IOH(ann)IS)
X.4228ArchaeologyAlconbury HillFragments of the rim and neck of a vessel 15cm diameter at the lip, of very hard grey paste. The neck is ornamented with two cordons bounded by girth grooves with a large angular corrugation between. The upper part has a row of faint diagonal scratches.
X.4229ArchaeologyAlconbury HillPart of a wheel-made carinated vessel of grey paste with smooth dark brown slip; there is one small cordon and one girth groove above the the carina.Diameter 12 cm. Upright rim, caused by breaking away the upper part of the vessel and smoothing it off, smooth 'sagging' base.
X.4230ArchaeologyAlconbury HillFragment of a bowl with a reeded rim 23cm diameter of hard buff sandy paste. The bluntly carinated side bears a shallow groove at the angle and the lower portion is blackened.This class of bowl is early 2nd c. at Caerleon.
X.4231ArchaeaologyAlconbury HillPart of a wheel made bowl of similar pottery to X.4230. 21cm daimeter. 7.5cm high. The base is destroyed and the lower part bears evidence of injury by fire.Everted rim forming an 'S' shape with the body of the bowl. The bowl has been vastly reconstructed with plaster but there are at least 2 original sherds.
X.4232ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase sherd of large pot, red fabric and orange slip - 140 mm diam.
X.4233ArchaeologyGodmanchesterNearly vertical hammerhead rim of buff mortarium, traces of orange slip, black grits, 3rd to 4th century - 200 mm rim diam.
X.4234ArchaeologyGodmanchesterOrnamental Castor ware; 4 body sherds, orange-brown slips - 30 mm to 70 mm lengths; 1 base sherd with rough, rusticated decoration, brown slip on outside and orange slip on inside - 50 mm diam.
X.4235ArchaeologyGodmanchesterNeck of grey bottle - rim 46 mm diam.
X.4236ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBody sherd of brown-grey pot, partly decorated with black slip - 60 mm
X.4237ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 rim sherds of flanged bowls - (1) grey, 300 mm diam., (2) grey, 250 mm diam., (3) 2 sherds of sandy brown fabric with flat rim and groove on shoulder - 170 mm diam.
X.4238ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 rim sherd of shell tempered ware - 220 mm diam.
X.4239ArchaeologyGodmanchesterStraight rim sherd of bowl; grey core, orange surface with a cream slip applied over the rim and on the outside - 170 mm diam.
X.4240ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 grey ware body sherd - 47 mm; 5 rim sherds - (1) buff, 170 mm diam. (2) grey, inverted rim, 180 mm diam., (3) grey, flat rim, 170 mm diam., (4) grey, flanged rim, 220 mm diam., (5) grey, 140 mm diam.
X.4241ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 flagon necks - (1) orangey-buff with 3 neck grooves, 20 mm inside diam. min, (2) buff with 4 neck grooves, 100 mm outer diam. of rim, (3) buff, small fragment, 80 mm rim diam..
X.4242ArchaeologyGodmanchesterCastor ware - 1 handle, brown slip, 88 mm; 3 rim sherds, brown slip, 170 mm, 260 mm, 80 mm diams.; 5 base sherds, orange/brown/grey slips, 40 mm, 50 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm and 100 mm diams.
X.4243ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPart of a red deer antler sawn off above coronet - 120 mm long
X.4244ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of small whetstone - 70 mm by 16 mm by 16 mm.
X.4245ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of grey-buff, grooved tile (part of box flue tile?) - 90 mm long, 14 mm thick.
X.4246ArchaeologyGodmanchesterCastor ware base - 48 mm diam.; handle of buff flagon - 87 mm long; rim/lip of a large bowl, buff, sandy fabric with reddish surface - ca. 550 mm diam.
X.4247ArchaeologyGodmanchesterCastor ware base, conical form, buff fabric with brown-red slip, spiral groove on underside of base - 64 mm diam.
X.4248ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim fragment of a flanged bowl (mortarium?), one side of the spout, buff fabric with pale red surface - 190 mm diam.
X.4249ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment, upper part of Castor ware jug, buff fabric, red-brown slip, trailed white slip decoration, stub of handle - 66 mm.
X.4250ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBody sherd of hard, smooth, grey vessel with rectangular patterns of barbotine studs - 59 mm.
X.4251ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBuff flagon neck and handle - 44 mm outer diam. of rim; frament is 60 mm tall.
X.4252ArchaeologyGodmanchester6 greyware sherds - 3 everted rims, (1) 130 mm diam., (2) 140 mm diam., (3) only a very short portion of rim; straight rim/body/base ('dogbowl form') of 220 mm rim diam. and 210 mm base diam.; 2 body sherds (1) black slip decoration on neck, rouletting and groove beneath, 108 mm, (2) carinated bowl, 110 mm.
X.4253ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 rim sherds of Castor ware flanged bowls, orange and brown slips - (1) 210 mm diam., (2) 210 mm diam., (3) ca. 190 mm diam (short length of rim).
X.4254ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 fragments of tile - (1) curved fragment, 75 mm, (2) combed box flue tile, 62 mm and 2 rim sherds - (1) sandy grey ware, ca. 250 mm diam., (2) buff ware, 150 mm diam.
X.4255ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim sherd of orange colour-coated bowl (Oxfordshire ware?) - 210 mm diam.
X.4256ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 sherds of Castor ware - 2 bases of small beakers, 27 mm diam. and 46 mm diam.; 1 small, flanged bowl, 120 mm rim diam.
X.4257ArchaeologyGodmanchesterLarge rim sherd of a large Castor ware bowl, buff fabric and red-brown slip - 210 mm rim diam.
X.4258ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 Samian base sherds with unidentifiable stamps - (1) D33 form, 50 mm diam. (2) D27 form, 40 mm diam.
X.4259ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 base sherd of flagon, buff with raised foot ring - 68 mm diam.
X.4260ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 body sherds of a fine, buff globular vessel with roulette decoration, brown slip - 27 mm, 35 mm and 70 mm lengths.
X.4261ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim sherd of pale grey, shell tempered corn jar - ca. 300 mm diam.
X.4262ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous sherds from The Stiles - Samian rim sherd of a plain dish - 240 mm diam.; small fragment of samian - 42 mm long max.; samian mortarium sherd, D45? Form, 2nd to 3rd century - 75 mm; base sherd of small beaker, Castor ware? - 30 mm diam.; straight rim sherd of black burnished ware, 'dog bowl' form - 160 mm diam.; body sherd of Castor ware, dark brown slip with cream slip decoration - 60 mm; rim sherd of Castor ware bowl, brown slip with rouletted decoration - ca. 230 mm diam.
X.4263ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous samian sherds - 3 rims of plain vessels, 270 mm diam. with remains of 2 lead rivets, 190 mm diam., ca. 350 mm diam.; 4 rims of decorated vessels, all ca. 200 mm diam.; 2 body sherds of decorated vessels, 55 mm and 70 mm.
X.4264ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous samian sherds - 5 rims, all ca. 140 mm to 160 mm diam.; 1 base fragment, 40 mm diam.; 4 body sherds, 40 mm to 50 mm lengths plus 1 body sherd of colour-coated ware, red fabric with brown slip - 60 mm.
X.4265ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 base of Castor ware, buff with brown colour coat on outside, orange coat on inside - 42 mm base diam.
X.4266ArchaeologySawtryBase, body and shoulder sherd of hard buff clay with a grey core. Base is 6cm in diameter.
X.4267ArchaeologySawtrySherd of blown transparent vessel glass, green tinge.
X.4268ArchaeologySawtry2 fragments of human skull.
X.4269ArchaeologySawtry6 fragments of a wheel made shell tempered urn with beaded rim, short neck and barrel shped body. Also 3 pieces of reconstructed pot. There are three bands of parallel grooves on the body. Rim 18cm diameter.
X.4270ArchaeologySawtry3 sherds of wheel made grey ware vessel. Everted, rolled rim, curved neck, angular shoulder. 14.5 cm diameter rim. Cordon at the lower part of the neck bounded by girth grooves, hard grey pottery. Similar to types from Belgic sites.
X.4271ArchaeologySawtry4 sherds of a deep plate of hard white clay with a blue/grey surface. Pie dish rim and a chamfer at the junction of the body with the flat base. 19cm diameter rim and 5.8mm high
X.4272ArchaeologySawtryPart of hemisherical flanged bowl or lid. Upright 'rim' 15cm diameter. Buff fabric with a grey core, covered in dark grey slip.
X.4273ArchaeologySawtrySherd of mortarium with reeded flange and infolded rim, forming a bead on the whole of the hammer head section. Of cream paste and surface with black particles of grit inside.
X.4274ArchaeologySawtrySherd of Castor (Nene Valley) ware. Straight set-in rim for lid, body covered with rouletting. Buff paste with a grey core, fumed red to blue slip.
X.4275ArchaeologySawtryBase sherd of buff sandy paste with grey core. Soot blackened on the bottom.
X.4276ArchaeologySawtryStruck flint, found on the surface.
X.4277ArchaeologySawtryPottery fragments: 8 fragments of kiln or furnace lining. 4 sherds of cream, wheel thrown, sandy pottery, one of which is a rolled rim, painted black, diameter 10cm. 3 sherds of red, wheel thrown sandy pottery, rolled rim, diameter 21cm. 4 sherds grey, all different fabrics, 2 Medieval. 3 tiny sherds of cream coloured paste, similar to pipe clay but covered with brown slip on inner surface and joining to mke a scoop shape.
X.4278ArchaeologySawtryPottery fragments: 2 rim sherds of shell tempered R-B jar, everted rim, diameter 16.5cm, rilling on shoulder.4 pieces red sandy pottery, probably same pot as X.4277. 3 sherds sandy grey paste. 3 sherds black Saxon pottery. 3 fragments of a very chunky red/brown jar, everted rim. 1 fragment of kiln or furnace lining similar to that in site 1 X.4277. 3 sherds shell tempered oolitic fabric, oxidised on one surface and reduced on the other.
X.4279ArchaeologySawtryPottery fragments: 4 fragments grey sandy pottery, one is a folded rim fragment, another is a clubbed everted rim, 2 sherds are Medieval. 1 fragment buff pottery. 1 fragment shell tempered oolitic fabric as in site 2 X.4278.
X.4280ArchaeologySawtry1 sherd pale orange, wheel made fabric with grey slip, tempered with fine black quartz.
X.4281ArchaeologySawtry23 sherds of orange/brown sandy jar, everted, grooved rim, paintd black, diameter 15cm.3 fragments charcoal. 1 sherd hard buff fabric, same fabric as the sherd in site 3, X.4279.4 sherds chunky red, shell tempered pottery, one having an upright rim with grooves on the neck. 1 small animal femur, 81mm Found in spoil from trench. Carved bone tool.
X.4282ArchaeologySawtry12 sherds of wheel made grey pottery from sites 2, 5 and 6, 7 pieces joining to make a rim and neck of a jar, rim diameter 11cm. Fragment of concrete with iron disk (20mm dimeter) embedded in it. 2 fossilized shell fragments (Gryphaea). Slab of concrete with inscribed wavy lines on its surface 95mm x 90mm. Medieval tile fragment 23mm thick with a yellow glaze. Lump of render.
X.4283ArchaeologySawtryAssorted bones and fragments of bone from site 6. (Cattle and sheep/goat).
X.4284ArchaeologySomershamFlanged bowl intermediate between hammerhead and vertically flanged, 2 grooves a t junction of rims and flange, grey paste, creamy pink outside III-IV century AD.
X.4285ArchaeologyWater NewtonShell tempered jar with upright rim having thumb-print decoration on the top of the rim. 14 pieces, some joining. Rim diameter, 19cm
X.4286ArchaeologyWater NewtonFragment of limestone mortar. Flat rim, with a groove 25 mm beneath the top. Very smooth on the inner surface and rough on the outer.
X.4287ArchaeologyGodmanchester5 human long bones, all are incomplete - lengths of 350 mm, 335 mm, 250 mm, 288mm and 102 mm
X.4288ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHuman skull and half of lower jaw bone - of gracile form and thus probably female; molar teeth appear to be well worn and thus probably an elderly person - ca. 190 mm back to front dimension.
X.4289ArchaeologyGodmanchesterJoining sherds of a hard greyware cemented together to form about half of the vessel. Everted rim of ca. 142 mm diam. Base diam. ca. 70 mm. Two narrow girth grooves, one at neck, one at shoulder.
X.4290ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 mortaria rim sherds, buff fabric - (1) 1st century, 320 mm diam., (2) early 2nd century, 400 mm diam. And 2 mortaria body sherds, buff fabric with black grits - (1) ca. 80 mm length, (2) ca. 57 mm by 35 mm.
X.4291ArchaeologyGodmanchestert2 rim sherds of large (corn?) storage vessels, orange-red fabric with shell temper - (1) ca. 350 mm diam., (2) ca. 250 mm diam.
X.4292ArchaeologyGodmanchesterDecorated and un-decorated Samian sherds, no stamps. 5 rims - 113 mm to 116 mm diam. 2 bases - 98 mm diam. D37 form bowl and 80 mm diam.plain bowl. 4 body sherds, 2 plain and 2 decorated (one piece shows geese, late 2nd century) - 25 mm to 65 mm lengths, plus 1 small fragment of rim?
X.4293ArchaeologyGodmanchesterCastor ware, buff fabric with brown colour coat - 3 rim sherds, 90 mm to ca. 200 mm diam.; 2 base sherds, 40 mm and 80 mm diam.; 8 body sherds, 20 mm to 50 mm lengths.
X.4294ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 rim sherds of buff, sandy fabric - (1) 110 mm diam., (2) flat rim with grooves, 150 mm diam., (3) 120 mm diam.
X.4295ArchaeologyLeighton BromswoldFragment of Roman roof tile with hole, red paste 13mm (marked SL22, 5'). Sherd of Stamford ware, green glaze (marked SL 42 1'5). Rim fragment of pink fabric glazed in mottled green (marked SL 35a). Fragment of shell tempered ware (marked SL 41 1'6). Pottery sherds 875-1200 AD.
X.4296ArchaeologyLeighton BromswoldRim sherd of mortariuim, buff fabric. Break occurs across lettering impressed into rim, possibly a reversed R. 2nd c. AD. (marked SL 35 2'2 on clay)
X.4297ArchaeologyLeighton Bromswold3 sherds of thickly glazed pottery. One on red paste, grooved on outer edge and covered in red slip, glazed with yellow on inner surface. The glaze is pitted with air bubbles and changes to green at the edges (marked SL 35 1'). 2 sherds of pottery with a grey core and red outer surface. Thick brown glaze with mustard yellow glaze below having impressed design of small lines radiating out from a central point like a sun or flower motif (marked SL 22 1'2 S and SL 20 1'3).
X.4298ArchaeologyLeighton BromswoldSherd of Nene Valley ware. (marked SL 17b D) 4th c.
X.4299ArchaeologyLeighton Bromswold7 fragments of wall plaster, 5 painted red and one painted yellow. Also one corner fragment.
X.4300ArchaeologyLeighton BromswoldRectangular piece of lead 29mm x 18mm x 4mm (marked SL 32 2'1).
X.4301ArchaeologyLeighton BromswoldIron blade fragment. 64mm (max) x 17mm (max).
X.4302ArchaeologyLeighton BromswoldFish vertebra and 2 fragments of cut bone, sawn on both ends. (One marked SL 11 2' and the other 1'8) Also fragment of a right mandibular ramus of a cow. (marked SL 11 2'6) Fragment of bone (marked SL 12)
X.4303ArchaeologyLeighton BromswoldAssorted bones. 3 cattle mandibles, 2 left and 1 right, all with teeth intact. Part of horse skull: upper jaw with 3 teeth. Cattle right femur. Cattle right tibia-fibula 9marked 149). Juvenile horse right tibia-fibula (marked 153). Cranial end of a horse right tibia-fibula (marked 150). Head of a femur, unidentified animal. Left and right intermediate cattle phalanges (marked 150 and 151). 4 cattle proximal phalanges, 1 left and 3 right; one has butchery marks (marked 133). 2 cattle distal phalanges. Cattle talus (marked 141). Fragment of talus of juvenile cattle. Fragment of juvenile horse mandibular ramus (marked 137). 7 unidentified fragments. 3 vertebrae: 2 cattle and 1 juvenile animal.
X.3128ArchaeologyLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDPieces of window: part of an iron frame with a tapered central bar to which are riveted two C-shaped curved pieces, length 155mm; a bundle of lead strips fused together, length 90mm; and seven pieces of glass with parts of designs in brown paint. Also a piece of cut sheet lead (not on display).
X.4304ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 grey ware body sherds - (1) stamped, beaded circle decoration - 52 mm x 36 mm, (2) two sherds with beaded decoration - 41 mm x 22 mm and 36 mm x 30 mm, (3) rough, rusticated decoration - 40 mm x 40 mm.
X.4305ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 sherds of Castor ware with brown-orange slip on buff fabric, 3rd to 4th century - (1) base with rouletted decoration on body, 180 mm diam., (2) body sherd with grooved and rouletted decoration, 65 mm x 60 mm, (3) body sherd, plain, 35 mm x 32 mm, (4) small fragment of base, ca. 110 mm diam.
X.4306ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 body sherds of hard, buff fabric vessels, one with an orange slip coating - 100 mm, 80 mm and 40 mm.
X.4307ArchaeologyGodmanchester11 sherds of miscellaneous grey ware vessels - 4 rims; 180 mm diam. with grooved decoration; 160 mm diam. with grooved and semi-circular decoration; 140 mm diam.; 110 mm diam. and 6 body sherds, two are plain, two with grooved decoration, one with rough, rusticated decoration, one with impressed chevron decoration - 35 mm to 55 mm lengths and one small fragment of base.
X.4308ArchaeologyGodmanchester9 sherds of miscellaneous, pink-orange shelly ware vessels - 2 bases, ca. 70 mm diam. and 140 mm diam. and 7 rims, 220 mm, 140 mm, ca. 210 mm, 210 mm, 130 mm, 220 mm diameters and a fragment with thumbed rim.
X.4309ArchaeologyGodmanchester18 rim sherds of miscellaneous grey ware vessels; everted, flat and straight rim forms with diameters in range 140 mm to 230 mm.
X.4310ArchaeologyGodmanchester8 rim sherds of miscellaneous buff-grey vessels with slight mica dusting; everted, straight and inverted rim forms; diameters in range 140 mm to 430 mm.
X.4311ArchaeologyGodmanchester6 sherds of rims with straight form, buff-grey; five with shallow groove below rim - diameters in range 160 mm to 170 mm.
X.4312ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 base sherds of grey ware vessels with hard, sandy fabric - 70 mm diam. with base groove; 80 mm diam. with base groove; 120 mm diam. plus one small fragment.
X.4313ArchaeologyGodmanchester6 fragments of tegula roof tile - max. length 150 mm and 2 fragments of curved (imbrex?) tile - 80 mm and 55 mm.
X.4314ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 fragments of box flue tile with combing - 65 mm to 95 mm.
X.4315ArchaeologyGodmanchester10 rim sherds of miscellaneous grey ware vessels - one with burnished lattice decoration, 150 mm diam.; 190 mm diam.; two with grooved decoration on body, 170 mm diam.; one with trace of burnished line decoration, 240 mm diam.; 150 mm diam.; one with a virtually straight rim, 50 mm long, plus three smaller pieces.
X.4316ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 joining fragments of a 'dog bowl' dish with hard, buff fabric - ca. 200 mm rim diam.
X.4317ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase of a coarse, shelly ware vessel - 100 mm diam.
X.4318ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase of beaker; hard, grey-buff fabric with groove in underside of base, 2nd century - 49 mm diam.
X.4319ArchaeologyGodmanchesterComplete rim of a Castor ware jar; orange colour coat with two shallow grooves round top of body - 90 mm diam.
X.4320ArchaeologyGodmanchester5 rim sherds of shelly ware vessels - (1) orange-red, 210 mm diam., (2) brown, slightly beaded rim, 220 mm diam., (3) everted, grey-brown rim, 110 mm diam., (4) flanged, brown-grey rim (only a small section of rim - 17 mm long), (5) brown-grey, 140 mm.
X.4321ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 body sherds of indented beakers - (1) Castor ware, brown-orange slip, 55 mm, (2) Castor ware, worn dark brown slip, 52 mm, (3) hard grey fabric, 51 mm.
X.4322ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 body sherds of decorated pots - (1) off-white fabric with dark brown slip, roughcast finish, 40 mm, (2) off-white fabric with brown slip, roughcast finish, 40 mm, (3) red fabric with some shell temper, decoration looks like impressed sacking, 52 mm, (4) orange-brown, rouletted dots, 49 mm.
X.4323ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 sherds of hard, off-white fabric vessels - (1) rim of flagon with neck grooves, 80 mm diam., (2) flattened rim with 3 grooves on top surface, 160 mm diam., (3) plain body, 65 by 50 mm
X.4324ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of stone (limestone?) slate with part of circular perforation - 62 mm by 52 mm.
X.4325ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 body sherds of greyware vessels - (1) hard, sandy fabric with broad girth band, 74 mm max., (2) hard, sandy fabric showing two girth bands, 50 mm max., (3) black slip on outer surface; decoration of fine lines, 39 mm max.
X.4326ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 sherds with grey core and orange surfaces - (1) part of base, ca. 60 mm diam., (2) flattened rim with 2 grooves on top surface, ca. 120 mm diam., (3) beaded rim, ca. 250 mm diam.
X.4327ArchaeologyGodmanchesterA thin-walled rim sherd of a nearly straight sided vessel; grey-orange micaceous fabric with remains of a brown slip on outer surface - 70 mm diam.
X.4328ArchaeologyGodmanchester13 miscellaneous sherds, all bar one of dishes with straight rims, several with a groove below the rim, chiefly of a hard grey fabric, but one of a pale orange fabric and one shell tempered ware. One small piece with an out-turned rim. Straight rims all of ca. 190 mm diam.
X.4329ArchaeologyGodmanchester13 sherds of flanged and moulded rims, four are reeded/grooved on top surface; chiefly dishes; 2 shelly ware, 1 colour-coated Castor ware, 3 buff sandy wares, 7 greywares - 170 mm to 250 mm diam.
X.4330ArchaeologyGodmanchester6 base sherds of greyware dishes, one with a black burnished outer surface - 130 mm to 250 mm diam. plus one orange sherd, 50 mm long.
X.4331ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous sherds of cream to buff, hard fabric - 7 moulded, undercut rims, 130 mm to 200 mm diam.; 1 white-slipped rim, 170 mm diam.; 1 slightly beaded rim, ca. 200 mm diam.; 1 body sherd, 52 mm long.
X.4332ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous sherds of samian ware - 4 rim fragments, 150 mm to 250 mm diam.; 4 body sherds, 30 mm to 40 mm; 6 base sherds, two with rouletting and one with base diam. of ca. 100 mm
X.4333ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSmall red pottery base, 30 mm diam. The upper part has been neatly trimmed and smoothed, possibly re-used as a gaming counter.
X.4334ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 rim sherd of a Samian bowl, D37 form - ca. 200 mm diam.; 1 rim sherd of Castor ware, dark brown colour coat - ca. 120 mm diam; 2 small fragments of decorated Castor Ware, body sherds - 27 mm and 25 mm.
X.4335ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 body sherd of buff shelly ware showing an impressed mark of grass or straw - 52 mm by 44 mm
X.4336ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 rim sherd in a smooth, hard, sandy grey fabric; everted rim, low cordon bounded by girth grooves at neck and shoulder.
X.4337ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 base sherd of a Samian dish, form 18D; with a single hole drilled through (for colander or rivet?) - ca. 90 mm diam.
X.4338ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous rim sherds - 20 fragments of greyware rims, one with remains of a grey slip coat, of various forms (beaded, everted, straight) - 110 mm to 350 mm diam. range; 6 fragments of orange-red shell tempered rims of various forms - 130 mm to 180 mm diam.
X.4339ArchaeologyGodmanchester12 base sherds, pale grey and buff fabrics with splayed form or pedestal character; two with groove on underside - 50 mm to 120 mm diam. range.
X.4340ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 fragment of flagon handle, off-white fabric, 31 mm. 1 fragment of handle? with wavy ornament, orange fabric with orange-red slip - 75 mm.
X.4341ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 beaded rim sherd of red fabric vessel with lustrous brown slip on outside - 90 mm diam.; 1 straight rim sherd of greyware 'dog bowl' - ca. 160 mm diam.; 1 everted rim sherd of greyware vessel with remains of white slip - 140 mm diam.; 2 greyware body sherds with grooved ornament - 33 mm and 35 mm; 1 sherd of a plate in a buff fabric with brown-grey slip - ca. 120 mm diam.
X.4342ArchaeologyGodmanchester6 body sherds of vessels in a hard, grey or grey-orange fabric with combed decoration - 40 mm to 80 mm lengths.
X.4343ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 body sherds of indented beakers in a hard, smooth, grey fabric - ca. 70 mm lengths.
X.4344ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 body sherds - one is grey with burnished line decoration, 45 mm; one is grey with combed decoration on inside and shallow, grooved decoration on outside, 90 mm.
X.4345ArchaeologyGodmanchester12 greyware body sherds with cordons and girth groove decoration - 30 mm to 60 mm lengths.
X.4346ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 rim sherds of vessels in a hard, grey fabric; grooves inside the rim, presumably for lids - 150 mm, 200 mm, 210 mm and 350 mm diams.
X.4347ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim sherd of carinated vessel in a hard, brownish-grey, micaceous fabric; flat,everted rim; ornamented with triple vertical rows of punchlines reaching to the keel - 150 mm diam.
X.4348ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase sherd of a small Samian vessel; potter's stamp SACIIR - 60 mm diam.
X.4349ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherds of colour-coated Castor ware - 7 rim fragments with brown to dark grey slips, 110 mm to 260 mm diams; 4 body sherds, brown slips, one with scale ornament of crescent form, 28 mm to 75 mm lengths.
X.4350ArchaeologyGodmanchester14 base sherds, various - 2 buff, 90 mm diam.; 2 orange-red, 48 mm and 70 mm diam.; 9 greyware, 50 mm to 150 mm diams.; 1 brownish-red, 85 mm diam. Plus, 1 shelly ware pot rim and 1 body sherd of hard, orange-buff fabric with combed decoration - 55 mm.
X.4351ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherd of greyware pot lid, 190 mm diam.
X.4352ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous Samian ware sherds - 6 rim sherds, including 2 cups of D33 form and 1 bowl of D18-31 form, 200 mm diam.; 2 base sherds dishes of D18 form, ca. 100 mm diam.
X.4354ArchaeologyWhittleseyBase and rim sherds of samian ware dishes. The base has a flower motif impressed into the inside at the middle(2nd - 3rd century). The rim sherd has had a hole drilled through it after production.Not from the same vessel.
X.4355ArchaeologyWhittleseyGrey ware jar. Base diameter 5.5cm, bulbous shape, neck and rim missing.
X.4356ArchaeologyWhittleseyShell tempered jar from which the surface shell has leached away. Base diameter 7.5cm, rim diameter 13cm.18.5 cm high. Flat everted rim. There is a hole in the middle of the base that appears to have been made deliberately. Possibly used as a flowerpot.
X.4357ArchaeologyWhittleseySaxon dish, shell tempered ware with a flat bottom and straght sides leading to a thickened and flattened rim which has a lid groove. 2 decorative grooves run under the rim. The body is complete but the base is only partially present. It is blackened and has weakened from use in the fire.Rim diameter 24cm, base diameter 22cm. Height 6.2 cm.
X.4358ArchaeologyWhittlesey6 fragments of shell tempered pots. 1 flat topped rim with 2 grooves 18mm below the rim, dark brown fabric. 1 thickened, slightly inverted rim, dark brown fabric (Saxon). 1 orange fabric, inverted rim, blackened by fire on external surface. 1 Fragment of flat base. 1 grey fabric orange/ pink on external surface, tempered with large pieces of grit, hand made, either a right angled inverted rim or a vessel with a large hole in its base. 1 pan handle fragment in a similar fabric to the previous sherd (marked HT. DI. S 57 5')
X.4359ArchaeologyWhittleseyGrey ware bowl in 4 pieces. Diameter 19cm at rim, base diameter 12.5cm. 5.5cm high.Reduced slip.
X.4360ArchaeologyWhittleseyWheel thrown bulbous bowl of fine greyware. 16 sherds, complete base and part of rim. The body has diamond shapes rouletted onto it. Base diameter 5.1 cm, rim diameter 9cm, height approx. 15cm. Upright and slightly everted rim. (late 1st century).
X.4361ArchaeologyWhittlesey17 sherds of wheel thrown grey ware bowl. Everted rim with rilling beneath and 3 parallel grooves on the body. Rim diameter 13cm.
X.4362ArchaeologyWhittlesey7 sherds of a small hand built grey ware bowl approx. 10cm high. Base diameter 5cm, rim diameter 10.5cm. Dark grey fabric with grooves on body, everted rim.Makers mark stamped onto the base.
X.4363ArchaeologyWhittleseyFragments of 3 grey ware bowls: 1 in 2 sherds. 2 grooves beneath the rim hving an incised wavy line between them, rim diameter 13.5cm; 2 sherds of a base of a flared bowl, base diameter 8.5cm, incised cross on body near the base; 6 sherds of a sandy fabric, everted rim with groove beneath.
X.4364ArchaeologyWhittlesey5 sherds of a grey ware bowl. 2 grooves with ovals rouletted in between in the middle of the body of the vessel. Rim diameter 10.5cm.
X.4365ArchaeologyWhittleseySherds grey ware. 3 rims: 1 complete 7.5cm diameter, everted; 1 with frilling just below the rim; 1 other rim sherds.2 sherds of a bulbous cup, base 3.3cm diameter and rim 10cm diameter; 6 sherds of a cup of light grey fabric, base 4cm diameter, rim 10cm diameter.
X.4366ArchaeologyWhittlesey2 vessels of colour coated ware. Base and part of body of bowl. Wheel made, base diameter 6cm widening to 13cm in the body which then has straight rouletted sides.Patchy dark to md brown slip - a fingerprint is visible on the underside.Dish in 5 sherds, white fabric with pale brown slip.Rim diameter 20.5 cm, base diameter 18.5cm, height, 3.6cm.
X.4367ArchaeologyWhittleseyBeaker of colour coated ware (fragment in 20 sherds). Dark brown black slip on outer surface, mid brown on inner. Triangular rim with a deep groove underneath it, pinecone decoration on the body of the vessel. Rim diameter 11 cm.
X.4368ArchaeologyWhittlesey 3 sherds sandy ware, buff to orange in colour, incompletely fired. 1 wheel made with a flanged rim, approx. diameter 17cm. 1hand built sherd with everted rim having scored circumferencial lines and 1 small non-diagnostic sherd.
X.4369ArchaeologyWhittleseyDomed lid with a central knob and a flared edge, internal lid diameter 15cm.Buff fabric.
X.4371ArchaeologyWhittleseyPainted jar, rim and body sherds. Rim diameter 15.5cm. Everted rim with painted red band beneath, 11mm deep. One rib on neck with a painted band beneath. A third painted band on the body and a groove 2.5cm from the base with traces of a painted base. Buff fabric with a grey core. Approx. 13.5cm in height.
X.4372ArchaeologyWhittleseyPainted bowl or jar sherds. Buff fabric, base diameter 5cm. Design of concentric circles on three sides of the jar.
X.4373ArchaeologyWhittleseyDecorated bowl sherds. Rim diameter 23cm, base diameter 8.5cm, 9cm high. Ribbed body decorated with rouletting of alternate bands of dots and stripes.(Early 2nd century)
X.4374ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 base sherds of Castor ware beakers with brown-orange colour coat - 46 mm and 37 mm diams.
X.4375ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 sherds of orange-buff coloured vessels - (1) a pedestal base, pale grey core, 64 mm diam., (2) base sherd, pale grey core, with groove on underside, 70 mm diam., (3) neck of a flagon with plain neck, three circumferencial grooves below rim, 40 mm diam.
X.4376ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase sherd of a plain, grey ware pie dish or 'dog bowl' - 160 mm diam.
X.4377ArchaeologyGodmanchester19 miscellaneous rim sherds in pale to dark grey fabrics; everted and straight rims; one sherd with decoration of combed vertical lines on body below 2 circumferencial grooves - 100 mm to 210 mm diam. range.
X.4378ArchaeologyGodmanchester8 miscellaneous base sherds in a grey fabric, one with a black slip coat - ca. 45 mm, 46 mm, 80 mm, 110 mm and ca. 190 mm diams. and fragments 60, 50 and 45 mm long max.
X.4379ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 mortarium rim sherds - (1) hard, white fabric, plain everted rim (no grits in this fragment), ca. 300 mm diam., (2) hard, buff fabric with brown grits, undercut rim, ca. 250 mm diam.
X.4380ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 grey ware body sherds of indented beaker(s) - 30 mm to 70 mm; base sherd of a small Castor ware vessel with trace of rouletted 'dogtooth' decoration - 35 mm length, (3) small fragment of rim of Castor ware vessel - 40 mm length max.
X.4381ArchaeologyGodmanchester11 sherds of miscellaneous grey ware vessels; four with grooved decoration (three are rim sherds with groove just below the straight rim) - 23 mm to 53 mm lengths; one body sherd with burnished lattice decoration - 42 mm; one sherd with decoration of small crescents (thumbnail?) - 54 mm; 4 plain sherds - 22mm to 45 mm; one rim sherd (straight) of plain dish - ca. 180 mm diam.
X.4382ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous sherds, buff/orange/shelly fabrics - 6 rims ( one with flat top surface and groove on side plus three grooves on neck), 100 mm to 200 mm diam. range; 2 fragments of bases, 80 mm and ca. 70 mm diam.; body sherd of a globular vessel, 70 mm.
X.4383ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBurial from site of 'new schools', opposite Island Hall, 150 yards north of Church - skeleton IV; a number of long bones (5), including a femur and half a femur; one vertebra; fragment of the pelvis. Height estimated to be 5 foot 5 inches.
X.4384ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBurial from site of 'new schools', opposite Island Hall, 150 yards north of Church - skeleton III was excavated from under centre of school stage; height 5 foot 9 inches and cephalic index 72.7.
X.4385ArchaeologySt.Neots7 sherds of Brill/Boarstall ware. Hard orange to pale pink fabric with a dark glossy green glaze with copper mottles.(1200-1500)
X.4391ArchaeologySt.NeotsVarious sherds of late medieval pottery. 6 sherds of Hedingham ware, grey fabric with a core of grey and orange: rod handle, flat topped rim fragment diameter 12cm, base fragment, 3 other sherds. 3 sherdsof a hard grey pimply fabric, one thickened upright rim sherd. Elaborate knob from a lid, pale grey to buff calcareous fabric, height of knob 6.5cm. Base sherd of grey to buff fabric. 4 bases and one thickened and flattened rim in a hard orange to buff fabric. 1 sherd sandy oxidised fabric with a grey core, thickened rim with thumbing on the outer edge and a rouletted design 1cm belw the rim. Large knob crudely made in pink/orange fabric. 6 sherds red to buff sandy fabric. 2 sherds of handle of buff calcareous fabric. Everted, flat topped rim, body sherd and base of shell tempered fabric.Also one bone, possibly human finger.
X.4392ArchaeologySt. Neots7 sherds of a jug of hard grey pimply fabric. Flat topped rim, angled towards the outer edge with three sherds of a strap shaped handle adjoining. Rim circumference 13cm.
X.4394ArchaeologySt.NeotsSherds of cistercian-type ware necked cups, orange to brick-red fabrics with dark brown glazes inside and out. 1 complete base (6.5 cm diameter) and 7 fragments of bases.7 handle fragments. 9 thin upright rim fragments. 5 body sherds showing flared necks.
X.4395ArchaeologySt.Neots3 fragments of coloured window glass, now blackened with age, one fragment has a stripe painted on it.Part of a grey pottery base, oxidized on the underside.Part of a lid of smooth orange fabric with 2 inscribed concentric circles. Small sherd of pottery with a pale green glaze.
X.4396ArchaeologySt.NeotsAssortment of pottery sherds. 3 sherds of Hedingham ware, hard dark grey fabric. 2 sherds of Grimston ware, dark grey fabric with olive green glaze, one sherd has part of a face and part of a handle attached (1250-1500). Assortment of Brill/Boarstall ware: 2 fragments of strap handles with traces of green glaze and slashes, 2 fragments of rod handles with green glaze and round stab marks, 2 rim fragments with square cross section. 11 sherds buff to orange in colour, 6 with green glaze, one of which is a base with a wavy edge.Base of orange fabric covered in an orange slip.9 sherds of Lyveden Stanion ware, 1 ribbed rim with white slip stripes and pad under green glaze, flat rim with rectangular profile and handle attachment, 2 adjoining rim sherds from a curfew jar, 5 non-diagnostic sherds. 6 sherds sandy ware covered in white slip and 2 with green glaze, 1 ribbed upright rim, 1 rod shaped handle fragment. 2 sherds shell tempered red fabric with a grey core. 2 sherds of a 'pimply' fabric, one dark grey and one orange in colour. Small bird bone.
X.4397ArchaeologySt.Neots3 shell tempered rim sherds, 1 clubbed rim having a large thumb print pattern. 1 folded rim and 1 flat topped rim. All too small to estimate diameters.
X.4398ArchaeologySt. Neots9 sherds of Hedingham ware from a large pot, some joining, dark grey fabric with a red and grey striped core. The base has a hole in the bottom that has been made after the pot was thrown.
X.4399ArchaeologySt.NeotsShell tempered strap handle fragment attached to the rim of the vessel. Base fragment of Lyveden Stanion ware (1100-1400). Base of Brill/Boarstall ware (1200-1500). 6 sherds of hard grey pimply fabric, 4 rim sherds (37cm diameter, 15cm diameter and 1 too small to measure) and one fragment of strap handle.
X.4400ArchaeologySt. NeotsAssorted sherds. 7 sherds bases, 2 joining: 1 hard, dark grey pimply fabric; 1 shell tempered and soot blackened on the body; 1 SE fenland with dribbles of pale olive green glaze running down th pot and under the base; 1 base of Brill/ Boarstall ware with mottled green glaze on the inside; 1 small base (6cm diameter) red fabric with a grey core, brown glaze on the internal surface; 2 joining sherds in a pale grey fabric with 4 finger prints evenly spaced on edge of base.Flat sherd, yellow glaze with trails of brown slip.7 sherds of dripping dishes or frying pans: 2 with sloping sides, both have a yellow to green internal glaze on red earthenware and slightly inturned rims, 1 has a lip, both approx. 4cm in height from base to rim; 2 of SE fen calcareous ware, one with sloping sides (approx. 2.4cm high) and one with straight sides (3 cm high); 2 straight-sided red earthenware with traces of internal glaze, one with a lip, one unglazed red earthenware.2 sherds of german stoneware, one with part of a handle attached.2 sherds glazed in a bright green on a buff fabric, stabbed handle fragment and another sherd which could be a base with a foot or a lid with part of a looped handle attached. 1 sherd of red earthenware, rectangular frying pan or dripping dish with a handle that appears to be coming straight out of the rim.4 sherds with handle and part of rim: 1 of orange fabric covered in a clear glaze, stabed rod handle and square profile rim; 1 thickened upright rim with a strap handle, rough sandy fabric; Buff sandy fabric with a square profile rim and rod handle; 1 similar fabric with a dark olive to brown glaze on the everted rim and astabbed rod handle. 1 upright, ribbed jug rim of Midland purple.1 Hedingham ware rim, clubbed. 1 Hedingham ware rim, hammerhead shape. 2 body sherds Hedingham ware, one with a decoration of inscribed lines.3 rims grey ware; 1 alembic rim, 1 rectangular profile, 1 everted triangular profile.1 body sherd with rouletted design, pale orange fabric.
X.4401ArchaeologySt.NeotsLarge group of sherds representing at least 3 jugs. 1 dark grey fabric, rim diameter approx. 10cm, square profile rim with pinched lip, rim of clay 6cm below rim and decoration of inscribed concentric bands in groups of 4 and 5. 8 sherds of Lyveden Stanion jar with everted rim. 1 rod shaped handle with green glaze. Jug of dark grey fabric, approx. rim diameter 13cm with pinched lip, rectangular rim profile, concentric bands inscribed 3cm below rim, fragment of strap handle. 3 other rim sherds in dark grey fabric and one shell tempered body sherd. Also a fragment of whetstone 5.9cm long x 1.2cm wide x 1.2cm thick.
X.4402ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 rim sherds of plain Samian ware dishes - ca. 160 mm diam. plus two small fragments.
X.4403ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 sherds of imported? fineware - (1) rim fragment of thin walled orange fabric with high lustre brown-grey surfaces; fine beaded rim and rouletted decoration; 52 mm max. length, (2) small body sherd; thin walled brown fabric with burnished and rouletted grey surface; 30 mm max. length.
X.4404ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 fragment of tegula tile - 85 mm and 1 chipped flint, disc shaped (ex. building structure?) - 65 mm
X.4405ArchaeologySt.Neots2 sherds of pink shell tempered ware, one with traces of glaze. Also one fragment of a whetstone, 10.3 cm long (max) x 3cm wide x 3cm narrowing to 2cm where the stone has been worn down.
X.4406ArchaeologySt.Neots1 sherd of Lyveden Stanion ware, grey fabric having a thick green glaze, part of a trellis patterned circle is imprimted in the clay.
X.4407ArchaeologySt. Neots3 sherds of shell tempered ware, 1 sandy sherd with shell temper and 4 sherds Huntingdon Fen sandy ware. 2 pieces of plaster. 10 bird bones 2mm diameter, 3 chicken bones, one vertebra that has been cut open. 2 juvenile proximal phalange of pig.
X.4408ArchaeologySt. NeotsSherd Lyveden Stanion ware with thick green glaze, same fabric as X.4406. 2 sherds of shell tempered ware, pink fabric with grey core.
X.4410ArchaeologySt.NeotsRod handle of Lyveden Stanion ware and part rim with triangular cross section. Handle has traces of yellow and green glaze. Clubbed upright rim of Hedingham ware with 2 thumb marks where the handle has been attached. Chicken bone.
X.4411ArchaeologySt.Neots5 shell tempered rims and 2 sagging bases, pink on outside and grey internally. One base has traces of glaze on internal surface.3 rolled rims and 2 thickened and everted.
X.4412ArchaeologySt.Neots3 jug rim sherds, Colne ware( 13th -14th century), pale orange fabric with a grey core, traces of green glaze, approx. diameter of rim 9.5cm. A thickened slightly everted rim with shallow rilling beneath. One sherd has traces of a handle. One other sherd of hand built sandy grey pottery.
X.4413ArchaeologySt.Neots2 sherds calcareous ware. 4 sherds of dark grey sandy fabric 13th Century. 3 sherds of buff coloured fabric, 1 sagging base fragment of red-orange sandy fabric. Fragment of brick and small bone from a bird.
X.4414ArchaeologySt. Neots5 sherds of Lyveden Stanion type ware, one is a fragment of a sagging base. One sherd Lyveden Stanion ware with a raised oval stamped pad and strip in white slip and green glaze. 1 buff sherd. 6 sherds pink fabric with a grey core, 3 of which are from sagging bases. 1 chicken bone with a spur.
X.4415ArchaeologySt.Neots1 folded rim sherd of pink shell tempered fabric with a buff core. 1 sherd Cistercian ware, dark red fabric, dark purple to black glaze, 1.5mm thick (16th-17th century). 1 sherd Huntingdonshire Early Medieval ware (1050-1200). 2 sherds Brill/ Boarstall ware (1200-1500). Costrell neck and lug, 4cm diameter at rim, orange fabric and thick green glaze.
X.4416ArchaeologySt.Neots2 sherds St. Neots ware, 1 is part of a sagging base. (875-1100)
X.4417ArchaeologySt.Neots3 sherds: Sherd of Lyveden Stanion ware (1100-1400), sherd of Huntingdonshire Fen Sandy ware (1175-1300), sherd of shell tempered ware with pale orange surfaces and grey core.
X.4418ArchaeologySt. NeotsSherd Lyveden Stanion ware. Sherd of biconical vessel buff fabric with red slip on outside, 2 sherds with yellow-orange glaze decorated with lines of brown slip, pale orange fabric.
X.4419ArchaeologySt.Neots3 sherds Lincoln Sandy ware (13th-16th century), grey body, glazed on one side in a patchy green glaze. One sherd of orange fabric glazed in an yellow-orange glazewith decoration of rown slip. Upright, clubbed rim of same fabric as biconical vessel X.4418. Fragment of pike's jaw.
X.4420ArchaeologySt.NeotsLarge rim sherd of red fabric, everted, blackened on the underside. Sagging base sherd of SE Fen calcareous ware, diameter approx. 30cm
X.4421ArchaeologySt.Neots10 sherds shell tempered ware, pale orange surfaces and grey core. 3 rolled rims, 1 clubbed flattened rim. 3 sagging bases. 4 sherds Huntingdonshire Fen Sandy ware (1175-1300), 1 upright thumbed rim, 2 sagging base sherds, 1 body sherd.
X.4422ArchaeologySt. Neots1 sherd Colne ware(13th -14th century), pale orange fabric with mottled green glaze. 1 sherd Grimston ware (1250-1500), glazed green. 1 rim of a redware cup glazed dark green, 9cm diameter. 1 sherd Lincoln Sandy ware (13th-16th century), buff fabric with a dark green glaze. 2 sherds wheel made shell tempered fabric, heavily burnt on one side and split lengthways so that the other side is missing.
X.4423ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 body sherds; buff-orange coarse fabric (one piece with grey core); rilled decoration - 50 mm and 56 mm max. lengths.
X.4424ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 shelly ware sherds - (1) rim sherd with grey core and orange surface of a small, carinated vase; groove at base of rim, 100 mm diam., (2) small fragment of body, 31 mm.
X.4425ArchaeologyGodmanchester5 sherds of colour-coated wares - (1) rim of a small vessel, orange-brown coat; Castor ware ca. 110 mm diam., (2) rim of small dish, orange colour coat, Castor ware; 110 mm diam., (3) 2 small body sherds, brown-grey colour coat; Castor ware; 22 mm and 32 mm, (4) body sherd with orange-buff colour coat and orange banded decoration; Castor ware?
X.4426ArchaeologyGodmanchester8 miscellaneous greyware rim sherds, one with a slightly inverted rim and three with a black burnished surface - 120 mm, 130 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 120 mm, 170 mm, 160 mm and ca. 150 mm diams.
X.4427ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 small glass shard of a vessel; very pale green with trace of opaque decoration - 42 mm long max.
X.4428ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 fragments of handles from flagons; hard fabrics; two with grey core and orange-buff surface and one with buff core - 96 mm, 40 mm and 40 mm.
X.4429ArchaeologyGodmanchester5 miscellaneous base sherds - (1) buff plate, 130 mm diam., (2) small, buff beaker with grey outer surface, 50 mm diam., (3) grey ware, 130 mm diam., (4) micaceous grey ware, 60 mm diam., (5) grey ware, 130 mm diam.
X.4430ArchaeologyGodmanchester(1) Flanged rim sherd of black-burnished grey ware, ca. 280 mm diam., (2) base sherd of greyware, 80 mm diam., (3) body sherd of hard, buff ware with orange outer surface; girth groove decoration, 60 mm.
X.4431ArchaeologyGodmanchester(1) 3 fragments of tegula tile - 185 mm by 135 mm max., 105 mm by 75 mm max., 65 mm by 30 mm max. (2) 1 fragment of imbrex tile, 155 mm by 105 mm, (3) 4 tile fragments - 142 mm by 110 mm max., 145 mm by 140 mm, 100 mm by 80 mm max., 53 mm by 47 mm.
X.4432ArchaeologyGodmanchester9 miscellaneous sherds of grey ware - 4 rim sherds, 120 mm to 160 mm diams.; 3 body sherds, 30 mm to 60 mm lengths; 1 base or lid fragment, 60 mm by 60 mm; 1 base sherd, ca. 100 mm diam.
X.4433ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 sherds of orange-buff ware - shelly rim fragment, ca. 110 mm diam.; lid? fragment with 2 grooves, ca. 170 mm diam.; body sherd with grooved decoration, 40 mm by 30 mm.
X.4434ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBody sherd of Castor ware; orange-brown colour coat on inside and grey-brown coat on outside with rouletted 'basket weave' effect decoration - 54 mm by 32 mm.
X.4435ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous grey ware sherds - (1) 6 rim fragments (one straight rim); 180 mm to 300 mm diams., (2) 2 fragments of dishes, ca. 150 mm and 210 mm base diams., 6 body sherds (one with burnished lattice decoration and two with buff inner surface); 35 mm to 60 mm lengths.
X.4436ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous sherds of buff and orange ware - (1) fragment of flagon handle, 52 mm long, (2) mortarium fragment with pale orange colour coat and brown-black grits, 43 mm, (3) coarse body sherd with rilled decoration, 75 mm by 40 mm, (4) body sherd, cream on inside and pale orange on outside, 60 mm by 54 mm, (5) thin-walled body sherd, 25 mm.
X.4437ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 small sherds of Samian ware - 1 rim fragment, ca. 200 mm diam. and 2 body fragments, ca. 25 mm.
X.4438ArchaeologyGodmanchester8 miscellaneous sherds of Samian ware, all small fragments (15 mm to 30 mm long) and one piece is imitation Samian (22 mm). One piece is a decorated body sherd.
X.4439ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous sherds of colour-coated ware (some are very small pieces) - (1) 3 rims of Castor ware, two are flanged (grey-brown slip), ca. 140 mm diam. and one is straight (orange slip), ca. 120 mm diam., (2) 1 base of Castor ware, orange-brown slip, 50 mm diam., (3) 14 body sherds, ten are probably Castor ware and four are unsourced; orange and brown slips - max. dimension is 38 mm.
X.4440ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 rim sherd; orange-grey fabric with white colour coat; everted rim with groove around - 160 mm diam.
X.4441ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 small body sherds of mortaria; three are white-buff fabric with black grits (30 mm to 44 mm) and one with brown grits and an orange colour coat on outer surface (30 mm).
X.4442ArchaeologyGodmanchester9 rim sherds of miscellaneous grey wares - (1) three are black burnished - 130 mm, 180 mm and 190 mm diams., (2) six plain - 140 mm to 200 mm diams.
X.4443ArchaeologyGodmanchester17 sherds of miscellaneous, coarse, orange-brown wares with variable amounts of shell inclusion - (1) one base of a small beaker, 32 mm diam., (2) 3 rims, 150 mm to 200 mm diams., (3) 13 body sherds; some with grooved and rilled decoration, 30 mm to 80 mm lengths
X.4444ArchaeologyGodmanchester14 sherds of miscellaneous buff wares - (1) one rim sherd, 200 mm diam., (2) 13 body sherds, 24 mm to 52 mm lengths.
X.4445ArchaeologyGodmanchester23 sherds of miscellaneous grey wares - (1) 5 small fragments of bases, 25 mm to 44 mm lengths, (2) 18 small fragments of body sherds, some with grooved and rilled decoration and some with remains of black burnishing, 20 mm to 70 mm lengths.
X.4446ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 sherds of orange ware - (1) 2 rims, one flanged, 190 mm diam. and one near-straight with two grooves and dark brown colour coat on outer surface, 150 mm diam., (2) 2 small body fragments, 25 mm and 35 mm.
X.4447ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 tile fragments; one piece with combing and one piece with a single score mark - 30 mm, 35 mm and 60 mm lengths and 15 mm and 21 mm thicknesses.
X.4448ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous items from the paddock - (1) 4 corroded iron fragments (one is certainly a nail, 50 mm long), (2) 1 clay pipe stem fragment, 42 mm long, (3) 2 oyster shell fragments, 40 mm and 60 mm, (4) 1 struck flint with some cortex, 37 mm by 40 mm approx.
X.4449ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 small body sherds of medieval pot from the paddock, all with traces of a thin green- brown glaze on one surface; one piece may be Stamford ware; 25 mm, 40 mm and 40 mm.
X.4450ArchaeologyGodmanchesterA restored indented beaker with narrow, beaded rim, narrrow vertical depressions between circular indentations; pinkish fabric with bronze metallic-effect colour coat - 51 mm diam. rim, 31 mm diam. base, 85 mm tall.
X.4451ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 fragments of an olla with a sandy grey-brown fabric; everted rim with three shallow grooves on neck - 60 mm diam. base and 110 mm diam. rim.
X.4452ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase of a pale green glass bottle with a "kick" in the centre and with a spiral thread covering the base and winding up the side - ca. 90 mm max. dimension.
X.4453ArchaeologyGodmanchesterA lid with smooth, grey fabric - 90 mm diam.
X.4454ArchaeologyGodmanchester6 sherds of the upper part of a flask; smooth grey fabric, darker on outside; angular shoulder, two low cordons on sloping neck, inverted double "V" on shoulder - 61 mm diam. rim.
X.4455ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSmall, hard, grey ware bowl with everted, downward-curved rim; carinated shoulder with two grooves above - ca. 116 mm diam. rim and ca. 65 mm diam. base.
X.4456ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 sherd with brown tangential lines around flange and rim; cream fabric - ca. 200 mm rim diam.
X.4457ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherd, Samian D18 form, plain - 140 mm diam. rim and 70 mm diam. base. Stamp MA … (Macrinus).
X.4458ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherd, Samian D18 form, plain - 160 mm diam. rim and 90 mm diam. base. (Symbol) stamp of SVRDILLVS. Early 2nd century.
X.4459ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherd, Samian D18 form, plain - ca. 85 mm base diam. Stamp VIRTVS. AD 50 to 90. La Graufesenque.
X.4460ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase sherd, Samian - ca. 110 mm diam. Stamp ADVOCISI. 2nd century.
X.4461ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase sherd, Samian D31 form - ca. 113 mm diam. Stamp CESORINI. Lezoux. 2nd century.
X.4462ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase sherd, Samian D18/31 form - 80 mm diam. base. Stamp VIDVCOS. 2nd century. Heiligenberg and Rheinzabern.
X.4463ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase sherd, Samian D18/31 form - 90 mm diam. Stamp BVT (probably BVTVRO or BVTTVRRI). 2nd century.
X.4464ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase sherd, Samian D31 form; freize decoration around inside of base - 100 mm diam. Stamp IVSTINIA.
X.4465ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase sherd, Samian D31 form - 100 mm diam. Stamp TAR.. (probably TARRA). 2nd century. Potter of Florent? in Argonne.
X.4466ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase sherd, Samian D33 cup - 54 mm diam. Stamp SENILA.M. 2nd century.
X.4467ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase sherd, Samian D33 cup - ca. 40 mm diam. Stamp is retrograde, TERNIM. 2nd century, probably East Gaul because of light glaze.
X.4468ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase sherd, Samian D33 cup - 60 mm diam. Stamp SABINI OF. 1st or 2nd century. La Graufesenque.
X.4370ArchaeologyWhittleseyCeramic cheese press, grey fabric, flat surface on one side showing signs of heavy wear. On the underside 2 rings of clay, semicircular in profile, have been added. Stand diameter 17cm.
X.4469ArchaeologySt.NeotsA variety of pottery sherds found in the kitchen area of the Priory. Pie-crust rim of large jar (25-30 cm diameter) of Huntingdonshire late Medieval calcareous ware. Also 2 joining body shereds.16 body sherds of shell tempered fabrics. 3 base sherds and one strap handle fragment.Rim of very wide dish of shell tempered ware. 1 flat topped, rolled everted rim of shell tempered ware. 2 flat topped everted rim sherds of sandy fabric having a decorated edge made by a small finger or rounded object pressed into the clay at regular intervals. 2 joining body sherds of Lyveden Stanion ware with decoration of white slip and green glaze.
X.4470ArchaeologySt. NeotsUpright rim and lip of jug of Brill/ Boarstall ware having spalshes of green glaze.(1200-1500AD)
X.4471ArchaeologySt.Neots3 rim sherds and 1 base sherd of hard, dark, grey fabric.
X.4472ArchaeologySt. Neots3 rim sherds: buff, sandy ware 22cm diameter; upright, everted, shell tempered; rolled, buff fabric. Base sherd of SE fen calcareous ware. 2 body sherds of shell tempered ware.
X.4473ArchaeologySt.NeotsShell tempered sherd of shallow dish. 15mm high.
X.4474ArchaeologySt. Neots6 sherds. 1 rim St. Neots type, everted. 2 body sherds, shell tempered. 1 body sherd, grey fabric, decorated with applied thumb strip.2 bases of shell tempered fabric with a black core speckled with fine calcite.
X.4475ArchaeologySt.Neots1 fish vertebra. 1 piece of lead, no discernable shape.
X.4476ArchaeologySt.Neots1 sherd Lyveden Stanion ware decorated with white slip, stamped pads and green glaze.(marked D) 1100-1400 AD. 1 sherd sandy ware, hand built, decorated with rouletting.(marked E)
X.4477ArchaeologySt.Neots1 shell tempered body sherd. 1 jug rim, rolled and flattened, shell tempered fabric.1 fowl rib. 1 chicken leg bone.
X.4478ArchaeologySt.Neots1 sherd Lyveden Stanion ware, glazed green.(1100-1400 AD)
X.4479ArchaeologySt.Neots1 sherd Brill/Boarstall ware with splashes of green glaze. 3 sherds of Ely-type ware with a grey core.
X.4480ArchaeologySt.Neots1 sherd red sandy ware. Neck of jar, decorated with rouletting.
X.4481ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherd of a Samian D37 bowl; decoration shows a lion or heavily built dog chasing an animal with a short tail; rim diam. 200 mm. Bowl is ca. 58 mm tall.
X.4482ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRestored fragments forming part of a Samian D27 cup; stamped INITOR; Lesoux AD 80 to 120; rim diam. 140 mm and ca. 60 mm tall.
X.4483ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase sherd of Samian D31 bowl; stamped MACRINVS; Lesoux AD 130 to 160; base diam. 100 mm.
X.4484ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim sherd of Samian D45 mortarium; AD 175 to 275; rim diam. 260 mm.
X.4485ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 joining base sherds of Samian D18 dish; South Gaul; stamped L E(retrograde) - Potter LEPPI or EPILUS; base diam. 100 mm.
X.4486ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim sherd of decorated Samian D29 bowl with remains of lead rivets; rim diam. 190 mm.
X.4487ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSamian D37 body sherd showing a poorly moulded cupid in a metope bounded by beaded rows - ca. 45 mm by 40 mm.
X.4488ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSamian D33 cup, base sherd stamped by potter SEDATVS; Lesoux AD 100 to 140 - base diam. 40 mm.
X.4489ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSamian D37 bowl, body sherd showing a dejected male figure seated beneath an arch, perhaps by CINNAMVS or MERCATOR - 112 mm max. length.
X.4490ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSamian D37 bowl, base sherd showing part of a winged lion - base diam. ca. 80 mm.
X.4491ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSamian D33 cup base stamped IXXIIXXI; brownish glaze possibly as late as 1st half of 3rd century, probably Lezoux - 44 mm diam.
X.4492ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSamian D37 bowl, rim sherd showing a naturalistic hare within a medalion - 220 mm diam.
X.4493ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSamian D37 bowl sherd showing a gladiator who has just lost his net, approaching a lion or boar while a lioness is about to attack him in the rear; signed beneath in cursive letters written backwards CERIALIS; AD 120 to 170 - 105 mm by 65 mm.
X.4494ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSamian D37 bowl fragment showing a poorly constructed stag running to the left in a metope bordered by wavy lines - 90 mm by 50 mm.
X.4495ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSamian D24 cup; fragment of flange; Claudian (1st century) - 40 mm.
X.4496ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSamian D18 dish; base sherd stamped \TO (MERCATO); 1st century; South Gaul - 80 mm diam.
X.4497ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherd of a Samian flat-bottomed plate showing a rosette stamped decoration; probably of Rheinzabern (East Gaul) origin; 2nd century - 30 mm by 45 mm.
X.4498ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSamian base sherd stamped NICEPHO.. (Nicephor); South Gaul; 1st century - triangular fragment with max. length 42 mm.
X.4499ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSamian decorated sherd showing a galloping horseman, springing lion and part of another animal (a hunting scene) - 70 mm by 40 mm.
X.4500ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBody sherd in a cream fabric with slip decoration of two parallel bands of pink and brown - 65 mm by 42 mm.
X.4501ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBody sherd in a reddish-buff fabric with orange-red slip decoration consisting of a band and a vertical wavy line - 60 mm by 45 mm.
X.4502ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBody sherd in a pink-cream fabric with slip decoration consisting of black lines (outer face) and brown bands (inner face) - 65 mm max.
X.4503ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBody sherd in a grey fabric with slip decoration consisting of black bands on light and grey background - 40 mm max.
X.4504ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 sherds of plates in grey fabric with darker, smooth grey surface; wheel turned; foot rings similar to Belgic plates from Colchester - 102 mm and 52 mm max. dimensions.
X.4505ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBody sherd of indented beaker; orange fabric with brown, roughcast coating (granules) - 100 mm by 75 mm.
X.4506ArchaeologyGodmanchesterJoining sherds forming base of coarse sandy greyware vessel. The base appears to have been deliberately punched giving a rectangular hole, 18 mm by 10 mm - base diam. 65 mm.
X.4507ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase sherd of a jar in an orange-buff shelly fabric - 180 mm diam.
X.4508ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 decorated Samian sherds, form D30, showing a man advancing to right in athletic attitude with scroll, plant and circle decoration - ca. 62 mm and 58 mm max. dimensions.
X.4509ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherd of a greyware pie dish; everted rim and with a rounded angle at base - rim diam. 150 mm.
X.4510ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSamian rim sherd (small) with leaf ornament; D35 form - 100 mm diam.
X.4511ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSmall Samian base sherd (unstamped) - 45 mm diam.
X.4512ArchaeologyGodmanchesterTwo greyware body sherds from burial found at Lewcock's garage - (1) 55 mm max. dim., (2) 45 mm max. dim.
X.4513ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous sherds - (1) Greyware rim sherd with groove around side of rim and groove around shoulder - 160 mm diam., (2) sherd of black burnished greyware pie dish - ca. 130 mm base diam., (3) plain, greyware base sherd - 90 mm diam., (4) colour coated sherd with rouletted dog-tooth decoration; orange-brown on outside and grey-brown on inside - 60 mm by 50 mm.
X.4514ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 greyware body sherds - (1) 2 pieces with groove and black burnished banded decoration, 70 mm by 52 mm and 45 mm by 70 mm, (2) black burnished lattice decoration - 40 mm by 35 mm.
X.4515ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBody sherd of a coarse, buff-brown, shelly ware jar with horizontal combing - 90 mm by 75 mm.
X.4516ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim sherd of a hard, greyware pie dish with moulded rim - 170 mm diam.
X.4517ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSkull fragments of burial from Lewcock's Garage, including one, well-worn molar tooth; cut into by east foundation trench; depth 0.6 metres.
X.4518ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 fragments of a humerus of burial from Lewcock's Garage.
X.4519ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous bones (6 fragments) from the burial at Lewcock's Garage.
X.4520ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPart of contents of a vase found in mound (Emmanuel Knoll) on hill - 7 bone fragments, 1 lump of charcoal, 2 corroded small nails. The vase may have been a cremation urn.
X.4521ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSamian base sherd, form D33 cup stamped SECVNDIN (Secundinus); early 2nd century, Lezoux, Central Gaul.
X.4522ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 base sherds - (1) orange-buff flagon with hole punched through base, 60 mm diam., (2) greyware with remains of a dark residue on inside, 78 mm diam., (3) 2 fragments of greyware, 80 mm diam.
X.4523ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 everted rim sherds - (1) greyware, 170 mm diam., (2) grey core with orange-red surfaces; 2 grooves on shoulder, 120 mm diam., (3) carinated greyware, 200 mm diam.
X.4524ArchaeologyGodmanchester10 miscellaneous body sherds of greyware; one piece is black burnished and two pieces have grooved decoration - largest piece is 130 mm by 105 mm and smallest is 30 mm by 20 mm.
X.4525ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 body sherds of coarse, buff-orange ware with combed decoration - 90 mm by 85 mm and 60 mm by 45 mm.
X.4526ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 fragments of roofing tile (tegulae) - 140 mm, 80 mm and 60 mm lengths.
X.4527ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 fragment of grooved tile - 100 mm long.
X.4528ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 rim sherds of Castor ware; chocolate coloured slip; grooved rims; one piece with white slip decoration on inside surface - 260 mm diam. and 190 mm diam.
X.4529ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim sherd of a large mortarium; orange fabric with brown surface; potter's mark ARINNA, retrograde and duplicated; first half of 2nd century - ca. 370 mm diam.
X.4530ArchaeologyGodmanchesterShelly ware rim sherd of a bowl; grey fabric with pink-orange surface; flat rim with wavy line decoration and horizontal ridging on body - 250 mm diam.
X.4531ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim sherd of greyware olla; groove round top of rim - 180 mm diam.
X.4532ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim and handle sherd of a Brill ware flagon in a hard, buff fabric. Handle is stabbed. Area of green-brown glaze on rim - ca. 100 mm rim diam.
X.4533ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 hard, greyware rim sherds; groove on shoulder and burnished zig-zag on neck - 160 mm diam.
X.4534ArchaeologyGodmanchesterShelly ware everted rim sherd with grey core and reddish surface - ca. 250 mm diam.
X.4535ArchaeologyGodmanchesterLower portion of a coarse, hand-made, shelly ware vessel; brown-orange - ca. 100 mm base diam.
X.4536ArchaeologyGodmanchesterTrimmed base of a Samian cup (form D33?) stamped MARITVSM (potter Maritus); Lezoux, 2nd century - 40 mm base diam.
X.4537ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMortarium rim sherd in a hard, buff fabric with pink-orange grits; 1st to 2nd century - ca. 350 mm diam.
X.4538ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 mortarium rim sherds in a hard, cream fabric. Each piece contains the potter's mark, one complete - SARRI; palm branches between S and A, A and R and after I, also below stamp; 2nd century - 60 mm and 30 mm lengths.
X.4539ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 joining rim sherds; frilled rim form of tazza; hard, orange fabric - ca. 230 mm diam.
X.4540ArchaeologyGodmanchesterStraight rimmed pie dish sherd; buff fabric with brown colour coat - 170 mm diam.
X.4014MedievalHuntingdonRim, neck and shoulder of large jar. Grey paste, red outside, shell tempered. Finger impressions on straight everted rim 13th-14th century.
X.4541ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 sherds of Samian bases - 60 mm and ca. 110 mm diam.
X.4542ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 sherds of thick grey bases; one piece with a groove on bottom and the other piece with black burnishing - ca. 90 mm and ca. 140 mm diam.
X.4543ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBody sherd of a hard, cream fabric with light green glaze and raised brown bar decoration - 50 mm by 40 mm.
X.4544ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase sherd of a hard, grey cooking pot - ca. 160 mm diam.
X.4545ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim sherd of a beaker; buff-pink fabric with red-orange colour coat on inside and brown-grey colour coat on outside - 80 mm diam. (Castor ware?)
X.4546ArchaeologyGodmanchesterA hollow long bone, 77 mm long and ca. 10 mm thick, with 6 crosses in line incised along its length
X.4547ArchaeologyGodmanchesterTwo bird bones of length 120 mm and 130 mm.
X.4548ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPart of the base of a small green glass bottle, ca. 24 mm diam.
X.4549ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMortarium rim sherd; hard, cream-buff fabric; 1st to 2nd century - 320 mm diam.
X.4550ArchaeologyGodmanchesterUpper part of a screw-necked flagon with two-ribbed handle; cream fabric - 45 mm diam. at top.
X.4551ArchaeologyGodmanchesterTwo greyware bases, slightly hollowed and grooved; wheel-thrown Roman, but Iron Age in form; 1st century AD - 56 mm and 75 mm in diam.
X.4552ArchaeologyGodmanchesterA rim and joining body sherd of a large storage vessel in a hard, sandy, grey fabric; decoration on neck of short vertical lines between the shoulder and a horzontal bead - 190 mm rim diam.
X.4553ArchaeologyGodmanchesterA rim sherd of a large storage vessel (similar to X.4552); greyware with micaceous inclusion - ca. 260 mm diam.
X.4554ArchaeologyGodmanchesterGreyware rim sherd of a small vessel; everted rim with a set-off below; some mica in fabric with trace of black burnishing - 130 mm diam.
X.4555ArchaeologyGodmanchester5 miscellaneous sherds - (1) rim fragment in a hard, buff fabric; banding on shoulder, 120 mm diam., (2) greyware rim fragment - ca. 160 mm diam., (3) body sherd in an orange-brown fabric, 98 mm by 64 mm, (4) body sherd in an orange-brown fabric with trace of decoration on shoulder (slanting lines between horizontal grooving), 115 mm by 65 mm, (5) orange-brown body sherd, 80 mm by 65 mm.
X.4556ArchaeologyGodmanchesterOne small sherd with trace of thumbnail decoration - 30 mm, plus 8 bone fragments of ox and pig.
X.4557ArchaeologyGodmanchester10 small sherds of Samian vessels, including 3 base fragments and one rim fragment - no piece more than 50 mm in length.
X.4558ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 very small sherds of Samian vessels; one body sherd of shelly ware, grey core and orange surface - 30 mm; one body sherd of buff fabric, cream inner surface and orange banded decoration on outer surface -20 mm (all Roman). Brown-glazed post-medieval sherd - 70 mm max. length. Bowl of a clay pipe with fluted decoration - 45 mm long.
X.4559ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 base, hard buff fabric with remains of brown colour coat - 70 mm diam.; 1 rim sherd of a Castor ware dish with orange-brown colour coat - 340 mm diam.; 1 grey ware body sherd with pimpled decoration - 40 mm by 40 mm; 1 grey ware body sherd with dark brown colour coat and an impressed 'weave' decoration - 32 mm max.; 1 small rim sherd of a Samian cup - 100 mm diam.
X.4560ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 grey ware rim sherds, one with black colour coat - ca. 300 mm and 150 mm diam.; 1 buff ware rim sherd - 90 mm diam.; 1 grey ware base sherd with grooved foot - 70 mm diam.; 1 grey ware body sherd with radial grooving - 60 mm by 55 mm.
X.4561ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 miscellaneous medieval to late-medieval body sherds - (1) buff with pale green glaze on outside, 65 mm max. length, (2) hard, red fabric with black glaze on inside, 40 mm by 32 mm, (3) 2 sherds of red ware with brown glaze, 100 mm max. and 40 mm max. lengths.
X.4563ArchaeologyGodmanchester6 small sherds of Samian ware - 40 mm max. length and 2 body sherds of imitation Samian ware (grey core with smooth, matt orange surfaces) - 60 mm and 35 mm max. lengths.
X.4564ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 grey ware rim sherds - (1) two with hard, sandy fabric and everted rim - 320 mm and 300 mm diam., (2) coarse fabric with orange surface of a large storage jar - ca. 380 mm diam., (3) small fragment - ca. 140 mm diam.
X.4565ArchaeologyGodmanchester55 miscellaneous body and base sherds, mostly coarse, plain grey wares, some with black burnished surfaces and some buff fabrics - largest sherd is 95 mm by 85 mm, with traces of sooting on surfaces.
X.4566ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous sherds of Samian ware - 4 base sherds (no stamps seen), 3 at 100 mm diam. and 1 at 80 mm diam.; 1 decorated body sherd, 40 mm long max. plus 7 very small fragments; 6 rim sherds (incl.D24/25 and D37 forms), 110, 150, 150, 170, 180, 250 mm diams.
X.4567ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 fragments of amphora handles - (1) 65 mm long with part of stamp (LD?), (2) 170 mm long , (3) 180 mm long and more curved at top.
X.4568ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of an amphora body - ca. 150 mm square and 22 mm wall thickness.
X.4569ArchaeologyGodmanchester(1) Rim sherd of a flagon, cream fabric and ringed neck - 80 mm diam., (2) fragments of two handles, one with 3 grooves down the handle and one with a single groove - 75 mm and 45 mm long.
X.4570ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous grey ware sherds - 8 rims, 90 mm to 180 mm diam.; 5 body sherds including pricked decoration between girth grooves and diagonal line decoration between girth grooves, max. dimension 95 mm; 3 base sherds, 80 mm, ca. 90 mm and ca. 110 mm diam.
X.4571ArchaeologyGodmanchester 24 sherds, 23 of Samian and 1 other cream ware, date unknown, from pit R15. 2 base halves with partial stamps (hard to read). Most sherds numbered, PL.194.1-16. M. Green dates to 3rd quarter of the 1st century AD to early 2nd century AD. PL194.3 has been identified as Form 29 La Graufesenque AD55-70. PL.194.4 has been identified as Form 30 South Gaulish AD70-85.
X.4572ArchaeologyGodmanchester12 sherds, 3 of green glossed ware, 11-12th century AD, and 1 rim of a Thetford ware storage jar with thumb strips. Saxo-Norman.From Trench 4.6, layer 3, RT/Wall (right wall?) 25 (room 25 of the Mansio?). S.R.A 5 (?).
X.4573ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 sherds, 1 rim 11cm diameter 0.16 EVE. Wheelmade, burnt buffware? Roman. From Trench 3.2, layer 2, pit S13.
X.4574ArchaeologyGodmanchesterReassembled Samian Form 18, stamped OFRONI with abbreviated F and reversed N, characteristic of Frontinus of La Graufesenque, Nero-Flavian in date.. Labelled P.L/P.R.I/1. From Trench 6.3, layer 1.
X.4575ArchaeologyGodmanchester9 sherds, 2 base pieces of coarse shell tempered ware and 6 other sherds of it, 1 sherd of a yellowish red ware with tiny flecks of green glaze/paint. Saxo-Norman. From Trench 3.6/7, layer 2, or Trench 4.7, layer 4 (label in bag re-used).
X.4661ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous buff ware sherds - (1) 7 rim sherds including a flat-topped rim, 130 mm diam.; a shell-tempered fabric with flat-topped rim and groove, 190 mm diam.; a rolled rim, 200 mm diam. and 4 small pieces, (2) 5 body sherds including two pieces with a cream slip on the outer surface - largest piece is 95 mm by 65 mm, (3) one base sherd of a large storage jar in a coarse, sandy fabric, ca. 150 mm diam.
X.4662ArchaeologyGodmanchesterHandle and part of the rim of a buff, ring-necked flagon (single groove in handle) - 120 mm length; base sherd of buff ware (groove in base) - ca. 65 mm diam. plus a small fragment of a grey ware base; grey ware rim sherd with two grooves at base of shoulder - ca. 150 mm diam.; 4 grey ware body sherds - largest is 80 mm by 50 mm.
X.4663ArchaeologyGodmanchester6 buff ware body sherds - piece with diagonal and vertical grooved decoration between girth grooves, 75 mm max.; 2 pieces with horizontal rilling, 55 mm and 52 mm; small piece with rusticated? finish, 40 mm plus two other pieces, 55 mm and 45 mm. Two small sherds of red ware and a snail shell.
X.4664ArchaeologyGodmanchester6 sherds of late medieval/early post medieval wares - 2 sherds of Cistercian ware, 75 mm and 45 mm max.; one very small sherd of green-glazed ware; brown-glazed red ware consisting of one rim fragment (150 mm diam.) and two body fragments (40 mm).
X.4665ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous sherds of grey and buff-grey wares - (1) 3 rim sherds, 170 mm, 150 mm and ca. 150 mm diam., (2) 5 body sherds, the largest being 80 mm by 70 mm with shallow grooving on shoulder, (3) 2 base sherds, 60 mm and ? diam.
X.4666ArchaeologyGodmanchester5 miscellaneous medieval body sherds - (1) brown-glazed red ware, 32 mm by 25 mm, (2) 2 pieces of hard, unglazed buff-grey ware, 60 mm by 35 mm and 25 mm by 20 mm, (3) one small piece with green glaze, 25 mm by 25 mm, (4) hard grey ware, 50 mm by 30 mm.
X.4667ArchaeologyGodmanchester11 grey ware rim sherds - flanged rim, 180 mm diam.; grooved rim with rilled body, 220 mm diam.; grooved body, 140 mm diam.; flat-topped rim, 200 mm diam.; rim of small carinated vessel, 110 mm diam.; grooved neck, 180 mm diam; flat-topped rim, 90 mm diam.; 4 other small fragments
X.4668ArchaeologyGodmanchester7 grey ware base sherds - 55 mm to 110 mm diam.; 8 grey ware body sherds including one piece with lattice decoration (1st century AD), largest piece is 75 mm by 75 mm; 1 grey ware lid, 110 mm diam.; 1 fragment of a handle? 50 mm wide and 55 mm long.
X.4669ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherds of buff ware flagons - part of ringed neck (1st C AD), 90 mm long; part of ringed neck, 80 mm; small fragment of ringed neck, 32 mm long; 2 fragments of handle with 2 grooves, 85 mm and 55 mm; base fragment, 80 mm diam.
X.4670ArchaeologyGodmanchesterShelly ware sherds of an orange- buff colour - 2 rim fragments of large storage vessels, ca. 400 mm diam.; rim of small vessel, 35 mm length; base, 190 mm diam.; base, 100 mm diam.
X.4671ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 colour-coated body sherds of Castor ware - 45 mm and 32 mm; 4 sherds with dimpled decoration - 30 mm to 60 mm lengths (one rim fragment, 110 mm diam.); 1 rim sherd of red ware with grooved and rouletted decoration, 200 mm diam.
X.4576ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFrom topsoil. Saxon. 1 sherd of green glazed ware. 2 sherds of black burnished ware with vertical lines near top and horizontal groove below. 19 sherds of local coarse ware, buff to grey-black in colour, (with shell temper?) of these: 1 rim sherd with 240mm diameter, 1 sherd (base and rim) with diameter roughly 300mm, 1 100mm diameter base, with matching sherd glued on. 13 other rim sherds and 3 other base sherds.1 thinner flat burnt sherd (residual?).Labelled P.L 1.2 to P.L. 1.30
X.4577ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFrom Trench 3, layer 2, wall 24 (of the Mansio?). 1 greenish yellow glazed rim sherd of 180mm diameter. 12 sherds of coarse ware, pinkish-red to black in colour, shell temper, of which 5 are rim sherds (200-250mm in diameter).
X.4578ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFrom Trench 4.6, layer 5, Pit R.6. 7 sherds of coarse black pottery, including 1 120mm diameter rim, and another smaller rim sherd. Two sherds quite thin. Roman. 1 rectangular stone with mortar attached (tesserae?). 1 sherd of colour coated fine ware, brownish-purple surface, white fabric. 1 piece of post-medieval glass (residual).
X. 4579ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFrom Trench 4.7, layer 4. Saxo-Norman. "RT/W25" right side of wall 25? 3 pieces of green glazed ware, mouh of jug (40mm diameter) with part of handle (labelled P.L 8.6), 1 set of body sherds reassembled into larger piece, and 1 single body sherd. 8 sherds of coarse ware pinkish to grey and black colours, shell temper, 1 rim sherd 280mm diameter, and 3 other rim sherds.
X.4580ArchaeologyGodmanchester31 sherds of Samian including 2 tops (40mm and 50mm diameter), 6 rim sherds (around 80-140mm diameters), 1 sherd with base and rim (90mm diameter rim), 2 base sherds. Finds labelled P.L/P.R.I/ 2 to 34. Bases appear to be from bowls. 1 sherd is much darker, 2 show signs of burning. 3 very small sherds with figured decoration, 2 sherds with lined decoration.This is part of a Form 29 vessel from La Graufesenque (Proceedings of Cambridge Antiquarian Society, Volume 53 January 1959-December 1959, pg8-22).
X.4581ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFrom Trench 3, layer 2, wall 23. Saxo-Norman. 45 sherds of pottery. 11 sherds of glazed pottery, 8 green, 2 yellow, 1 with traces of yellow glaze. 1 sherd of buff ware without glaze and thicker. 7 sherds of red ware, 2 rim sherds, 1 200mm diameter. 26 sherds of coarse ware, buff to black in colour, shell tempered, 9 rim sherds and 17 other sherds.Largest rim 140mm diameter, others pieces around this size, thickness suggests storage or cooking vessels.
X.4582ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFrom Pit S. 5, layer 3. Saxon. 18 sherds of coarseware. 15 are pinkish buff to black with shell temper, including 3 rims (largest 160mm diameter) and 1 base. 2 sherds of black ware with grey sandy cores and shell temper, 1 of which is a rim (diameter 190mm). 1 sherd of better made buff ware. Rims and base are labelled P.L 3.1 to P.L 3.6 (but 3.5 doesn’t seem to be present).
X.4672ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous sherds of cream-buff ware - (1) mortarium rim (no grits showing), ca. 340 mm diam., (2) 4 rims including part of flagon and a rim with flange, 160 mm, 150 mm, 190 mm and 90 mm diams., (3) 1 lid fragment, 180 mm diam., (4) 10 body sherds, largest fragment 88 mm by 60 mm.
X.4673ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous sherds - (1) 4 very small fragments of Samian ware, less than 20 mm length, (2) grey-buff base, 49 mm diam., (3) 2 grey body sherds, 52 mm by 40 mm and 45 mm by 30 mm, (4) fragment of orange-brown colour-coated indented beaker, 40 mm by 35 mm, (5) body fragment of orange ware with shallow cordon, 50 mm by 25 mm, (6) body fragment of grey ware with orange, rough sandy surface, 50 mm by 30 mm.
X.4674ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 miscellaneous sherds - (1) flat-topped rim with groove in grey-buff fabric, ca. 200 mm diam., (2) 2 grey-buff rim or lid fragments, ca. 150 mm and 190 mm diam.
X.4675ArchaeologyGodmanchesterOne fragment of a clay pipe bowl plus miscellaneous body sherds of glazed medieval and early post-medieval pottery with dark brown, mid-brown, mottled-brown salt-glaze, thin green glazes. Largest piece is 110 mm by 90 mm. One fragment of colour coated Castor ware (Roman) - 35 mm by 20 mm.
X.4677ArchaeologyGodmanchester5 rim sherds of large storage jars; coarse grey-buff fabric with shell inclusion - 400 mm to 450 mm diam.
X.4678ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 base sherds of large storage jars; coarse grey-buff fabric with shell inclusion - 200 mm to 220 mm diam.
X.4679ArchaeologyGodmanchester7 body sherds of large storage jars; coarse grey-buff fabric with shell inclusion; rilled decoration on outer surfaces - largest sherd 180 mm by 115 mm.
X.4680ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 body sherds of large storage jars; coarse grey-buff fabric with shell inclusion; decoration of vertical and horizontal lines between girth grooves - largest sherd 180 mm by 125 mm.
SAVNM2014.9MetalHuntingdon DistrictA complete cast silver heart-shaped brooch of probably Medieval date. The frame of the brooch is caset into the shape of an asymmetric heart with a small protrusion at the point to the right. The frame narrows to 1.94mm to encompass the hinge of the pin, but there is no pin rest on the opposite side. The brooch pin is complete and also composed of silver, with the hinge end loosley looped over the frame and the terminal end narrowing to a rounded point. The surface of the frame and pin is undecorated. The frame has a D-shaped cross section and the cross section of the pin is oval. Overall the brooch is in good condition. Analysis has shown that the brooch frame and pin also contain copper, lead and zince in addition to the silver content. L 1.22mm, W 2.2mm, thickness 1.22mm, weigh 1.65g
X.4681ArchaeologyGodmanchester35 miscellaneous body sherds of vessels in coarse fabrics with shell inclusion, orange to grey; some with rilled decoration - largest is 70 mm by 50 mm.
X.4682ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 rim sherd of a large storage jar - ca. 420 mm diam. and 4 base sherds of vessels in a coarse buff-grey fabric with shell inclusion - 90 mm, 100 mm, 110 mm, 200 mm and 220 mm diam.
X.4683ArchaeologyGodmanchester12 body sherds of large vessels in coarse buff-grey fabrics with shell inclusion; combed decoration - largest is 120 mm by 90 mm and smallest is 40 by 45 mm.
X.4684ArchaeologyGodmanchester19 body sherds of large vessels in coarse buff-grey fabrics with shell inclusion; combed decoration - largest is 90 mm by 65 mm and smallest is 30 mm by 20 mm.
X.4685ArchaeologyGodmanchester30 body sherds of large vessels in coarse buff-grey and orange fabrics with shell inclusion, some with combed decoration - largest is 70 mm by 70 mm and smallest is 25 mm by 25 mm.
X.4686ArchaeologyGodmanchester23 body sherds of large vessels in coarse buff-grey fabrics with shell inclusion - largest is 65 mm by 55 mm and smallest is 30 mm by 20 mm.
X.4687ArchaeologyGodmanchesterOne fragment of painted plaster; white with an orange-red band - 33 mm by 30 mm. One tessera ?; chalk - 28 mm by 20 mm by 9 mm thick. One fragment of white plastered tile? - max. length 60 mm.
X.4688ArchaeologyGodmanchester1. Rim sherd of a large storage jar; coarse buff fabric - ca. 400 mm diam., 2. Rim sherd of a mortarium; hard, buff fabric with brown grits - 340 mm diam., 3. Fragment of an amphora handle with a cross scratched on it - 155 mm long.
X.4689ArchaeologyGodmanchesterTwo joining sherds of a near straight-sided bowl with a thin, slightly everted rim; grey ware with black burnished coating; stippled decoration between girth grooves with one panel containing a V mark - 130 mm rim diam.
X.4690ArchaeologyGodmanchesterThree joining sherds forming part of a Samian ware dish, D18 form and mid- to late- 1st century; decoration of radial lines between two concentric circles - 230 mm rim diam.
X.4691ArchaeologyGodmanchesterTwo mortarium rim sherds - 1. buff fabric with black grits; reeded flange; 4th century; ca. 340 mm diam., 2. orange fabric (no grits showing); ca. 310 mm diam.
X.4692ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase of a colour-coated vessel; buff fabric; dark brown coat on inside and orange coat on outside with rouletted and grooved decoration - 48 mm diam.
X.4693ArchaeologyGodmanchester1. Two joining rim sherds of grey ware with shallow groove round neck - 100 mm diam., 2. Rim sherd in a hard, sandy, grey fabric - 200 mm diam., 3. Rim sherd in an orange-red sandy fabric with cream colour coat - 140 mm diam., 4. Rim sherd in a hard, cream fabric; bead below a small flat rim - ca. 110 mm diam., 5. Body sherd of a grey ware vessel with cream colour coat - 65 mm max. dimension.
X.4583ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 sherds of Saxon Thetford ware, 1 reassembled rim sherd, from 2 pieces, with distinctive thumb strip, and another smaller rim sherd without thumb strip.Reassembled rim sherd is labelled N.O.8, smaller rim sherd P.L. 212, body sherd labelled P.L. 416. From S.R.A.3. (?). Layer 6?
X.4584ArchaeologyGodmanchester33 sherds of pottery and 1 piece of clay pipe (undecorated). 9 sherds of late or post-medieval pottery. 1 black fabric handle with traces of green glazing, 4 sherds of a coarse red fabric with a browny-red glaze, and 2 sherds, 1 a rim sherd with 340mm diameter, of a plate or bowl with clear glaze and yellow glaze decoration. 1 small sherd of grey ware with greeny black glaze. 1 sherd of pinkish-red ware with discoloured green and brown glaze. 24 sherds of Roman pottery. 4 sherds of Samian ware, including 1 rim sherd, diameter 150mm. 2 sherds of a darker, less lustrous red 1 sherd of which has diagonal line decoration and the other is a rim sherd, diameter 160mm. 1 large flat sherd of a coarse buff ware with shell temper. 1 sherd of a pinkish-cream ware.13 sherds of greyish-black ware of slightly varying fabrics and colours, including 4 rims, the larger 2 being 180mm and 170mm diameter, and 3 base sherds the largest being 90mm diameter, 1 sherd has spotted incised decoration. 3 sherds of a coarse red fabric, 1 handle, and 1 base with 80mm diameter.
X.4585ArchaeologyGodmanchester36 sherds of pottery. 4 sherds of a coarse redish fabric with shell temper, quite thick. All 4 pieces are bases and 2 have rims as well, showing them to be shallow but large dishes, 250mm diameter. They are labelled PL 6.10 to PL 6.17. 22 sherds of blackish-buff ware with shell temper, 17 of which rim sherds. 4 sherds labelled PL 6.12-15, diameters 100-180mm. 10 sherds of buff ware some with traces of green glaze, 4 rim sherds, 2 of which were around 140mm diameter. From S.R.A.3 (?), layer 6 (?).
X.4586ArchaeologyGodmanchester11 pieces of ceramic building material and mortar and 1 stone tessarae. Largest piece of tile has incised line patterning. 4 pieces of corroded ironwork, unclear what they are.From Trench 3.9, layer 2.
X.4587ArchaeologyGodmanchester10 sherds of Saxo-Norman pottery. 5 sherds of black fabric including 1 rim, diameter 160mm. 5 sherds of coarse fabric with shell temper, black on the outside and red inside, including 1 rim, diameter 240mm.
X.4588ArchaeologyGodmanchester42 sherds of Samian including 9 rims 100-230mm diameters, 1 with base as well (rim diameter 210mm, base diameter 110mm). Most labelled PL192.1 and up, some just labelled PL192, others PL193, and others PL194. Other decorated pieces matching figures 1,2, 9-12, and 21 (a partial stamp of uncertain origin, perhaps Damonus of La Graufesenque, Claudius-Nero) from Proceedings of Cambridge Antiquarian Society, Volume 53 January 1959-December 1959, pg12-14, appendix II. Figure 1 is decorated with rosettes and compound stalked-scroll of upper frieze similar to form 29 from London, AD50-60, found with 2 other pieces in a separate bag, 1 also decorated in the same way. Figure 2 shows a lion, a common South Gaulish type, with typically Flavian metopes, and details like arrowheads, AD75-85. Figure 9 is Form 37, La Graufesenque, festoons containing a cunieform leaf divided by fan-tailed leaves, Nero-Vespasian. Figure 10 is a St Andrew's cross design similar to form 29, London, Vespasianic. Figure 11 is a form 37, La Graufesenque, showing Silenus with grapes, AD85-105. Figure 12 is a Form 37 in the style of Potter X2 of Central Gaul, with a satyr with wineskin, AD100-120.
X.4589ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSaxon. 31 sherds of coarse pottery, including 12 rim sherds (130-150mm diameter) and 3 base sherds (100mm diameter). Grey to buff fabric, shell temper. Some are labelled From S.R.A.2. Layer 5.
X.4590ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMedieval. 26 sherds of buff ware with green and yellow glazing, with dark brown or grey line decoration. 9 sherds of the same buff ware but without any trace of glazing. 6 sherds of black pottery 5 of which are rim sherds, around 200mm diameter. 23 sherds are labelled PL2.1, 4 labelled PL2.2, 3 labelled PL2.3, 1 labelled PL2.4, and 4 unlabelled, all of which are of the buff ware. No clear connection between these groups. The black ware pieces are labelled PL2.7 to PL2.13 with one maybe reading PL.2.11 and PL2.12 missing. From pit 2.3 (?), layer 2.
X.4694ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPart of an annular pottery ring in a grey fabric - external diam. ca. 122 mm and internal diam. 65 mm, thickness of ring 28 mm. Use uncertain - possibly a support or stand of some kind.
X.4695ArchaeologyGodmanchester1. Approximately half of a plain cream ware dish encrusted with a rust coloured deposit - 155 mm rim diam. and ca. 115 mm base diam., 2. 2 rim sherds of a grey ware vessel; three grooves round shoulder - 140 mm diam., 3. Rim sherd, seating a lid, of a buff, shelly ware vessel with rilled decoration on outside - 190 mm diam., 4. Base of a Castor ware beaker with a brown-grey colour coat - 47 mm diam.
X.4696ArchaeologyGodmanchesterA rim and a body sherd of decorated Samian ware; D37 bowl form - 230 mm rim diam., body sherd 73 mm by 60 mm.
X.4697ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 sherds of Belgic ware - 1. part of a base with foot ring; black fabric, 56 mm max. length, 2. thin-walled body sherd; grey burnished, 50 mm by 18 mm, 3. grey body sherd, 45 mm by 30 mm, 4. beaded rim of a grey bowl with one cordon, 140 mm diam.
X.4698ArchaeologyGodmanchester21 miscellaneous sherds in buff, grey, black burnished and orange fabrics from a rubbish pit - 5 rims, 120 mm to 450 mm diams.; 3 bases, 58 mm to 90 mm diams.; 13 body sherds - 25 mm to 80 mm lengths.
X.4699ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous pottery and tile from near skeleton 3 - 1. two fragments of tegula, 200 mm and 135 mm lengths, 2. three rim sherds of buff ware, 240 mm, 110 mm and 220 mm diams., 3. sherd of a pedestal base; black burnished grey ware, 90 mm diam., 4. three body sherds of buff ware, 65 mm to 80 mm lengths, 5. two fragments of an amphora? 160 mm and 80 mm lengths.
X.4700ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase sherd of a brown glazed jar in a red fabric - ca. 200 mm diam.
X.4701ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of handle of green glazed jar in a red fabric - 50 mm length.
X.4702ArchaeologyGodmanchester5 pieces of animal bone, including 2 jaw fragments. 5 body sherds of grey, orange and shelly wares; the largest (70 mm by 60 mm) has rouletted line decoration. A base in an orange fabric - 72 mm diam. One thin, flat, sub-circular stone - 50 mm max. length.
X.4703ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSkull, female?
X.4704ArchaeologyGodmanchesterPart of a femur and the sacrum of a burial at Park Lane School.
X.4705ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMass of burnt clay with traces of wattle - ca. 1 kg.
X.4706ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSkull, male? Cephalic index 75, with associated objects - neck/handle of a buff coloured flagon; handle ca. 65 mm top to bottom and base sherd of same item; 48 mm diam.
X.4707ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous pot/bone dug up from near the burial of a young adolescent - 3 oyster shell; 2 fragments of animal jaw bones (one a horse); 8 rim sherds, grey and buff-orange fabrics (3 joining with 2 grooves round shoulder and carinated, 180 mm diam.); buff ware base, 65 mm diam.; 2 body sherds, grey and buff fabrics, 130 mm by 85 mm and 85 mm by 65 mm.
X.4708ArchaeologyGodmanchester27 rim sherds of miscellaneous grey wares; everted and straight rims; 1st to 2nd century - diameters range from 80 mm to 250 mm.
X.4709ArchaeologyGodmanchester12 body sherds of miscellaneous grey wares; plain, lightly rilled, black burnished lattice, rouletted decorations; 1st to 2nd century - 25 mm to 110 mm lengths.
X.4710ArchaeologyGodmanchester15 miscellaneous sherds - 1. five body sherds, buff fabric with orange colour coat and cream barbotine lines; 30 mm to 40 mm, 2. five rim sherds of cream-buff wares; ca. 200 mm diam., 3. five body sherds of cream-buff wares, one carinated piece with groove; 35 mm to 80 mm lengths.
X.4711ArchaeologyGodmanchesterA few miscellaneous bones of skeleton II - 3 fragments of long bones; 210 mm, 150 mm, 105 mm lengths; foot? bone; 65 mm; 3 bones from the spine; end of a femur.
X.4712ArchaeologyGodmanchester7 miscellaneous rim sherds - 1. two fragments of coarse, buff, shell tempered, large storage jars; ca. 370 mm and 450 mm diams., 2. two fragments of vessels with grey fabric and orange surfaces, grooves on shoulder; ca. 200 mm and 140 mm diams., 3. three fragments of grey ware; 130 mm, 250 mm and ca. 350 mm diams.
X.4713ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 base sherds - 30 mm diam. (Castor ware beaker); 65 mm diam. (black slipped greyware); 85 mm and 70 mm diam. (greyware). 7 miscellaneous body sherds of vessels in grey, buff and orange fabrics, 40 mm to 70 mm lengths.
X.4714ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBones of a young adolescent, height 4 foot 6 1/2 inches (Skeleton I, Park Lane School, opposite Island Hall and 150 yards north of Church).
X.4591ArchaeologyGodmanchester43 sherds of a coarse, shell tempered, buff coloured pot, including two base sherds - ca. 170 mm diam.
X.4592ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 lead piping fragments from trench II 5, layer 9E (ex packet label from Michael Green's excavations).
X.4593ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 lead piping fragment from trench II 5, layer 1A east end (ex packet label from Michael Green's excavations).
X.4594ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 lump of lead waste from trench IV 5/6, layer RT/W.25B (ex packet label from Michael Green's excavations).
X.4595ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 fragment of folded tin sheet? from trench IV 6, layer 3 (ex packet label from Michael Green's excavations).
X.4596ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous fragments of lead waste plus an 83 mm length of flattened, narrow-bore lead pipe? and a lump of green-tinged slag, 45 mm (small label in packet records trench 24/25).
X.4597ArchaeologyGodmanchester7 fragments of bird bones, lengths ca. 45 mm (label in bag records the provenance as Hut R.1).
X.4598ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous finds from trench V3, layer 2 - 1. 5 rim sherds of Roman grey and buff wares, 150 mm to 250 mm diams., 2. 5 sherds of Roman grey wares (2 base and 3 body sherds), 60 mm max. length, 3. 5 small fragments of Samian ware, 35 mm max. length, 4. one small body sherd of Roman red ware, 25 mm, 5. 4 sherds of medieval brown and green glazed wares, 43 mm max. length, 6. one clay pipe stem fragment, 44 mm.
X.4599ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 body sherds of grey ware, 33 mm to 40 mm, and 2 body sherds of orange-buff ware, 35 mm to 40 mm, from trench III, Hut 1 (as recorded on bag label).
X.4600ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous animal bones from trench III, Hut 1 (as recorded on bag label). One of two bags.
X.4601ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous animal bones from trench III, Hut 1 (as recorded on bag label). One of two bags.
X.4602ArchaeologyGodmanchester19 sherds of miscellaneous grey ware vessels, variously decorated - 1. 4 rim sherds, one carinated piece with chevron and groove decoration and one black burnished, 70 mm, 120 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm diam., 2. 15 body sherds, including grooved, 'pimpled' and 'stabbed' decorations, 30 mm to 70 mm lengths.
X.4603ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSkull of a dog (marked as coming from pit R.2 and presumed to be Roman).
X.4604ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherds of a grey ware pot - 3 rims, everted with two grooves around top of shoulder, 250 mm diam; 8 plain body sherds, 22 mm to 75 mm lengths; one small piece of base, 35 mm.
X.4605ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherds (rim and body) of a grey ware pot; grooves around neck and top of shoulder; black burnished zig-zag decoration on shoulder, everted rim of ca. 250 mm diam.
X.4606ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim and two body sherds of a small, plain, globular vessel with everted rim; a hard fabric with an orange core and grey surfaces - 100 mm rim diam.
X.4607ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim sherd of a carinated grey ware vessel; everted rim with grooves and black burnishing on neck and shoulder - 220 mm diam. Plus one very small piece of same pot.
X.4608ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim, base and body sherd of a buff ware vessel in a hard, smooth fabric. Essentially plain but with slight scratch marks - 180 mm diam. rim, 100 mm diam. base.
X.4609ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 rim sherds and 3 body sherds of a grey ware vessel in a hard fabric with circumferential grooved decoration - rim 140 mm diam.and body sherds 20 mm to 30 mm.
X.4610ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase and 4 body sherds of grey-buff ware pot in a hard, smooth fabric. Trace of grooved decoration on one body sherd. Base 75 mm diam. and body sherds 22 mm to 52 mm lengths.
X.4611ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 rim sherds and 2 very small body sherds of a carinated grey ware pot in a hard fabric; two grooves around top of the rim - 200 mm diam.
X.4612ArchaeologyGodmanchesterRim and body sherd of a plain buff ware pot in a hard fabric; a straight-sided rim with groove around top; some scorching on inner and outer surfaces (for seating a lid?) - rim 190 mm diam. and body 35 mm length.
X.4613ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 body sherds of a plain grey-buff ware pot in a hard fabric with a smooth, burnished brown-orange outer surface - 24 mm to 105 mm lengths.
X.4614ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 rim sherds and 3 body sherds of a plain, grey-buff, small pot; some scorching on surface - rim 70 mm diam. and 30 mm to 50 mm body lengths.
X.4615ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 rim sherd, 4 body sherds and a fragment of the base of a grey-buff, plain pot in a hard, smooth fabric; some scorching on surfaces - 30 mm to 80 mm lengths.
X.4616ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 rim sherd and 1 body sherd of brown-buff pot with a smooth, burnished outer surface; cordon and groove on shoulder - rim 190 mm diam. and 80 mm length of body.
X.4617ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 rim sherd and 1 body sherd of a carinated, orange-buff pot with black burnished banding on neck and body - rim ca. 100 mm diam. and 90 mm body length.
X.4618ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 rim sherd and 13 body sherds of a grey ware pot; black burnishing on rim and neck - rim 170 mm diam. and 20 mm to 60 mm body lengths.
X.4619ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous grey-buff ware sherds - 2 rims (1) small pot, 100 mm diam. and (2) a plain rim, ca. 200 mm diam.; 9 body sherds, two pieces with rilled banding; 25 mm to 60 mm lengths.
X.4620ArchaeologyGodmanchester1 rim and 2 body sherds of a carinated grey-buff pot in a hard fabric; burnished lattice decoration on neck - ca. 200 mm diam., 30 mm and 60 mm body lengths.
X.4621ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 large fragments of grey ware pots - (1) rim 160 mm diam., (2) two rilled bands of decoration on body, rim 180 mm diam., (3) rim 180 mm diam., (4) carinated form, two grooves on neck and shoulder,
X.4622ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 grey ware base sherds - 62 mm and 90 mm diam.; 11 body sherds, one with black burnished outer surface, 25 mm to 105 mm lengths.
X.4623ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherd of a grey ware pot lid or, perhaps, a pedestal base - 130 mm max. dimension.
X.4624ArchaeologyGodmanchesterNeck and portion of the handle of a cream ware flagon; ring-necked; 64 mm diam. at top (from ditch 2). Body sherd of Castor ware; brown colour coat; 60 mm (from ditch 3). Grey ware body sherd, 35 mm by 35 mm.
X.4625ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 plaster fragments; white with perhaps a trace of green pattern. Plaster coating on a pale, gritty mortar. 70 mm and 50 mm.
X.4626ArchaeologyGodmanchesterOne fragment of buff, shell tempered amphora? - 85 mm. Two white tesserae - 10 mm by 10 mm and ca. 20 mm by 20 mm. Two small fragments of plaster; one is white/red, 30 mm and the other is orange/green, 30 mm, both on pale mortar.
X.4717ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBones of a young adolescent, height 4 foot 6 1/2 inches (Skeleton I, Park Lane School, opposite Island Hall and 150 yards north of Church).
X.4627ArchaeologyGodmanchester7 tesserae - three are grey stone and nominally 20 mm by 20 mm; two are white chalk and nominally 20 mm by 20 mm; two are white chalk and nominally 10 mm by 10 mm. One piece of stone (clunch? building material?) - max. length 80 mm. One small, thin piece of stone with possible traces of plaster on both sides - 25 mm by 30 mm and ca. 4 mm thick.
X.4628ArchaeologyGodmanchester71 tesserae made from chalk and in two nominal sizes, 20 mm by 20 mm and 10 mm by 10 mm. 28 tesserae made from a grey stone and in the two nominal sizes as for the chalk tesserae. 3 tesserae made from orange tile. 3 fragments of hypocaust tile with scored surface - 50 mm to 70 mm. 5 fragments of white plaster - 15 mm to 40 mm. One fragment of flat stone (roof tile?) - 35 mm by 50 mm and ca. 7 mm thick.
X.4629ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 fragments of tile - 33 mm to 60 mm. 11 fragments of flat stone (roof tile?) - 30 mm to 70 mm. 2 fragments of painted plaster on buff mortar; white and white with orange-red traces - 40 mm and 60 mm. 2 fragments of a porous, chalky material - ca. 40 mm.
X.4630ArchaeologyGodmanchesterOne fragment of hard, orange tile with a scored lattice marked surface (part of a hypocaust tile?) - 70 mm by 100 mm and 16 mm thick.
X.4631ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMortar with piece of coal embedded in it - lump ca. 65 mm long, plus a fragment of coal - 22 mm.
X.4632ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous sherds - (1) 6 body sherds of grey wares; one is black burnished, one with pimpled decoration; 34 mm to 70 mm lengths, (2) one small piece of grey rim; 30 mm, (3) 2 body sherds of buff ware with black surfaces; 25 mm and 40 mm, (4) one body sherd of orange-buff ware with orange surfaces; 33 mm, (5) 2 body sherds of a hard, buff fabric; 60 mm and 95 mm.
X.4633ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 fragments of plaster on buff mortar; white, white with trace of orange-red and white with a brown deposit on surface - 23 mm, 40 mm and 60 mm.
X.4634ArchaeologyGodmanchester35 sherds of miscellaneous pots of orange-buff fabric, some with shell temper, some with scored/rilled line decoration, mostly coarse and quite porous - maximum length 100 mm and including one rim sherd, ca. 330 mm diam., and one base sherd, ca. 60 mm diam.
X.4635ArchaeologyGodmanchester15 miscellaneous grey ware rim sherds in diameter range ca. 160 mm to 350 mm.
X.4636ArchaeologyGodmanchester10 miscellaneous body sherds with decoration (grooves, stabbings, barbotine circles/spots) - 45 mm max. length. One fragment of handle of flagon, buff with orange surface - 50 mm. 6 grey ware base sherds - 55 mm to 100 mm diam.
X.4637ArchaeologyGodmanchester60 miscellaneous sherds of grey and grey-buff wares, mostly plain, a few with black burnishing - largest dimension 65 mm.
X.4638ArchaeologyGodmanchesterA large number of small sherds/fragments of miscellaneous grey, buff and orange wares.
X.4639ArchaeologyGodmanchester10 body sherds of miscellaneous buff and orange wares, three with curved and straight line decoration - largest dimension 60 mm.
X.4640ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSmall lump of coal - 30 mm by 30 mm by 15 mm and small lump of slag - 35 mm maximum length.
X. 4641ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of tile; curved and with trace of red-brown glaze (medieval?) - 55 mm maximum length.
X.4642ArchaeologyGodmanchester46 coarse, orange-buff sherds, some with shell temper and some with scored straight and curved line decoration; 1 rim and 2 base fragments and the rest are body sherds - largest piece 65 mm by 75 mm.
X.4643ArchaeologyGodmanchester17 miscellaneous rim sherds; 6 in an orange-buff fabric, one of these with an inverted rim and a burnished outer surface, and the rest grey wares - diameter range ca. 120 mm to 230 mm.
X.4644ArchaeologyGodmanchester17 miscellaneous body sherds in grey and orange-buff fabrics with various, simple decoration patterns (grooved, rilled, pimpled, stabbed lines) - 20 mm to 50 mm lengths.
X.4645ArchaeologyGodmanchester5 miscellaneous base sherds - (1) buff, 100 mm diam., (2) orange, 60 mm diam., (3) orange with reddish surface, 70 mm diam., (4) grey, ca. 100 mm diam., (5) grey, 50 mm diam.
X.4646ArchaeologyGodmanchester50 miscellaneous (mostly small, ca. 25 mm) sherds of cream, buff and orange-buff wares, but including a larger, coarse base sherd of a large storage vessel - 105 mm length.
X.4647ArchaeologyGodmanchester60 miscellaneous sherds of grey wares (mostly plain body sherds) - 20 mm to 70 mm (longest length).
X.4648ArchaeologyGodmanchester52 miscellaneous and small grey ware sherds in one of the bags of material from hut 1 - typically lengths of ca. 15 mm, plus one grey stone tessera, 15 mm square.
X.4649ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBag containing 4 sherds of a vessel in a hard, pink-buff smooth fabric - part of the rim with a cordon immediately below - 190 mm diam. and 2 other (plain) sherds - 25 mm and 65 mm.
X.4650ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBag containing sherds of a pinkish-buff globular vessel with body decoration comprising two girth grooves with a band of lightly-scored wavy lines, another groove and fine, lightly-scored slanting lines below, with 2 rim sherds - 170 mm diam.
X.4651ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBag containing 3 sherds of orange ware beakers - (1) rim sherd with orange-red slip-painted decoration on globular body comprising short dashes and chevrons - 80 mm diam., (2) rim sherd - 120 mm diam., (3) globular body sherd with trace of orange-red barbotine decoration (poppy head beaker?) - 65 mm.
X.4652ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBag containing 13 body sherds of a plain, hard, smooth buff ware vessel with some soot blackening - 20 mm to 80 mm lengths.
X.4653ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBag containing the base (96 mm diam.) and two body sherds of an orange ware vessel with a greyish surface and some soot blackening; decoration of rilled horizontal lines - 45 mm and 77 mm.
X.4654ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBag containing a rim sherd (160 mm diam.), with internal and external groove on the short neck, and a body sherd (70 mm long), with faint grooved and rouletted decoration, of a vessel in a brownish-grey fabric.
X.4721ArchaeologyGodmanchester6 base sherds of miscellaneous grey and grey-buff wares, including a pedestal dish of 38 mm diam. base and a plain rim of 150 mm diam. Other diameters - 58 mm, 70 mm and ca. 80 mm.
X.4722ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous sherds of buff wares ranging in shades from greyish to pinkish to orangeish - 6 rim sherds, diameter range ca. 130 mm to 200 mm; 29 body sherds variously decorated (grooves, wavy and straight lines, chevrons, crescent indentations), 25 mm to 85 mm lengths, plus one tessera made from tile, 25 mm square.
X.4723ArchaeologyGodmanchester36 body sherds of miscellaneous grey wares, some black burnished, one piece with lattice decoration and one piece heavily sooted - largest piece 100 mm by 145 mm.
X.4724ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous grey wares - 6 rim sherds, ca. 150 mm to 210 mm diameters; 8 base sherds, one base with a small hole, 44 mm to 130 mm diameters, plus one corroded nail, 42 mm, and one small fragment of bone, 35 mm.
X.4725ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous buff ware sherds, shades ranging from greyish to orangeish - 3 rim sherds, 200 mm, 200 mm and 220 mm diam.; 2 base sherds, ca. 100 mm and 150 mm diam.; 34 body sherds, 20 mm to 80 mm lengths.
X.4726ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous grey ware body sherds (35), some pieces black burnished and one piece with lattice decoration - 25 mm to 90 mm lengths.
X.4727ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous small sherds of grey wares (35) including a fragment of base and a fragment with lattice decoration - maximum length 55 mm, plus a small fragment of charcoal, 24 mm.
X.4655ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherds of buff wares - 2 flagon rims, 52 mm and 61 mm diam. at top; 2 fragments of handles, 22 mm and 35 mm handle widths; 2 base sherds, 100 mm and 70 mm diam.; 22 body sherds, 15 mm to 93 mm lengths.
X.4656ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 rim sherds of a black burnished grey ware 'pie' dish; plain rim with two girth grooves around body - 220 mm diam.
X.4657ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherds of a buff ware vessel with traces of a burnished surface - 3 rim sherds, 100 mm diam. and 3 body sherds, 45 mm, 50 mm and 55 mm lengths.
X.4658ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous grey ware sherds - 14 rims with various plain and everted forms and decoration (black burnishing, rough casting, grooves, carination, lines), diameter range ca. 100 mm to 220 mm, 25 body sherds (various decoration as for the rims), 20 mm to 80 mm lengths and one base sherd with foot ring, 70 mm diam.
X.4659ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 sherds of a black burnished, grey ware, carinated vessel - 2 rim sherds with grooved decoration on body, 170 mm diam.; 2 body sherds, 26 mm and 67 mm lengths.
X.4660ArchaeologyGodmanchester15 rim sherds of miscellaneous grey and grey-buff wares (everted and plain/flat topped rim forms) - diameter range ca. 130 mm to 400 mm.
X.4734ArchaeologyGodmanchester(1) 2 body sherds of Castor ware, orange colour coat - 26 mm and 48 mm; (2) 3 grey ware sherds - rim fragment, 40 mm; base fragment, 38 mm; body, 55 mm; (3) 8 buff ware sherds - base, 70 mm diam. and base fragment, 44 mm; shell tempered rim of large jar, ca. 450 mm diam.; reeded rim, 170 mm diam.; shell tempered body sherd with rilled decoration, 98 mm; body sherd with orange surfaces, 68 mm; 2 other body sherds, 38 mm and 90 mm.
X.4735ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous, mostly medieval into post-medieval with 3 small sherds of Roman (2 colour coat and 1 buff ware) - 6 sherds of brown and green glazed redware, 30 mm to 100 mm; 1 grey ware with trace of glaze, 47 mm; 1 fragment of a grey handle, 45 mm long; 1 rim sherd of Cistertian ware, ca. 450 mm diam.; 1 body sherd of cream and brown glazed Staffordshire ware, 60 mm; 1 fragment of a cream handle (modern?), 48 mm long. Top of a green (medicine?) bottle, 21 mm diam.
X.4736ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous buff and buff-grey wares with shell tempering, generally hard and coarse - 3 rim sherds, 500 mm and 200 mm diam. plus a fragment (30 mm); 2 base sherds, 80 mm and 120 mm diam.; 21 body sherds, some with rilled or grooved decoration, 25 mm to 105 mm lengths. One small shard of very pale green, thin-walled vessel glass - 16 mm.
X.4737ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous Roman and Medieval sherds - (1) 3 fragments of Samian ware, 30 mm to 42 mm; (2) 7 body sherds of Roman colour coated wares, dark brown to orange surfaces, 15 mm to 35 mm; (3) 5 Roman grey ware rim sherds, all ca. 200 mm diam.; (4) 6 Roman grey ware body sherds, two with lattice decoration, two with pimpled surface, 35 mm to 45 mm; (5) 14 sherds of Medieval glazed (brown, green-brown, green and black) and unglazed wares, including one fragment of handle (50 mm) and one base sherd (100 mm diam.) - max. length 70 mm.
X.4738ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBuilding materials - 1 chalk tessera, 10 mm cube; 1 mortar/plaster (orange-brown) fragment, 40 mm by 40 mm; 1 stone fragment, 42 mm by 50 mm.
X.4739ArchaeologyGodmanchester20 chalk or pale-grey stone tesserae (2 joining) - 10 mm to 20 mm cubes; 1 red tile fragment with lattice scoring on one side, 50 mm by 80 mm; 1 lump of slag, 70 mm by 80 mm; 1 lump of charcoal (half section of a branch), ca. 40 mm diam.; 4 fragments of a grey tile? 30 mm to 45 mm.
X.4740ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 tesserae, 10 mm and 20 mm cubes; 7 fragments of stone tile, 50 mm to 70 mm; 1 fragment of mortar/plaster (brown-orange); 1 sherd of a large, shelly ware storage vessel? - 50 mm by 108 mm.
X.4741ArchaeologyGodmanchesterNeck of a flask of a light grey fabric with a smooth and soapy texture, blackened in one part; two cordons on commencement of shoulder - 70 mm diameter at top of neck.
X.4742ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 grey ware sherds, one rim, ca. 100 mm diam. and 2 body sherds, 52 mm and 57 mm; 1 buff ware body sherd with banded line decoration, 50 mm; 1 cream ware body sherd with brown barbotine decoration of bands of dots and part of a curving line.
X.4743ArchaeologyGodmanchesterAn assemblage of metalworking slag - largest lump ca. 100 mm by 100 mm.
X.4744ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous material from topsoil - 3 fragments of whetstone, 34 mm, 36 mm and 53 mm lengths; 23 tesserae of various sizes from 10 mm cube to 25 mm cube; 2 small fragments of mortar adherring to tile.
X.4745ArchaeologyGodmanchesterOver 60 sherds of an orange-buff flagon with a ringed neck, including 2 fragments of rim, 100 mm diam. and two fragments of the base, 110 mm diam.
X.4746ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherds of a shallow, plain grey ware dish with some patches of darkening - rim diameter 180 mm; base has a grooved bottom and diameter 55 mm.
X.4747ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 sherds of a small greyware vessel with black burnished surfaces, highly decorated on outside (grooves, vertically scored bands, semicircles of concentric arcs) - rim diameter ca. 100 mm and maximum sherd length of 50 mm. 6 other sherds of buff-grey fabric with smooth burnished outer surfaces and similar patterns of decoration - one rim sherd of diameter ca. 200 mm and maximum sherd length of 78 mm. Query whether this material is of Gaulish origin?
X.4748ArchaeologyGodmanchesterSherds of a cream ware globular vessel with a thin, everted rim, a shallow groove around just below the shoulder and brown barbotine decoration of bands of dots - rim diameter ca. 90 mm and three joining sherds giving a length of 115 mm.
X.4749ArchaeologyGodmanchesterTwo fragments of slag incorporating brown (iron rich) inclusions - 105 mm and 60 mm lengths.
X.4750ArchaeologyGodmanchester12+ body sherds (some joining) of a burnished grey ware vessel, grooved and rouletted decoration - 20 mm to 80 mm lengths.
X.4751ArchaeologyGodmanchester5 body sherds of a black slipped greyware vessel with a rough, rusticated decoration below a girth groove - 30 mm to 80 mm lengths.
X.4752ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 rim sherds and 3 body sherds of burnished, globular grey ware vessels - (1) thin rim of diameter 90 mm ex Pit 1, (2) rim of diameter ca. 110 mm ex Pit R.15, (3) body sherds of lengths 25 mm to 57 mm. Query whether of Gaulish origin?
X.4753ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBody sherds of an amphora(?); cream fabric - 35 mm to 120 mm lengths.
X.4754ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 sherds of burnished grey ware - (1) rim with grooved neck and diagonal scoring on shoulder; 130 mm diam., (2) rim of similar form and decoration to (1); 190 mm diam., (3) 2 body sherds, 35 mm and 50 mm.
X.4755ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 base sherds and 2 body sherds of a small greyware vessel with smooth surfaces and decoration comprising bands of four closely spaced lines - base diameter 70 mm, body lengths of 35 mm and 68 mm.
X.4756ArchaeologyGodmanchester16 body sherds of coarse, shell tempered buff-grey ware with orange surface, rilled and grooved decoration - lengths 30 mm to 100 mm.
X.4757ArchaeologyGodmanchester4 rim sherds of cream ware - (1) 3 fragments of the same rim with slightly rough outer surface; groove and bead at top of shoulder; 180 mm diam. and (2) smooth surfaces and a similar rim form to (1), ca. 220 mm diam.
X.4762ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 small rim sherds of a burnished grey ware pot; a plain, straight rim form with two girth grooves below - ca. 150 mm diam.
X.4763ArchaeologyGodmanchester15 grey ware body sherds with black or grey burnished surfaces and decoration comprising thin bands of fine lines - 30 mm to 110 mm lengths.
X.4764ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 rim sherds and 5 body sherds of a globular grey ware pot with a plain black burnished outer surface - rim diameter ca. 80 mm, body sherd lengths 35 mm to 85 mm.
X.4765ArchaeologyGodmanchester16 body sherds of black slipped greyware - 25 mm to 90 mm lengths.
X.4766ArchaeologyGodmanchesterA fragment of box flue tile in a pinkish, shelly fabric; straight and curved scoring on one surface - 80 mm by 85 mm.
X.4767ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous buff and orange-buff wares (some pieces parts of flagons?) - 4 rim sherds in diameter range 60 mm to 150 mm; 2 base sherds, both 70 mm diam.; 2 body sherds (one piece part of flagon neck?), 25 mm and 50 mm.
X.4768ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous buff wares - 4 straight rim sherds with grooving below and one piece with orange slip-painted decoration of lines and dots; all ca. 200 mm diam. and 6 body sherds, 28 mm to 40 mm lengths,
X.4780ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBag of miscellaneous sherds - (1) 7 pale brown-grey sherds; base with a foot ring, 60 mm diam.; rim sherd, ca. 200 mm diam.; 5 body sherds, 25 mm to 45 mm, (2) 7 body sherds (2 joining) in a hard, sandy, orange-buff fabric, undecorated, 25 mm to 100 mm, (3) 7 body sherds (4 joining) in a black burnished grey fabric with some sooting, 30 mm to 85 mm.
X.4781ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBag of miscellaneous sherds - (1) 3 body sherds in an orange fabric, one piece painted with lattice and band using orange slip and one small piece with part of a pattern painted with red-brown slip, 30 mm to 50 mm, (3) 3 small body sherds in an orange-buff fabric with brown colour coat, one piece with trace of barbotine decoration; all pieces ca. 30 mm, (4) 3 grey ware sherds with trace of burnishing; one sherd with inverted plain rim, 160 mm diam.; central portion of the base, 55 mm plus a small fragment (of base?), 20 mm, (4) 2 joining sherds of greyware, perhaps forming part of a lid (?), 90 mm diam.
X.4782ArchaeologyGodmanchesterTops of two ring-necked flagons - (1) orange-buff fabric with trace of a cream colour coat; the handle is intact, width 23 mm, and the top is 50 mm in diam., (2) sandy buff fabric with handle missing, the top is 73 mm in diam.
X.4783ArchaeologyGodmanchesterThe top of a grey ware jar with a burnished surface; lattice decoration around neck; grooves around shoulder; some brown staining on inner surface - top is 78 mm diam.
X.4784ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBase of a beaker in a brown-orange fabric with a brown colour coat with metallic lustre; groove around base and on bottom of foot. Gaulish fineware? Diameter of base 40 mm.
X.4785ArchaeologyGodmanchesterBases of 4 beakers - (1) Castor ware; buff fabric with brown colour coat; 39 mm diam., (2) Castor ware; buff-orange fabric with brown colour coat; 31 mm diam., (3) grey ware with burnished black slip on body; scored ring around bottom of foot; 38 mm diam., (4) orange-buff fabric; coarsely made; ca. 50 mm diam.
X.4786ArchaeologyGodmanchesterMiscellaneous grey ware - (1) rim sherd, 200 mm diam., (2) plain rim sherd of black burnished dish, 160 mm diam., (3) plain rim sherd of straight-sided bowl with grooved decoration, 140 mm diam., (4) black burnished rim sherd with groove round body, 110 mm diam., (5) 2 rim sherds, 110 mm diam., (6) black burnished body sherd with thin slanting line decoration, 50 mm.
X.4787ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFlanged rim sherd of a mortarium in a buff fabric - ca. 320 mm diam.
X.4788ArchaeologyGodmanchesterA rim sherd and 7 body sherds of a large globular jar in a coarse, sandy, buff fabric; girth grooves round shoulder and body; the everted rim is undercut with a diameter of 210 mm. Body sherds are 50 mm to 155 mm.
X.4789ArchaeologyGodmanchesterCorner fragment of tile in a buff fabric - 90 mm by 95 mm and 20 mm thick.
X.4790ArchaeologyGodmanchester6 body sherds of miscellaneous large storage vessels in coarse buff fabrics with variable amounts of shell temper; two pieces with some rilled decoration - 70 mm to 120 mm.
X.4791ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 fragments of deep blue vessel glass - ca. 15 mm and 20 mm lengths.
X.4792ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragments of green vessel glass - two fragments of handle, but from different vessels; 16 mm and 25 mm plus one flat piece, 45 mm max. length.
X.4795ArchaeologyGodmanchester2 fragments of amber-yellow vessel glass; 16 mm and 35 mm lengths.
X.4796ArchaeologyGodmanchester3 fragments of green vessel glass; 23 mm, 28 mm and 29 mm. 1 fragment of clear vessel glass; 25 mm length.
X.4797ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFragment of a copper alloy pin with traces of silvering. Fluted along its length and the head of the pin is an elongated ovoid shape with coiled decoration - 25 mm long and maximum width of head is 5 mm.
X.4798ArchaeologyGodmanchester(1) One rim fragment of a copper alloy vessel with traces of silvering - very thin walled with rim of maximum thickness 2 mm; length of fragment 37 mm, (2) 4 very corroded fragments of the side of a copper alloy vessel - 23 mm to 43 mm lengths.
X.4799ArchaeologyGodmanchesterFlagon with upper part broken away and missing; plain, cream coloured fabric - 230 mm maximum height and base diam. 80 mm - containing cremated bone (of a female?), bag weight of 490 grams, one burnt molar tooth, plus a bag containing 6 snail shells and a fossil sea urchin, 20 mm diam.
X.4800ArchaeologyGodmanchesterA large, incomplete, globular grey ware pot comprising a rim sherd of ca. 200 mm diam., sherds forming about 2/3 of the base of ca. 120 mm diam. and some smaller body sherds; one piece showing a burnished band round the shoulder with a wavy line decoration.
X.4802MedievalEdward I, 1272 - 1307, silver penny, long cross, Canterbury mint, fair - unknown provenance. Evaluated by Christie's, 1974.
X.4808MedievalEdward 1, 1272 - 1307, silver penny, long cross, clipped and poor - unknown provenance. Evaluated by Christie's, 1974.
X.1750Saxon(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. First Hand type, Spink 1144, BMC 2a, moneyer Aelfric, Seaby 1144. "Very fine, a little creased, £120-150" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1750-62Saxon(HUNTINGDON)Silver pennies minted at Huntingdon: As with X.1560-82, these coins are indexed under Huntingdon where they were minted - their find-spots are all unknown.
X.1750-62 (contd.)Saxon(HUNTINGDON)All correspondence concerning this transaction is filed under "Collections". Note the information copied from newspapers, which is largely uninformative. Peter Mitchell believes that there were arrests in 1964 and that the 1993 vendor acquired the coins in good faith (she was elderly and female - widow of a collector? I don’t think women go in for collecting much). Mr Mitchell says that only two particularly rare coins are still missing - though he is presumably referring only to Saxon coins, as the list in the "Hunts Post" 20.8.1964 includes other coins that certainly don't seem to be here now. See also EAGLEN 1999 p. 53.
X.1750-62 (contd.)Saxon(HUNTINGDON)All correspondence concerning this transaction is filed under "Collections". Note the information copied from newspapers, which is largely uninformative. Peter Mitchell believes that there were arrests in 1964 and that the 1993 vendor acquired the coins in good faith (she was elderly and female - widow of a collector? I don’t think women go in for collecting much). Mr Mitchell says that only two particularly rare coins are still missing - though he is presumably referring only to Saxon coins, as the list in the "Hunts Post" 20.8.1964 includes other coins that certainly don't seem to be here now. See also EAGLEN 1999 p. 53.
X.1751Saxon(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. First Hand type, Spink 1144, BMC 2a, moneyer Aelfric, Seaby 1144. "About very fine, a little creased, £100-140" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1752Saxon(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. Long Cross type, Spink 1151, BMC 4a, moneyer Aelfric, Seaby 1151. "Very fine, £100-125" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1753Saxon(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. Long Cross type, Spink 1151, BMC 4a, moneyer Osgut, Seaby 1151. "Very fine, £100-125" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1754Saxon(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. Long Cross type, Spink 1151, BMC 4a, moneyer Aelfric, Seaby 1151. "Very fine, £100-120" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1755Saxon(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. Helmet type, Spink 1152, BMC 8, moneyer Aelfnoth, Seaby 1152. "Fine and rare, £75-100" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1756Saxon(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Cnut (1016-35), minted at Huntingdon. Helmet type, Spink 1158, BMC 14, moneyer Eadnoth, Seaby 1158. "Very fine, £100-120" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1757Saxon(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Cnut (1016-35), minted at Huntingdon. Short Cross type, Spink 1159, BMC 16, moneyer Aelfgar, Seaby 1159. "Very fine, £100-120" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1758Saxon(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Edward the Confessor (1042-66), minted at Huntingdon. Trefoil Quadrilateral type, Spink 1174, BMC 3, moneyer Leofric, Seaby 1174. "Good fine and very rare, £150-200" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1759Saxon(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Edward the Confessor (1042-66), minted at Huntingdon. Hammer Cross type, Spink 1182, BMC 11, moneyer Godric, Seaby 1182. "Very fine and rare, £140-180" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1760Saxon(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Edward the Confessor (1042-66), minted at Huntingdon. Hammer Cross type, Spink 1182, BMC 11, moneyer Godric, Seaby 1182. "Very fine and rare, £140-180" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1761Saxon(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Edward the Confessor (1042-66), minted at Huntingdon. Hammer Cross type, Spink 1182, BMC 11, moneyer Godwin, Seaby 1182. "Better [than another coin in the same lot, which was "fine"], £40-50" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1762Saxon(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Harold II (1066), minted at Huntingdon. Sole Paxs type, bust left without sceptre, Spink 1187, BMC 1a, moneyer Godwine, Seaby 1187. "Very fine, very rare, £400-600" - Glendining's 1993.
X.4808MedievalEdward 1, 1272 - 1307, silver penny, long cross, clipped and poor - unknown provenance. Evaluated by Christie's, 1974.
X.4809MedievalHenry III, 1216 - 1272, silver penny, short cross, fine - unknown provenance. Evaluated by Christie's, 1974. Moneyer Walter?
X.4810MedievalHenry III, 1216 - 1272, silver penny, short cross, very fine - unknown provenance. Evaluated by Christie's, 1974. Moneyer Simon? Mint Canterbury.
X.4811MedievalEdward I, 1272 - 1307, silver penny, long cross, Irish, Dublin mint, fine - unknown provenance. Evaluated by Christie's, 1974.
X.4812MedievalHenry III, 1216 - 1272, silver penny, long cross, fine - unknown provenance. Evaluated by Christie's, 1974. London mint.
X.4813MedievalEdward I, 1272 - 1307, silver penny, long cross, cracked and poor - unknown provenance. Evaluated by Christie's, 1974.
X.4814MedievalEdward III, 1327 - 1377, silver groat, pre-treaty period of 1351 - 1361, with French title, London mint, good fine - unknown provenance. Evaluated by Christie's, 1974.
X.4815MedievalEdward III, 1327 - 1377, forgery of a half groat (Civitas London) - unknown provenance. Evaluated by Christie's, 1974.
X.4816MedievalEdward I, 1272 - 1307, silver penny, long cross, poor - unknown provenance. Evaluated by Christie's, 1974.
X.4817MedievalEdward III, 1327 - 1377, silver penny, long cross, poor - unknown provenance. Evaluated by Christie's, 1974.
X.4824MedievalHenry V, 1413 - 1422, gold noble, series E, mullet by sword arm, annulet by side of ship, very fine, Spink 1744 - unknown provennce. Evaluated by Christie's, 1974.
X.4825MedievalEdward the Confessor, 1042 - 1066, silver cut halfpennies (2), both are expanding cross type Spink 1177, BMC 5 and Huntingdon mint; the moneyer is Godwine for one of the two - unknown provenance. Evaluated by Christie's, 1974.
X.4826MedievalHenry VI, 1422 - 1461, silver penny, bent and cracked, fair - unknown provenance. Evaluated by Christie's, 1974.
X.4886MedievalHenry V1, first reign 1422 - 1461, halfpenny, Calais mint? Fine.
X.4887MedievalEdward III, 1327 - 1377, groat, treaty period (1361 - 1369)?, Civitas London? Fine.
X.4888MedievalEdward III, 1327 - 1377, halfgroat, type?, Civitas London. Good fine.
X.4889MedievalEdward I, 1272 - 1307, penny, rose on breast, Civitas London. Good fine.
X.4907Anglo-Saxon/ MedievalHemingford Grey1 box of assorted sherds and glazed tile fragments.
X.4908Anglo-SaxonHemingford GreyAssorted Anglo Saxon sherds: 11 upright rims; 1 sherd with edges on 3 sides; 1 flat base with thumbprint and incised decoration; 14 body sherds. TL 302692
X.4909Anglo-SaxonHoughtonAssorted pottery sherds: 4 bases, 1 with incised lines; 7 body sherds; 3 rim sherds.
X.4910Anlgo-SaxonOrton Waterville1 rim sherd, upright rim, hand-made, grey pottery.
X.4911Anglo-SaxonSt.Ives2 sherds pagan saxon pottery from the Ouse, 1 with deep thumbprint pattern on body; 1 base from Meadow Lane of micasceous sandy ware.
X.4912Anglo-SaxonLittle Paxton1 sherd with part jug lip shaping and impressed cruciform decoration.
X.4913Anglo-SaxonEynesbury5 Saxon pottery rings (loom weights) - four annular and one bun-shaped.
X.4914Anglo-SaxonHemingford Grey3 Saxon pottery annular rings (loom weights).
X.4915Anglo-SaxonHemingford Grey2 Saxon pottery annular rings (loom weights)
X.4916Anglo-SaxonHoughtonHighly corroded iron blade 7cm x 2cm
X.4917Anglo-SaxonWoodhurstWhetstone, 9.6cm x 1.8cm x 1.1cm
X.4918Anglo-SaxonWoodhurstWhetstone 11.8cm x 2.7cm x 3.2cm
X.4919Anglo-SaxonHoughton1 sherd Anglo-Saxon pottery with criss-cross incised decoration.
X.4920Anglo-SaxonHurstpierpointAnnular loomweight
X.4921Anglo-SaxonHemingford GreyHearth stone found with pagan Saxon remains. 15.5cm x 7.2 cm
X.4922Anglo-SaxonSt.NeotsSaxon sherd having a decoration of vertical incised lines. 2 beads:1 dark green, 1 light green.
X.4925MedievalWater NewtonBone button. 1.8cm diameter. Umdecorated.
X.4926Anglo-SaxonBluntishamAnnular glass bead. Originally white or yellow with blue wavy line decoration. 1cm diameter with 0.5cm diameter hole.
X.4927Anglo-SaxonSibsonBowl of black paste witheverted lip. Rim partly missing. 9cm high x 11cm wide.
X.4928Anglo-SaxonUnknown (On card says probably local)Bowl of dark brown paste with everted lip and slightly flatttened base. 8cm high x 10.2cm wide
X.4929Anglo-SaxonSt. IvesMuch made up Early Saxon globular vessel of grey brown paste. 14cm high x 17cm wide at rim
X.4930MedievalNewtonIron knife: Scramasax knife, plain triangular blade. Length 16.2cm; length of blade 11.4cm
X.4931MedievalWoodhurstBronze penannular brooch. 2.5cm diameter
X.4932MedievalWoodhurstIron chopper. Length 12.2cm
X.4933MedievalSomershamIron blade, possibly arrowhead. Length 6.4cm
X.4934MedievalunknownIron shears: London Museum type II. Length, 11cm.
X.4935MedievalWoodhurstIron knife. Length 8.1cm
X.4936RomanGodmanchesterAE as of Nero, AD 54 - 68. Obv. NERO. CAESAR. AVG MAX. TR> P.P.P., Rev. Victory flying left, holding shield, S C in field.
X.4939MedievalSt. Neots?14th century jeton, shield of France/cross type. Obv. shield with three fleurs-de-lis. Rev. cross with fleurs-de-lis ends.
X.4942MedievalAlconbury14th century jeton, shield of France/cross type. Obv. shield with three fleurs-de-lis. Rev. cross with fleurs-de-lis ends.
X.4945MedievalRamsey14th century jeton, shield of France/cross type. Obv. shield with three fleurs-de-lis. Rev. cross with fleurs-de-lis ends.
X.4952MedievalHuntingdon14th century English jeton (counter) of Edward II? Obv. Sterling bust with ring of pellets around. Rev. cross with ring of pellets around.
X.4955MedievalSomersham15th century copper alloy button.Disc of 31mm diameter with 10mm high thread loop. Traces of enamel? on front. Found with. X.4087
X.4956MedievalGodmanchesterRing-shaped bronze buckle, wihtout pin. 32mm diameter. Inscription: "+ POVERT PART ? O M" Letters separated by stroke. Meaning = poverty parteth friends
X.4957MedievalHuntingdonBrass seal: St Margarte piercing a dragon's head with her crozier. Inscription: SAVNCA MARGORETA. Plaster impression of the seal also. The date of origin is uncertain, but probably late medieval.
X.4958MedievalOffordBronze buckle. 41mm x 27mm, symmetrical design. Also, Iron buckle having a rectangular cross-section, 3 straight sides and one curved. 6.8cm x 4.2cm
X.4959MedievalHartfordIron rowel spur.Length of yoke, 98mm, length of shank: 50mm, rowel 58mm diameter, 6 points, still spins. 14th century.
X.4960MedievalHuntingdon15th century iron rowel spur and buckle. Length of yoke: 78mm, length of shank; 75mm, rowel approx 38mm diameter, no longer turning. 8 pointed rowel, 1 point missing and 2 damaged. Both terminals damaged.
X.4961MedievalSt.IvesPart of a rowel spur. All six points of rowel and terminal damaged. One arm of yoke missing. Remaining arm is bent: length: 80mm, length of shank 17mm. Rowel no longer turns.
X.4962MedievalGodmanchesterIron rowel spur. Length of yoke: 90mm, length of neck: 35mm, 12 pointed rowel, diameter: 37mm, one point damaged. Both terminals damaged. Rowel still turns.
X.4963MedievalGodmanchesterIron rowel spur. Length of yoke: 90mm, length of neck: 27mm. Rowel missing and both terminals damaged. Probably 14th century due to the short shank.
X.4964MedievalBluntishamHalf groat of Edward III, 1327 - 1377? Edge chip and inscriptions rather wprn making assignment uncertain.
X.4983MedievalBramptonFlattened metal object, thimble shaped with a small wheel of the same metal attached to the inner surface with an iron pin. There were once spokes inbetween the hub and the rim. The object is decorated with raised decoration depicting a face and hair. Possibly pewter/ lead based alloy.
X.4984MedievalWealdBronze chain and ring, possibly from a censer. Dimensions: Chain; 154 mm long by 5 mm wide ring diameter; 24 mm
X.4985MedievalSalomet lodgeCylindrical piece of iron. Dimensions: 32 mm x 11mm (diameter)
X.4986MedievalGreen EndIron nail. Hand forged with a square shaft. Width: 7mm by 8 mm. Shaft length: 13.8 cm. Head: 1.8cm by 2.9cm.
4987MedievalSalome LodgeDecorative iron point : 42mm long x 32mm wide. Shaft width 1.1mm.
X.4988MedievalIron socketed arrowhead. 58mm long. Head 29mm long by 14mm wide; shaft 30mm long by 9mm wide.
X.4989MedievalGodmanchesterIron 2 pronged flesh hook. One prong has missing tip. 93mm long x 42mm wide.
X.4990MedievalBronze buckle end.
X.5027MedievalLeighton BromswoldA group of ridged roof tile fragments. Pink paste decorated with stabbed holes and green glaze. Also plain unglazed flat roof tile fragments with holes.
X.5028Anglo Saxon/ MedievalOrton WatervilleFragment of base of hard grey paste, probably Ipswich ware.
X.5029Anglo Saxon/ MedievalSt.Neots2 fragments of St. Neots ware.
X.5030RomanBuckdenFragments of glass vessel with a rolled rim.
X.5031MedievalEynesbury4 fragments of painted window glass, highly corroded.
X.5032Anglo Saxon/ MedievalLittle PaxtonCollection of human bone and pot fragments from an Anglo Saxon cremation.
X.5038RomanGodmanchesterPart of a small bowl with undercut flat rim, of hard sandy pottery, buff coloured. Equivalent diameter 11.5cm
X.5039MedievalGodmanchesterPart of a handle of red pottery - raised bands on edges with thumb impressions showing marks of fingernails (HLSI no. 1273). Rim fragment of a large flagon, diameter 14cm, thickened rim with 6 rows of stab ornament on the neck, hard grey paste (HLSI 2265). Rim and neck fragment of flagon with lip, equivalent diameter 14cm, neck ribbed, hard light grey paste with traces of green glaze (HLSI 2266). Rim and neck fragment of olla of equivalent diameter 11.5cm. Grey paste with red surfaces, large calcite inclusions, rim has impressed finger ornament on its upper surface. (1175-1300 AD)(HLSI 2267). Rim fragment of a large vessel, equivalent diameter 21.7cm, Thickened straight neck, angular shoulder, finger impressions on outside and inside of rim as though pinched, grey paste, red surfaces and large calcite inclusions as before. (HLSI 2269). Body fragment of vessel having green glaze with bars and gridiron pattern stamped on yellow slip (Lyvedon Stanion ware 1100-1400AD) (HLSI 2270- 2 sherds mentioned but only one found). Body fragment of a large vessel of hard grey paste. Raised band with thumb impressions (Thetford ware 840-1150 AD. 8 fragments of large stone vessel, joined and partially restored, equivalent diameter 25"
X.5040MedievalWytonTwo rim and shoulder fragments of large vessels. See X.3708 for rest of group.
X.5041MedievalHuntingdonFragment of a stepped pedastal pottery base of light buff paste.
X.5042MedievalLeighton BromsgroveA collection of Roman and Medieval pottery fragments: 2 fragments of Caster ware style vessel (SL22). Thin upright rim, stepped neck with impressed ridged ornament on body; Large mortarium rim fragment (SL26); small mortarium rim fragment (SL35); rim fragmnet of grey ware with black slip (SL17b); Rim fragment of large vessel of brick red paste, having a rolled rim (SL20); slab of concrete (SL33 1'6"); piece of grinding stone (SL5); Rim fragment of large, chunky vessel of brick red paste having a folded rim; body fragment Lyvedon Stanion ware having a green glaze (SL22);wheel made body and base fragment having an impressed design at the join of the base made with a stick.
X.5043MedievalLeighton Bromsgrove ?A collection of Late Saxon- Early Medieval fragments assumed to have come from excavations at Salome Lodge. 21 rim and base fragments of a large bowl or shallow dish. Lyvedon Stanion ware, unglazed; one sherd pink paste with green glaze; one sherd St. Neots ware; one sherd grey paste, pink exterior, upright and flat topped rim with base sherd in same material; bone fragment, unidentifiable.
X.5045PalaeontologySawtryFive fragments of fossilised wood. Found 14 ft underground.
X.5044RomanSawtryPiece of circular quern with a peg hole in the centre, radius 18.5cm (SC3 1002); Pedestal fragment of hard grey paste, height 48mm burnished black on the outside (SC 6W D); vessel fraagment of hard grey paste, brick red exterior with large shell inclusions.
X.5051MedievalEaton SotonHuman bones and pottery. 14 sherds non-diagnostic medieval pottery of 12th c. One fragment oyster shell. Bones: part of left mandible with 4 very worn teeth; part of juvenile right mandible with 1 molar; 2 skull fragments; 1 fragment left mandible; 3 vertebrae; 1 rib fragment; 1 left humerus; 1 left radius fragment; fragment of ulna; juvenile mandible fragment (no teeth); pelvis with small fragment recently broken; animal bone fragment, used as a tool. See X.3882 for rest of pottery
X.5052Anglo-SaxonAbbots RiptonFive late Saxon sherds.
X.5053MedievalSouthoeVarious Medieval pottery types. 2 strap handle fragments; a five strand twisted handle with green glaze; bone pin; 10 rim sherds; 2 body sherds with green glaze; 2 base sherds; 2 shallow bowl /plate sherds; 1 everted rim and 1 upright. 12th -13th century.
X.5054Medieval / Anglo SaxonEynesburySee also X.3916. Sherds from the Weald Chapel excavation, figs 1-31 and 36-55. 32 sherds St. Neots type ware having fine shell inclusions. 6 fragments of bases, 3 pink sandy sherds, 1 sherd sandy grey ware, 1 sherd Thetford ware. 1 rim sherd with thick upright rim having thumb prints impressed into it. 1 everted, gl;azed rim sherd (Medieval).
X.5055MedievalWater NewtonIron loop handle fragment. 6.2cm long
X.5056MedievalWater NewtonIron probe fragment, 8cm long.
X.5057MedievalWater NewtonIron looped staple, 8.4cm long
X.5058MedievalWater NewtonIron hinge printle (?), 9.4cm
X.5059MedievalWater NewtonIron harness buckle 6cm x 4cm
X.5060MedievalWater NewtonGlass bottle fragment, turquoise, clear, blown glass.
X.5061MedievalWater NewtonIron nail 4.4cm
X.5062MedievalWater NewtonIron tool with pronged end. 8.2cm
X.5063MedievalWater NewtonIron nail, 3.8cm
X.5064MedievalWater NewtonBronze strip fragment, 5.5cm long
X.5065MedievalWater Newton2 iron knife blades, 8.6cm long and 5.5cm long
X.5066MedievalWater NewtonIron knife blade, 6.9cm long
X.5067MedievalWater NewtonIron knife blade in 2 pieces, 9cm long in total.
X.5068MedievalWater NewtonIron knife blade (tip detatched), 16cm long with tip
X.5076MedievalWater NewtonCast bronze fragment of a rod that tapers to one end, slightly curved. Note on original packet reads "(possibly of armlet)". 3cm long, rod diameter 0.5cm at thickest part.
X.5077MedievalWater NewtonCircular metal button, 16mm diameter x 2mm thick (shank missing). Post Medieval.
X.5078MedievalBuryPart of human skull, in fragments with traces of glue and old packing material adhering to the bone. 5 teeth , considerably worn.
X.5079MedievalWater NewtonStrip of bronze, rectangular in shape, 35mm x 17mm, having a circular hole in the middle of one end with 2 pins either side which held another piece of bronze similarly shaped. A fragment remains of the attached piece.
X.5080MedievalWater NewtonClay pipe bowl, with part of stem and rest attached, internal diameter of bowl 20mm, rest diameter 0.5cm, internal stem diameter 2mm, bowl height, 40mm. 19th -20th century
X.5081MedievalWater NewtonIron strip formed into a ring having rounded ends that overlap, diameter 18mm; width of strip 8mm
X.5082MedievalWater NewtonIron rod that has been curved back on itself to make a loop. Probably a fragment of a linch pin. 4.5cm x 2.7cm + fragments
X.5008MedievalHalf groat of Edward III, 1327 - 1377. Broken in half but probably of the Calais mint.
X.5088MedievalWater NewtonIron fragment. Wedge shaped. Probably part of a tool. 4cm x 1.5cm x 1.2cm
X.5089MedievalWater NewtonBronze strip fragment. Rectangular shape, with one rectangular and two circular holes along the mid-line. 3cm x 1.1cm
X.5090MedievalWater NewtonFlint flake 4cm x 1.1cm
X.5091MedievalWater NewtonBronze strip fragment, slightly crumpled, 2.8cm long x 1cm wide, one hole 4mm from end.
X.5092MedievalWater NewtonL-shaped iron fragment, 3.5cm x 3.8cm. Part of harness buckle.
X.5093MedievalWater NewtonIron fragment. Thick strip possibly from a horseshoe. Heavily corroded. 4.4cm x 2.2cm x 0.8cm.
X.5094MedievalWater NewtonIron nail. Hand-made rectangular cross section 0.7cm x 0.5cm, rectangular head 2.3cm x 0.8cm. Heavily corroded.
X.5095MedievalWater NewtonFragment of very fine clear vessel glass, 0.1cm thick.
X.5096MedievalWater NewtonIron fragment, Original shape no longer discernable due to corrosion.
X.5097MedievalWater NewtonIron U-shaped staple, square cross-section 0.6cm x 0.6cm, tapering to points at each end. Mortar is adhering to one point.
X.5098MedievalWater NewtonIron buckle pin, 4cm long
X.5099MedievalHuntingdon2 pottery rim sherds: 1 flat topped upright rim with 1 rib. Combed decoration parallel to the rim and 4cm below it. Hard grey paste; 1 flat topped rim of hemispherical cross-section, hard grey paste that has fired red on the outer edges and has a dark grey surface.
X.5100RomanGodmanchester7 rim fragments: 1 upright, rounded rim with 2 ribs, chunky, hard, dark grey shell tempered pottery; flanged rim of grey shell-tempered pottery with combed decoration, labelled PorP; fragment of clubbed rim; upright rim fragment from a hand-made pot, hard grey, shell tempered pottery; collared rim fragment of hard, grey pottery tempered with oolitic limestone; inturned collared rim of shell tempered grey pottery fired to pink.
X.5106MedievalHuntingdonIron arrowhead with shaft, probably Norman. Total length 5.6cm
X.510719th -20th c.SomershamPart of wooden knife handle with iron shaft embedded in it. 7cm long.
X.5108no dateEarithCrudely carved bone pin, 11.8cm long
X.5109FossilFossilized sharks tooth.
X.5110No dateGodmanchesterWorked bone, slightly curved cylinder with rounded ends, 9.7cm long x 2.4cm wide, Hole in middle through to other side 2.6cm x 1.3cm. Small piecd broken off one end. Possible axle pin or part of crude horse bit.
X.5114MedievalLeighton BromswoldA collection of rim and base sherds of late saxon and early Medieval date from the excavations at Salome Lodge, from between 6" to 3' deep. Mostly sherds from large vessels with upright or inverted rims having thumb or finger print impressions on top of the rim or at the side.3 sherds of Romano British greyware. One dish sherd having an inscribed wavy design on the inner surface. One rim pinched on the iner surface to form a narrow rill along the top of the rim. One small sherd with a dark green glaze.
X.5118FossilEarithFragment of fossilised bone, 9.5cm long x 4cm wide
X.5119MedievalSt. Neots3 fragments of a bronze vessel with a hanging loop. Probably the upper part of a dog or pack horse bell.
X.5122Anglo SaxonHuntingdonTip of antler.
X.5130MedievalSt.IvesPiece of antler with notch cut out.
X.5131MedievalLeighton BromswoldPolished bone needle. Length: 75mm
X.5131Medieval/ SaxonWoodhurstChalk scourer.
X.5133MedievalLeighton Bromswold2 stone roof tiles from the site of the chapel at Salome Lodge. One has 2 drilled holes, the other has one. The single holed tile is of square slate.
X.5141MedievalFragment of tile with brown glaze and yellow slip decoration.
X.5134MedievalLeighton BromswoldFragment of flat green glazed tile.
X.5135RomanSawtryFragment of grinding stone.
X.5138MedievalAlconbury2 sherds green glazed Lyveden Stanion ware. Found in the N side of the churchyard.
X.5136MedievalHuntingdonFragment of hand-made jug with green glazea and white slip decoration, Lyveden Stanion ware. Also 3 freagments of jug rim with lip, joining. 14th c.
X.5156MedievalSt. NeotsCollection of heavily coroded ornate metalwork from a door or wooden chest.
X.5157MedievalSt. Neots4 pieces of painted plaster
X.5158MedievalLeighton Bromswold2 x sea mussel shell. 1 x oyster shell. 1 x sherd with hole for tap. 1 x Lyveden Stanion rim, curved cross section. Flat rim, hard grey paste. 1 x sherd hand made Lyveden Stanion ware from a large vessel. 1 x tile sherd. 1 x flint tempered flat rim sherd. 1 x sherd redware. 3 x sherds fine redware, glazed internally and externally.
X.5159MedievalLittle Paxton10 handle sherds, all different: 3 with stab marks, 2 x part glazed, rod-shaped; 8 x strap-shaped; 1 x pipkin handle. 4 base sherds: 1 internally glazed green; 1 x dish sherd; 2 x shell tempered. 12 rims: 8 x shell tempered; 4 x sandy; 1 x thumbed rim; 1 x fineware, glazed externally; 1 x upright rim with 2 rills beneath. 13th century.
X.5160MedievalHemingford GreyStrap handle sherd with part of rim attached. Thetford ware.
X.5161MedievalGodmanchesterRim sherd from large Thetford ware vessel. Rolled, thumbed rim with part of handle attached to rim.
X.5162`MedievalWoodhurst2 body sherds having applied strips with thumb print design.
X.5163MedievalHuntingdon3 sherds of grey paste having applied strips with thumb print design. I sherd also has inscribed lines.
X.5164MedievalHuntingdonBody sherd of Thetford ware having an applied strip with finger print ornament.
X.5165MedievalHuntingdonBody sherd with thumb print ornament. 1 handle sherd of grey paste. 1 rolled rim of large chunky vessel having thumb print design on rim and body. There is evidence that a handle was attached to the rim at one time.
X.5172MedievalAbbots Ripton1 x Shell tempered rim with applied strip and thumb-print decoration. 2 x shell tempered upright rim with light finger print decoration on top. 1 x mortarium sherd (Roman). 1 x St. Neots ware upright rim with impressed indentation at rim. (Iron Age?) 1 x sandy base having a tace of green glaze. 1 x green glazed sherd. 1 x shell tempered rim sherd.
X.5171MedievalBrampton1 x triangular cross-section upright rim. 1 x sandy ware sherd with applied strip. 1 x base and body sherd, hand-made grey ware. 1 x green glazed sandy ware sherd.
X.5173RomanAlconburyTile, almost complete, 68mm x 68mm x 24mm. Glaszed on upper surface; red box with a 'V' inside on a white background.
X.5174MedievalStoneleyPart floor tile, 28mm thick, glazed green.
X.5167MedievalGodmanchester9 sherds of jug with round stabbed handle, 4 joined, green glazed over raised linear decoration on red paste with black painted lines over the glaze. Folded collared rim, red paste. Vessel of hard grey paste with upright rim and part of strap handle joined. 1 x flat stabbed handle sherd. 1 x wheel finished inverted rim sherd, square impressions on collar. 2 x sandy pie-crust tiop upright rim sherds. Flat topped upright rim sherd with stabbed handle fragment attached. 1 x grooved handle sherd. 1 x green glazed sherd decorated with impresssed dots. 2 x shell tempered, upright rim sherds, one with joining sherd.
X.5169MedievalGodmanchester1 x sherd Lyveden Stanion ware with green galze and applied pads stamped with gridiron design.
X.0037GeologyST IVESPiece of rock.
X.0039GeologyHEMINGFORD GREYThree pieces of St Ives Rock.
X.0041GeologyWYTONPiece of chert.
X.0043GeologyFENSTANTONPiece of rock.
X.0044GeologyST IVESPiece of rock.
X.0046GeologyELSWORTHPiece of Elsworth Rock.
X.0047GeologyWARBOYSPiece of stone.
X.0048GeologyFENSTANTONPiece of rock.
X.0056GeologyPiece of rock.
X.0057GeologyPiece of rock.
X.0067GeologyCalcareous concretion.
X.0074GeologyFENSTANTONPiece of oolitic limestone.
X.0111GeologyALCONBURYLump of chalk.
X.0115GeologyHARZ MOUNTAINSManganese.
X.0116GeologyTorberite (Uranite Philipi), oxide of Uranium Copper.
X.0118GeologyHipatic calcites.
X.0119GeologyNO PROVENANCECinnabar.
X.0123GeologyNO PROVENANCECarbonate of lead.
X.0125GeologyTemmentite with [illegible] of copper.
X.0141GeologyALCONBURYPiece of cretaceous flint.
X.0156GeologyST IVESPiece of igneous rock.
X.0167GeologyHOUGHTONRock showing ice scratches.
X.0203GeologyPiece of stone, shaped like a spoon.
X.0207GeologyPiece of iron pyrites.
X.0283GeologyBUCKDENBoulder of pressed clay, showing ice scratching.
X.0285GeologyChips of stone.
X.0693*Iron AgeHEMINGFORD GREYSee X.0693, catalogued under Roman.
Houghton IAIron AgeHOUGHTONThere seem to have been several sites at Houghton, very close to one another, dug at different times and yielding material of many different periods, with finds going to the Norris, Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge, and the Huntingdon Museum. The result is very muddled.
Houghton IA (contd)Iron AgeHOUGHTONCHAS 7 p. 71 refers to the excavation of a Saxon hut also in field no. 119; the date of the excavation is not clear.
Leighton Bromswold Salome Lodge IAIron AgeLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDSee also Bronze Age and Roman.
82.33*Iron AgeST IVESSee 82.33, catalogued under ROMAN: St.Ives (Meadow Lane).
Sawtry Stocking Close IAIron AgeSAWTRYPublished in CHAS 5, p. 89 & p. 181. See also finds catalogued under Neolithic & Roman.
X.1252*Iron AgeSOUTHOESee X.1252, indexed under ROMAN.
83.07Iron AgeEARITHMost of a jar of coarse grey ware, handmade, slightly everted rim. Ht. 112mm.
93.01Iron AgeHEMINGFORD GREYCremation urn, Aylesford-Swarling type, containing calcined bones, c. 50B.C.- A.D. 50. A narrow-mouthed wheelmade jar of coarse red-grey ware, with three girth grooves around the shoulder, the pot swelling outwards between them; the rim missing. Restored from sherds at the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, present ht. 216mm, diam 240mm.
X.0679Iron AgeSOMERSHAMLong, thin piece of iron, convex on one side and flat on the other. Length 479mm, width 34mm. ?Sword blade.
X.0680Iron Age?HOUGHTONConical object of buff pottery, ?loom-weight. Ht. 92mm, width 60mm
X.0681Iron Age etcHOUGHTONNumerous sherds of pottery, mostly handmade coarse ware, but including a few wheelmade, decorated pieces; the latter are probably Roman. Also two fragments of daub.
X.0683Iron AgeSOMERSHAMSherds of grey ware, wheelmade, with girth-grooves on shoulder and everted rim.
X.0684Iron AgeSOMERSHAMSherds of grey ware vessel, wheelmade with girth-grooves.
X.0687Iron AgeBUCKDENLower part of cup or jar of coarse ware, restored.
X.0688Iron AgeALCONBURYSherd of coarse brown ware, handmade, with very slight shoulder.
X.0689Iron AgeST IVESRim-sherd of grey ware, handmade with plain rim.
X.0690Iron AgeDEAN?Fragments of barrel-urn, of thin light grey ware, with rouletted decoration.
X.0691Iron AgeFENSTANTONSherds of coarse pottery, handmade, various fabrics.
X.0698Iron AgeWHITTLESEYSherds of grey ware.
X.0703Iron AgeGODMANCHESTERSherds of a cordoned jar of brown ware, Aylesford-Swarling type, with everted rim and pecked decoration on cordons.
X.0704Iron AgeBLUNTISHAMSherds of coarse ware, handmade, various fabrics, many with very rough scored decoration.
X.0707Iron AgeSherd of brown ware with herringbone decoration.
X.0708Iron AgeSherd of brown ware, handmade, with rim.
X.0709Iron AgeHARTFORDShard of brown ware, gritted, with row of fingernail impressions; handmade.
X.0710Iron AgeSherd of soft red ware, with incised decoration.
X.0711Iron AgeSOMERSHAMCircular bronze brooch, with red, blue and yellow enamel on central boss. ?1st century A.D. Diam. 29mm.
X.0712Iron AgeWOOD WALTONTwo kiln-bars, square-sectioned with impressions of pieces of straw etc. Lengths 110mm & 185mm.
X.0713Iron AgeSOMERSHAMThree bronze linch-pin heads, baluster shaped. Of a type supposed to have originated with the Parisii tribe of Yorkshire.
X.0713, 0717, 0758Iron AgeSOMERSHAMSee the article by Val Rigby, in the Collections File. The objects were found during ploughing, c. 1932 - this comes from the publication in Antiq Journ presumably. She thinks they represent the survivals from at least two sets of cart fittings, with the decorated linch pin heads perhaps used as a non-matching pair after their original partners were lost. X.0713 are probably not linch pin heads - although one of the three could be. All the objects were probably made c. 0-50 AD in Catuvellaunian territory.
X.0714Iron AgeLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDJar of grey ware, handmade, plain rim (restored); ht. 105mm, rim diam. 111mm.
X.0715Iron AgeNO PROVENANCECarinated bowl of buff ware, wheelmade with girth-grooves on neck and bead rim. Ht. 80mm, diam. 125mm.
X.0716Iron AgeLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDCarinated bowl of grey gritted ware, wheelmade, with everted rim and cordons on neck (restored). Ht. 122mm, rim diam. 168mm.
X.0717Iron AgeSOMERSHAMLinch-pin head, bronze, shaped like an open fan with Celtic curvilinear decoration partly filled with red enamel. c.1-25 A.D.
X.0718Iron AgeHOUGHTONCarinated bowl of dark grey ware, wheelmade, with everted rim and cordons on shoulder & neck (restored). Ht. 115mm, rim diam. 158mm.
X.0719Iron AgeHOUGHTONJar of brown ware, handmade, with slight shoulder, plain rim, and vertical scratchigs on body (restored). Ht. 182mm, rim diam. 150mm.
X.0720Iron Age?SAWTRYPin or borer formed from the splint bone of a horse. Length 72mm.
X.0721Iron AgeSAWTRYSmall bowl of pink gritted ware, wheelmade, plain with everted rim (restored); ht. 47mm, rim diam. 85mm.
X.0724Iron AgeSAWTRYBowl of coarse grey-pink ware, plain, everted rim, wheelmade (restored). Ht. 133mm, rim diam. 185mm.
X.0725Iron AgeSAWTRYCarinated bowl of pink gritted ware, with cordon on neck and everted rim, wheelmade (restored); ht. 117mm, rim diam. 189mm.
X.0726Iron AgeSAWTRYRim-sherds of jar of pink ware, grey core, wheelmade with cordon on neck, Aylesford-Swarling. Perforation below rim.
X.0727Iron AgeSAWTRYSherds of vessel of thick red ware, shallow girth-grooves.
X.0728Iron AgeALCONBURY WESTONSherds of a cordoned bowl of brown ware, wheelmade, with cordon on shoulder.
X.0729Iron Age?SAWTRYPieces of a hammer of red deer antler.
X.0730Iron AgeSAWTRYRim sherds of cordoned jar, red ware with grey core, Aylesford-Swarling type.
X.0733Iron AgeSAWTRYRim-sherd of coarse grey ware, handmade.
X.0735Iron AgeSAWTRYRim sherd from a globular bowl of coarse, gritted grey ware, handmade.
X.0736Iron AgeSAWTRYRim-sherds of a jar of red-brown gritted ware, wheelmade, with everted rim and girth-grooves.
X.0737Iron AgeSAWTRYRim-sherd of carinated bowl of coarse brown ware, plain rim, ?wheelmade.
X.0738Iron AgeSAWTRYSherds of a bowl of grey gritted ware, wheelmade, with bevelled rim, slight collar below it.
X.0739Iron AgeBUCKDENPart of a carinated bowl of red-brown ware, wheelmade, with cordons on neck and shoulder and bead rim; ht. 83mm, diam. 155mm.
X.0758Iron AgeSOMERSHAMBronze linch-pin head, elaborately shaped and decorated, with Celtic designs inlaid with blue enamel. 25-40 A.D.
X.0910Iron AgeABINGTON PIGOTTSJar of coarse grey ware, slight carination but most of top missing, handmade (restored); ht. 110mm, rim diam. 140mm.
X.0911Iron AgeABINGTON PIGOTTSCarinated bowl of grey-brown ware, wheelmade, with cordon & girth-grooves on neck & bead rim (restored); ht. 92mm, rim diam 107mm.
X.0912Iron AgeALCONBURY WESTONCarinated jar of grey ware, wheelmade, with cordons on shoulder and neck, everted rim (restored); ht.140mm, diam. 167mm.
X.0913Iron AgeBUCKDENSmall carinated jar of dark grey ware, wheelmade, with grooves on shoulder and neck and everted rim. Ht. 95mm, base diam. 50mm.
X.0915Iron AgeGODMANCHESTERPart of a high-shouldered jar of grey ware, wheelmade, with two zones of finger-nail ornament between girth-grooves below shoulder, everted rim.
X.0916Iron AgeHEMINGFORD GREYJar of brown ware, wheelmade, with cordons and girth-grooves above shoulder, bead rim (restored, but broken again). Ht. 224mm, rim diam. 118mm.
X.0918Iron AgeHOUGHTONCarinated bowl of brown ware, wheelmade, everted rim (heavily restored); ht. 102mm, rim diam. 162mm.
X.0919Iron AgeHOLYWELLButt-beaker of buff ware, with zones of rouletted decoration between girth-grooves and thin cordons, everted rim (restored but broken again). Ht. 203mm, rim diam. 102mm.
X.0920Iron AgeLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDJar of grey gritted ware, handmade, plain with slight bead rim (restored); ht.134mm, rim diam.124mm.
X.0921Iron AgeLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDJar of grey ware, handmade, plain with slight bead rim, five perforations in base (restored); ht. 165mm, rim diam. 175mm.
X.0922Iron AgeLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDCarinated bowl of grey-pink ware, wheelmade, with cordons on shoulder and neck and everted rim. Ht. 158mm, rim diam. 200mm.
X.0923Iron AgeLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDSherds of coarse ware, wheelmade.
X.0924Iron AgeSAWTRYCarinated, concave-sided beaker of red ware, wheelmade, with everted rim (restored); ht. 86mm, rim diam.119mm.
X.0926Iron AgeSAWTRYBase of large storage jar of coarse red ware (wheelmade), with vertical scratchings (restored); base diam. 190mm.
X.0927Iron AgeSAWTRYSherds of a dish of sandy pink ware, imitating Terra Rubra; rim diam. 170mm.
X.1035Iron AgeBUCKDENHigh-shouldered, narrow-mouthed jar of grey ware, wheelmade, with girth-grooves, cordons, and two zones of finger-nail impressions below shoulder, everted rim. Ht. 135mm.
X.1104Iron AgeSAWTRYElectrotypes (one for each face) of bronze coin of Tasciovanus, 1st cent. A.D., minted at Verulamium. Obv. -VER A stem & branches. Rev. A grazing horse with circle and crescent.
X.1191Iron Age?ST IVESBase of a vessel of gritted grey ware, handmade.
X.1587Iron AgeWHITTLESEYPart of a platter of Terra Nigra, fine wheelmade grey ware with foot ring, vertical rim and convex moulding inside the pot, where the wall meets the base. Original diam. c. 200mm.
X.1601Iron Age?FENSTANTONAn oval, flat piece of pink, gritty stone, conceivably the rubber or upper stone from a saddle quern. 26 x 14cms.
X.1803Iron AgeBRAMPTONSherds of wheel-made coarse ware from various pots.
X.1804Iron AgeBRAMPTONSherd of coarse orange-buff ware with grooved decoration.
X.1805Iron AgeBRAMPTONHandmade rim sherd of black ware.
X.1806Iron AgeBRAMPTONTwo sherds glued together from the rim of a wheelmade jar of grey-pink ware with horizontal rilling.
X.1807Iron AgeBRAMPTONRim sherd of handmade pot in grey-red ware.
X.1808Iron AgeBRAMPTONRim sherd of grey-pink ware, hand made.
X.1809Iron AgeBRAMPTONThree sherds of hard, dark grey ware, one with girth-grooves; and a fragment of coarse red ware.
X.1810Iron AgeBRAMPTONTwo sherds of hard pink ware with grey core, with soil.
X.1811Iron Age?BRAMPTONSherds of coarse ware, some of them perhaps Romano-British.
X.1812Iron AgeBRAMPTONPotsherds of various wares.
X.1813[Iron Age]BRAMPTON?Neolithic scraper of grey flint, length 48mm.
X.2452Iron AgeSherds of various wares, some coarse and handmade, others quite fine and wheelmade (and perhaps later than the Iron Age).
X.2453Iron AgeSherds of coarse ware, handmade, with one wheelmade sherd.
X.2454Iron AgeABINGTON PIGOTTSLarge sherds of various wares, both handmade and wheelmade.
X.2455Iron AgeSUTTONFour sherds of wheelmade ware, including two rims: probably late Iron Age but could perhaps be Romano-British.
X.2456Iron AgePOSTONPlain rim sherd of wheelmade grey ware.
X.2457Iron AgeFENGATESherd of red handmade ware.
X.2458Iron AgeALL CANNINGSFive sherds of handmade and wheelmade wares with various decorations.
X.2459Iron Age etcALCONBURYSherds of wheelmade coarse wares, a lump of fired daub, and some Romano-British sherds including Nene Valley ware.
X.2460Iron Age etc.ALCONBURYSherds of coarse ware, various, and a piece of tile; at least one of the sherds is probably Roman and the tile is probably later than that.
X.2461Iron AgeALCONBURY WESTONBase sherd of a terra nigra plate.
X.2462Iron Age?ALCONBURY WESTONSmall rim sherd of brown ware, wheelmade.
X.2463Iron Age?ALCONBURY WESTONBones of ?oxen: parts of rib, tibia and metacarpal.
X.2464Iron Age?ALCONBURY WESTONThree animal bones and a tooth: a tibia; ankle bone; toe bone of a ?horse; horse incisor tooth.
X.2465Iron AgeBLUNTISHAMTwo sherds of coarse ware, wheelmade, grey-buff with incised decoration.
X.2468Iron AgeBUCKDENSherds of coarse ware, wheelmade and probably some handmade, various fabrics.
X.2469Iron Age?BUCKDENLoom weight: large block of very coarse fired clay, roughly trapezoid in shape with a circular hole about 15mm diam. through one end. Broken, present length about 15cms.
X.2470Iron Age?BUCKDENPart of a loom weight, similar fabric to X.2469 but circular shape and with a similar hole through it; also broken, current length about 14cms.
X.2471Iron AgeBUCKDENSherds of coarse ware, handmade and wheelmade, various fabrics; one group of sherds is marked "?Harling Ware"; another very coarse group is labelled "Buckden Hearth Feb 9 '64"; also part of a loom weight of very coarse ware; two jawbones of ?sheep and two teeth from ?horses.
X.2472Iron AgeBUCKDENSherds of coarse ware, wheelmade, various fabrics.
X.2473Iron Age etcEYNESBURYSherds of handmade ware and burnt daub, also flint flakes, some late Saxon sherds, and animal bones including three jawbones of sheep and part of a shed red deer antler.
X.2480Iron Age etc.FENSTANTONPieces of human bone (skull, pelvis and femurs, also a few teeth); with sherds of handmade pottery, various wares; also a cortical waste flake of brown flint.
X.2482RomanGODMANCHESTERBase sherd of wheelmade grey ware, a Roman import or an imitation of one.
X.2483Iron Age?GODMANCHESTERSmall base sherd of grey ware, fine with incised decoration, ?London ware.
X.2484Iron Age?GODMANCHESTERThree sherds of coarse brown ware, probably handmade.
X.2485Iron Age?GODMANCHESTERSherd of grey ware imitating a Samian dish.
X.2486Iron Age etc.HOUGHTONSherds of coarse ware, mostly handmade, various wares, some with incised decoration; originally indexed as "Iron Age A" but including a lug from a Saxon pot and some pieces of medieval; also two pieces of burnt daub.
X.2487Iron AgeHOUGHTONSherds of coarse ware, handmade and often very rough, some with incised decoration - also a piece of what looks like field drain.
X.2488Iron Age etc.HOUGHTONNumerous sherds of coarse ware, mostly handmade, some with incised decoration; pieces of kiln rings and some fired pieces of very coarse clay, perhaps part of a kiln; also Roman sherds, inc. Samian, colour-coated ware, mortaria and coarse ware, also a piece of roof- or flue-tile; sherds of medieval ware with green glaze.
X.2489Iron AgeHOUGHTONPart of the rim and neck of a wheelmade jar of buff ware, cordons on neck.
X.2493Iron AgeHOUGHTONPart of a base of buff ware, wheelmade.
X.2494Iron AgeHOUGHTONSherds from near the base of a wheelmade pot of grey-red ware.
X.2501Iron AgeHOUGHTONSherds of coarse ware, apparently a mixture of late Iron Age (wheelmade) and Roman.
X.2503Iron AgeHOUGHTONSherds of coarse ware, Roman and probably some late Iron Age as well.
X.2504Iron AgeLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDSherds of coarse ware, various fabrics.
X.2505Iron Age?HUNTINGDONRim sherd of coarse pink shelly ware.
X.2506Iron AgeST IVESTwo sherds (which fit together) of coarse, handmade brown ware.
X.2507Iron AgeST IVESSherds of coarse ware, some with incised decoration.
X.2508Iron AgeST IVESSherds of coarse ware, mostly handmade but a few wheelmade, some with incised decoration; also three pieces of bone.
X.2509Iron AgeSAWTRYSherds of coarse ware, various fabrics, handmade and wheelmade.
X.2908Iron AgeSAWTRYTwo rim-sherds of a handmade jar with slight bead rim.
X.2909Iron AgeSAWTRYSherd of a butt beaker, thin buff ware with rouletting.
X.2938Iron AgeSAWTRYSherd of a wheelmade, cordoned jar, of sandy pink ware.
X.2968Iron AgeFour sherds of handmade coarse ware.
X.2969Iron AgeDEANRim sherd of grey ware, everted rim, seems to be handmade.
Alconbury IAIron AgeALCONBURYIron Age sherds marked "Weybridge I" and "Weybridge 2": what is the source of these? CHAS vol. 6 p. 193 reports a dig at the site but records only medieval and later pottery.
Alconbury Weston IAIron AgeALCONBURY WESTONSee also under Roman. Site published in CHAS 6, p. 203.
Brampton IAIron AgeBRAMPTONThe Iron Age enclosure and Bronze Age barrow cemetery at Brampton, grid ref. 204713, were excavated by D.A. White in September and October 1966 and published in PCAS 62 (1969) pp. 1-20. Some notes, drawings and sections were transferred from Dorset County Museum (where White worked) to the Cambs County Council Archaeology Field Unit at Fulbourn in January 1966. The PCAS article mentions notes stored at the Norris Museum, but if they remained here their present location is a mystery.
Buckden IAIron AgeBUCKDENSee also under Roman: Buckden.
X.2481*Iron AgeGODMANCHESTERSee also X.2481, possibly Iron Age but indexed under Roman.
Huntingdon Henry I penniesMedievalHUNTINGDONHenry I silver pennies minted at Huntingdon are catalogued with other Huntingdon silver pennies under SAXON.
X.1749*ArchaeologyRAMSEYSee X.1749, catalogued under Desborough, Northants.
X.1217-1228ArchaeologyST IVESExcavations in 1948-49 by H.J.M. Green briefly published in PCAS 51, p. 35. Grid ref. 315711.
Weald deserted medieval villageArchaeologyWEALDWeald deserted medieval village and chapel: see EYNESBURY parish.
2000.72ArchaeologyRAMSEYVarious sherds, including part of the neck of a green-glazed jar with bands of yellow slip; a green-glazed sherd with relief decoration; various coarse ware sherds; pieces of animal bones and teeth.
2000.73ArchaeologyRAMSEYSherds of coarse ware, including the bottom of a jar with sagging base; part of a fluted handle of green-glazed ware; ?a piece of burnt daub; various coarse ware sherds; a piece of oyster shell.
2000.75MedievalRAMSEYSilver penny, long cross type, ?Edward I, II or III,
2000.76MedievalRAMSEYCoin or token, larger than a silver penny (and apparently bronze or similar), with cross on one side and IHS on the other.
2000.77MedievalRAMSEY?Token or jeton or similar.
2005.01ArchaeologyRAMSEYTwo rim-sherds of green-glazed jugs: hard, thin, grey-red paste with green glaze added roughly to the outside, each sherd with the top of the handle pressed onto the neck with thumb impressions; one sherd has three impressions and a yellowy glaze; the other has two neater impressions and a shinier, greener glaze.
2006.03(Medieval)BRAMPTONA copy or cast of a roundel from a misericord in Brampton church: showing a weaver or cloth shearer holding an enormous pair of shears, standing beside a roll of cloth; cast in a ring round the outside of the roundel: "A TAILOR OF 600 YEARS AGO. A XIVTH CENTURY CARVING FROM HUNTINGDONSHIRE, ENGLAND"; made of ?resin, with two pieces of wood cast in the back for extra strength, painted yellow on the back and imitation wood on the front. Diam. 203mm.
2006.03 (contd.)(Medieval)BRAMPTON
2007.18ArchaeologyHUNTINGDONSquare floor tile of hard red ware with worn yellow glaze on one face; the edges taper slightly so that the upper, glazed face is larger than the bottom; 115mm square, 26mm thick.
79.31ArchaeologyCOLNEJug of green-glazed ware, with girth grooves round the body, wide mouth with slight pinch for spout, reeded handle with stabs up the middle and thumb impressions on either side at top and bottom; restored from fragments, present ht 235mm.
83.06ArchaeologyKINGS RIPTONTwo sections of a stone cross shaft, rectangular in section and carved in relief on all four sides. The figures on each side are: i) a quadruped, perhaps the Agnus Dei; ii) a robed female figure with a staff, perhaps the Virgin Mary; iii) another similar figure, only the feet surviving; iv) a stylized plant or scroll. Probably 2nd quarter of the 12th century. Larger section c.55cms high x 30cms x 25cms. Smaller section (which fits beneath the larger one) c.30cms high x 30cms. x 25cms.
84.13ArchaeologyRAMSEYSherds of coarse and glazed ware, 11th-15th century, inc. a sherd from a green-glazed figured jug with a face on it; post-medieval sherds of coarse and glazed wares, piece of window glass; two Saxon sherds, Ipswich & St Neots wares; curved segment of bronze, ?section from the blade of a Bronze Age sickle; also various undated objects: cortical waste flint flakes, piece of a bone needle, fragment of a glass vessel, piece of oyster shell, whelk shell, piece of burnt stone.
91.01ArchaeologySTOW LONGAA lead wool tally: a small rectangle of lead with holes at each corner (three of them pulled out). The back is plain, but cast on the front is a frame containing an animal in relief, perhaps a greyhound. It has long legs and a long snout, with a long tail curved over its back. 30 x 28mm, about 4mm thick.
X.0585ArchaeologyGODMANCHESTERA loom weight from a warp-weighted loom, consisting of a smooth pebble of brown stone, with a hollow made in the top for the knot by which it is tied to the warp. Length 10cms, width 9cms.
X.0647ArchaeologyGODMANCHESTERA loom weight from a warp-weighted loom, consisting of a smooth brown pebble, with a hollow made in the top for the knot by which it is tied to the warp. Length 10cms, width 9cms.
X.0700ArchaeologyST NEOTSSherd of St Neots ware, with incised decoration.
X.0734ArchaeologyST IVESBase sherd of pink gritted ware, grey core, with lattice decoration and trace of green glaze. Stanion ware 1150-1350
X.0917ArchaeologyHOUGHTONMost of a bottle of buff ware with grey core; ht. 153mm, base diam. 89mm. 13th century.
X.1217(Medieval)ST IVESRoman sherds (colour-coated and coarse ware); post-medieval sherds. Handmade nails, pieces of sheet metal with traces of tin or silver, pieces of window- and bottle-glass.
X.1218ArchaeologyST IVESSherds of various wares, including tile; Roman, medieval and post-medieval.
X.1219ArchaeologyST IVESSherds of coarse ware, Roman & medieval, and medieval tile; animal bones.
X.1220ArchaeologyST IVESSherds of Roman ware (colour-coated and coarse ware); medieval glazed sherds; post-medieval sherds, pieces of glass, clay pipe stem. Handmade nails and pieces of iron.
X.1221ArchaeologyST IVESMedieval sherds, glazed and coarse ware; post-medieval sherds, piece of glazed tile, fragments of glass; pieces of bone and iron.
X.1222ArchaeologyST IVESMedieval sherds, glazed and coarse ware; post-medieval sherds; pieces of glass, iron, and oyster shell.
X.1223ArchaeologyST IVESRoman sherds, colour-coated and coarse ware; medieval sherds, glazed and coarse ware; post-medieval sherds; pieces of iron and bottle- and window-glass.
X.1224ArchaeologyST.IVESRoman sherds (Samian, Nene Valley and coarse ware); medieval sherds (glazed and coarse ware, tile).
X.1225(Medieval)ST IVESRoman sherds of coarse ware.
X.1226ArchaeologyST IVESSherds of coarse ware, Roman and medieval; post-medieval sherds; lug of lead with traces of tinning or silvering.
X.1227ArchaeologyST IVESSherds of glazed and coarse ware.
X.1228ArchaeologyST IVESRoman sherds, coarse ware; medieval sherds, glazed and coarse ware; fragments of plaster, oyster shell.
X.1229ArchaeologyST IVESSherds of unglazed grey ware.
X.1230ArchaeologyST IVESSherds of pottery, including St Neots ware and green-glazed ware.
X.1558ArchaeologyST IVESGargoyle, limestone. An animal head and shoulders, perhaps a lion, with traces of mane under the gaping mouth, rounded ears, and bulging eyes. Two forepaws grasp the rectangular block of stone from which the animal rises. The channel along the top of the rectangular block (now the back, as the object is displayed vertically instead of in its original horizontal position) and through the mouth has been blocked up. Ht. 65cms, base 30cms square.
X.1584ArchaeologyST NEOTSPart of a floor tile of pink clay, with an indented shape containing a bird: wings raised, large-beaked head bowed down in front. 200 x 200 x 40mm.
X.1748ArchaeologyRAMSEYA pottery mould, used for stamping the image of a mitred abbot, perhaps onto consecrated wafers. A disc of hard-fired pink ware, roughly circular, with the upper half of the abbot holding a crozier in his left hand and raising his right in blessing; under a thin archway, and with an irregular moulding round the top and sides. Max. diam. 66mm, thickness 18mm. With three casts of the image, one in wax and two in plaster of paris.
X.1748 (contd.)ArchaeologyRAMSEY
X.1749ArchaeologyDESBOROUGHThe seal matrix of an abbot of Ramsey Abbey, one of the two abbots named John of Warboys, 1473-89 or 1507-39 (the last abbot). A circular disc of bronze with a design of the Virgin and Child under an elaborate canopy of Perpendicular tracery. Round the edge is the inscription "Sigillum Ihns Gurdebois Abbis Monasterii de Ramesii". Diam. 58mm, thickness 3mm. With a cast of the seal in wax.
X.1749 (contd.)ArchaeologyDESBOROUGH
X.1848ArchaeologyEYNESBURYA rim of red ware, made up of four sherds; the rim everted and with finger dents on the rim, slight girth-groove round the bottom of the neck.
X.1850ArchaeologyST NEOTSSherds of St Neots ware and other coarse wares, some cream ware with a green glaze (?Stamford ware), and part of the spout of a pitcher of shelly red-grey (?St Neots) ware; also some pieces of glass and a fragment of bronze sheet.
X.2500ArchaeologyHOUGHTONVery small sherd of white ware with trace of glaze.
X.2825MedievalHUNTINGDONThree leather shoe soles: very narrow with pointed end, stitch holes round the edge for attachment to the uppers. Lengths 251mm, 226mm, 218mm.
X.2826ArchaeologyST NEOTSThree leather shoe soles: narrow and with pointed end, stitch holes round the edge, one broken across the middle. Length 230mm.
X.2827MedievalST NEOTSParts of four leather shoes: two soles, very narrow and pointed; another sole of similar design but for a small child; and one upper, incomplete, and with a detached piece. Lengths 212mm, 207mm, 133mm and 190mm.
X.2828ArchaeologyST NEOTSNine leather shoe soles, or parts of soles: of various designs and sizes, some narrow and pointed, others wider and blunter. Lengths 216mm, 215mm, 191mm, 172mm, 169mm, 146mm, 137mm, 131mm and 113mm.
X.2829ArchaeologyST NEOTSParts of three leather shoes: the front of a sole, narrow and pointed; the front part of an upper; and a "vamp" (also the front part of an upper) welted. Lengths 190mm, 138mm and ???
X.2830ArchaeologyST NEOTSA button of copper or bronze: a disc with a hole in the middle and lattice decoration in relief on the front. Diam. 26mm.
X.2831MedievalST NEOTSThe head of a woodman's axe: rectangular-sectioned blade expanding symmetrically at the cutting edge, most of the socket missing. Present length 190mm.
X.2832MedievalHEMINGFORD GREYBearded axe: quite thin blade expanded downwards at the cutting edge and with rectangular-sectioned socket, damaged. Length 180mm.
X.2833MedievalHEMINGFORD GREYBearded axe: thin blade expanded both up and down at the cutting edge and with triangular-sectioned socket with projecting triangular lugs at the bottom. Length 180mm.
X.2834ArchaeologyHUNTINGDONBearded axe: thin blade expanded both up and down at the cutting edge and with triangular-sectioned socket with projecting triangular lugs at the bottom; concretion on one side, traces of the haft in the socket. Length 173mm.
X.2835MedievalA sword: two-edged blade with central channel on each face, point broken off, with a flat tang; now loose on the tang are slender quillons, curving slightly down and flattened towards the ends; at the top of the tang is a brass or bronze wheel pommel. Length 765mm.
X.2836MedievalHUNTINGDONRowel spur: heel fitting angular with rim round the top, and with the remains of hooks and loops for fastening, long round-sectioned neck and eight-pointed rowel. Length 225mm.
X.2837ArchaeologyHUNTINGDONBarbed and socketed arrowhead: of iron, with curved and tapered blade, socket broken round the edge; now fitted to a modern length of dowel. Length of arrowhead 58mm.
X.2838ArchaeologySPALDWICKGilded brass crucifix: with trefoils at the terminals apart from the foot, which is missing, figure of Christ (bearded, long hair and loin cloth) soldered or brazed to the cross; traces of solder and a metal tag on the back, for attachment to something. Quite crude workmanship. Length 78mm.
X.2838 (contd.)MedievalSPALDWICK
X.2840ArchaeologyHUNTINGDONPart of an aquamanile, a jug shaped like an aniimal: sherds of grey, shelly ware glued together and restored with plaster (rather crudely) to make up about half the front of the jug, with two stubby front legs, a mouth on the top of the back with ribbon handle and another mouth, broken off, where the animal's head would have been; the bottom, rear end and left side missing; decorated with stamped applied strips and traces of green glaze; the whole thing rather crude. Present length 26cms.
X.2840 (contd.)MedievalHUNTINGDON
X.2841ArchaeologyRAMSEYPart of a brick or tile moulded with the figures of parts of four saints under canopies, with lettering above identifying them (now illegible); of white clay, broken and abraded. Present length 125mm.
X.2841 (contd.)ArchaeologyRAMSEY
X.2842ArchaeologyRAMSEYPart of a brick or tile moulded with the figures of parts of two saints under canopies; red clay, broken and abraded. Present ht. 101mm.
X.2843ArchaeologyRAMSEYPart of a brick or tile moulded with the figures of parts of three saints under canopies; red clay, harder and with the design clearer than in X.2841-2. Present length 100mm.
X.2844ArchaeologySAWTRYFive pieces of decorated floor tiles, of thick, hard-fired, red-grey clay, with a yellow-green glaze; four of the five have incised curvilinear designs, the fifth is cut in the shape of a quatrefoil with one lobe broken off. Lengths 108mm, 102mm, 128mm, 120mm, 116mm
X.2845ArchaeologyRAMSEYSix pieces of decorated floor tiles, all with a similar pattern moulded in relief, showing a border of triangular panels with circles and lines in them, while inside the border are other patterns in square panels; fairly soft tile, red in four pieces and white in the fifth. Lengths 160mm, 152mm, 148mm, 111mm and 101mm.
X.2848ArchaeologyRAMSEYPart of a roof tile of red clay: about half a rectangular tile, with two holes for nails. Width 190mm.
X.2963ArchaeologyHUNTINGDONPillar base of limestone, 13th century: grooves round the outside and a flat circular top with an extension towards the back, suggesting it was originally set against a wall; diam. about 19cms, ht 11cms.
X.2964ArchaeologyHUNTINGDONPart of a frieze of dogtooth ornament, limestone, 13th century: two rows of four-lobed motifs carved in high relief; width 172mm.
X.2965ArchaeologyHUNTINGDONCorbel of Ketton stone, carved with a human head, 14th century: the corbel semi-circular, the head rather worn, a band of hair or a headdress between the head and the corbel; width 250mm.
X.2966ArchaeologyST NEOTSCarved stone head of a horned sheep: quite crude carving with horns on the top of the head, large eyes and tongue protruding slightly, carved away to a curve on the right side, suggesting it may have been against an arch; length 215mm.
X.2992ArchaeologyBUCKDENTwo square roof tiles of soft red clay, each with two holes for nails. About 18cms square, broken.
X.2993ArchaeologyBUCKDENPart of a slab of thick grey stone, with drilled hole - the hole suggests a roofing slate, although it would be rather thick and heavy for that. Length 18cms.
X.2994ArchaeologyGRAFHAMPart of a rectangular roof tile of soft red clay, slightly convex and with two nail holes; present length 23cms.
X.2995ArchaeologyHEMINGFORD GREYPart of a tile of hard red clay with grey core, with traces of burning; length 118mm.
X.2996ArchaeologyHEMINGFORD GREYPart of a tile of grey gritted clay with traces of green glaze, apparently broken or roughly cut to give a round shape on one side; length 100mm.
X.2997ArchaeologyHEMINGFORD GREYPart of a rectangular tile of grey ware with green glaze on one side and one edge; length 100mm.
X.2998ArchaeologyHUNTINGDONSquare floor tile of light grey ware, 12cms square.
X.2999ArchaeologyHUNTINGDONSquare floor tile, yellow on one side and grey-red on the other, 12cms square.
X.3000ArchaeologyHUNTINGDONSquare floor tile of red ware with green glaze on one side, tapered slightly with the glazed face wider; 12cms square.
X.3001ArchaeologyHUNTINGDONSquare floor tile of red ware with traces of yellow glaze, tapered slightly with the glazed face wider; 12cms square.
X.0631NeolithicSlender leaf-shaped arrowhead of grey flint, delicately flaked; length 40mm.
X.0633NeolithicNO PROVENANCELeaf-shaped arrowhead of white flint, length 42mm.
X.0635NeolithicLeaf-shaped arrowhead of white flint, length 31mm.
X.0639NeolithicNO PROVENANCEBarbed and tanged arrowhead, flaked from grey flint, with double point to barb; length 43mm.
X.0650NeolithicUPWOODGround axehead of grey stone, flattened sides, length 103mms, width 53mm.
X.0651NeolithicGround axehead of dark brown stone, length 113mm, width 50mm.
X.0653NeolithicVery small leaf-shaped arrowhead of white flint, length 21mm.
X.0658NeolithicHOUGHTONCircular scraper of grey flint, length 40mm, width 34mm.
X.0660NeolithicHARTFORDLeaf-shaped spearhead or knife of grey flint, length 91mm.
X.0666NeolithicWOOD WALTONChisel of brown flint, flaked with turned edge; polished at cutting edge only; length 132mm, width 25mm.
X.0667NeolithicWOOD WALTONChisel of brown flint, flaked, with turned edge; ground at cutting edge only; length 130mm, width 27mm.
X.0685NeolithicWEETINGFlake of white flint, length 50mm.
X.0686NeolithicWEETINGLarge flake of white flint, length 114mm.
X.0705NeolithicUPWOODBlade-core of brown flint.
X.0706NeoloithicST IVESFlake of white flint, with hinge fracture across one end.
X.0857NeolithicWOOD WALTONFlaked and ground axehead of grey flint, only partly ground and polished; length 155mm.
X.0858NeolithicWOOD WALTONAxehead roughout of black flint; flaked, with turned edge, only ground at the cutting edge; parallel-sided. Length 125mm.
X.0859NeolithicWOOD WALTONGround axehead of grey flint, butt and cutting edge broken after grinding; length 149mm, width 63mm.
X.0861NeolithicWOOD WALTONNarrow axehead roughout of brown flint, flaked with turned edge, slight grinding near cutting edge; length 145mm, width 42mm.
X.1253NeolithicFENSTANTONScraper of dark brown flint, length 35mm.
X.1254NeolithicST IVESSherd of brown ware, coarse, with chevron ornament; Neolithic B, Mortlake ware, c.1900-1700 B.C.
X.1585NeolithicCHARTRESMinature polished axehead of green, marbled stone, very attractive, and pierced in the middle to be hung from something - the hole plainly recent. Length 42mm.
X.1684NeolithicCHANCTONBURYTwo flakes of grey-patinated flint, one retouched perhaps for use as a scraper.
X.1685NeolithicCISSBURYTwo large flakes of white-patinated flint, one with some cortex, the other with negative scars on the back.
X.1686NeolithicBROMHILL WARRENBlade of grey-patinated flint, broken across, with no obvious sign of retouch or purpose. Length 70mm.
X.1687NeolithicSOMPTINGTwo waste flakes of white-patinated flint.
X.1688NeolithicFERRINGSmall blade of white-patinated flint. Length 47mm.
X.1689Neolithic?Two small pieces of flint - one retouched as a scraper, with a narrow tang or similar at the other end; the other perhaps a small end scraper; and a small piece of curved bone, presumably a rib.
X.1706Neolithic?EARITHLarge waste flake of grey-patinated flint, length 99mm.
X.0276PalaeontologyHEMINGFORD GREYFossil scales and bones of a fish. Probably derived from the Oxfordian Middle Jurassic.
X.0277PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCETwo dorsal spines from the fossil shark Hybodus.
X.0278PalaeontologyCONINGTONHumerus of Ophthalmosaur.
X.0279PalaeontologyALCONBURY WESTONTibia of a Mammoth.
X.0280PalaeontologyFENSTANTONTwo molars of a Straight-tusked Elephant, complete and well preseved.
X.0281PalaeontologyBRAMPTONPart of the jaw of a beaver.
X.0282PalaeontologyHUNTINGDON?Canine tusk of Hippopotamus.
X.0300PalaeontologyBUCKDENPiece of reindeer antler, Rangifer tarandus.
X.0339PalaeontologyMUNDESLEYFragment of ?2nd lower molar of Straight-tusked Elephant.
X.0348PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEThree pieces of crinoid ossicle.
X.0349PalaeontologyWARBOYSThree small bivalves, brachiopods.
X.0350PalaeontologyHUNTINGDON?Fossil Sea-urchin, Cretaceous, Catopygus columbarius (Lamarck).
X.0351PalaeontologyST IVESFragment of Mammoth tusk.
X.0385PalaeontologyBUCKDENPart of a reindeer antler.
X.0393PalaeontologyFENSTANTONAurochs horn core, almost complete.
X.0394PalaeontologyFENSTANTONAurochs horn core, almost complete.
X.0395PalaeontologyFENSTANTONPiece of Mammoth molar.
X.0396PalaeontologyFENSTANTONPiece of Mammoth molar
X.0397PalaeontologyFENSTANTONPiece of Mammoth molar.
X.0587PalaeontologyCOVENEYPiece of bog oak.
X.0821PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEA pair of Aurochs horn cores, fairly complete.
X.0822PalaeontologyFENSTANTONSlender section of Mammoth tusk.
X.0823PalaeontologyFENSTANTONFemur of Mammoth.
X.0824PalaeontologyFENSTANTONPart of the jaw of a Straight-tusked Elephant.
X.0825PalaeontologyFENSTANTONPart of the jaw of a Mammoth or Straight-tusked Elephant.
X.0826PalaeontologyHOUGHTONTwo pieces of antler.
X.0827PalaeontologySOMERSHAMPiece of Mammoth tusk.
X.0837PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCELeft tibia, unknown animal.
X.0838PalaeontologyFENSTANTONNumerous bones, teeth and horns of various animals, including a pair of Aurochs horn cores & teeth of Mammoth or Straight-tusked Elephant.
X.0839PalaeontologyHEMINGFORD GREYPieces of molars of Straight-tusked Elephant; pieces of horn-cores of Bos primigenius; various other fragments of bones.
X.1559PalaeontologyBEREZOVKAStrands of Mammoth hair. A tuft of ginger hair, with pieces of short under-hair, and longer pieces of coarse outer hair.
X.1613PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCETwo fossils, one of them partly embedded in a flinty matrix, of what look like echinoids or similar. The HLSI catalogue describes them (I think) as "Centrechinidae". Each about 22mm in diameter.
X.1614PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil Clypeus echinoid, diam. about 70mm.
X.1615PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil Clypeus echinoid, smaller than X.1614, diam. about 45mm.
X.1616PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil Conulus echinoid, conical shape, height about 35mm.
X.1617PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil trilobite, bent over with the head bowed forwards, partly embedded in a piece of grey-brown rock. Length about 25mm.
X.1618PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil trilobite, embedded in a lump probably of Wenlock limestone, the trilobite a Calymene about 45mm long.
X.1619PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil Gryphaea, large, flat-shelled and laminated, apparently with the inner shell still inside the outer. Length 105mm.
X.1620PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil bivalve, Radulopecten, length 90mm.
X.1621PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEA slab of grey stone bearing an impression of Lepidodendron, a Carboniferous plant (a giant club-moss, or Lycopod), length 135mm.
X.1622PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCELarge fossilized vertebra from a Pliosaur, from an individual about 10m long. Max diam 185mm.
X.1623PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEThe antler of a red deer, with six points. Length 73cms.
X.1624PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCECervical vertebra of Bos.
X.1625PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEPart of the skull of ?Bos.
X.1626PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEThree molars of Bos.
X.1627PalaentologyNO PROVENANCEPart of the 1st upper molar of a Straight-tusked Elephant or a young Mammoth.
X.1628PalaeontologySANDYThe tail-vertebra of a dinosaur (i.e. specifically a land animal), possibly Lower Cretaceous such as an Iguanadon, and perhaps from the Greensand: a long vertebra with a slight spine. Length about 11cms.
X.1629PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEPart of a Mammoth tusk, fragmentary and repaired with plaster. Present length about 52cms.
X.1630PalaeontologyWOODFORDTwo fossil bivalves: Pholadomya deltoidaea. Lengths 86mm and 40mm.
X.1631PalaeontologyBATHPart of a boar's tusk. Length 65mm, broken at both ends.
X.1632PalaeontologyBUCKDENPart of a reindeer antler. HLSI catalogue: "part of brow tine and main beam"; Gordon Chancellor (1993) identifies it as from a young reindeer. Length about 45cms.
X.1633PalaeontologyBUCKDENMolar of horse (identified for HLSI by C. Forster Cooper of Cambridge University Museum of Zoology) or of cow (according to Gordon Chancellor of Peterborough Museum, 1993).
X.1634PalaeontologyBUCKDENMolar of Bos.
X.1635PalaeontologyELLINGTONFossil Gryphaea: single shell 48mm long.
X.1636PalaeontologyFENSTANTONPart of the molar of a Straight- tusked Elephant.
X.0874RomanWHITTLESEYLarge "pie-dish" of greyware, with flat base, slightly curved sides and heavy rim. Diam. 258mm.
X.0875RomanWHITTLESEYLarge jar of very coarse grey-pink ware, two girth-grooves on neck, wide everted rim. Ht. 266mm.
X.0876RomanWHITTLESEYPoppy-head beaker of white ware, with panels of dots and rings in pink barbotine. ?War Ditches ware. Traces of repair made in antiquity, using bitumen. Late 1st-early 2nd cent. Ht. 153mm.
X.0877RomanSAWTRYDish of very coarse red-grey gritted ware; flat-bottomed and straight-sided with everted rim, rather crude. 1st century. Diam. 189mm.
X.0878RomanSAWTRYMortarium of colour-coated ware, white slip on pink paste, flange overhangs at sharp angle, plain spout, no grits. 4th cent. Diam. 156mm.
X.0879RomanSAWTRYNarrow-footed bowl of sandy pink ware, with reeded rim. Diam. 194mm.
X.0880RomanSAWTRYCarinated bowl of grey ware, with girth-groove above shoulder and undercut rim. Diam. 141mm (restored).
X.0881RomanSAWTRYJar of coarse grey-pink ware, horizontal striations on body, everted rim with step inside for lid. Ht. 127mm (restored).
X.0882RomanSAWTRYCarinated bowl of grey ware, with girth-groove above shoulder and everted rim. Ht. 169mm (restored).
X.0883RomanSAWTRYCarinated bowl of grey gritted ware, undecorated, with plain rim. Diam. 141mm (restored).
X.0884RomanSAWTRYJar of coarse grey gritted ware, bead rim with slight step inside for lid. Ht. 158mm (restored).
X.0885RomanSAWTRYJar of coarse buff-red ware, girth-grooves above shoulder, everted rim. Ht. 172mm.
X.0886RomanSAWTRYLarge jar of grey gritted ware, five grooves on neck, everted rim. Ht. 215mm (restored).
X.0887RomanBLUNTISHAMLarge wide-mouthed jar of pink sandy ware, plain, no neck, bead rim. 1st cent. Ht. 225mm.
X.0888RomanSAWTRYVery large wide-mouthed jar of grey ware, with wavy line round neck, and everted rim. Ht. 266mm (restored).
X.0889RomanSAWTRYVery large jar of grey ware, with girth-grooves and cordon on neck, everted rim. Ht. 303mm (restored).
X.0890RomanEARITHLid of red-brown ware, with flattened knob on top; blackened at edges. Diam. 145mm (restored).
X.0891RomanEARITHNarrow-necked jar of grey ware, shallow grooves round body, cordon on neck, rim missing. Two holes made in body, roughly shaped but plainly pecked out with some care. Ht. 230mm.
X.0892RomanEARITHLarge bowl of grey ware, with girth-groove on shoulder, cordon on neck, and everted rim; base missing. Ht. 149mm.
X.0893RomanEARITHSmall jar of dark brown, hard, sandy ware; with band of rouletting round waist and everted rim. 3rd cent. Ht. 109mm.
X.0894RomanEARITHRouletted bowl of colour-coated ?Colchester ware, brown-black slip on buff paste, with rouletting above shoulder and flange at mouth to hold lid on. Ht. 130mm.
X.0895RomanEARITHFlagon of hard grey ware, with narrow foot, slight step at shoulder, lip on mouth, and two-lobed handle. Ht. 151mm.
X.0896RomanEARITHSmall jar of colour-coated ware, red slip on white paste, with slight cordon on neck and everted rim. 3rd cent. Ht. 91mm.
X.0897RomanEARITHMost of small jar of rough, sandy, white ware, plain with bead rim. Ht. 50mm.
X.0898RomanEARITHPart of a globular-bodied jar of thin grey ware, with narrow foot and two girth-grooves on shoulder. Top missing; present ht. 100mm.
X.0899RomanEARITHConical-necked beaker of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, brown-black slip on buff fabric, with zone of white-painted curvilinear decoration between two lines of rouletting. Ht. 140mm.
X.0899 (contd.)RomanEARITH
X.0900RomanEARITHBowl of colour-coated ?Oxfordshire ware, red slip on pink paste, shape imitates Samian Drag. 37, with girth-grooves and zone of white-painted curvilinear decoration. Ht. 62mm.
X.0901RomanEARITHMortarium of white (Nene Valley) ware, with reeded rim turned sharply downwards, plain mouth, and black grits. 3rd cent. Diam. 225mm.
X.0902RomanEARITHPart of a beaker of colour-coated (? Colchester) ware, black slip on pink fabric, with narrow foot, two bands of rouletting on body, undercut bead rim. Ht. when complete 141mm.
X.0903RomanEARITHConical-necked beaker of colour-coated ware, brown-black slip on pink paste, with five indentations on body, between two bands of rouletting; thin bead rim. 3rd century Ht. 172mm.
X.0904RomanEARITHPlain dish of grey ware, flat-bottomed and plain-rimmed. Diam. 130mm (restored).
X.0905RomanEARITHPlain dish of grey ware, flat bottom and plain rim, slight bevel on outside edge of base. 3rd century. Diam. 170mm.
X.0906RomanEARITHDish of grey ware, with flat bottom sloping sides and undercut bead rim. 3rd- 4th cent. Diam. 183mm (restored).
X.0907RomanEARITHJar of coarse grey-pink gritted ware, fire-blackened, with zone of fine horizontal striations on shoulder, and everted rim. With chicken bones, found inside. Ht. 185mm.
X.0908RomanBronze brooch, Collingwood Group N (Cast head-loop), with band of lozenge-shaped moulding on upper bow; loop is cast solid, pin missing. Mid to late 2nd cent. Length 55mm.
X.0909RomanEARITHSmall bronze bracelet, with moulded and incised patterns of diagonal lines and ring-and-dot. Diam. 47mm.
X.0914RomanBUCKDENPart of a jar of red ware, with black slip and grey core, five perforations in base, everted rim. Ht. 90mm, base diam. 50mm.
X.0925RomanSAWTRYCarinated bowl of grey ware, with slight cordons on neck and everted rim (restored); ht. 89mm, rim diam. 116mm.
X.0929RomanWHITTLESEYSherds of Samian: 1 sherd Drag. 18/31 with rivet hole (AD 160-190); 1 sherd Ludowici Tg with parts of two lead rivets.
X.0930RomanWHITTLESEYSherds of decorated & undecorated Samian: 1 sherd Drag. 37, by CASVRIVS (160-180, Lezoux); 1 sherd Drag. 31 stamped . . . RCI (AD 160-170).
X.0931RomanWHITTLESEYPart of decorated Samian bowl, Drag. 37, AD 150-180.
X.0932RomanEARITHIndented beaker of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, red-brown slip on white paste; with narrow foot, two girth-grooves above indentations, undercut rim. 3rd century. Ht. 148mm (restored).
X.0933RomanEARITHMost of a conical-necked beaker of colour-coated ware, red-brown slip on buff paste; with narrow foot, cordon on shoulder, and bead rim. Ht. 133mm.
X.0934RomanEARITHPlain dish of colour-coated (?Nene Valley) ware, red slip on white paste; with flat base and slightly rounded sides, plain rim. Diam. 170mm.
X.0935RomanEARITHPart of a globular jar or bottle of red ware, with burnished surface; narrow foot, plain body, top missing. 3rd-4th cent. Diam. 155mm (restored).
X.0936RomanEARITHPart of a cup of grey ware, imitating Samian Drag. 30, with three girth-grooves and thin beaded rim. Ht. 83mm.
X.0937RomanEARITHMost of an indented beaker of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, black slip on white paste; with narrow foot and everted rim. Ht. 115mm.
X.0938RomanEARITHSherds of a large flanged "pie-dish" of grey ware; flat bottom, straight sides, slightly down-turned flange below rim. Diam. 290mm when complete.
X.0939RomanNEEDINGWORTHJar of sandy grey ware, with slight cordon on neck and undercut rim. Ht. 241mm.
X.0940RomanCOLNELarge jar of coarse, gritted, grey ware, with three girth-grooves on shoulder and everted rim. 2nd-4th cent. Ht. 275mm (restored).
X.0941RomanEARITHSherds of a large mortarium of white (Nene Valley) ware, with black grits, down-turned reeded rim and plain spout. The rim at one point was slightly squashed while the clay was still wet, and part of the potter's fingerprint can be clearly seen. Diam. 340mm.
X.3003ArchaeologyST NEOTSPart of a stone roofing slate, rectangular but with tapered top, the top broken off with part of a drilled hole in the break; length 25cms.
X.3004ArchaeologyST NEOTSMost of a stone roofing slate, rectangular but with curved edges, drilled hole near the top; length 20cms.
X.3005ArchaeologyST NEOTSPart of a stone roofing slate - the top part with rounded top and drilled hole; length 15cms.
X.3006ArchaeologyST NEOTSMost of a stone roofing slate, rectangular, one end broken off and part of a drilled hole in the break; length 28cms.
X.3007ArchaeologyST NEOTSPart of a thick floor tile of red ware with dark green glaze on one face; length 85mm, thickness 30mm.
X.3008ArchaeologyLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDSmall piece of a stone roofing slate, length 125mm.
X.3009ArchaeologyKIMBOLTONMost of a stone roofing slate, rectangular with a drilled hole at the top, of light grey stone; length 245mm.
X.3010ArchaeologyKIMBOLTONPart of a large and thick floor tile, of grey-pink ware with traces of green glaze on one face; length 23cms, thickness 28mm.
X.3011ArchaeologySAWTRYPart of a roofing tile of pink ware, broken and in two pieces, with projecting lug near the top to support it on the battens (presumably another lug was on the missing portion); present width 20cms.
X.3012ArchaeologyWARBOYSPart of a roofing tile of light pink ware, present width 20cms.
X.3013ArchaeologyWARBOYSPart of a roofing tile of white clay with two holes, width 20cms.
X.3014ArchaeologyNO PROVENANCESquare floor tile of red ware, glazed on one face with a shield containing six fleurs-de-lys in green and yellow glaze; about 135mm square.
X.3015ArchaeologyNO PROVENANCESquare floor tile of red ware, glazed on one face with a fleur-de-lys in green and yellow glaze; about 135mm square.
X.3016ArchaeologyNO PROVENANCEPart of a square tile of hard red ware, with an elaborate design including dogs and a fleur-de-lys moulded in high relief on one face and green-glazed; present length 110mm.
X.3017ArchaeologyNO PROVENANCESmall floor tile of dark grey ware, glazed dark green on all sides and with an impressed wheel design on the upper face; about 90mm square.
X.3018ArchaeologyNO PROVENANCEA piece of stucco or similar showing the top half of an ?angel holding a shield with three crowns on it (the arms of Ely diocese); width 95mm.
X.3019ArchaeologySAWTRYPiece of pot handle with twisted ribs, green-glazed red ware; and body sherd of large pot of pink ware with patch of orange glaze.
X.3020ArchaeologyBUCKDENThe top of a large jug of red ware with dark green glaze, with cordon round shoulder, random stabs on the handle and applied blobs and lines on the upper body.
X.3021ArchaeologyHUNTINGDONBottle of coarse pink ware, rough and crude, with rim round base, plain flared mouth; ht 150mm.
X.3022ArchaeologyKIMBOLTONJug of shelly pink ware with black slip on upper part: rough and crudely shaped with sagging bottom, reeded handle with thumb marks on each side at top and bottom, slight groove under rim, part of mouth missing and replaced with plaster; present ht 225mm.
Wyton MesoMesolithicWYTONSome items included under Neolithic may in fact be Mesolithic: see X.2248-9, 2251, 2258. "Wyton", for the purposes of our flints, is that part of Houghton and Wyton parish which lies north of the St Ives to Huntingdon road.
X.2213*MesolithicST IVESSee X.2213, indexed under Neolithic, which may include Mesolithic pieces.
X.2202-3MesolithicLT PAXTONSee X.2202-3, indexed under Neolithic.
X.2101*MesolithicOFFORDSee X.2101, catalogued under Neolithic, which may be Mesolithic.
X.2094*MesolithicHUNTINGDONSee X.2094, indexed under Neolothic, which may include Mesolithic pieces.
Houghton MesoMesolithicHOUGHTONSome possible Mesolithic objects from Houghton are indexed under Neolithic: see X.2061, 2066-7, 2070, 2080, 2087.
X.2029*MesolithicHOLYWELLSee X.2029, catalogued under Neolithic, which may include Mesolithic cores.
X.2012*MesolithicGODMANCHESTERSee X.2012, catalogued under Neolithic, which could be a Mesolithic core.
X.2002*MesolithicEATON SOCONSee X.2002, catalogued under Neolithic, which may include Mesolithic material.
X.1992*MesolithicBUCKWORTHSee X.1992, catalogued under Neolithic, which may include Mesolithic material.
X.1694*MesolithicBUCKDENSee X.1694, catalogued under Palaeolithic, which may include a Mesolithic scraper. Also, several of the groups of Neolithic flints may include Mesolithc microliths.
X.1967*MesolithicBLUNTISHAMSee X.1967 catalogued under Neolithic but perhaps including Mesolithic material.
X.1963*MesolithicNO PROVENANCESee X.1963, Neolithic, which probably includes Mesolithic material.
X.0408MesolithicST IVESMicrolithic blade, length 25mm, width 10mm.
X.0411MesolithicHOUGHTONMicroburin, length 27mm, width 17mm.
X.0420Mesolithic?Small core of black flint, ?also used as hammerstone. Length 32mm
X.0428MesolithicHOUGHTONMicroburin of brown flint, length 30mm, width 15mm.
X.0431MesolithicST IVESSmall blade of white flint, length 36mm.
X.0443MesolithicST IVESPart of a thin blade of white flint, wuth microburin removed; length 39mm, width 19mm.
X.0578MesolithicHOLYWELLPerforated hammer- or mace-head, of pecked manufacture, with hourglass perforation; length 75mm, width 55mm.
X.0595MesolithicALCONBURYPart of a perforated axe- or hammer-head, made by pecking from a grey stone, with hourglass-shaped perforation.
X.0597MesolithicKIMBOLTONSmall hammerhead of pecked pink stone, with hourglass perforation; length 70mm, width 62mm.
X.0602MesolithicWOOD WALTONTranchet axe of flint, length 122mm, width 46mm.
X.0611MesolithicGT STAUGHTONTranchet axehead of white flint, length 95mm, width 46mm.
X.0614MesolithicHOUGHTONTranchet axehead of white flint, length 128mm, width 54mm.
X.0615MesolithicGODMANCHESTERPart of a hammer- or mace-head, pecked from a grey stone, with hourglass perforation; length 75mm, width 51mm.
X.0625MesolithicEYNESBURYHammer-head of light grey stone, with hourglass perforation, length 132mm, width 82mm.
X.0627MesolithicWOOD WALTONSmall hammer-head of grey stone, with hourglass perforation, length 73mm, width 54mm.
X.0860MesolithicST IVESHammer-head of brown stone, with hourglass perforation; slightly broken. Length 105mm, width 67mm.
X.1944Mesolithic?NO PROVENANCETwo very small flakes of black flint.
X.1945Mesolithic?NO PROVENANCESeven small cores of various coloured flints showing the scars where flakes and blades have been taken off: some of them at least seem small enough to be Mesolithic
X.1946Mesolithic?SPEETONWorked tool of brown flint, something like an axehead or an adzehead but perhaps unfinished: one side quite flat, the other convex, roughly flaked all round. Length 117mm.
X.1947Mesolithic?NO PROVENANCE41 microlithic flakes and blades, various shapes, sizes and patinations.
X.1948Mesolithic?LLANDUDNOA limpet shell and a ?winkle shell.
X.1979MesolithicBUCKDENSixteen very small flakes of white to grey-patinated flint, presumably Mesolithic.
X.2020Mesolithic?HARTFORDAdze or non-tranchet axe of grey flint with some cortex: flaked to be generally flat on one side and convex on the other, with the edge made by striking flakes off along the long axis of the tool (rather than across it, as in a tranchet axe). Length 85mm.
X.2240MesolithicWYTONMicrolithic blade of brown flint, length 25mm.
2007.16NeolithicGODMANCHESTERSlender axehead of brown flint, flaked and polished, length 145mm.
86.04NeolithicBLUNTISHAMBlade core of glossy black flint. Length 33mm, width 38mm.
89.07NeolithicHILTONPolished axehead of brown flint, the edge slightly chipped away, but apart from that smoothly polished all over. Length 134mm.
Eaton SoconNeolithicEATON SOCONThe boundary of this parish has changed. It was originally all in Bedfordshire, but in 1965 the eastern part was transferred to Huntingdonshire. The western part of the parish stayed in Bedfordshire, as Staploe parish.
Houghton & Wyton NeoNeolithicWYTONHoughton and Wyton are the same parish, but the fieldwalker (probably Mervyn Coote) who found our Neolithic flints in this area assigned those in the north part of the parish (north of the St Ives to Huntingdon road) to Wyton. This rough division has been followed in our catalogues
StaploeNeolithicSTAPLOESee card at the beginning of the section for Eaton Socon, Huntingdonshire. Present-day Staploe parish was part of Eaton Socon parish before 1965, when part of Eaton Socon was transferred to Huntingdonshire. Finds from Staploe may have been indexed under Eaton Socon, Hunts.
X.0306NeolithicHOUGHTONRectangular blade of grey flint, retouched on three edges. Length 78mm, width 35mm, thickness 10mm.
X.0399NeolithicFENSTANTONTwo casts of a rim-sherd, Peterborough Ware.
X.0400NeolithicWOOD WALTONLarge flake of brown flint, length 135mm, wodth 127mm.
X.0403NeolithicLT PAXTONSmall scraper, length 27mm, width 14mm.
X.0404NeolithicHOUGHTONSmall waisted point, length 33mms, width 13mm.
X.0405NeolithicHOUGHTONTriangular arrowhead with base broken off, length 26mm, width 17mm.
X.0409NeolithicFORDONLeaf-shaped arrowhead, length 28mm, width 18mm.
X.0410Neolithic?HEMINGFORD ABBOTSTwo-pointed flake-tool, length 25mm, width 24mm.
X.0412NeolithicSTIBBINGTON?Leaf-shaped arrowhead, length 28mm, width 18mm.
X.0413NeolithicGODMANCHESTERScraper, roughly square with extensive secondary flaking; length 44mm, width 40mm.
X.0415NeolithicST IVESCircular scraper of grey flint, length 39mm, width 35mm.
X.0416NeolithicEATON SOCONLeaf-shaped arrowhead; length 25mm, width 12mm.
X.0417NeolithicHOUGHTONCircular scraper of grey flint, length 53mm, width 50mm.
X.0418NeolithicHOUGHTONSmall leaf-shaped arrowhead, length 23mm, width 15mm.
X.0419NeolithicST IVESHalf of a leaf-shaped arrowhead of brown flint.
X.0421NeolithicHOUGHTONBurin/tanged blade of brown flint, length 50mm, width 31mm.
X.0422NeolithicHOUGHTONSmall scraper of grey flint, length 30mm, width 19mm.
X.0423NeolithicHOUGHTONPoint of brown flint, length 35mm, width 16mm.
X.0424NeolithicWYTONSmall scraper of brown flint, length 28mm, width 23mm.
X.0425NeolithicHOUGHTONLeaf-shaped blade of brown flint, length 29mm, width 20mm.
X.0426NeolithicHARTFORDOval arrowhead with vestigial barbs, length 41mm, width 20mm.
X.0427NeolithicWYTONLeaf-shaped arrowhead of dark brown flint, point missing; length 28mm.
X.0429NeolithicHOUGHTONCircular implement of grey flint, length 24mm, width 22mm.
X.0430NeolithicST IVESSmall parallel-sided blade of white flint, end broken off obliquely; length 41mm, width 21mm.
X.0434NeolithicHOUGHTONSmall broken blade of dark brown flint, length 28mm, width 21mm.
X.0435NeolithicGODMANCHESTERSmall end-scraper of black flint, length 37mm, width 20mm.
X.0436NeolithicHOUGHTONSmall blade of dark brown flint, length 23mm, width 22mm.
X.0437NeolithicST IVES?Arrowhead of white flint, broken across the middle, length 27mm.
X.0438NeolithicHOUGHTONSmall waisted blade of brown flint, length 28mm, width 18mm.
X.0439NeolithicEYNESBURYLeaf-shaped arrowhead of brown flint, point broken off; length 33mm, width 22mm.
X.0441NeolithicEATON SOCONPart of a delicately flaked blade of grey flint; length 41mm, width 18mm
X.0445NeolithicHOUGHTONBurin of red-brown flint, length 43mm, width 29mm.
X.0446NeolithicHOUGHTONPart of a leaf-shaped blade of grey flint, length 29mm, width 28mm.
X.0447NeolithicHOUGHTONThumb-scraper of black flint, length 23mm, width 22mm.
X.0448NeolithicLT PAXTONThick blade of black flint, length 55mm, width 20mm.
X.0449NeolithicWYTONCircular scraper of brown flint, length 46mm, width 39mm.
X.0450NeolithicGODMANCHESTERSmall leaf-shaped blade of white flint, length 50mm, width 13mm.
X.0451NeolithicHOUGHTONEnd-scraper of brown flint, length 41mm, width 33mm.
X.0452NeolithicEATON SOCONDouble-edged scraper of grey flint, length 55mm, width 32mm.
X.0453NeolithicHOUGHTONSmall circular scraper of grey flint, length 32mm, width 27mm.
X.0454NeolithicWOOD WALTONSmall end-scraper of grey flint, length 25mm, width 20mm.
X.0456NeolithicST IVESSmall scraper of brown flint, length 37mm, width 28mm.
X.0457NeolithicST IVESShort, thick flake of black flint, length 44mm.
X.0460NeolithicHOLYWELLFlake of black flint, length 48mm.
X.0461NeolithicWYTONThumb-scraper of grey flint, length 33mm, width 26mm.
X.0462NeolithicNO PROVENANCEAdze rough-out of grey flint, length 100mm.
X.0463NeolithicHOUGHTONFlake tool of black flint, length 30mm, width 25mm.
X.0464NeolithicEATON SOCONThumb-scraper of black flint, length 28mm.
X.0466NeolithicBLUNTISHAMBurin of black flint, length 45mm, width 17mm.
X.0467NeolithicHOUGHTONTrapezoid scraper of black flint, one corner broken off; length 30mm, width 18mm.
X.0468NeolithicHARTFORDCircular scraper of black flint, length 41mm, width 34mm.
X.0469NeolithicLT PAXTONThumb scraper of grey flint, length 39mm, width 31mm.
X.0470NeolithicEYNESBURYSide-scraper of white flint, length 50mm, width 40mm.
X.0471NeolithicHOUGHTONFlake-tool of brown flint, length 53mm, width 28mm.
X.0472NeolithicWYTONFlake tool of black flint, length 32mm, width 22mm.
X.0473NeolithicHOUGHTONPyramidal core of black flint, length 50mm, width 44mm.
X.0476NeolithicHEMINGFORD GREYLeaf-shaped arrowhead of grey flint, length 30mm, width 23mm.
X.0477NeolithicNO PROVENANCESmall, asymmetrical, leaf-shaped blade of grey flint, length 44mm, width 19mm.
X.0478NeolithicWYTONBurin of brown flint, length 46mm, width 35mm.
X.0479NeolithicHUNTINGDONFlake-tool of grey flint, length 68mm, width 28mm.
X.0480NeolithicWOOD WALTONSmall adze rough-out of black flint, length 83mm, width 40mm.
X.0482NeolithicBLUNTISHAMThumb-scraper of grey flint, length 30mm, width 26mm.
X.0484NeolithicBLUNTISHAMLeaf-shaped arrowhead of black flint, length 33mm, width 27mm.
X.0485NeolithicHOUGHTONSmall thumb-scraper of black flint, length 30mm.
X.0486NeolithicWYTONScraper of black flint, length 37mm, width 25mm.
X.0487NeolithicWOOD WALTONLarge flake of grey flint, retouched round edges; length 119mm, width 49mm.
X.0488NeolithicHOUGHTONLower half of large leaf-shaped arrowhead of grey flint, length 31mm.
X.0489NeolithicHOUGHTONThick blade of black flint, length 53mm, width 20mm.
X.0490NeolithicLT PAXTONThick triangular blade of grey flint, length 45mm, width 16mm.
X.0491NeolithicHOUGHTONBroken-off top of bifacially-worked tool of brown flint, length 50mm.
X.0492NeolithicHOUGHTONCircular scraper of black flint, length 42mm, width 40mm.
X.0493NeolithicWOOD WALTONScraper of brown flint, length 43mm, width 29mm.
X.0494NeolithicEATON SOCONSmall thumb-scraper of grey flint, length 21mm.
X.0495NeolithicST IVESLong, slender blade of black flint, end broken off, with fine pressure-flaking on edges; length 81mm, width 29mm.
X.0496NeolithicWOOD WALTONThin flake of brown flint, length 73mm, width 23mm.
X.0497NeolithicHOUGHTONFlake-tool of white flint, length 40mm, width 20mm.
X.0499NeolithicHOUGHTONFlake tool of brown flint, length 43mm, width 37mm.
X.0500NeolithicHEMINGFORD GREYEnd-scraper of grey flint, length 60mm, width 38mm.
X.0501NeolithicHOUGHTONSmall burin of brown flint, length 28mm, width 25mm.
X.0502NeolithicWOOD WALTONScraper, made on a thick blade of brown flint, length 77mm, width 29mm.
X.0504NeolithicHOUGHTONEnd-scraper of black flint, length 40mm, width 30mm.
X.0505NeolithicWOOD WALTONSide-scraper of grey flint, length 91mm, width 49mm.
X.0506NeolithicHUNTINGDONScraper of black flint, length 47mm, width 33mm.
X.0507NeolithicWYTONScraper of grey flint, length 38mm, width 37mm.
X.0508NeolithicHOLYWELLThumb-scraper of black flint, length 48mm, width 32mm.
X.0509NeolithicLT PAXTONCircular scraper of black flint, length 42mm, width 40mm.
X.0510NeolithicLT PAXTONWaisted blade of brown flint, length 30mm, width 19mm.
X.0511NeolithicHOUGHTONSmall flake-tool of brown flint, length 24mm.
X.0512NeolithicHOLYWELLScraper of black flint, length 60mm, width 35mm.
X.0513NeolithicEATON SOCONBurin of black flint, length 48mm, width 28mm.
X.0514NeolithicHOLYWELLThumb-scraper of black flint, length 31mm.
X.0515NeolithicHOUGHTONThumb-scraper of black flint, length 26mm, width 21mm.
X.0516NeolithicWOOD WALTONPart of a slender axe or chisel, of ground flint, broken off across the middle, length 68mm.
X.0517NeolithicHOUGHTONTriangular tool of black flint, length 34mm, width 30mm.
X.0518NeolithicHOUGHTONThumb-scraper of black flint, length 37mm, width 29mm.
X.0519NeolithicLT PAXTONThumb-scraper of grey/red flint, length 35mm, width 25mm.
X.0520NeolithicWOOD WALTONFlake-tool of brown flint, length 62mm, width 34mm.
X.0522NeolithicHOUGHTONScraper of black flint, length 40mm, width 35mm.
X.0523NeolithicHARTFORDPoint of grey flint, length 45mm, width 20mm.
X.0524NeolithicBLUNTISHAMScraper of brown flint, length 35mm, width 26mm.
X.0525NeolithicBLUNTISHAMScraper of grey flint, length 47mm, width 43mm.
X.0526NeolithicHOUGHTONSmall pointed scraper of grey flint, length 25mm, width 11mm.
X.0527NeolithicHOUGHTONScraper of brown flint, length 35mm, width 33mm.
X.0528NeolithicHOUGHTONThin scraper of black flint, length 40mm, width 34mm.
X.0529NeolithicLT PAXTONBlade of grey flint, length 62mm, width 25mm.
X.0530NeolithicHOLYWELLSmall ?tool of grey flint, length 27mm.
X.0531NeolithicHOUGHTONScraper of brown flint, length 48mm, width 35mm.
X.0532NeolithicHOUGHTONSmall scraper of brown flint, length 27mm, width 23mm.
X.0533NeolithicHOUGHTONScraper of unpatinated brown flint, length 43mm, width 35mm.
X.0534NeolithicLT PAXTONPoint of unpatinated black flint, length 55mm, width 35mm.
X.0535NeolithicWOOD WALTONThin blade of brown flint, length 44mm, width 19mm.
X.0536NeolithicFENSTANTONAwl of black flint, length 37mm, width 26mm.
X.0537NeolithicHOUGHTONScraper of grey flint, length 27mm, width 24mm.
X.0538NeolithicBLUNTISHAMPoint of unpatinated black flint, length 49mm, width 23mm.
X.0539NeolithicEYNESBURYTriangular arrowhead of grey flint, length 29mm, width 22mm.
X.0540NeolithicBLUNTISHAMScraper of black flint, length 32mm, width 23mm.
X.0542NeolithicHOUGHTONLeaf-shaped arrowhead of grey flint, length 36mm, width 25mm.
X.0543NeolithicLT PAXTONBlade of black flint, length 56mm, width 22mm.
X.0544NeolithicHOLYWELLLeaf-shaped blade of grey flint, length 55mm, width 36mm.
X.0545NeolithicHEMINGFORD ABBOTSScraper of grey flint, length 38mm, width 34mm.
X.0546NeolithicLT PAXTONThin flake of brown flint, length 60mm, width 30mm.
X.0547NeolithicHOUGHTONFlake of grey flint, length 37mm, width 28mm.
X.0548NeolithicHOLYWELLScraper of grey flint, length 41mm, width 32mm.
X.0549NeolithicBLUNTISHAMPoint of brown flint, length 44mm, width 22mm.
X.0550NeolithicBUCKDENScraper of black flint, length 40mms, width 32mm.
X.0551NeolithicHOUGHTONSmall point of brown flint, length 33mm, width 20mm.
X.0552NeolithicHOUGHTONTriangular-sectioned blade of brown flint, length 60mm, width 14mm.
X.0553NeolithicNO PROVENANCEBlade of brown flint, length 42mm, width 20mm.
X.0554NeolithicLT PAXTONSide-scraper of grey flint, length 60mm, width 37mm.
X.0555NeolithicWOOD WALTONLong blade of brown flint, length 92mm, width 29mm.
X.0556NeolithicLT PAXTONThin oval blade of grey flint, length 75mm, width 49mm.
X.0557NeolithicWYTONTool of black flint, length 49mm, width 37mm.
X.0558NeolithicHOUGHTONScraper of grey flint, length 35mm, width 34mm.
X.0559NeolithicHOUGHTONThin blade of black flint, length 33mm, width 25mm.
X.0560NeolithicHOUGHTONScraper of black flint, length 41mm, width 30mm.
X.0561NeolithicHOUGHTONPoint of black flint, length 39mm, width 23mm.
X.0562NeolithicWOOD WALTONThick flake of black flint, length 60mm, width 25mm.
X.0563NeolithicHOUGHTONTriangular arrowhead of white flint, length 24mm, width 21mm.
X.0564NeolithicHOUGHTONScraper of grey flint, length 44mm, width 34mm.
X.0565NeolithicHOUGHTONThick leaf-shaped point of brown flint, length 50mm, width 30mm.
X.0566NeolithicHOUGHTONScraper of brown flint, length 30mm, width 26mm.
X.0567NeolithicNO PROVENANCEFlake-tool of grey flint, length 52mm, width 39mm.
X.0568NeolithicWOOD WALTONPointed blade of brown flint, with delicately worked edges; length 75mm, width 38mm.
X.0569NeolithicWOOD WALTONFlint blade, length 75mm, width 24mm.
X.0570NeolithicWOOD WALTONThin flake of grey flint, retouched round edges; length 94mm, width 57mm.
X.0571NeolithicHARTFORDThumb-scraper of grey flint, length 31mm, width 29mm.
X.0572NeolithicEYNESBURYScraper of black flint, with extensive secondary flaking; length 45mm, width 42mm.
X.0573NeolithicHOUGHTONThick blade of brown flint, length 68mm, width 24mm.
X.0574NeolithicEYNESBURYThick circular scraper with extensive secondary flaking, length 43mm, width 35mm.
X.0575NeolithicHOUGHTONSide-scraper of grey flint, length 45mm, width 35mm.
X.0576NeolithicST IVESLeaf-shaped tool of grey flint, length 48mm, width 36mm.
X.0577NeolithicWOOD WALTONDiscoidal flint knife, length 85mm, width 62mm.
X.0579NeolithicNO PROVENANCEGround stone axe, length 120mm, width 50mm.
X.0580NeolithicWOOD WALTONAxehead of grey granite, length 128mm, width 57mm.
X.0581NeolithicPolished flint axe, length 125mm, width 67mm.
X.0582NeolithicFlat axehead of polished grey stone, length 120mm, width 70mm.
X.0583NeolithicWOOD WALTONPolished axehead of greenstone, length 95mm.
X.0584NeolithicWOOD WALTONPolished axehead of greenstone, broken, length 100mm.
X.0586NeolithicWOOD WALTONChipped and ground axehead of grey stone, length 100mm.
X.0588NeolithicHOUGHTONPart of a ground axehead of grey stone, length 68mm, width 53mm.
X.0589NeolithicWOOD WALTONChipped and ground flint axehead, length 120mm, width 60mm.
X.0590NeolithicWOOD WALTONPart of a ground and chipped flint axehead, length 73mm.
X.0592NeolithicWOOD WALTONPart of a ground axehead of grey stone, length 61mm, width 50mm.
X.0593NeolithicHOUGHTONPart of a roughout of an axehead of grey flint, width 48mm.
X.0594NeolithicBLUNTISHAMGround axehead of dark grey stone, edge broken off; length 113mm, width 67mm.
X.0596NeolithicWOOD WALTONRoughout of flint chisel or narrow axehead, length 87mm.
X.0599NeolithicSAWTRYCircular scraper, length 52mm, width 43mm.
X.0600NeolithicWOOD WALTONChipped and ground adze of grey flint, pointed butt; length 120mm.
X.0601NeolithicST IVESLong blade of grey flint, with retouch along edges; length 85mm, width 28mm.
X.0603NeolithicHARTFORDPart of roughout of axehead of greenstone, chipped and ground, length 63mm.
X.0604NeolithicWOOD WALTONAxehead of grey flint, chipped and ground, with pointed butt; length 123mm, width 48mm.
X.0605NeolithicVIRGINIAEight implements, probably all arrowheads, of white crystalline stone, manufactured by flaking. Max length 66mm.
X.0606NeolithicSAWTRYPart of a chipped and ground axehead of brown flint, width 59mm.
X.0608NeolithicLT PAXTONPart of a small flake-tool of grey flint, delicately flaked; partly ground; length 50mm, width 38mm.
X.0609NeolithicHARTFORDLeaf-shaped arrowhead of grey flint, length 50mm, width 23mm.
X.0610NeolithicUPWOODAxehead roughout of black flint, with pointed butt broken off; length 108mm, width 48mm.
X.0612NeolithicVIRGINIASix spearheads and arrowheads, chipped from a grey gritty stone, max length 94mm.
X.0613NeolithicNO PROVENANCEGround axehead of dark grey granite, length 108mm, width 55mm.
X.0616NeolithicWOOD WALTONPart of a chisel roughout of brown flint, chipped and ground with turned edge; length 89mm.
X.0618NeolithicSAWTRYAxehead, pecked from brown stone, very rough surface; length 104mm, width 55mm.
X.0620NeolithicWARBOYSGround axehead of light grey stone, length 179mm, width 61mm.
X.0621Neolithic?WOOD WALTONSmoothly rounded pebble, ?artificial, of light grey stone. ?Sling-stone. Diam. 62mm.
X.0622NeolithicWOOD WALTONChipped and ground axehead of brown flint, length 138mm, width 57mm.
X.0623NeolithicGround axehead of greenstone, with waist for hafting, length 94mm.
X.0624NeolithicHARTFORDGround axehead of dark grey stone, length 135mm, width 70mm.
X.0626NeolithicSOMERSHAMGround axehead of white flint, length 148mm, width 39mm.
X.0628NeolithicRAMSEYGround axehead of greenstone, slightly flattened edges, length 95mm, width 45mm.
X.0629NeolithicALCONBURYGround axehead of greenstone, length 90mm, width 59mm.
X.1724Neolithic?OFFORDThick flake of dark brown flint with flake scars on the back. Length 63mm
X.1725Neolithic?OFFORDSmall flake of blue-grey patinated flint, length 46mm.
X.1726Neolithic?OFFORDSmall flake of blue-grey patinated flint, perhaps worked into a burin. Length 46mm.
X.1727Neolithic?OFFORDSmall flake of white-patinated flint, length 59mm.
X.1770NeolithicCISSBURYLarge flake of white-patinated flint with negative scars on the back, presumably a waste flake. Length 120mm.
X.1771NeolithicCISSBURYEight large waste flakes of white-patinated flint.
X.1772NeolithicCLAPHAMSix waste flakes of white-patinated flint.
X.1773NeolithicWEETING?Flake of white-patinated flint, with the back flaked away but no retouch on the edge. Length 73mm.
X.1782NeolithicHARTFORDA small scraper of black flint. Length 44mm.
X.1783NeolithicHARTFORDFlake of brown flint. Length 32mm.
X.1784NeolithicHARTFORDThree waste flakes of grey flint.
X.1949NeolithicSTAPLOEFour cores of grey-black flint with some cortex. Length of largest 40mm.
X.1950NeolithicSTAPLOETwo flakes retouched to make scrapers, one very small and delicate, the other crude and with some cortex. Lengths 25mm and 36mm.
X.1951NeolithicSTAPLOEThree flakes, possibly burins, and two others with short points. Length of largest 52mm.
X.1952NeolithicSTAPLOETwo notched flakes, lengths 40mm and 27mm.
X.1953NeolithicSTAPLOEFive worked flakes, perhaps scrapers and the smallest possibly a very small leaf-shaped arrowhead.
X.1954NeolithicSTAPLOEWaste flakes.
X.1956NeolithicNO PROVENANCETwo flakes of white-patinated flint, lengths 48 and 44mm.
X.1957NeolithicHEACHAMAbout half of a polished axehead of flint, patinated yellow-brown: the blade end, snapped off across the middle, of what was originally quite a large axe. Present length 91mm.
X.1958NeolithicWEETINGLump of chalk from Grimes Graves coated on one side with an orange-brown deposit - ?pigment from some kind of wall painting. Length 67mm
X.1959NeolithicWEETINGA fragment of antler, presumably from an antler pick: the base of the antler and part of two branches. Length 105mm.
X.1960NeolithicWEETINGSeven large flakes of white-grey patinated flint.
X.1961NeolithicNO PROVENANCEPart of a polished axehead of white stone: the butt end, snapped off about half-way along, with sides bevelled off. Present length 92mm.
X.1962NeolithicNO PROVENANCEFour flakes of grey flint, at least one of them retouched to make a scraper.
X.1963Neolithic etcNO PROVENANCEFlakes, cores, blades and scrapers of various sizes and patinations; some are probably Palaeolithic or Mesolithic.
X.1966Neolithic?BLUNTISHAMThree flakes.
X.1967Neolithic etc.BLUNTISHAM54 flakes, cores and scrapers, various sizes, shapes and patinations: may include Palaeolithic and/or Mesolithic material.
X.1968NeolithicBLUNTISHAMSmall scraper of dark brown flint with some cortex, length 23mm.
X.1969NeolithicBLUNTISHAMSeven flakes and cores, various sizes and patinations.
X.1970Neolithic?BLUNTISHAMFlake of ?brown chert, retouched as point or scraper, length 41mm.
X.1971NeolithicBLUNTISHAMFour small flakes, three of them retouched as scrapers.
X.1972NeolithicBLUNTISHAMCore of black flint patinated white on one side, with some cortex; length 45mm.
X.1973NeolithicBLUNTISHAMThree flakes (one of them large and perhaps Palaeolithic) and a pyramidal core.
X.1974Neolithic etcBLUNTISHAMSix flakes: one large and without retouch, perhaps Palaeolithic; the other five smaller and retouched as scrapers etc.- one exquisite and tiny one may be Mesolithic.
X.1975NeolithicBLUNTISHAMSmall core of white-patinated flint with some cortex, length 34mm.
X.1976NeolithicBLUNTISHAMA core and two flakes.
X.1977NeolithicBLUNTISHAMTwo scrapers of black flint with some cortex, length 38mm and 37mm.
X.1978NeolithicBLUNTISHAMTwo cores and two flakes, all of grey flint, one of the cores apparently scarred by being used as a hammerstone after flaking.
X.1980NeolithicBUCKDENCortical flake of black flint, with retouch along the edges to make a side-scraper. Length 40mm.
X.1981Neolithic etc.BUCKDENA core and 8 flakes; the core has small enough scars perhaps to be Mesolithic.
X.1982NeolithicBUCKDENTwo flakes, one of them with steep retouch to make an end scraper. Length 32mm and 42mm.
X.1983NeolithicBUCKDENTwo flakes , lengths 38 and 43mm.
X.1984NeolithicBUCKDENA core and 11 flakes, various sizes and patinations.
X.1985NeolithicBUCKDENA core and a flake of white-patinated flint, lengths 53 and 34mm.
X.1986NeolithicBUCKDENTwo flakes of white-patinated flint.
X.1987Neolithic?BUCKDENCortical flake of white-patinated flint.
X.1988Neolithic?BUCKDENNotched flake of brown flint, length 34mm.
X.1989NeolithicBUCKDENSeven waste flakes, various patinations.
X.1990NeolithicBUCKDENEight cores and waste flakes, various patinations; some could be Mesolithic.
X.1991Neolithic etcBUCKDENSeventeen flakes, various sizes and patinations; most of them are just waste flakes, but a few of the smallest ones could be Mesolithic microliths.
X.1992Neolithic etcBUCKWORTHThree cores and 25 flakes, various sizes and patinations; some of the smaller flakes may be Mesolithic microliths.
X.1997Neolithic?CATWORTHA core and three flakes, various patinations.
X.1998NeolithicCONINGTONSmall flake of brown flint with some cortex, flaked both sides with some retouch. Length 28mm.
X.1999NeolithicEARITHFlake of brown-patinated flint, flaked on both sides but no retouch. Length 35mm.
X.2000NeolithicEARITHBlade of grey flint, length 55mm; and flake of brown flint, length 39mm.
X.2001NeolithicEASTONThree cores, nine flakes, two flakes with steep retouch to make end-scrapers, and one point; various patinations.
X.2002Neolithic etcEATON SOCONNumerous cores and flakes of various sizes and patinations; including an end-scraper, a side-scraper, two points and a possible micro-burin (Mesolithic if so: some of the cores could be Mesolithic too).
X.2003NeolithicELLINGTONThick flake of grey-brown flint, with some cortex. Length 38mm.
X.2004NeolithicEYNESBURYSmall flake of black flint, perhaps made into a hollow scraper or burin. Length 28mm.
X.2005NeolithicEYNESBURYCortical flake of black flint, with hinge fracture retouched to form a point. Length 40mm.
X.2006NeolithicEYNESBURYCortical flake of black flint retouched to a point. Length 48mm.
X.2007NeolithicEYNESBURYFlake of flint, fire-crackled. Length 47mm.
X.2008NeolithicEYNESBURYCores and flakes of various sizes and patinations.
X.2009NeolithicGLATTONFive flakes, four of black flint and one white-patinated: one of the black flakes retouched to form a side scraper.
X.2010Neolithic?LT GIDDINGTwo cortical flakes of grey-patinated flint, one large and thick (length 50mm), the other smaller and thinner (length 37mm).
X.2011NeolithicGODMANCHESTERFlake of grey-patinated flint with some retouch along the edges. Length 32mm.
X.2012Neolithic?GODMANCHESTERCore of black flint: small flake scars, could be Mesolithic. Length 37mm.
X.2013NeolithicGODMANCHESTERFlake of brown flint, length 39mm.
X.2014NeolithicGODMANCHESTERBlade of grey-brown flint, retouched on both sides to give two hollow scraper edges. Length 68mm.
X.2015NeolithicGODMANCHESTERCircular scraper of black flint with some cortex, length 39mm.
X.2016NeolithicGODMANCHESTERFlake of dark brown flint with some cortex, length 41mm.
X.2017NeolithicHAIL WESTONCortical flake of grey flint with steep retouch to make an end scraper, patches of white patination. Length 41mm.
X.2018NeolithicHAIL WESTONSmall cortical flake of brown flint, length 31mm.
X.2019NeolithicHAIL WESTONFlake of black flint with possible retouch at bulb end, length 27mm.
X.2021NeolithicHARTFORDLarge scraper of grey-buff flint, with secondary flaking round much of the edge, length 51mm.
X.2022NeolithicHARTFORDThick flake of dark brown flint with steep retouch at one end to make a scraper, length 56mm.
X.2023NeolithicHARTFORDThick circular scraper of grey flint partly patinated white, length 42mm.
X.2024Neolithic etcHARTFORDCores and flakes of various sizes and patinations - some of the flakes seem to be retouched for use as scrapers; and some pieces could perhaps be Palaeolithic.
X.2025NeolithicHARTFORDFour scrapers and three flakes of various sizes and patinations.
X.2026NeolithicHEMINGFORD ABBOTSThree scrapers, all of very similar grey flint, lengths 41mm, 37mm, 37mm.
X.2027NeolithicHEMINGFORDTrapezoid flake of brown flint with hinge fracture at one end, length 23mm.
X.2028NeolithicHOLMEA core and seven flakes, various patinations.
X.2029Neolithic etcHOLYWELLFive cores (two of them with scars small enough to be Mesolithic, and one of them used as a hammerstone); 13 scrapers or other tools; and numerous flakes. Mostly of dark grey flint but with some other colours also.
X.2034NeolithicHOUGHTONConical core of black flint, apparently worked to a point at one edge. Length 32mm.
X.2035NeolithicHOUGHTONFlake of black flint with some cortex, possibly a scraper but its exact form is obscured by having been burnt. Length 42mm.
X.2036NeolithicHOUGHTONHollow side scraper of grey-brown flint with some cortex, length 50mm.
X.2037NeolithicHOUGHTONFlake of brown flint, some cortex, length 50mm.
X.2038NeolthicHOUGHTONShouldered point of dark brown flint, length 41mm.
X.2039Neolithic?HOUGHTONLong piece of brown flint, roughly triangular-sectioned with careful flaking in some areas, so presumably intended as a tool. Length 93mm.
X.2040NeolithicHOUGHTONCore of black-brown flint, some cortex, length 39mm.
X.2041NeolithicHOUGHTONThree small flakes, with some retouch.
X.2042NeolithicHOUGHTONPoint made on the bulb end of a flake, grey-brown flint. Length 37mm.
X.2043NeolithicHOUGHTONLarge flake of grey flint with some retouch, perhaps a hollow scraper. Length 65mm.
X.2044NeolithicHOUGHTONFlake of grey flint with some retouch, length 45mm.
X.2045NeolithicHOUGHTONScraper of grey-black flint, length 53mm.
X.2046NeolithicHOUGHTONScraper of black flint with pressure flaking all round the end - "almost mint condition" (Norris index card). Length 40mm.
X.2047NeolithicHOUGHTONEnd scraper of black flint with a little cortex: delicate secondary flaking round the tip. "Mint condition" (Norris index card). Length 61mm.
X.2048NeolithicHOUGHTONCircular scraper of brown flint with pressure flaking round most of the edge. Length 50mm.
X.2049NeolithicHOUGHTONThick circular scraper of grey flint with secondary flaking round most of the edge. Length 41mm.
X.2050NeolithicHOUGHTONThick circular scraper of grey-brown flint with secondary flaking round most of edge. Length 51mm.
X.2051NeolithicHOUGHTONCircular scraper of grey flint showing marks of heat, so presumably used as a pot boiler. Length 43mm.
X.2052NeolithicHOUGHTONFlake of white-patinated flint, length 37mm.
X.2053NeolithicHOUGHTONCore of grey-brown flint, length 43mm.
X.2054NeolithicHOUGHTONPoint of grey flint (called a gouge on the Norris index card), length 56mm.
X.2055NeolithicHOUGHTONPoint of grey-patinated flint, length 50mm.
X.2056NeolithicHOUGHTONThick end scraper of grey flint, length 48mm.
X.2057NeolithicHOUGHTONEnd scraper of grey flint with steep retouch at both ends, length 51mm.
X.2058NeolithicHOUGHTONA fragment from the butt-end of a flint axehead roughout, of grey flint. Length 51mm.
X.2059NeolithicHOUGHTONCore tool or circular scraper with extensive flaking on both sides, of grey flint. Length 44mm.
X.2060NeolithicHOUGHTONLong flake of white-patinated flint, "with burin blows at point" (Norris index card). Length 75mm.
X.2061Neolithic?HOUGHTONVery small flake of white-patinated flint worked to an end scraper - could be Mesolithic? Length 25mm.
X.2062NeolithicHOUGHTONEnd scraper of brown flint, length 48mm.
X.2063NeolithicHOUGHTONTwo flakes of patinated flint.
X.2064NeolithicHOUGHTON25 flakes and scrapers, various sizes and patinations.
X.2065NeolithicHOUGHTON17 flakes and scrapers, various sizes and patinations; one end scraper is crackled by heat.
X.2066NeolithicHOUGHTON13 cores, flakes and scrapers, various sizes and patinations. The scars on one core are small enough to suggest possible Mesolithic date.
X.2067NeolithicHOUGHTONNumerous cores, flakes and scrapers of varous sizes and patinations; also fragments of two flint axeheads and one of dull flint or chert; some blades that could be Mesolithic.
X.2068NeolithicHOUGHTONNine cores, flakes and scrapers, one of the cores used as a hammerstone.
X.2069NeolithicHOUGHTONFour flakes.
X.2070NeolithicHOUGHTON21 cores, flakes and scrapers; one of the cores is crackled by heat; a very small point and a scraper could be Mesolithic.
X.2071NeolithicHOUGHTON26 cores, flakes and scrapers, various sizes and patinations; one core has been used as a hammerstone.
X.2072NeolithicHOUGHTONNine flakes and scrapers, various patinations.
X.2073NeolithicHOUGHTONTwo flakes.
X.2074NeolithicHOUGHTON26 flakes and scrapers, various patinations.
X.2075NeolithicHOUGHTONSix flakes and scrapers.
X.2076NeolithicHOUGHTON14 cores, flakes and scrapers.
X.2077NeolithicHOUGHTONTriangular-sectioned worked flint, ?scraper, of brown flint. Length 52mm.
X.2078NeolithicHOUGHTONFour flakes, one retouched to a point.
X.2079NeolithicHOUGHTONA core, with ten flakes and scrapers, various patinations.
X.2080NeolithicHOUGHTON40 cores, flakes and scrapers, including some very small pieces that may be Mesolithic. Varying patinations.
X.2081NeolithicHOUGHTONSmall flake of brown flint with some retouch, perhaps to make it a scraper. Length 33mm.
X.2082NeolithicHOUGHTONA core, a scraper and twelve flakes.
X.2083NeolithicHOUGHTON15 cores, scrapers and flakes, various patinations.
X.2084NeolithicHOUGHTONPoint of brown flint with white patination; carefully flaked on both sides and then rechipped to make the point, as this piece of the flaking has no patination. Length 58mm.
X.2085NeolithicHOUGHTONScraper of grey-patinated flint, retouched round edge. Length 36mm.
X.2086NeolithicHOUGHTONA core, a scraper and six flakes, various patinations.
X.2087NeolithicHOUGHTON45 cores, flakes, scrapers and points; various sizes and patinations - some smaller pieces could be Mesolithic.
X.2093NeolithicFENSTANTONThin flake of unpatinated grey flint, length 53mm.
X.2094NeolithicHUNTINGDONSix flakes, some of them retouched perhaps as scrapers, and two of them perhaps small enough to be Mesolithic.
X.2095NeolithicHUNTINGDONSmall flake of grey flint with some retouch, length 31mm.
X.2096Neolithic?LEIGHTON BROMSWOLDCortical flake of black flint with white patination, retouched round one end to make a scraper - the retouching unpatinated. Length 47mm.
X.2097Neolithic?LEIGHTON BROMSWOLDEight waste flakes of white-patinated flint: they seem too small to be Palaeolithic but too patinated to be Neolithic.
X.2098NeolithicOFFORDCore of grey flint, length 48mm.
X.2099NeolithicOFFORDCore of grey flint, length 40mm.
X.2100NeolithicOFFORDNarrow thick flake of grey flint with saw edge and possible burin end, length 67mm.
X.2101Neolithic?OFFORDVery slender blade of grey-patinated flint, possibly Mesolithic, length 32mm.
X.2102NeolithicOFFORDTriangular sectioned blade with saw edge, white patinated flint; length 72mm.
X.2103NeolithicOFFORDPiece of a triangular-sectioned flake of grey flint with possible retouch on one edge; length 30mm.
X.2104NeolithicOFFORDFlake of grey flint with curved edge, perhaps retouched to make a hollow scraper; length 42mm.
X.2105NeollithicOFFORDScraper of brown flint (HLSI catalogue: "hose scraper", I think: ?nosed scraper); length 32mm.
X.2106NeolithicOFFORDFive waste flakes.
X.2107NeolithicOFFORDEight waste flakes.
X.2189NeolithicGT PAXTONA core, a thumb-scraper and two flakes.
X.2190NeolithicLT PAXTONSide scraper of dark grey flint, length 35mm.
X.2191NeolithicLT PAXTONCore of light grey flint with retouch on one side, length 34mm.
X.2192NeolithicLT PAXTONCortical flake of brown flint with retouch to form end scraper, length 49mm.
X.2193NeolithicLT PAXTONTwo cortical flakes retouched as scrapers, lengths 49mm and 37mm.
X.2194Neolithic?LT PAXTONLarge cortical flake of dark grey flint, length 69mm.
X.2195NeolithicLT PAXTONCortical flake of grey flint, length 73mm.
X.2199NeolithicLT PAXTON60 cores, flakes and scrapers.
X.2200NeolithicLT PAXTONTwo cortical flakes of black flint.
X.2201Neolithic etc.LT PAXTONTwo cores and a thick flake: the flake is patinated and probably Palaeolithic.
X.2202NeolithicLT PAXTON73 cores, flakes and scrapers; some of the smallest pieces could be Mesolithic.
X.2203Neolithic etc.LT PAXTONAbout 180 cores, flakes and scrapers, some of them probably Palaeolithic or Mesolithic.
X.2204NeolithicLT PAXTON10 cores, flakes and scrapers.
X.2205NeolithicLT PAXTONAbout 110 cores, flakes and scrapers.
X.2206Neolithic?RAMSEYPiece of grey-brown flint flaked on all sides, perhaps the broken-off tip of an axehead roughout. Length 43mm.
X.2207Neolithic?GT RAVELEYCortical flake of cream flint, perhaps with retouch to make a scraper. Length 39mm.
X.2208NeolithicST IVESTriangular-sectioned end-scraper of black flint, patinated grey and with some cortex. Length 59mm.
X.2209NeolithicST IVES"Pedunculated" scraper (i.e. one with two expanded ends joined by a narrower section) of brown flint. Length 38mm.
X.2210NeolithicST IVESFlake of brown flint with some white patina, retouched as a scraper at one end and perhaps as a point at the other. Length 34mm.
X.2211NeolithicST IVESBurin of white patinated flint, retouched to a small point at one end. Length 50mm.
X.2212NeolithicST IVESScraper of white-patinated flint, with the end retouched on a thick flake with some cortex. Length 60mm.
X.2213NeolithicST IVES32 cores and flakes, various patinations; some of the smaller ones could be Mesolithic.
X.2214NeolithicST IVES8 cores and flakes, varying patinations but most of them white; one flake is pitted on one side as though struck from a hammerstone.
X.2215NeplithicST IVESFlake of white-patinated flint, length 37mm.
X.2216NeolithicST IVESLarge cortical flake of black flint, length 91mm.
X.2217NeolithicST IVESTwo flakes of brown flint.
X.2218NeolithicST IVESThree flakes, varying patinations.
X.2219NeolithicST IVESFour flakes varying patinations.
X.2220NeolithicSAWTRYTwo flakes of brown flint.
X.2221NeolithicSAWTRYCore of brown flint, length 33mm.
X.2222NeolithicST NEOTSCircular cortical flake of brown flint with some white patination, retouched round one end as a scraper. Length 40mm.
X.2223NeolithicST NEOTSLarge irregular core of brown flint with some cortex and patches of grey patination. Length 56mm.
X.2225Neolithic?STUKELEYThick flake of grey flint with some white patination, perhaps some secondary flaking. Length 34mm.
X.2226NeolithicUPWOODFlake of dark brown flint with some white patination, with retouch across a long edge to make a scraper. Length 41mm.
X.2227NeolithicCHESTERTONCortical flake of grey flint with secondary flaking round the end to make a scraper. Length 45mm.
X.2228NeolithicOLD WESTONCortical flake of grey flint with some white patination, length 39mm.
X.2229NeolithicWOOD WALTONThree cortical flakes of black flint.
X.2230NeolithicWOOD WALTONCore of grey flint with some white patination and some cortex, length 55mm.
X.2231NeolithicWOOD WALTONSmall irregular core of grey flint with some white patination, length 27mm.
X.2232NeolithicWOOD WALTONSmall cortical flake of black flint, length 33mm
X.2233NeolithicWOOD WALTONFlake of brown flint, length 47mm.
X.2234NeolithicWOOD WALTONCortical flake patinated grey, length 46mm.
X.2235NeolithicWOOD WALTONSmall, thick flake of grey flint with cortex, one end perhaps retouched to make a point. Length 28mm.
X.2236NeolithicWOOD WALTONA core and four flakes of dark brown flint.
X.2237NeolithicWOOD WALTONNine cores and flakes, varying patinations.
X.2238NeolithicWOOD WALTONEight flakes of grey or brown flint.
X.2239NeolithicWOOD WALTON18 cores and flakes, varying flints and patinations; some of the flints with scraper retouch.
X.2241NeolithicWYTONThick cortical flake of dark brown flint, some white patination, some retouch at one end. Length 59mm.
X.2242NeolithicWYTONThick flake of grey flint with much secondary flaking. Length 50mm.
X.2243Neolithic?WYTONFlake of white-patinated flint, length 36mm.
X.2244NeolithicWYTONCortical flake of black flint with secondary flaking, length 53mm.
X.2245NeolithicWYTONNine flakes of varying flints and patination, some of them with retouch and two of them apparently scrapers.
X.2246NeolithicWYTONThick flake of black flint with hinge fracture at one end and extensive secondary flaking on the back. Length 45mm.
X.2247NeolithicWYTONScraper made from thick flake of brown flint with retouch round the edges. Length 43mm.
X.2248Neolithic etcWYTONThick flake of mottled brown flint with hinge fracture on one side and extensive secondary flaking on the back; and three very small flakes of brown flint, probably Mesolithic.
X.2249Neolithic etc.WYTONTwo scrapers made on thick flakes of dark brown flint with retouch round the edges; and a small blade of brown flint, probably Mesolithic.
X.2250NeolithicWYTONThree scrapers of dark brown flint with some white patination, all apparently crackled by fire; and five flakes of brown flint, most with secondary flaking.
X.2251NeolithicWYTON17 cores and flakes of varying flints and different patinations; some of the flakes are retouched as scrapers and some of the smaller ones may be Mesolithic.
X.2252NeolithicWYTON16 cores and flakes of varying flints and patinations; one of the cores is fire-crackled; several of the flakes have secondary flaking or scraper retouch.
X.2253NeolithicWYTON17 cores and flakes of varying flints and patinations; some of the flints are retouched as scrapers.
X.2254NeolithicWYTONTwo scrapers of black and dark brown flint, one with a hinge fracture at one end. Lengths 44mm and 37mm.
X.2255NeolithicWYTONSmall flake of dark brown flint with secondary flaking on the back, length 29mm.
X.2256NeolithicWYTONA flake of dark brown flint with secondary flaking and a small flake of red-brown flint with a hinge fracture; lengths 52mm and 26mm.
X.2257NeolithicWYTONCortical flake of grey flint with some white patination, much secondary flaking, perhaps a scraper. Length 33mm.
X.2258NeolithicWYTONTwo scrapers of grey flint, the smaller one perhaps Mesolithic. Lengths 30mm and 24mm.
X.2259NeolithicWYTONCortical flake of brown flint with white patination, secondary flaking. Length 40mm.
X.2260NeolithicWYTONCortical flake of brown flint retouched to make a point. Length 37mm.
X.2261NeolithicUMGENICore of grey-patinated flint and flake of dark brown flint, both with some cortex.
X.2262NeolithicVarious cores, flakes and scrapers with illegible or incomprehensible markings.
X.2466NeolithicBUCKDENCortical flake of grey brown flint, length 38mm.
X.2467Neolithic?HEMINGFORD ABBOTS?Core of brown flint, some cortex, several flakes removed. Length 51mm.
86.01PalaeolithicBLUNTISHAMHand axe, large and tapering to a point, of glossy brown flint with little patination. Some cortex on one side of the butt. Length 180mm, max width 83mm.
86.02PalaeolithicBLUNTISHAMHand axe, fairly flat, of dark grey flint with some patination, some cortex on the butt. Length 112mm, width 84mm.
86.03PalaeolithicBLUNTISHAMThe broken-off top of a hand axe, of glossy dark grey-brown flint with little patination, some cortex on one side. Length 79mm, width 60mm.
Hartford PitsPalaeolithicHARTFORDAllen's Pit and Maddy's Pit are given the same grid ref., 255728, but the book of 2½-inch maps shows that Allen's Pit (find spot no. 69) was on the west side of Sapley Lane while Maddy's Pit (62) was just across the road on the east.
Le MoustierPalaeolithicLE MOUSTIERX.1667-69 are part of a collection of Palaeolithic tools from Kent and France given to the HLSI by the British Museum in December 1927 "through the kindness of Reginald Smith FSA, Director of British & Medieval Antiquites" (HLSI catalogue). See also X.1661-66 from Sturry, Kent; and X.1670-76 from the Vézère, France.
SturryPalaeolithicSTURRYX.1661-66 are part of a collection of Palaeolithic tools from Kent and France given to the HLSI by the British Museum in December 1927 "through the kindness of Reginald Smith FSA, Director of British & Medieval Antiquities" (HLSI Catalogue). See also X.1667-69, from Le Moustier, and X.1670-76 from the Vézère.
VézèrePalaeolithicVÉZÈREX.1670-76 are Upper Palaeolithic tools from the River Vézère in the Dordogne, part of a collection of Palaeolithic tools from Kent, Le Moustier and the Vézère given to the HLSI by the British Museum in December 1927 "through the kindness of Reginald Smith FSA, Director of British & Medieval Antiquities". He identifies the Vézère material as Aurignacian or Solutrean. (Information from HLSI catalogue).
X.0286PalaeolithicWYTONFlake of black flint, ?crude retouch round edge. Length 84mm, width 69mm, thickness at bulb 25mm.
X.0287PalaeolithicST IVESFlake-tool of honey-coloured flint, struck from faceted striking-platform. ?Retouch round edges. Length 87mm, width 67mm, thickness at bulb 9mm.
X.0288PalaeolithicST IVESSmall ovate hand-axe of black flint, final Levallois, slight water rolling; point broken off and retouched. Length 83mm, width 60mm, max thickness 22mm.
X.0289PalaeolithicWYTONScraper of grey flint with hinge fracture at one end, retouch on one side and corner. Length 68mm, width 47mm, thickness 21mm.
X.0290PalaeolithicHOUGHTONAwl of white-patinated flint, retouch on two edges. Length 70mm, width 59mm, thickness at bulb 16mm.
X.0291PalaeolithicFEN DRAYTONBlade of grey flint, with retouch round three edges. Length 65mm, width 31mm, thickness 9mm.
X.0292PalaeolithicHEMINGFORD GREYSmall ovate hand-axe, final Levallois, of grey flint. Length 77mm, width 59mm, thickness 22mm.
X.0293PalaeolithicBUCKDENSmall side-scraper of brown flint, with retouch on two sides. Length 46mm, width 35mm, thickness 11mm.
X.0294PalaeolithicST IVESScraper of grey flint, retouched along one edge, several recent breaks. Length 82mm, width 53mm, thickness 12mm.
X.0295PalaeolithicHEMINGFORD GREYThin flake of brown flint. Length 72mm, width 52mm, thickness at bulb 9mm.
X.0296PalaeolithicHEMINGFORD GREYThin flake of brown flint, with secondary flaking and retouch round edges. Length 85mm, width 63mm, thickness 8mm.
X.0297PalaeolithicEARITHFlint flake, length 61mm, width 93mm, thickness 17mm.
X.0298PalaeolithicLT PAXTONDouble-edged scraper of dark brown flint, length 68mm, width 49mm, thickness at bulb 17mm.
X.0299PalaeolithicLT PAXTONRectangular scraper of grey flint, retouch round three edges. Length 64mm, width 30mm, thickness 10mm.
X.0302PalaeolithicBUCKDENScraper of dark grey flint, retouch on both long sides, length 78mm.
X.0304PalaeolithicEARITH?Side-scraper of brown-grey flint; length 52mm, width 40mm, thickness at bulb 17mm.
X.0305PalaeolithicEARITHBifacially-worked tool of grey flint, length 94mm, width 68mm, thickness 23mm.
X.0307PalaeolithicWOODSTONSmall hand-axe of grey flint, length 87mm, width 49mm, thickness 21mm.
X.0308PalaeolithicEARITHFlake of grey flint, length 68mm, width 49mm, thickness 12mm.
X.0309PalaeolithicHARTFORDLong thin blade of brown flint, retouched down long edges, Upper Palaeolithic; now in two pieces. Length when complete 142mm.
X.0310PalaeolithicEARITHFlake of brown flint, length 72mm, width 52mm, thickness 20mm.
X.0311PalaeolithicST IVESThick flake of grey flint, length 72mm, width 52mm, thickness 20mm.
X.0312PalaeolithicFEN DRAYTONThin blade of grey flint, retouched round three edges. Length 73mm, width 27mm, thickness 9mm.
X.0313PalaeolithicST IVESThick rectangular scraper of brown flint, retouched round three edges, length 59mm, width 48mm, thickness 19mm.
X.0314PalaeolithicLT PAXTONLarge flake of grey flint, retouched round three edges, length 129mm, width 69mm, thickness at bulb 33mm.
X.0315PalaeolithicBUCKDENLevallois flake of brown flint, circular, retouched round much of the edge. Length 71mm, width 66mm, thickness at bulb 16mm.
X.0316PalaeolithicBUCKDENThick flake of grey flint, patinated white, with retouch on edges, length 91mm, width 35mm, thickness 12mm.
X.0317PalaeolithicHARTFORDThin flake of grey flint, length 64mm, width 49mm, thickness at bulb 9mm.
X.0318PalaeolithicHARTFORDBlade of white flint, retouched along edges and broken obliquely across. Length 57mm.
X.0319PalaeolithicHARTFORDFlake of grey flint, length 73mm, width 55mm, thickness at bulb 17mm.
X.0320PalaeolithicHARTFORDFlake of grey flint, length 77mm, width 49mm, thickness 15mm.
X.0321PalaeolithicHARTFORDPointed blade of white flint with retouch on point; length 71mm, width 24mm, thickness 7mm.
X.0322PalaeolithicFENSTANTONCircular flake of brown flint, length 42mm, width 38mm, thickness 10mm.
X.0323PalaeolithicBUCKDENFlake of brown flint, length 75mm, width 40mm, thickness 11mm.
X.0324PalaeolithicFENSTANTONThick blade of black flint, retouched round edges, length 105mm, width 43mm, thickness at bulb 14mm.
X.0325PalaeolithicHARTFORDLong flake of brown flint, retouched along edges and broken obliquely across; length 85mm, width 38mm, thickness 11mm.
X.0326PalaeolithicLT PAXTONBlade of brown flint, retouched along edges and broken across, length 82mm, width 29mm, thickness 13mm.
X.0327PalaeolithicHARTFORDFlake of brown flint, retouched round edges, length 64mm, width 29mm, thickness 9mm.
X.0328PalaeolithicHEMINGFORD GREYFlake of grey flint, length 71mm, width 59mm, thickness 18mm.
X.0329PalaeolithicEARITHBlade of white flint, retouched along edges, length 105mm, width 38mm, thickness 13mm.
X.0330PalaeolithicBUCKDENLong flake of brown flint, length 70mm, width 34mm, thickness 14mm.
X.0331Palaeolithic?HEMINGFORD GREYFlake of brown flint, water-rolled, ?natural; length 82mm, width 45mm, thickness 10mm.
X.0332PalaeolithicHARTFORDPointed flake of brown flint with retouch on edges, length 60mm, width 45mm.
X.0333PalaeolithicEARITHTriangular flake of brown flint, length 64mm, width 51mm, thickness 20mm.
X.0334PalaeolithicEARITHFlake of white-brown flint, length 87mm, width 71mm, thickness 13mm.
X.0335PalaeolithicST IVESHand axe of brown flint; length 109mm, thickness 40mm, width 69mm.
X.0336PalaeolithicEARITHLong flake of brown flint, length 80mm, width 26mm, thickness 10mm.
X.0340PalaeolithicST IVESPointed flake of brown flint, length 97mm, width 46mm, thickness 17mm.
X.0341PalaeolithicHARTFORDPointed flake of grey flint, with retouching on edges of point, length 71mm, width 38mm, thickness 10mm.
X.0342PalaeolithicFENSTANTONFlake of brown flint, length 85mm, width 36mm, thickness at bulb 11mm.
X.0343PalaeolithicHEMINGFORD GREYThick flake of brown flint, length 111mm, width 58mm, thickness 23mm.
X.0344PalaeolithicHARTFORDSide-scraper of brown flint, with retouch along two edges; length 46mm, width 38mm, thickness 9mm.
X.0345PalaeolithicWOODSTONRectangular flake of brown flint, with retouch on three edges; length 64mm, width 43mm, thickness 15mm.
X.0346PalaeolithicST IVESFlake of brown flint, length 76mm, width 64mm, thickness 20mm.
X.0347PalaeolithicWOODSTONHand-axe of brown flint, tip missing, length 119mm.
X.0352PalaeolithicFENSTANTON?Hammerstone of brown flint, 60mm x 58mm.
X.0353PalaeolithicEARITH?Side-scraper of brown flint, water-rolled, length 114mm, width 59mm, thickness 25mm.
X.0354PalaeolithicHARTFORDLarge blade of grey flint, retouched down both long edges; length 162mm, width 50mm, thickness 23mm.
X.0355PalaeolithicST IVESFlake of brown flint, showing marks of fire; length 98mm, width 69mm, thickness 19mm.
X.0356PalaeolithicEARITHCore of brown flint, length 87mm, width 68mm, thickness 44mm.
X.0357PalaeolithicBUCKDENLarge flake of grey flint, retouched round one end; length 108mms, width 80mm.
X.0358PalaeolithicHARTFORDPoint/scraper of grey flint, length 88mm, width 78mm, thickness at bulb 20mm.
X.0359PalaeolithicHARTFORDThick flake of yellow flint, retouched all round edge; length 76mm, width 52mm, thickness 25mm.
X.0360PalaeolithicGODMANCHESTERHammerstone of brown flint, diam. 70mm.
X.0361PalaeolithicPAXTONLump of yellow flint, ?naturally shaped.
X.0362PalaeolithicNO PROVENANCEHand axe of brown flint, length 123mm, width 68mm, max. thickness 44mm.
X.0363PalaeolithicEARITHFlake of brown flint, retouched round edge, length 94mm, width 80mm, thickness 29mm.
X.0364PalaeolithicBUCKDENSmall hand axe of brown flint, length 110mm.
X.0365PalaeolithicLT PAXTONCore of black flint, length 78mm, width 62mm, thickness 44mm.
X.0366PalaeolithicHARTFORDLevallois tortoise-core, length 120mm, width 105mm.
X.0367PalaeolithicCROMERLarge block of brown-patinated flint with some flake scars.
X.0368PalaeolithicEARITHLarge core of black flint, length 160mm, thickness 38mm.
X.0369PalaeolithicEARITH?Hammerstone of brown flint, length 125mm, width 49mm, thickness 43mm.
X.0370PalaeolithicFENSTANTONSide-scraper of brown flint, length 90mm, width 87mm, thickness 26mm.
X.0371PalaeolithicST IVESPart of a large hand axe of brown flint, broken across the middle; length 119mm, width 101mm.
X.0372PalaeolithicEARITHPart of a large handaxe of white flint, broken obliquely across one end; length 150mm, width 85mm.
X.0373PalaeolithicHARTFORDHeavy-butted blade of brown flint, retouched round edges; length 125mm, width 58mm, max thickness 30mm.
X.0374PalaeolithicFENSTANTONLarge hammerstone of grey flint, length 120mm, width 116mm, thickness 104mm
X.0375PalaeolithicST IVESSmall hand axe, water-rolled, of brown flint; length 92mm, width 57mm, thickness 53mm.
X.0376PalaeolithicHARTFORDSmall ovate hand-axe, delicately made, of brown flint; length 90mm.
X.0377PalaeolithicST IVESFlake of grey flint with secondary flaking; length 92mm, width 67mm, thickness 22mm.
X.0378PalaeolithicST IVESThick flake of brown flint with retouch round three edges; length 90mm, width 57mm, thickness 25mm.
X.0379PalaeolithicWOODSTONFlake of brown flint, water-rolled, length 97mm.
X.0380PalaeolithicEARITHLevallois tortoise core of black flint, length 118mm, width 102mm, thickness 25mm.
X.0381PalaeolithicWYTONFlake-tool of brown flint, length 80mm, width 82mm, thickness 22mm.
X.0382PalaeolithicEARITHThick flake of brown flint, length 106mm, width 60mm, thickness 33mm.
X.0383PalaeolithicHEMINGFORD GREYThick flake-tool of yellow flint, length 95mm, width 71mm, thickness 40mm.
X.0384PalaeolithicBUCKDENFlake of brown flint, length 82mm, width 60mm, thickness 18mm.
X.0386PalaeolithicFENSTANTONSmall hand-axe of black flint, delicately made, Final Levallois; length 96mm, width 68mm, thickness 31mm.
X.0387PalaeolithicHEMINGFORD GREYThick flake-tool of black flint, with some retouching, length 129mm, width 64mm, thickness 30mm.
X.0388PalaeolithicHOLYWELLHand-axe of brown flint, length 140mm.
X.0389PalaeolithicFENSTANTONThin hand-axe of yellow-grey flint, Final Levallois, length 126mm, width 93mm, thickness 27mm.
X.0390PalaeolithicHARTFORDPointed hand-axe of brown flint, length 117mm.
X.0391PalaeolithicST IVESFlake-tool of white flint, retouched along the edges; length 122mm, width 67mm, thickness 15mm.
X.0392PalaeolithicST IVESLarge flake of brown flint, length 118mm, width 102mm, thickness 24mm.
X.0440PalaeolithicHARTFORDLong blade of white flint, length 113mm.
X.0444PalaeolithicEARITHDouble-edged scraper of black flint, length 69mm, width 38mm.
X.0455PalaeolithicHARTFORDThick narrow blade of grey flint, length 81mm, width 19mm.
X.0458PalaeolithicFENSTANTONSmall blade of dark brown flint, length 52mm, width 25mm.
X.0459PalaeolithicEARITHLong, slender blade of brown flint, length 87mm.
X.0474PalaeolithicNORTHFLEETCarved blade of brown flint; length 75mm, width 35mm.
X.0475PalaeolithicHOUGHTONThick flake of grey flint, length 69mm, width 35mm.
X.0483PalaeolithicHOUGHTONFlake of black flint, length 50mm, width 26mm.
X.0591PalaeolithicST IVESFlake of black flint, length 68mm, width 30mm.
X.0607PalaeolithicST IVESCore of brown flint, length 100mm, width 98mm.
X.1657(Palaeolithic)BRANDONModern copy of a handaxe: unpatinated dark grey flint, pointed at one end and with a flat butt at the other. Length 125mm.
X.1658(Palaeolithic)BRANDON?Modern copy of a handaxe: brown and grey flint, pointed at one end and with a rounded butt at the other - very convincing! Length 110mm.
X.1659(Palaeolithic)BRANDONModern copy of a Levallois tortoise core: unpatinated dark grey flint, shaped with facets knocked off round the edge and the scar of a single large flake removed from the top. Length 88mm.
X.1660(Palaeolithic)BRANDONModern copy of an Upper Palaeolithic blade core: unpatinated dark grey flint, roughly conical with blade scars all round it. Ht. 49mm.
X.1661PalaeolithicSTURRYHandaxe of brown-grey flint with part of cortex present on the butt, manganese deposit on one face only. Length 130mm.
X.1662PalaeolithicSTURRYHandaxe of brown-grey flint, rather flat-sectioned with cortex on butt, water-rolled. Length 132mm.
X.1663PalaeolithicSTURRYSmall handaxe of brown flint, well shaped with rounded butt, edges S-shaped. Length 97mm.
X.1664PalaeolithicSTURRYLarge and heavy flake tool of brown flint, almost like a handaxe in shape but made on a flake, with one face worked and some retouch round the edges. ?Mousterian, rather rolled. Length 115mm.
X.1665PalaeolithicSTURRYLarge flake tool of multi-coloured yellow-brown flint, a large blade with some crude retouch on the edges. Length 105mm.
X.1666PalaeolithicSTURRYFlake tool of yellow flint, with crude retouch down the edges, water rolled. Length 107mm.
X.1667PalaeolithicLE MOUSTIERMousterian point of dark grey flint, retouched round edges. Length 74mm.
X.1668PalaeolithicLE MOUSTIERMousterian point of dark grey flint, with steep retouch round the edges. Length 74mm.
X.1669PalaeolithicLE MOUSTIERSide scraper: wide, flat flake of light grey flint with some cortex, retouch round the edges. Length 69mm.
X.1670PalaeolithicVÉZÈREBlade of brown flint, unpatinated, with retouch down both long edges for use as a side scraper. Length 126mm.
X.1671PalaeolithicVÉZÈREEnd scraper of white ?chert, made on a slender blade with retouch round the end. Length 91mm.
X.1672PalaeolithicVÉZÈREDihedral burin of brown-grey flint, length 92mm.
X.1673PalaeolithicVÉZÈREDihedral burin of brown flint, with burin at one end and some retouch at the other, some cortex remaining. Length 56mm.
X.1674PalaeolithicVÉZÈREBurin/end scraper of light brown-grey flint with some cortex: possible dihedral burin at one end, and steep retouch at the other. Length 81mm.
X.1675PalaeolithicVÉZÈREEnd scraper on blade of grey ?chert, steep retouch round end. Length 77mm.
X.1676PalaeolithicVÉZÈREEnd scraper on blade of light brown-grey flint, retouched to give round end, with notches (?accidental) in the scraper end and on one side. Length 65mm.
X.1677PalaeolithicNORTHFLEETFive flakes of brown-black flint, with some retouch: ?Middle Palaeolithic, ?Levallois technique.
X.1678PalaeolithicSWANSCOMBEThree flakes of grey-black flint, with some cortex, with retouch to make them into side scrapers and an end scraper.
X.1679PalaeolithicGALLEY HILLFour flakes of grey-brown-black flint, with some cortex, with retouch to make end scrapers and side scrapers.
X.1680PalaeolithicNO PROVENANCETwo flakes of grey-brown flint.
X.1681PalaeolithicNO PROVENANCEA thick flake (?Levallois) and three thin flakes with retouch, of brown-black flint.
X.1682PalaeolithicGALLEY HILLThick flake of brown flint, ?Levallois technique with flakes removed from one side and some retouch at one end. Length 82mm.
X.1683PalaeolithicFELIXSTOWEThree flint flakes patinated white and water rolled; one is retouched, perhaps as an end scraper, the other two have no obvious sign of use as tools.
X.1690PalaeolithicCROMERPiece of core of brown flint, with flake scars, water rolled. Length 72mm.
X.1691PalaeolithicCROMERThick flake of yellow-patinated flint, waste flake presumably. Length 66mm.
X.1692PalaeolithicPETERBOROUGHCortical flake of buff-patinated flint with retouch round the edges, length 80mm. A rather attractive scraper.
X.1693PalaeolithicWOODSTONFour flakes of various shapes, sizes and patinations, one with heavy retouch apparantly for use as a side scraper.
X.1694PalaeolithicBUCKDEN?Eleven flakes of various shapes, sizes and patinations, some with retouch to make them into scrapers. One very small scraper could perhaps be Mesolithic; two large unpatinated scrapers could be Neolithic. Some at least seem to show Levallois technique, with negative flake scars on the backs.
X.1695PalaeolithicBUCKDENVery large flake of yellow-patinated flint, with negative flake scars on the back; waste flake presumably. Width 135mm.
X.1696PalaeolithicBUCKDENScraper of buff-patinated flint, a thick flake with some shallow retouch round the edges. Length 99mm.
X.1697PalaeolithicBUCKDENCortical flake of brown flint, some possible retouch round the edge. Length 57mm.
X.1699PalaeolithicEARITHSide scraper of grey flint: cortical flake with retouch, length 77mm.
X.1700PalaeolithicEARITHScraper of black flint, thick flake with retouch round edges, length 79mm; and cortical waste flake, length 65mm.
X.1701PalaeolithicEARITHFlake of brown-patinated flint, possible retouch to make a scraper, length 62mm.
X.1702PalaeolithicEARITHBifacially worked piece of brown flint, length 82mm; and three waste flakes.
X.1703PalaeolithicEARITHFlake of grey-patinated black flint, with possible retouch for use as side scraper. Length 51mm.
X.1704PalaeolithicEARITH38 flints of various shapes, sizes and patinations, mostly waste flakes.
X.1705PalaeolithicEARITHEleven waste flakes and one core, various sizes and patinations.
X.1707PalaeolithicEARITHFour waste flakes and four cores, or bits of cores - two of the latter perhaps used as hammerstones.
X.1708PalaeolithicFENSTANTONSeven large, rough flakes or cores of yellow-patinated flint; also a smaller, more delicately worked flake - flaked also on the dorsal side - of grey-patinated flint.
X.1709PalaeolithicFENSTANTONCore of brown-patinated flint, length 59mm.
X.1710PalaeolithicFENSTANTONA hammerstone and 14 flakes, of various shapes, sizes and patinations.
X.1711PalaeolithicFENSTANTONA brown-patinated flint worked on both sides, length 82mm; and a small cortical flake of grey flint, length 45mm.
X.1712PalaeolithicFENSTANTONTwo small cores and a flake, various patinations.
X.1713PalaeolithicFLETTONWater-rolled flake of yellow-patinated flint, length 47mm.
X.1714PalaeolithicHARTFORDThick cortical flake of yellow-patinated flint, with retouch round the edges. Length 90mm.
X.1715PalaeolithicHARTFORDThick cortical flake of yellow-patinated flint, length 86mm.
X.1716PalaeolithicHARTFORDImplement of yellow-patinated flint: curious - one side of it is flaked to the shape of a small oval handaxe, but the other side, which includes some cortex, has a natural hole going right into the flint, almost as far as the other side. Length 77mm.
X.1717PalaeolithicHARTFORDAn attractive flake tool of slightly patinated grey flint: ?Mousterian technique, with the flake shaped on the back and then extensively retouched to give a rounded edge. Length 65mm.
X.1718PalaeolithicHARTFORD31 flakes of various sizes, shapes and patinations; some of them are flaked on the reverse side, ?Levallois technique; some may have retouch, and there is a possible point and a possible burin.
X.1719PalaeolithicHEMINGFORD GREYCore of white-patinated flint, length 72mm; and waste flake of grey-patinated, length 62mm.
X.1720PalaeolithicHEMINGFORD GREY2 cores and 4 worked flakes, various sizes, shapes and patinations, but all quite large and coarse.
X.1721PalaeolithicHEMINGFORD GREYLarge, thick worked flake of grey flint, length 110mm.
X.1722PalaeolithicHOUGHTONCore with flake scars with varying patinations - some brown and some blue-grey, with two scars unpatinated - so the flakes were presumably struck at widely differing dates. Length 86mm.
X.1723PalaeolithicOFFORD CLUNYLevallois tortoise core: cortical piece of brown-black flint with flake scars on one face, possible retouch on the edges. Length 94mm.
X.1728PalaeolithicPAXTONFlake of blue-grey-patinated flint. Length 57mm.
X.1729PalaeolithicLT PAXTONFour flakes, two of them with possible retouch for use as scrapers.
X.1730PalaeolithicST IVESThick flake of orange-patinated flint, flake scars on the back, much water-rolled. Length 69mm.
X.1731PalaeolithicST IVESFlake with flake scars on the back, ?Levallois, yellow-patinated grey flint. Length 86mm.
X.1732PalaeolithicST IVES13 flakes, various shapes, sizes and patinations.
X.1733PalaeolithicST IVES7 flakes of various shapes, sizes and patinations.
X.1734PalaeolithicST IVES13 flakes of various shapes, sizes and patinations - one of them apparently retouched as a thick scraper; and a hammerstone.
X.1735PalaeolithicST IVESHammerstone of grey-brown flint. Length 82mm.
X.1736PalaeolithicST IVESSix flakes of various shapes, sizes and patinations.
X.1737PalaeolithicST IVESTwo flakes, one perhaps used as a hammerstone.
X.1738PalaeolithicST IVESFlake of orange-patinated flint, perhaps retouched to make a scraper. Length 99mm.
X.1739PalaeolithicST NEOTSTwo flakes.
X.1740PalaeolithicWOOD WALTONFlake of brown-patinated flint, with flake scars on the back. Length 83mm.
X.1741PalaeolithicWYTONTwo flakes.
X.1742PalaeolithicWYTONCore of brown-patinated flint. Length 64mm.
X.1743PalaeolithiicWYTON?Hammerstone of black flint. Length 80mm.
X.1774PalaeolithicThirteen waste flakes of various colours and patinations. Some could well be Neolithic.
X.1775PalaeolithicA pebble of grey flint, flaked at one end. Length 57mm.
X.1776PalaeolithicCAMIERSFourteen waste flakes of flint, some of them probably Mesolithic.
X.1777PalaeolithicABBEVILLEThree waste flakes of grey flint, one of them with steep retouching round the edge.
X.1778PalaeolithicNO PROVENANCEEleven worked flints of various forms.
X.1779PalaeolithicNO PROVENANCEA crude point made from a pebble of black flint with some of the cortex left round the butt. Length 82mm.
X.1780PalaeolithicBUCKDENTen waste flakes of varying flints and patinations, one of them probably Neolithic.
X.1781PalaeolithicHARTFORDCortical waste flake of brown flint. Length 62mm.
X.1955PalaeolithicGREENHITHE21 flakes of grey-black flint.
X.1964PalaeolithicBLUNTISHAMCore of brown-white patinated flint, length 86mm; cortical flake of white-patinated flint, length 54mm.
X.1965PalaeolithicBLUNTISHAMTwo small flakes of white-patinated flint.
X.2092PalaeolithicHOUGHTONFlake of yellow-patinated flint. Length 56mm.
X.2196PalaeolithicLT PAXTONFlake of dark grey flint, some cortex, much flaking on one side; length 58mm.
X.2197PalaeolithicLT PAXTONCortical flake of grey flint, length 67mm.
X.2198PalaeolithicLT PAXTONCortical flake of brown flint, length 65mm.
X.2224PalaeolithicSOMERSHAMThick circular flake of black flint with cortex round the edge, patinated grey on one side and with some secondary flaking. Length 62mm.
2001.02PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCETwelve small ammonites, all well preseved and with fine, delicate ribs, with some fragments of grey matrix. Max diams. from 59mm down to 13mm.
2005.09PalaeontologyCONINGTONMolar, presumably from a mammoth: complete and well preserved, length 218mm.
77.27PalaeontologyGT PAXTONSmall ammonite, sandy-coloured with closely spaced ridges. Diam. 31mm
77.39.01(Palaeontology)ST IVES
77.39.02PalaeontologyST IVESFossil bivalve, Gryphaea.
77.39.03PalaeontologyST IVESPart of a fossil belemnite.
77.39.04PalaeontologyST IVESFossil sea-urchin.
77.39.05a-cPalaeontologyST IVESTop of fossil sea-urchins.
77.39.06PalaeontologyST IVESPart of a fossil sea -urchin embedded in rock.
77.39.07PalaeontologyST IVESPart of a fossil oyster, Upper Cretaceous or Jurassic, Lopha colubrina or diluviana.
77.39.08PalaeontologyST IVESFlint from Gravel, derived from Middle/Upper Chalk, containing fossils of bivalve - Inoceramus of some kind - and cast of spine of sea-urchin.
78.27PalaeontologyST IVESTwo small fragments of fossil belemnites.
79.24PalaeontologyHEMINGFORDPart of a large ammonite,
79.34PalaeontologyGRAFHAMFossil bivalve, Inoceramus crippsi.
80.36PalaeontologyST IVESPart of a fossil belemnite.
80.53PalaeontologyST IVESFossil bivalve, Gryphaea.
83.08PalaeontologyST IVESAmmonite, large and largely complete. A species of Perisphinctes, of Corallian (Upper Oxfordian) age, Upper Jurassic. Known only in Boulder Clay, and in the clay facies of the Corallian in E. Yorkshire; so this specimen presumably transported from there by glaciers.
86.16PalaeontologyST IVESFragments of Mammoth molars. Two fit together to form a small but almost complete lower molar, the third is a fragment from a larger tooth.
86.17PalaeontologyST IVESFossilised vertebra of a plesiosaur. The centrum of a dorsal vertebra, probably Pliosaurus brachyspondylus, which comes from the Kimmeridge rather than the Oxford clay. But it is unusually small for brachyspondylus and is perhaps a juvenile. Max. diam. 45mm.
94.04PalaeontologyBUCKDENThe upper molar of a Mammoth, large and apparently complete, although some of the plates at the back of the tooth are loose from each other at the grinding face and only held together at the roots. About 29cms from front to back, 28cms from top to bottom.
94.04 (contd.)PalaeontologyBUCKDEN
97.17PalaeontologyWARBOYSRibs and vertebrae of an Upper Oxford Clay ichthyosaur found in Warboys Brick Pit in 1994: 97.17.1-8: eight vertebrae; 97.17.9-11: three masses of material, mostly vertebrae with some pieces of ribs, still partly embedded in the clay; 97.17.12-21: fragments of the pieces of bone that protrude from the dorsal sides of the vertebrae; 97.17.22-50: varying lengths of ribs, made up of many fragments glued together with some gaps filled with Milliput putty; 97.17.51-60: ten ammonites or pieces of ammonites found near or between the bones (in addition to these, note that some of the bones have ammonites attached to them). As well as 97.17.1-60, there are also numerous fragments of ribs, some of them glued and filled with Milliput to make longer sections, but which were not fitted into the laid-out bones after they had been treated at Peterborough. These pieces have not been individually numbered.
97.17 (contd. 1)PalaeontologyWARBOYS
97.17 (contd. 2)PalaeontologyWARBOYS
97.17 (contd. 3)PalaeontologyWARBOYS
97.17 (contd. 4)PalaeontologyWARBOYS
97.18PalaeontologyGLATTONFossil bones of an ichthyosaur found during the building of the A1(M) in 1997: 97.18.1-6: vertebrae or groups of vertebrae, counting from the front of the animal: 1) ?five vertebrae in a mass; 2) two vertebrae with the impression of an ammonite; 3) three vertebrae; 4) one vertebra; 5) three vertebrae; 6) one vertebra. 97.18.7: the coracoid bone (found between the scapula and the strenum), made up of fragments glued together. 97.18.8: part of the scapula, two fragments glued together. 97.18.9: the inter-clavicle, fragments glued together. 97.18.10: the humerus and some bones of the front paddle,all together in one mass. 97.18.11-22: twelve bones from the front paddle. 97.18.23-42: parts of 20 ribs, all of them made up of fragments glued together. 97.18.43-48: six pieces of the skull, some of them assembled from fragments. 97.18.49: the articular bone (?the piece of the jaw that joins the skull), assembled from fragments. As well as 97.18.1-49 there are numerous fragments of bones not individually numbered.
97.18 (contd. 1)PalaeontologyGLATTON
97.18 (contd. 2)PalaeontologyGLATTON
97.18 (contd. 3)PalaeontologyGLATTON
X.0282*PalaeontologyALCONBURY WESTONSee X.0282, catalogued under HUNTINGDON, which may in fact come from Alconbury Weston.
Hemingford GreyPalaeontologyHEMINGFORD GREYSee also material from Galley Hill, catalogued under FENSTANTON. Galley Hill is on the border of the two parishes, and these objects could have come from either. Note particularly P. Cambridge's article in the Hunts. Fauna & Flora Society 17th Annual Report (copy filed under HFFS) which does not distinguish between remains found in the West End Gravel Pit, in Fenstanton parish, and the Innes Gravel Pit (Grid Ref. 297685) in Hemingford Grey parish. Both are described as "Galley Hill". Also see X.195, catalogued under HOUGHTON, which may in fact come from Hemingford Grey.
X.0001PalaeontologyWOOLLEYTen bones of a plesiosaur (?Cryptocleidus oxoniensis).
X.0002PalaeontologyHARTFORDTerminal phalange of Bos primigenius.
X.0003PalaeontologyEARITHVertebra from the tail of a Saurian.
X.0004PalaeontologyCONINGTONVertebra of Ophthalmosaur.
X.0005PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEPart of the 1st upper molar of a Straight-tusked Elephant or a young Mammoth.
X.0006PalaeontologyPAXTONPart of the lower jaw of a Mammoth.
X.0007PalaeontologySOMERSHAMMost of the molar of a Mammoth.
X.0008PalaeontologyHARTFORDPart of the molar of a Mammoth.
X.0009PalaeontologyFENSTANTONMolar of Mammoth.
X.0010PalaeontologyHOUGHTONPart of the molar of a Mammoth, length about 18cms.
X.0012PalaeontologyNORTHFLEETMolar of a Mammoth.
X.0013PalaentologyNO PROVENANCEPart of the 1st upper molar of a Staight-tusked Elephant or a young Mammoth.
X.0014PalaentologyNO PROVENANCEPart of the 1st upper molar of a straight-tusked Elephant or a young Mammoth.
X.0015PalaeontologyGODMANCHESTERSix fragments of Saurian bones.
X.0016PalaeontologyFENSTANTONA piece of Mammoth tusk.
X.0017PalaeontologyFENSTANTONPart of the molar of a Mammoth.
X.0018PalaeontologyWHITTLESEYVertebra of a grampus.
X.0019PalaeontologyWOOLLEYPaddle-bone of a plesiosaur (?Cryptocleidus oxoniensis).
X.0020PalaeontologySOMERSHAMPart of the tooth of a Mammoth.
X.0021PalaeontologyHARTFORDTooth of a Mammoth or Straight-tusked Elephant.
X.0022PalaeontologySAWTRYPiece of fossil wood, length 212mm.
X.0023PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEAmmonite, with top missing, showing on reverse side cretaceous worms, Glomerula cordialis (Schlotheim).
X.0024PalaeontologyEARITHBivalve, Exogyra latissima (Lamarck) (syn: Exogyra sinuata - Sowerby).
X.0025PalaeontologyFENSTANTONPiece of fossil wood, Ipswichian interglacial.
X.0027PalaeontologyFENSTANTON?Piece of fossil wood, common maple (Acer campastre).
X.0030PalaeontologyFENSTANTON?Piece of fossil wood - ash (Fraxinus exersior)
X.0031PalaeontologyWYTONPiece of ammonite.
X.0033PalaeontologyHEMINGFORD GREYFossil sponges in flint pebbles.
X.0034PalaeontologyALCONBURYPiece of limestone, with gervillia.
X.0038PalaeontologyST IVESFossil.
X.0040PalaeontologyST IVESPiece of coral (cup coral), Jurassic. Oppelismilia mucronata (Duncan), syn: Montlivaltia mucronata, Stylophyllopsis mucronata.
X.0042PalaeontologyELSWORTHRock with impressions of bivalves.
X.0045PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil ostrea, with cretaceous serpulae, Glomerula gardians? (Schlotheim).
X.0049PalaeontologyST IVESPiece of St Ives Rock, with traces of bivalves.
X.0050PalaeontologyFENSTANTONPiece of rock with traces of fossils. Labelled "Worm tubes and astarte, derived Jurassic, serpula".
X.0051PalaeontologyST IVESPiece of St Ives Rock with worm tubes. Derived Jurassic.
X.0052PalaeontologyHEMINGFORD GREYA pebble of shelly chert, containing the brachiopods Gigantoproductus cf. dentifer; Schizophoria sp.; and Eomariginifera sp.
X.0053PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil belemnite, Cylindroteuthis puzosiana (d'Orbigny).
X.0054PalaeontologyHEMINGFORD GREYFossil bivalve, Gryphaea dilatata (Sowerby).
X.0055PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil bivalve, Laevitrigonia gibbosa (Sowerby) (syn: Trigonia bibosa).
X.0058PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil fern, Neuropteris.
X.0059PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil bivalve, Neithea quinquecostata (Sowerby) (syn: Pecten Quinquecostatus).
X.0060PalaeontologySOMERSHAMTwo pieces of a large ammonite.
X.0062PalaeontologyST IVESFossil sea-urchin, Holectypus depressus (Leske).
X.0063PalaeontologyWOODHURSTFossil echinoid, Cretaceous, Catopygus columbarius (Lamarck).
X.0064PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil bivalve, Inoceramus labiatus (Schlotheim).
X.0065PalaeontologyALCONBURYFossil bivalve (ostrea), Gryphaea dilatata.
X.0066PalaeontologyWYTON?Two chambers of an ammonite.
X.0068PalaeontologyST IVESTwo fragments of ammonite.
X.0069PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil Gryphaea
X.0070PalaeontologyST IVESFragment of an ammonite, derived Jurassic.
X.0071PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil ?echinoid, Pygarleudae.
X.0072PalaeontologyST IVESFossil sea-urchin.
X.0073PalaeontologyST IVESFossil bivalve in rock.
X.0075PalaeontologyST IVESAmmonite, upper liassic, Dactylioceras commune (Sowerby).
X.0076PalaeontologyFENSTANTON?Fossil sponge.
X.0077PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEAmmonite, Oxfordian, Perisphinctes pickeringus (Young and Bird).
X.0078PalaeontologyHEMINGFORD GREYFossil bivalve, Liassic, Gryphaea arcuata (Lamarck) (Syn: Gryphaea incurva - Sowerby).
X.0079PalaeontologyWYTONFlint with moulds of fragments of a large bivalve shell, inoceramus.
X.0080PalaeontologyST IVESFossil bivalve with serpulae, Exogyra latissima (Lamarck) (Syn: Exogyra sinuata - Sowerby).
X.0081PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEPolished section of ammonite.
X.0082PalaeontologySTUKELEYFossil bivalve, Oxfordian, Gryphaea dilatata (Sowerby).
X.0083PalaeontologyST IVESSeveral ammonites, in a single lump of rock, Grammotoceras strictulum.
X.0084PalaeontologyELSWORTHFossil bivilve, Gryphaea dilatata (Sowerby).
X.0085PalaeontologyYELLINGFossil bivalave, Cretaceous, Exogyra latissima (Lamarck) (Syn: Exogyra sinuata - Sowerby).
X.0086PalaeontologyWYTONPiece of ammonite.
X.0087PalaeontologyST IVESPiece of derived Cretaceous flint, with impressions of branching sponges.
X.0088PalaeontologyALCONBURYSlab of Rhaetic Fish Beds, limestone, with ripple marks, pyrites, suncracks and fish-scales and teeth.
X.0089PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil Sea-urchin, Catopygus columbarius (Lamarck).
X.0090PalaeontologyHEMINGFORD GREYFossil bivalve, Oxfordian.
X.0091PalaeontologyST IVESFossil bivalve, Ostrea.
X.0092PalaeontologyHOUGHTONFossil bivalve, Oxfordian, Gryphaea dilatata (Sowerby).
X.0093PalaeontologyBURWELLFossil bivalve, Radulopecten vagans (Sowerby) (Syn: Pecten vagans, Chlamys vagans).
X.0094PalaeontologyFLETTONFossil belemnite, Jurrasic, Cylindroteuthis puzosiana (d'Orbigny).
X.0095PalaeontologyST IVESFossil bivalve, Jurassic, Pholadomya deltoides (Sowerby). In St Ives Rock.
X.0096PalaeontologyST IVESFossil ammonite, Oxfordian, Peltoceras engenii.
X.0097PalaeontologyST IVESPiece of St Ives Rock with worm tubes.
X.0098PalaeontologyST IVESFossil ammonite, Oxfordian, Quenstedtoceras lamberti (Soweby).
X.0099PalaeontologyST IVESFossi ammonite, Oxfordian, Quenstedtoceras mariae or lamberti (Sowerby).
X.0100PalaeontologyCONINGTONFossil bivalve, Neithea gibbosa (Syn, Pecten quadricostatus - Sowerby, Neithea quadricostata).
X.0101PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEAmmonite, Pavlovia pallasioides (Neaverson).
X.0102PalaeontologyYELLINGFossil bivalve, Cretaceous, Exogyra latissima (Lamarck) (Syn: Exogyra sinuata - Sowerby).
X.0104PalaeontologyBRAMPTONPart of a reindeer's antler.
X.0105PalaeontologyEARITHLower molar of bison.
X.0106PalaeontologyWOOLLEYPart of ?paddle-bone of plesiosaur.
X.0107PalaeontologyLT PAXTONFragments of teeth of wild horse.
X.0108PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCE8 Teeth of equus, wild horse.
X.0109PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFragment of the tooth of a polyptychodon (type of Ray).
X.0110PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFooil bivalve, set in ?limestone, Neithea gibbosa (Pulteney).
X.0112PalaeontologyGODMANCHESTERFragment of ammonite, showing ice-scratches.
X.0113PalaeontologyPETERBOROUGH?Saurian tooth, labelled Plesiosaurus kimmeridgii.
X.0128PalaeontologyBLUNTISHAMPaddle-bone (humerus) of Plesiosaur.
X.0129PalaeontologyHARTFORDVertebra of Ophthalmosaur.
X.0130PalaeontologyHEMINGFORD GREYSlab with Pteromya sp. and small bivalve, Rhaetic erratic from the Gravels, probably derived from the Boulder Clay.
X.0131PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil worm, Serpula.
X.0132PalaeontologyYELLINGFossil brachiopod, Cretaceous, Terebratula dutempleana (d'Orbigny).
X.0133PalaeontologyST IVESFossil bivalve in St Ives Rock, Corallian Beds.
X.0134PalaeontologyFENSTANTONRock with spines from sea-urchins.
X.0135PalaeontologyWARBOYSFossil sea-urchin, Cretaceous, Echinocorys scutata (Leake).
X.0136PalaeontologyST IVESFive fossil ammonites, Quenstedtocerus lamberti.
X.0137PalaeontologyFENSTANTON?Fossil sponge, Cretaceous, Perosphaera globularis (Phillips).
X.0138PalaeontologyFENSTANTON?Fossil sponge, derived chalk.
X.0139PalaeontologyWARBOYSFossil ammonite, cardioceras cordatum.
X.0142PalaeontologyST IVESFossil sponge, Cretaceous.
X.0143PalaeontologyHEMINGFORD GREYFossil bivalve, Oxfordian, Gryphaea dilatata (Sowerby).
X.0144PalaeontologyHEMINGFORD GREYFossil sponge, Cretaceous, Porosphaera globularis (Phillips).
X.0145PalaeontologyHEMINGFORD GREYFossil sponge, Cretaceous, Porosphaera globularis (Phillips).
X.0146PalaeontologyWARBOYSTwo fossil ammonites, Quenstedtoceras lamberti.
X.0147PalaeontologyST IVESFlint, derived Cretaceous, with impressions of branching sponges.
X.0148PalaeontologyST IVESAmmonite.
X.0149PalaeontologyST IVESFossil coral, Jurassic, Oppelismilia mucronata (Duncan) (Syn., Montlivaltia mucronata, Stylophyllopsis mucronata).
X.0150PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil Sea-urchin, Echinocorys scutata (Leske).
X.0151PalaeontologyALCONBURYFossil bivalve, Gryphaea arcuata (Lamarck) (Syn., Gryphaea incurva - Sowerby).
X.0152PalaeontologyWARBOYSFossil Sea-urchin, badly malformed.
X.0153PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil sea-urchin, Micraster cortestudinarium (Goldfuss).
X.0154PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil trilobite, Encrinurus variolaris (Brongniart).
X.0155PalaeontologyST IVESPiece of St Ives Rock with indentation of sea-urchin spine, Cretaceous.
X.0157PalaeontologyHOUGHTONFossil Diastopora michelini, inferior oolite to forest marble.
X.0158PalaeontologyST IVESFossil worms, Serpulae.
X.0159PalaeontologyHEMINGFORD GREYFossil belemnite, Jurassic, Cylindroteuthis puzosiana (d'Orbigny).
X.0160PalaeontologyST IVESFossil coral.
X.0161PalaeontologyST IVESFossil sea-urchin, from St Ives Rock.
X.0162PalaeontologyST IVESFossil sea-urchin, Bajocian, Stomechinus bigranularis (Lamarck).
X.0163PalaeontologyELSWORTHFossil bivalve, Lopha gregarea (Sowerby) (Syn., Ostrea gregarea).
X.0164PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESmall fossil sea-urchin.
X.0165PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil sea-urchin, Catopygus columbaris (Lamarck).
X.0168PalaeontologyHEMINGFORD GREYFossil mussel, Pleistocene, Potamida littoralis.
X.0169PalaeontologyST IVESFossil Brachiopod, Cretaceous, Rhynconella . . . ?
X.0170PalaeontologyFENSTANTON?Piece of oak, Quercus robor type.
X.0171PalaeontologyHOUGHTONPiece of rock with impression of ammonite.
X.0173PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil trilobite, Asaphus tuberculatus.
X.0174PalaeontologyALCONBURYFossil bivalve, Gryphaea arcuata (Lamarck) (Syn., Gryphaea incurva - Sowerby).
X.0175PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil trilobite, Encrinurus variolaris (Brongniart).
X.0176PalaeontologyCONINGTONRibs of Ophthalmosaur.
X.0177PalaeontologySAWTRY22 bones of Saurian.
X.0178PalaeontologyNEEDINGWORTHBase of antler.
X.0179PalaeontologyHOLYWELLPieces of bone.
X.0180PalaeontologyPETERBOROUGH?Saurian vertebra.
X.0182PalaeontologySOMERSHAMPiece of fossil bone, rolled and naturally pointed, ?proboscidean. Length 173mm, max width 20mm.
X.0183PalaeontologyHUNTINGDONFragments of mammoth tusk, restored.
X.0184PalaeontologySOMERSHAMTwo pieces of reindeer antler.
X.0185PalaeontologyFENSTANTON?Fore portion of the jaw of a ?Straight-tusked Elephant.
X.0186PalaeontologyWOOD WALTONSaurian vertebra.
X.0187PalaeontologyHEMINGFORD GREYFragment of antler.
X.0188PalaeontologyFENSTANTONPortion of antler.
X.0189PalaeontologySAWTRYSaurian tail vertebra.
X.0190PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEPart of left scapula, unknown animal.
X.0191PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCETwo small black horns.
X.0192PalaeontologyALCONBURYAntler, broken but complete.
X.0194PalaeontologyALCONBURYAntler, broken but complete.
X.0195PalaeontologyHOUGHTON?Antler tine.
X.0199PalaeontologyYELLINGFossil ammonite, Lower Liassic, Arnioceras semicostatum (Young & Bird).
X.0200PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCE?Fossil.
X.0201PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil mollusc.
X.0205PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil sea-urchin.
X.0206PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEThree ?fossil sponges.
X.0208PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCELarge Saurian vertebra.
X.0209PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0210PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0211PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0212PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESmall Saurian vertebra.
X.0213PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0214PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0215PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0216PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0217PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0218PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0219PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEBone from the paddle of a Plesiosaur or Ichthyosaur.
X.0220PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil ammonite set in stone; the ammonite has been cut across, showing its various chambers, and the cut surface has been polished to give a striking marbled effect.
X.0221PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil sea-urchin.
X.0222PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0223PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0224PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEHalf of a Saurian vertebra.
X.0225PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEHalf of a Saurian vertebra.
X.0226PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEPiece of limestone, with dim impression of an ammonite.
X.0227PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCETwo fossil Gryphaeae, joined together in a single lump of stone.
X.0228PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil gryphaea.
X.0229PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCE?Piece of fossilized bone.
X.0230PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEPiece of fossilized bone from the jaw of an Ichthyosaur.
X.0231PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEPiece of fossilized bone.
X.0236PalaeontologyBUCKDENMetatarsus of horse.
X.0238PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEPieces of Mammoth molars.
X.0239PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEPlates of Mammoth molar, now joined together again.
X.0241PalaeontologyHARTFORDPhalange: catalogued in HLSI as Bos but marked in pencil "C. Elephas" (i.e. Giant Elk).
X.0243PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESmall left calcaneum of Bos.
X.0244PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil ?fish scales.
X.0247PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEMetatarsus of Bos.
X.0249PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEBoar's tusk.
X.0253PalaeontologyBUCKDENTwo metacarpals of Bos.
X.0257PalaeontologyBUCKDENTarsal of Bos.
X.0258PalaeontologyALCONBURYChert (quartz) or Hornstone (Carboniferous), with impressions of crinoid stems.
X.0259PalaeontologySOMERSHAMBases of two antlers of Giant Elk.
X.0260PalaeontologyFENSTANTONPart of the jaw, with a molar, of the Straight-tusked Elephant.
X.0261PalaeontologyBRAMPTONAtlas vertebra of Bos primigenius.
X.0262PalaeontologyFENSTANTONMolar of a Mammoth.
X.0263PalaeontologyLT PAXTONThird upper molar of Rhinoceros trichorrinus (Woolly Rhinoceros).
X.0264PalaeontologyHUNTINGDONPart of the lower jaw of Rhinoceros leptorrhinus.
X.0265PalaeontologyEARITHMolar of Straight-tusked Elephant.
X.0266PalaeontologyBUCKDENVery large piece of Mammoth's tusk, length 142cms, max circumference 425mm.
X.0267PalaeontologyHUNTINGDONFossil ammonite, Oxfordian, Clydonicerus discus.
X.0268PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil ammonite, Macrocephalites macrocephalus (Schlotheim).
X.0269PalaeontologyST IVESPart of a large ammonite.
X.0270PalaeontologyFLETTONFossil belemnite, Jurassic, Cylindroteuthis puzosiana (d'Orbigny).
X.0271PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil spine from a sea-urchin, embedded in chalk, Plegiocidaris florigemma (Phillips).
X.0272PalaeontologyHEMINGFORD GREYFossil bivalve, Gryphaea arcuata (Lamarck).
X.0273PalaeontologyWARBOYSFossil bivalve, Liassic, Gryphaea arcuata (Lamarck).
X.0274PalaeontologyRAMSEYFossil shark's tooth.
X.0275PalaeontologyPETERBOROUGHHumerus of a plesiosaur.
X.1637PalaeontologyGT GRANSDENThe tips of two belemnites, lengths 84 and 47mm.
X.1638PalaeontologyHEMINGFORD GREYThe vertebra of an Ichthyosaur, about 75mm diam.
X.1639PalaeontologyHOLYWELLThe antler of a red deer: six-pointed, but with three of the points broken off. No obvious sign of any working or cutting. Length about 68cms.
X.1640PalaeontologyHUNTINGDON?The incisor tusk of a Hippopatamus. Length about 33cms.
X.1642PalaeontologyHUNTINGDONPart of the skull of a pig (perhaps a wild boar).
X.1643PalaeontologyHUNTINGDONFossil ammonite, perisphinctid and probably from Oxford Clay. Max. diam. 78mm
X.1644PalaeontologyHUNTINGDONPart of a fossil ammonite still partly embedded in rock: a perisphinctid. Max diam. about 85mm.
X.1645PalaeontologyHUNTINGDONThe tip of a fossil belemnite, present length 80mm.
X.1646PalaeontologyHUNTINGDONFossil bivalve, Pholadomya.
X.1647PalaeontologyHUNTINGDONTwo fossil Gryphaea dilobotes from the ?Oxford Clay, lengths 75 and 47mm.
X.1648PalaeontologyHUNTINGDONFossil Gryphaea arcuata, derived from the Lower Jurassic.
X.1649PalaeontologyPIDLEYThe horn cores and part of the skull of an ox, ?Bos primigenius: the skull fragile and crumbling, but consolidated at one time with plaster and a piece of wood so that the two horns could be fastened together. Length about 90cms.
X.1650PalaeontologyST IVESThe molar of a Mammoth. Length about 20cms.
X.1651PalaeontologyST IVESPart of the humerus of a rhinoceros: part of one joint and some of the shaft, present length about 31cms.
X.1652PalaeontologyST IVES?Part of two atlas vertebrae of rhinoceros ?or hippopotamus, both imperfect and one especially so.
X.1653PalaeontologyST IVES?Part of the pelvis of a rhinoceros ?or hippopotamus: the socket of the hip joint with some bone attached, present length about 28cms.
X.1654PalaeontologyST IVES?The tibia of a rhinoceros ?or hippopotamus, length 37cms.
X.1655PalaeontologyST IVES?Part of the humerus of a rhinoceros ?or hippopotamus, length about 33cms.
X.1656PalaeontologySAWTRYPiece of fossil wood from the Oxford Clay: a flat piece about 15cms long and 4½ wide, now broken into four pieces.
X.1744PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil echinoid, species not known, well preserved shell with sockets for spines. Diam. 32mm.
X.1745PalaeontologyBURWELLFossil of some kind, ?shell, looking a bit like part of a spiral of rope, set in a slab of chalk. Length 98mm.
X.1746PalaeontologySOMERSHAMMost of a very large ammonite, now in four pieces but fitting together to give a complete outer section but with some of the middle missing. It seems to resemble the large Perisphinctes found at St Ives (83.08, qv). Diam. about 37cms.
X.2905PalaeontologySAWTRYFossil ammonite, max diam. 155mm.
Colne Camp Ground RBRomanCOLNESite published in CHAS 4, p. 305ff + plate and map; and VCH i 256. Also Antiq. Journ. vi. 2 (April 1926), p. 190.
X.0794*RomanCOVINGTONSee X.0794, catalogued under KEYSTON.
Earith Fen Drove RBRomanEARITHFor H.J.M. Green's excavations, see PCAS 48, p. 44. See also "The Fenland in Roman Times", p. 194.
Godmanchester 1903RomanGODMANCHESTERFor Roman Rubbish Pits, Cambridge Road, grid ref. 252707 (F.G. Walker excavations), see CHAS 5, p. 439ff. See also X.915, found in these excavations, but indexed under Iron Age.
Godmanchester 1904RomanGODMANCHESTERFor Roman Rubbish Pits, Cambridge Road, grid ref. 252707 (F.G. Walker excavations), see CHAS 5, p. 439ff. See also X.703, found in these excavations but indexed under Iron Age.
Godmanchester 1905RomanGODMANCHESTERFor burial groups from Roman cemetery found in the orchard at Green End (grid ref. 243709), see CHAS 5 p. 439ff.
Godmanchester 1926RomanGODMANCHESTERFor finds from the Vicarage, Godmanchester, 1926 (grid ref. 246705), see Antiq. Journ. 7 (January 1927).
Houghton RBRomanHOUGHTONFor sites at grids 286717 and 288716, see CHAS 5 p. 248 and CHAS 6 p. 155. Finds from the first site are also indexed under Iron Age; finds from the second also under Iron Age, Saxon and Medieval. See the information card under Iron Age Houghton for more details.
Houghton 1843RomanHOUGHTONPublished in VCH i 266. But the VCH account includes a number of items whose provenance is not specifically given in the HLSI catalogue, though all seem to have come to HLSI from R. Fox.
Leighton Bromswold Salome Lodge RBRomanLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDSee also Bronze Age and Iron Age. Site is published in CHAS 6, p. 66. Two of Dr Garrood's site notebooks are indexed as BMS/LEIGH/01.
St Ives RBRomanST IVESSee also material from St Ives Priory, catalogued under Medieval.
St Ives Meadow LaneRomanST IVESFor H.J.M. Green excavations, grid ref. 325702, dug 1955, see PCAS 52, p. 23 and "Fenland in Roman Times", p. 190.
Sawtry Stocking Close RBRomanSAWTRYPublished in CHAS 5, p. 89 & p. 181. See also finds catalogued under Neolithic & Iron Age.
Sawtry Tort HillRomanSAWTRYSite discovered during reconstruction of the A1 in 1939, grid ref. 173842. Published in CHAS 6, p. 178, and Antiq. Journ. 20 (1940) p. 504.
X.0944*RomanSOMERSHAMSee X.0944, catalogued under COLNE (Camp Ground), which may in fact come from Somersham For finds marked "Somersham Camp Ground", also see COLNE (Camp Ground)
Gt Staughton villaRomanGT STAUGHTONVilla at grid ref. 13486310, and bathhouse at 13466304, excavated by Ernest Greenfield in 1958 and 1959 respectively. Published in PCAS 83 (1994) pp. 75-127; also a brief reference in the Hunts Post of 7th August 1958. Other finds are in the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.
2000.12RomanNO PROVENANCELigula: bronze rod with knob at one end, the other end (presumably the spoon bowl originally) now missing; decorative rings round the shaft; broken in two pieces. Present length 102mm.
2000.14 a-uRomanGODMANCHESTERBones from a burial: a) skull, jawbone and skull fragments; b) 2 femurs; c) humerus, radius and ulna from right arm; d) ditto from left arm; e) pieces of right ribs; f) pieces of left ribs; g) fragments of ribs; h) 5 cervical vertebrae; i) 7 dorsal vertebrae; j) 5 dorsal vertebrae; k) 5 lumbar vertebrae; l) pieces of the pelvis and sacrum; m) parts of the right clavicle and scapula; n) the left clavicle and fragments of left scapula; o) 3 pieces of the right tibia, one of the right fibula and the patella; p) a patella and 2 pieces of the tibia, presumably the left ones; q) 15 bones of the right foot; r) 7 metatarsals of the left foot; s) 9 metacarpals of the left foot; t) unidentified bones and bone fragments; u) bones and bone fragments found with the burial but not part of the same body, including the jawbone of a child aged about four, most of a femur, a sacrum and two vertebrae.
2000.14 a-u (contd.)Roman
2000.14-56RomanGODMANCHESTERVarious items from the collections of the Longsands Museum, St Neots, given to the Norris Museum when the Longsands Museum closed in 2000. See Entry form no. En/142 and correspondence with Peter Brice of White Cottage, Front Street, North Walsham NR28 9RW, the Longsands trustee who arranged matters. 2000.15-56 are coins found in London Road, Godmanchester, date and exact location not known as yet: 2000.15-50 were found as a "scattered hoard" - note that the dates are rather scattered too, so they may not have been a hoard in the strict sense; 2000.51-56 are unrelated coins from the same site.
2000.15RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, Constantinopolis (330-337). Obv. …NOPOLIS. Rev. illeg.
2000.16RomanGODMANCHESTERPart of a barbarous radiate, broken and illegible, probably illiterate, c.330-340.
2000.17RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Constantine II as Caesar, AD 337. Obv. ...NVS.IVN.N.C. Rev. GLORIA…, ?TRS in the exergue.
2000.18RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Theodora, AD 337-40, illeg.
2000.19RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Constans, AD 346-48. Obv. CONSTANS P.F.AVG. Rev. VICTORIAE DD.AVGG., mint mark illeg.
2000.20RomanGODMANCHESTERBarbarous radiate, Constantius II, AD 354. Obv. …ONSTAN… Rev. illeg.
2000.21RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valentinian I, AD 364-375. Obv. D.N.VALENTINIANVS P.F.AVG. Rev. [RESTITVTOR] REIPVBLICAE.
2000.22RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valentinian I, AD 364-375. Obv. D.N.VALENTINIANVS P.F.AVG. Rev. GLORIA ROMANORVM, mint mark illeg.
2000.23RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valentinian I, AD 364-375. Obv. D.N.VALENTINIANVS P.F.AVG. Rev. illeg., mint mark SCON.
2000.24RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of ?Valentinian I, AD 364-375, illeg.
2000.25RomanGODMANCHESTERSilver coin of Valentinian I, AD 364-375. Obv. D.N.VALENTINIANVS P.F.AVG. Rev. VOT.V MVLT.X in laurel wreath, RT in exergue.
2000.26RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, ?House of Valentinian, AD 364-378, illeg.
2000.27RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valens, AD 364-378, illeg.
2000.28RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valens, AD 364-378. Obv. D.N.VALE… Rev. illeg.
2000.29RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valens, AD 364-378, illeg.
2000.30RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valens, AD 364-378, illeg.
2000.31RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valens, AD 364-378. Obv. …P.F.AVG. Rev. …VM, mint mark SMAQP.
2000.32RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Gratian, AD 367-383. Obv. D.N.GRATIANVS… Rev. illeg.
2000.33RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Gratian, AD 367-383, illeg.
2000.34RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Gratian, AD 367-383, illeg.
2000.35RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Gratian, AD 367-383. Obv. D.N.GRA… Rev. VOT…V MVLT…X in laurel wreath.
2000.36RomanGODMANCHESTER4th Brass of Valentinian II, AD 375-392. Obv. illeg. Rev. …LICAE.
2000.37RomanGODMANCHESTER4th Brass of Valentinian II, AD 375-392, illeg.
2000.38RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Theodosius I, AD 379-395. Obv. D.N.THEO…AVG. Rev. VIC…AVG…, mint mark …CON.
2000.39RomanGODMANCHESTER4th Brass of Arcadius, AD 383-408. Obv. D.N. ARC… Rev. illeg.
2000.40RomanGODMANCHESTER2nd Brass, illeg.
2000.41RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, illeg.
2000.42RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, illeg.
2000.43RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass. Obv. D.N.VALEN… Rev. figure holding labarum (standard with chi-rho).
2000.44RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, illeg.
2000.45RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, illeg.
2000.46RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, illeg., mint mark SMAQP.
2000.47RomanGODMANCHESTER4th Brass, illeg.
2000.48RomanGODMANCHESTER4th Brass. Obv. …S P.F.AVG. Rev. …REIPVBLICAE, mint mark T…
2000.49RomanGODMANCHESTER4th Brass, illeg.
2000.50RomanGODMANCHESTERVery small 4th Brass, illeg.
2000.51RomanGODMANCHESTER1st Brass of Domitian, AD 81-96. Obv. IMP.CAES.DOMIT.AVG.GE… Rev. illeg., SC in the field.
2000.52RomanGODMANCHESTER2nd Brass of Trajan, AD 98-117, illeg.
2000.53RomanGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Gordian III, AD 238-244, illeg.
2000.54RomanGODMANCHESTER2nd Brass of Carausius, AD 287-293. Obv. IMP.CARAVSIVS AVG. Rev. …AX AV…
2000.55RomanGODMANCHESTER2nd Brass of Carausius, AD 287-293, illeg.
2000.56RomanGODMANCHESTERBarbarous radiate, probably Tetricus I, illeg. and with small hole for suspension.
2000.57RomanFENSTANTONSherds of a folded beaker of Nene Valley ware, white paste colour-coated red on the inside and brown on the outside, with scale decoration in barbotine on the outer folds; some sherds glued together.
2005.03RomanSAWTRYLarge jar of red ware, coarse and gritted, with two girth grooves on shoulder and everted, vertical-sided rim; most of the jar complete, though cracked and with the rim reassembled from broken pieces; found with it when it came to the Norris (and so presumably associated with it) were cremated bone, also a few pieces of uncremated bone and small sherds of the pot. Ht. 249mm.
2005.03-08RomanSAWTRYPottery and cremations from a Roman site identified only as "SF 74" - presumed to be "Sawtry Fen 1974" but with no definite information. They were in the possession of Harry Milford of the Sawtry Archaeological Society, who brought them to the Norris when he moved to Leicester in April 2005. With them are a short typescript giving the information recorded above but not much more, and 14 photographs of the dig which aren't very helpful. The typescript and photos are kept with the objects.
2005.04RomanSAWTRYSherds of a jar of quite well made grey ware, with two girith grooves on the shoulder and everted rim; sherds have been glued together to make up part of the pot up to the shoulder, present ht. 190mm.
2005.05RomanSAWTRYSmall jar or cup of hard grey ware, with hollow foot, girth groove just above it, low carinated shoulder about half-way up the pot, and plain, slightly everted rim - mostly missing. Ht. 112mm.
2005.06RomanSAWTRYSherds of a folded beaker of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, white paste with red to black colour coat, red finger marks or similar on the foot.
2005.07RomanSAWTRYThe bottom half of a miniature jar of thick white ware, with narrow foot, restored from sherds.
2005.08RomanSAWTRYCremated bone.
2007.17RomanGODMANCHESTERBronze bracelet: of thick bronze with diagonal grooves cut into the outside, hook and eye fastening. Max diam. 72mm.
78.03RomanNEEDINGWORTHHorn core of small bison or domestic ox (Bos longifrons), early Roman date. Broken off near its natural base, length 94mm, max diam. 45mm, min. diam. 39mm.
81.07RomanGODMANCHESTERHuman skull and jawbone, largely complete though the jawbone is in pieces.
82.02RomanEARITHFragments of an iron plate, orginally about 10cms diam., with grips. ?From the end of a pole used to stoke a kiln.
82.03RomanEARITHIron bucket-handle, square-sectioned at ends with round-sectioned centre. Length 273mm.
82.04Roman?EARITHWooden ?handle, the centre section carved with a spiral, the ends shaped to double knobs. Length 285mm.
82.05RomanEARITHTwo pieces of a flue-tile.
82.06RomanEARITHMost of a thick triangular tile. Length 167mm
82.07RomanEARITHPieces of burnt clay, fragments of the clay dome of a pottery kiln.
82.08RomanEARITHKiln-bar from corn-drying kiln, square-sectioned, of grey clay. Length 80mm.
82.09RomanEARITHNumerous sherds of Samian (inc. sherd of Drag. 18/31 stamped . . . Oλ . . . TRI M.); amphorae; colour-coated ware (inc. Nene Valley ware, + 2 sherds of Colchester ware beaker with part of a scene in barbotine); coarse ware; pieces of burnt daub.
82.10[Neolithic object from Roman site]EARITHNeolithic flint side-scraper: small flake retouched along one edge. Length 47mm.
82.11RomanST IVESSherds of colour-coated and coarse ware, animal tooth (?pig).
82.12RomanST IVESSherds of Samian, painted parchment ware, and coarse ware.
82.13RomanST IVESSherds of colour-coated (Nene Valley) and coarse wares.
82.14RomanST IVESSherds of Samian, colour-coated (Nene Valley) and coarse ware.
82.15RomanST IVESSherds of Samian (base-sherd with concentric rings in place of stamp); colour-coated ware (Nene Valley ware, inc. sherd of castor box lid); and coarse ware.
82.16Roman etc.ST IVESSherds of coarse ware. Also medieval and post-medieval sherds & glass.
82.17RomanST IVESSherds of Samian and colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware.
82.18RomanST IVESNumerous sherds of Samian, colour-coated ware (inc. Nene Valley ware) and coarse ware (inc. large storage jars).
82.19RomanST IVESNumerous sherds of Samian, colour-coated ware (inc. Nene Valley ware) and coarse ware (inc. large storage jars).
82.20RomanST IVESSherds of Samian, colour-coated ware (inc. Nene Valley ware), and coarse ware. Also pieces of tile (flue-tile and tegula) and of millstone.
82.21RomanST IVESSherds of Samian, colour-coated ware (inc. Nene Valley ware), mortaria and coarse ware. Also pieces of stone, some squared, one piece ?used as hone.
82.22RomanST IVESSherds of coarse ware, piece of ?burnt daub, piece of ?grit-stone from quern..
82.23Roman etc.ST IVESSherds of mortarium, colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, painted and coarse ware; also two flint flakes, one of them very large, ?Neolithic.
82.24RomanST IVESSherds of coarse ware.
82.25RomanST IVESSherds of colour-coated (Nene Valley) and coarse ware.
82.26RomanST IVESSherd of a small flanged bowl of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, colour-coat very abraded.
82.27RomanST IVESSherds of colour-coated (Nene Valley) and coarse ware.
82.28RomanST IVESRim-sherd of a large bowl of orange ware, with grey core.
82.29RomanST IVESSherds of colour-coated (Nene Valley) and coarse ware.
82.30RomanST IVESSherds of coarse ware.
82.31RomanST IVESSherds of Samian and coarse ware.
82.32RomanST IVESSherds of amphora and coarse ware.
82.33Roman etc.ST IVESSherds of coarse ware, mostly Iron Age.
82.34RomanST IVESPart of a thin slab of micaceous, gritty grey stone. Purpose?
82.35Roman?ST IVESSherd of coarse ware, and small piece of thin slab of sandstone or limestone, ?purpose.
82.36RomanST IVESSherds of coarse ware, amorphous lump of ?sandstone.
82.37RomanST IVESSherds of coarse ware, pieces of burnt daub, lump of charcoal.
82.38RomanST IVESSherds of coarse ware.
82.39RomanST IVESSherds of coarse ware.
82.40RomanST IVESSherds of Samian (Drag. 18) and coarse ware; piece of animal jaw-bone.
82.41RomanST IVESFragments of coarse ware.
82.42Roman etc.ST IVESSherds of Samian (decorated, Drag. 37, and undecorated); colour-coated ware (inc. Nene Valley ware); mortaria; and coarse ware (inc. Iron Age sherds). Includes sherds of a very blistered ?waster of thin grey ware. Also three flint flakes, one with hinge fracture, ?Bronze Age.
86.05RomanGODMANCHESTERJar of grey ware, wide-mouthed, with two girth-grooves on the shoulder, two narrow grooves at the base of the neck, two grooves round the outside of the bead rim. Damaged but restored at the top, part of the shoulder and rim missing. Contains cremated bones. Ht. 242mm, rim diam. 182mm.
86.06RomanGODMANCHESTERPoppyhead beaker of coarse grey ware, with narrow foot, cordon on neck, and everted rim; four roughly diamond-shaped panels of barbotine dots. Two small pieces out of the rim, one of them restored. Ht. 108mm, rim diam. 69mm.
86.10RomanSOUTHOESilver denarius of Tiberius (AD 14-37), mint of Lugdunum. Obv. TI.CAESAR DIVI AVG.F.AVGVSTVS. Rev. PONTIF.MAXIM. (BMC I p. 125 no. 42). Good condition.
89.06RomanHEMINGFORD GREYMost of the upper stone of a beehive quern of puddingstone; concave grinding surface with part of one side of the stone knocked away on the side where the handle would have been. Max diam. 30cms, ht. 16cms.
90.01RomanGODMANCHESTERPieces of human and animal bone, and potsherds: three sherds of a bowl of red colour-coated Oxfordshire ware, imitation samian, AD 325-400; one sherd of a Nene Valley colour-coated dish, grey slip on white fabric; the rim, neck and handle of a Nene Valley colour-coated flagon, same slip and fabric, presumably also of 4th century; human bones include piece of skull, half a jawbone with one tooth, and two vertebrae; animal bones include two teeth and a piece of rib.
90.01 (contd.)RomanGODMANCHESTER
95.02RomanST IVESBronze pin, well-preserved and sharp, with flattened knob at the top and smaller bulge just below it. Length 102mm.
95.04Roman?Carved piece of bone, purpose unknown: some kind of long bone trimmed into facets round the edges and cut across at the ends. Length 134mm.
96.05RomanGODMANCHESTERVoussoir from the north gate of the walls of Roman Godmanchester: a block of limestone, originally forming one of the stones next to the keystone to judge by its shape: the rough suface finish may be because it was originally rusticated. Length 37cms, width 21cms.
97.01RomanGODMANCHESTERPipeclay figurine of the goddess Venus: naked, with right hand to her hair and left hand down by her side holding drapery; with hair in a bun and wearing some kind of diadem The face and hair quite detailed, other modelling crude. Hollow moulding with hole in left back; some damage repaired with plaster. Feet missing. Present ht. 160mm.
97.01 (contd.)RomanGODMANCHESTER
97.02RomanGODMANCHESTERA copy cast in ?plaster of a bronze votive plaque with an inscription, perhaps to the god Abandinus: most of a circular plaque with ribbed decoration round the outside and rows of letters across the middle; pink material mounted on glass fibre. Max diam. 62mm.
97.02 (contd.)RomanGODMANCHESTER
97.03Roman[GODMANCHESTER]Plasticine impression of an intaglio showing Ganymede - similar but apparently not identical to one found in the hoard of coins and jewellery of c. A.D. 300 at the baths in Godmanchester; showing Ganymede in Phrygian cap feeding an eagle. Length 16mm.
97.04RomanGODMANCHESTERJar of colour-coated (?Nene Valley) ware: with three girth-grooves round the shoulder and two round the neck, flat-bottomed bead rim; white fabric with buff to purple colour-coat, and traces of a black outer deposit here and there. Reconstructed (rather badly with UHU), one fragment missing. Ht. 188mm, rim diam. 160mm.
97.04 (contd.)RomanGODMANCHESTER
97.05RomanGODMANCHESTERFlagon of white ware with narrow foot with vertical edge to it, two-reeded handle and everted, slightly undercut mouth with two girth-grooves below the rim; a pebble is jammed in the mouth. Exceptionally well preserved, with the marks of throwing the pot still visible on the surface. Ht. 120mm.
97.05 (contd.)RomanGODMANCHESTER
97.06RomanGODMANCHESTERSamian dish Drag. 36, with spiral mark in the centre. Reconstructed from fragments (not very well, with UHU) with plaster restoration of missing rim fragments. Diam. 250mm.
97.06 (contd.)RomanGODMANCHESTER
97.07RomanGODMANCHESTERBone pin with knob head, point missing. Present length 98mm.
97.08RomanGODMANCHESTERBone pin with miniature knob head, length 77mm.
97.09RomanGODMANCHESTERBone needle with eye in flattened head, point missing. Present length 71mm.
97.10RomanGODMANCHESTERTwo sherds of black ware with burnished decoration.
98.03Roman?ST IVESSmall pewter bowl, hemispherical body on a ring foot, with slight groove below rim; a few small holes on one side. Ht. 32mm, rim diam. 81mm.
98.04RomanRAMSEY2nd Brass of ?Hadrian, illeg. Obv. Bust with laurel crown, facing right. Rev. Standing figure with SC in the field.
99.01RomanWOODHURSTThe bezel of a ring with a Christian inscription: a small rectangle of silver with a curved back and traces of the cut-off hoop of the ring on each side; the face of the bezel is engraved: VRS/ACI[Chi-rho]/VIVAS. A trace of niello survives in the lower curve of the top "S". Ht. 12.4mm, width 11.1mm, thickness 2.0-3.4mm.
99.01 (contd.)Roman
X.0029Roman?HOUGHTONPiece of puddingstone quern.
X.0235RomanSAWTRYHalf of the jaw-bone of a pig.
X.0237RomanSAWTRYHalf of the jaw-bone of a sheep.
X.0242RomanSAWTRYHorn core of Bos Longifrons.
X.0245RomanCOLNEUpper part of skull of Bos longifrons.
X.0248RomanSAWTRYPart of lower jaw of Bos sylvestris, end cut off. 5 cheek teeth.
X.0250RomanSAWTRYRadius of an ox.
X.0251RomanSAWTRYMetacarpal of ox.
X.0252RomanSAWTRYMetatarsal of ox.
X.0254RomanSAWTRYTwo metatarsals of sheep.
X.0256RomanSAWTRYPart of jaw of Bos Longifrons.
X.0337RomanSAWTRYMetacarpal of sheep.
X.0655Roman?HOUGHTONPart of a pottery crucible, with traces of copper inside it. Coarse brown ware, handmade.
X.0693Roman etc.HEMINGFORD GREYSherds of Samian (Drag. 18/31) and coarse ware (inc. grey ware imitating Samian Drag. 30, rather like London ware without the gloss; and an Iron Age sherd of corky brown ware).
X.0694RomanGODMANCHESTERTwo sherds of grey ware, with cordons and burnishing.
X.0695RomanGODMANCHESTERSherds of a vertical-sided beaker of London Ware, imitating Drag. 30, with stamped fern-leaf ornament; rather abraded.
X.0697RomanGODMANCHESTERSherds of brown coarse ware.
X.0701RomanBLUNTISHAMSherds of coarse ware.
X.0722RomanSAWTRYPart of a tanged iron knife, length 110mm, width 25mm.
X.0723Roman?SAWTRYWhetstone of grey stone, elliptical section, length 11cms.
X.0731RomanGODMANCHESTERPart of a tall-necked bowl of London ware, black glossy finish with zone of wedge-shaped peckings on lower body.
X.0732RomanSAWTRYRim-sherd of jar of gritted grey ware, with plain rim & grooves on neck.
X.0740RomanWHITTLESEYRim-sherd of grey colour-coated ware, from dish imitating Samian Drag. 36; rouletted decoration on outside of body, barbotine decoration on rim.
X.0741RomanWHITTLESEYRim-sherd of grey colour-coated ware, from dish with wide rim, stamped double-leaf decoration on rim, ?imitating Samian Drag. 36.
X.0742RomanWHITTLESEYBase-sherd of greyware jar, with reversed letter "N" incised on bottom.
X.0743RomanWHITTLESEYBase-sherd of greyware jar with grey colour-coat, with reversed letter "N" incised on bottom.
X.0744RomanWHITTLESEYPart of a hemispherical bowl of pink ware, rouletted decoration round body, imitating Samian Drag. 37.
X.0745RomanWHITTLESEYBase of a narrow-footed beaker of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, brown-black slip on pink fabric, rouletted round body.
X.0746RomanWHITTLESEYSherds of mortaria, colour-coated and coarse ware. Mortaria sherds stamped "CRAT", "[CON reversed] RIM", and ?"NIVS" [with the "N" reversed]. Coarse ware includes sherd from jar with perforations in base (very coarse), and piece of pink ware imitating Samian 29.
X.0748RomanGODMANCHESTERPart of a bronze statuette of Minerva, arms and most of legs missing; rather worn, but helmet and gorgon's head on breast remain identifiable. Ht. 47mm.
X.0749RomanCIRENCESTERBronze brooch, with triangular panel on middle of bow, slight decoration on foot. No spring, somewhat flattened. Length 50mm.
X.0750RomanGODMANCHESTERBronze finger-ring, with herringbone and ring-and-dot ornament.
X.0751RomanTwo bronze bracelets of wire, thin and plain.
X.0752Roman?LEIGHTON BROMSWOLDSmall part of a bone comb, with six teeth and part of hole for rivet.
X.0753RomanGODMANCHESTER1st Brass of Antoninus Pius. Obv. ANTONINVS AVG.PIVS . . . Rev. illegible, SC in the field.
X.0754RomanSAWTRY?Fragment of a jet bracelet, length 22mm.
X.0755RomanWOODSTONFace from a face-urn, female head in buff ware; length 50mm, width 45mm.
X.0756RomanNO PROVENANCEBase of green glass vessel, cylindrical, with spiral ornament in white glass. Ht. 54mm.
X.0757RomanEARITHHalf of a bronze bracelet, made from two strips of bronze twisted together; diam. 63mm.
X.0759(Roman)Relief of Romano-British god Taranis, with helmet, shield, club and wheel.
X.0760RomanEARITHFace from a face-urn, moulded white clay with features and hair in red slip; ht. 96mm.
X.0761RomanSOMERSHAM3rd Brass, Constantinopolis. Obv. CONSTANTINOPOLIS. Rev. PLX in the exergue.
X.0762RomanLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDAntler tlne with hole drilled near base, band of incised chevron ornament half-way along; length 84mm. ?Knife-handle.
X.0763RomanSOMERSHAM3rd Brass, House of Constantine. Obv. S.P.F.AVG . . . Rev. GLORIA . . . ORVM, SPAQ in the exergue.
X.0765RomanBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass, Constantinopolis. Obv. CONSTANTINOPOLIS. Rev. illegible
X.0766RomanGODMANCHESTERTine of deer antler, with partial saw-cut along the middle.
X.0767Roman3rd Brass, barbarous radiate.
X.0768RomanCHESTERTON3rd Brass, Tetricus. Obv. . . . TETRICVS . . . Rev. illegible.
X.0769RomanCHESTERTON3rd Brass, Tetricus. Obv. . . . TRICVS . . . Rev. VIRTV . . .
X.0770RomanLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDSmall bronze bell, loop handle, no clapper.
X.0771RomanLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDSmall pair of bronze tweezers.
X.0772RomanEARITHBone pin, spherical head, point broken off. Length 63mm.
X.0773RomanSOUTHOEEye and part of shaft of bone needle, length 35mm.
X.0774RomanTop half of a bone pin with spherical head; length 58mm.
X.0775RomanEARITHShaft of bronze pin, length 78mm.
X.0776RomanST IVES?Part of the shaft of a bronze ligula, length 53mm.
X.0777RomanST IVES3rd Brass, illeg. Obv. D.N. . . . Rev. . . . MANORVM
X.0778RomanEARITHBone pin, slightly crude with expanded head; length 125mm.
X.0779RomanEARITHBronze pin with knob head, in two parts. Length when complete 107mm.
X.0780RomanWHITTLESEYSix small blue beads.
X.0781RomanWHITTLESEYPlain penannular bronze bracelet; diam. 82mm.
X.0782RomanWHITTLESEYBone pin with expanded head, length 112mm.
X.0783RomanWHITTLESEYTwo pieces of bronze wire: one, long and thin, could originally have been a pin; the other, short and with a right-angled bend, could be the remains of a small key.
X.0784RomanWHITTLESEYMost of a small bag-shaped beaker of grey colour-coated ware (grey slip on white paste), with decoration of vertical burnished lines.
X.0785RomanWHITTLESEYPart of a beaker of colour-coated ware, brown slip on white paste, with horizontal bands of barbotine scrolls.
X.0786RomanWHITTLESEYBase-sherd of grey ware jar, with "X" scratched on side; possible piece of another mark on the base.
X.0787RomanWHITTLESEYRim-sherd of a jar of grey colour-coated ware, grey slip on white fabric, with letter "N" scratched onto the neck.
X.0788RomanWHITTLESEYBase of a beaker of colour-coated ware, brown slip on white fabric (Nene Valley ware), with letter "N" scratched on the base.
X.0789RomanST IVESSherd of decorated Romano-Saxon ware, grey-buff paste.
X.0790RomanEARITHBone pin, not very finely finished. Length 117mm.
X.0791RomanEARITHPart of a bronze pin with biconical head, length 59mm.
X.0792Roman?EARITHPiece of bone, worked to a more or less circular section with a point at one end: ?spindle. Length 133mm.
X.0793RomanBronze pin, with thin baluster-and-knob head; length 116mm.
X.0794Roman?KEYSTONStone disc, ?unperforated spindle whorl. Diam. 38mm.
X.0795RomanSOUTHOESmall bronze bracelet, penannular, plain; diam. 49mm.
X.0796RomanHOUGHTON?Bronze Brooch, Collingwood Group Q (Head-stud), twisted, with broken pin. Length 45mm.
X.0797RomanGODMANCHESTERSmall bronze bracelet, plain, of thin wire. Diam. 53mm.
X.0798RomanHOUGHTON?Bronze brooch, Collingwood Group K (Segmental Strip Bow), longitudinal grooves on bow; length 76mm.
X.0799RomanGODMANCHESTERPart of a bronze ligula, length 69mm.
X.0800RomanGODMANCHESTERBronze brooch, Collingwood Group Q (Head-stud), rather corroded, pin missing; length 55mm.
X.0801RomanST IVESIrregular piece of lead or pewter, found folded up to form a loom-weight, but since flattened out. Possible piece of moulded beading suggests that it could be part of a pewter dish. Length 81mm.
X.0802RomanST IVESSmall (child's) bronze bracelet, penannular ribbon with ornament of recessed "S"s; diam. 41mm.
X.0803RomanBone pin with knob head, length 85mm.
X.0804RomanSOUTHOEBronze brooch, Collingwood Group M (Tapering bow): small and delicate, pin missing. Length 39mm.
X.0805RomanWHITTLESEYSherds of decorated and undecorated Samian: 2 sherds Drag. 37, AD 85-100; 1 sherd Drag. 18/31, stamped MARCELLIVS (Antonine, East Gaul); 3 sherds Drag. 31, stamped GENITOR F. (AD 125-150), . . . NIO√C (AD 125-160), and CVCCILLI (AD 140-160); 1 sherd Drag. 36; 1 sherd indeterminate.
X.0806RomanWHITTLESEYSherds of decorated Samian (Drag. 30 with rouletted decoration, Drag. 37); undecorated Samian (Drag. 18/31, 33, 36); Nene Valley colour-coated ware (necks and mouths of flagons).
X.0807RomanWHITTLESEYSherds of painted ware, and of a Nene Valley colour-coated hunt cup.
X.0808RomanEARITHSmall oval piece of stone, flattened on one side; length 110mm.
X.0809RomanFENSTANTONSmall piece of sandstone, flattened on one side; length 125mm.
X.0810RomanGODMANCHESTERAmphora handle, buff ware, stamped HERMES F.
X.0811Roman?EARITHClay loom-weight, sausage-shaped with hole down the long axis; length 120mm.
X.0812RomanHOUGHTONPart of a flue-tile, X-shaped marks for keying in plaster; length 172mm.
X.0813RomanWHITTLESEYKiln-bar, tapered and square-sectioned; length 200mm.
X.0814Roman?EARITH?Hone, pebble of grey stone slightly smoothed off along the sides; length 125mm.
X.0815RomanGODMANCHESTERAmphora handle, pink-buff ware, stamped GA.
X.0816RomanEARITHPart of a quern stone of millstone or lava; length 115mm.
X.0817Roman?EARITHFlat slab of ?millstone grit, with two irregular grooves along one face. ?Part of a quern. Length 140mm.
X.0818Roman?EARITHPiece of grey ?sandstone, rubbed smooth on one side, hole bored part of the way through from the other; length 131mm.
X.0819RomanWHITTLESEYVery large jar (?small storage jar) of grey ware, with everted rim. Blisters on lower body. Girth-grooves, with zones of combed ornament. Restored: ht. 425mm.
X.0820RomanWHITTLESEYSamian dish, Drag. 18/31, stamped MATERNI M. Diam. 171mm (restored).
X.0829RomanWHITTLESEYGreyware dish, poor copy of Belgic prototype, with foot-ring and bead rim. Diam. 150mm.
X.0830RomanWHITTLESEYFlat-bottomed dish of colour-coated ware, red-brown slip on white paste, 3rd-4th cent. Diam. 75mm.
X.0831RomanWHITTLESEYSamian bowl, Drag. 31 with illiterate stamp, and letter "N" scratched on interior base beside it. Diam. 186mm (restored). Late Antonine.
X.0832RomanWHITTLESEYSamian cup, Drag. 33, stamped DVSPIVS F. Diam. 97mm.
X.0833RomanWHITTLESEYSpout or nozzle of red pottery, tapering slightly, broken at wider end; purpose unknown. Length 82mm.
X.0834RomanWHITTLESEYConical-necked beaker of colour-coated ware, red-brown slip on orange paste, with two bands of rouletting, and zone of white painted lines between them. Ht. 133mm.
X.0835RomanWHITTLESEYSmall jar of thin grey ware, plain with slightly everted rim. Ht. 98mm.
X.0836RomanWHITTLESEYSmall conical-necked beaker of thick colour-coated ware, black slip on orange paste. Body is pentagonal in section, each face having an indented circle between two vertical incisions at the corners. 4th cent. Ht. 93mm.
X.0840RomanWHITTLESEYSmall narrow-footed jar of colour-coated ware, red slip on white paste, much abraded, with everted rim. Late 3rd-early 4th century. Ht. 87mm.
X.0841RomanSTANGROUNDNarrow-footed bowl of grey ware, with traces of dark grey slip, slight cordon on neck, everted rim. Late 1st-early 2nd century. Ht. 93mm.
X.0842RomanWHITTLESEYPart of Samian dish, Drag. 31, with three lead rivets. Stamped (illegible). Arrow-shaped mark scratched underneath base. Diam. 192mm.
X.0843RomanWHITTLESEYJar of coarse pink ware, fire-blackened, with grooves round shoulder and bead rim. Ht. 197mm (restored).
X.0844RomanWHITTLESEYSherds of a jar of light grey ware with everted rim. Ht. (when complete) 137mm.
X.0845RomanWHITTLESEYSherds of a small bag-beaker of colour-coated ware, black slip on white paste, rough cast, with delicate everted rim. Ht. (when complete) 114mm.
X.0846RomanWHITTLESEYMost of a small conical-necked beaker of colour-coated ware, black slip on orange paste, with white painted decoration of dots and lines round waist. Ht. 110mm.
X.0847RomanWHITTLESEYJar of grey ware, girth-grooves and cordon on neck, everted rim. 2nd cent. Ht. 160mm.
X.0848RomanWHITTLESEYHunt cup waster of brown-coated Nene Valley ware, showing hound chasing hare. Restored from sherds, ht. when complete 123mm.
X.0849RomanWHITTLESEYFlat-bottomed, straight-sided dish of grey ware with red core. Diam. 178mm (restored).
X.0850RomanWHITTLESEYBowl of colour-coated ware, brown-black slip on white paste, with two girth-grooves at shoulder and everted rim. Late 3rd-early 4th cent. Ht 186mm.
X.0851RomanWHITTLESEYWide-mouthed jar of colour-coated ware, brown-black slip on white paste, with girth-grooves on shoulder and thick everted rim. 3rd-4th cent. Ht. 150mm.
X.0852RomanWHITTLESEYFolded beaker of colour-coated ware, brown slip on buff paste, scale ornament on folds, everted rim. Ht. 112mm.
X.0853RomanWHITTLESEYGlobular jar of grey ware, slight cordon on shoulder, everted rim. 1st - early 2nd century. Ht. 155mm.
X.0867RomanWHITTLESEYJar of grey ware, with bulge round waist between two grooves, everted rim. Late 1st-2nd cent. Ht. 124mm.
X.0868RomanWHITTLESEYBowl of grey ware, with slight cordon on neck and everted rim. Late 1st-early 2nd cent. Ht. 113mm.
X.0869RomanWHITTLESEYSherds of a tall folded beaker of colour-coated ware, black slip on buff ware with grey core, with three bands of rouletting round body, bead rim with groove beneath. 3rd cent. Ht. when complete 222mm.
X.0870RomanWHITTLESEYLarge bowl of grey ware, with girth-groove on shoulder, rouletted decoration above groove, and slightly undercut everted rim. 2nd cent. Ht. 157mm.
X.0871RomanWHITTLESEYMost of a narrow-necked jar of grey ware, with cordon and girth-groove on neck and wide everted rim. Slight dent on one side, caused before firing. Ht. 235mm.
X.0872RomanWHITTLESEYPart of a dish of glossy-surfaced black ware, with possible traces of mica-dusting; imitates Samian Drag. 31, but with heavier rim. Diam. 235mm.
X.0873RomanWHITTLESEYPart of a bowl of coarse pink ware, crudely made with flat base and flaring sides. Diam. 195mm.
X.1161Roman?EARITHWhetstone of grey stone, length 97mm.
X.1162RomanEARITHSherds of Samian (roundel broken from Drag. 18/31; and sherd of black Samian stamped . . . RIANI), Rhenish, colour-coated (inc. Nene Valley & Colchester ware), painted, and coarse ware (inc. about half of a cheese press of grey ware). Also part of a flat palette of grey stone.
X.1163RomanFENSTANTONBase of a pot of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, made into a spindle-whorl. Diam. 32mm.
X.1164RomanGODMANCHESTERRim-sherd of mortarium, buff sandy ware, stamped ICC.
X.1165RomanGODMANCHESTERSherds of a flat-bottomed dish of black burnished ware, with slighly convex side and loop handle.
X.1166RomanGODMANCHESTERTwo sherds of painted ware, orange paint on buff paste.
X.1167RomanGODMANCHESTERSherds of painted ware (?War Ditches ware), with brown barbotine dots and rings on white paste.
X.1168RomanGODMANCHESTERTwo sherds of painted ware (?War Ditches ware), with orange barbotine dots on buff paste.
X.1169RomanGODMANCHESTERSherds of painted ware, from a tazza of buff ware (?imitating Samian Drag. 30), with rough U's of brown paint.
X.1170RomanGODMANCHESTERSherd of grey ware, with rusticated decoration.
X.1171RomanGODMANCHESTERSherds of grey and buff ware, with stab ornament.
X.1172RomanGODMANCHESTERSherds of a vessel of grey ware, with stamped decoration of concentric circles, slight traces of mica on surface.
X.1173RomanGODMANCHESTERSherds of a vessel of thin grey ware, ?beaker, with decoration of impressed ovals.
X.1174RomanGODMANCHESTERSpindle whorl made from sherd of grey ware. Diam. 43mm.
X.1175RomanGODMANCHESTERSherd of grey ware, with rusticated decoration and burnished girth groove.
X.1176RomanGODMANCHESTERSherd of an indented beaker of Nene Valley ware, rouletted decoration and lustrous surface.
X.1177RomanGODMANCHESTERSherd from a Hunt Cup of Nene Valley ware, showing head of hunted stag.
X.1178RomanGODMANCHESTERSherd of conical necked beaker of grey ware, with burnished lattice on neck.
X.1179RomanGODMANCHESTERSherd of flanged bowl of colour-coated ware, red slip on orange paste, imitating Samian Drag. 38.
X.1180RomanGODMANCHESTERPart of a large, thick cullender of coarse buff ware.
X.1181RomanGODMANCHESTERSherd of grey ware bowl with stamped decoration, imitates Samian Drag. 37, similar to London ware but without surface gloss.
X.1182RomanGODMANCHESTERSherd of colour-coated ware (lustrous brown slip on orange paste), with rouletted decoration.
X.1183RomanGODMANCHESTERPart of a flue-tile with roller-impressed lozenge pattern.
X.1184RomanGODMANCHESTERSherds of Terra Nigra (with stamp, illegible or illiterate), London ware (imitating Samian Drag. 30, with rouletted decoration), and coarse ware (inc. sherd with rusticated decoration, sherd similar to London ware but without surface gloss, and greyware sherd made into a spindle whorl).
X.1185RomanHEMINGFORD GREYSherds of coarse ware, various wares.
X.1186RomanHOUGHTONSpindle whorl of ?shale. Diam. 33mm.
X.1603RomanNO PROVENANCEAbout one third of the lower stone of a quern, of pink, gritty, stone, quite shallow. Original diam. about 43cms, about 8cms thick.
X.1604RomanAbout half of the upper stone of a beehive quern, irregularly shaped, of grey, gritty stone (?millstone grit), with central pivot hole or hopper, and the remains of the hole for the handle penetrating right through to it. Original diam. about 28cms, ht. about 14cms.
X.1605Roman?SAWTRY?A segment of a circular piece of smooth, grey stone, probably part of the upper stone of a quern. Length about 23cms, ht. about 9cms.
X.1606Roman?An irregularly shaped piece of lava, roughly in the shape of a segment of a circle, and so probably part of a quern stone. Length about 20cms.
X.1610RomanLYON?A fragment of a tesselated pavement: a piece of concrete, partly set with tesserae of grey and white stone, in two bands each three blocks wide. Length 125mm.
X.1611RomanGODMANCHESTERA stone roofing slate, of "Wittering Pendle", used as part of the lining of a grave. Lozenge shaped, of pink stone, with a nail hole at the top. Length about 34cms, thickness about 2.5cms.
X.1612RomanGODMANCHESTERA flat semi-circle of pinkish stone (?sandstone), perhaps used as a lid for a pot. Slightly more than half the circle survives, diam. 167mm, thickness 12mm.
X.1763RomanFragment of tesselated pavement: concrete base with rows of dark grey tesserae surrounding a single, larger tessera of light grey. Has been broken in half and glued together again at some stage. Max length 130mm.
X.1814RomanBLUNTISHAMSherds of undecorated Samian (Dr. 33), colour coated ware (inc. Nene Valley), mortaria and coarse ware (including most of a flat-bottomed dish of black ware); two pieces of roofing tile and two flat slabs of stone (?from building).
X.2088RomanGODMANCHESTERHalf the lower stone of a quern of Niedermendig lava, wide and flat, diam. 375mm.
X.2089RomanThe upper stone of a small quern of Niedermendig lava, worn down to an oval shape (?by water action); max. diam. 187mm.
X.2090RomanUpper stone of a quern of millstone now broken in two pieces along the line of the socket for the horizontal handle; wide and flat. Diam. 385mm.
X.2091RomanThree stone roofing slates, roughly lozenge shaped, trimmed to allow them to overlap with other slates and with a nail hole at the top of each one. Buff stone, very like X.1611 (Godmanchester, 1925) and therefore also presumably of "Wittering Pendle". Lengths 270, 330 and 360mm.
X.2411RomanA fragment of tesselated pavement: two rows of white tesserae with some dark grey ones beside them forming part of a curved pattern: the whole set in concrete. Length 85mm.
X.2481RomanGODMANCHESTERRim sherd of brown ware, with out-turned rim and girth groove on shoulder.
X.2491RomanHOUGHTONSherds of a high-shouldered jar of grey ware with plain out-turned rim.
X.2492RomanHOUGHTONSherds of a biconical bowl of grey ware with chevrons burnished above the shoulder.
X.2495RomanHOUGHTONSherds of a large jar of sandy buff ware with girth grooves. (HLSI catalogue says 2nd or 3rd century)
X.2496RomanHOUGHTONMortarium sherd, white fabric and reeded, flanged rim. (HLSI catalogue says 3rd-4th century).
X.2497RomanHOUGHTONSherd of mortarium or flanged bowl of thin pink ware. (HLSI catalogue says 3rd century).
X.2498RomanHOUGHTONTwo small sherds of colour-coated ware.
X.2499RomanHOUGHTONFragment of tile.
X.2502Roman?HOUGHTONSherd of coarse ware from large pot, incised "pothook" decoration.
X.2852RomanHEMINGFORD GREYNumerous sherds of colour-coated (Nene Valley) and coarse ware, and one abraded piece of decorated Samian Drag. 37.
X.2853RomanHEMINGFORD GREYNumerous sherds of coarse ware, some decorated with barbotine dots, and one Samian sherd; pieces of kiln debris including rings; parts of four animal jaw bones.
X.2854RomanEARITHRim sherd of a large storage jar of coarse grey ware.
X.2855RomanEARITHRim sherd of a large storage jar of buff shelly ware.
X.2856RomanEARITHThe base of a beaker of Nene Valley ware, black slip on white paste.
X.2857RomanEARITHThe base of a large dish of undecorated Samian, Drag 18/31, stamped CINTVSMIX (late 2nd century).
X.0942RomanCOLNEJar of coarse grey-pink ware, with two girth-grooves on neck and everted rim. Ht. 233mm (restored).
X.0943RomanCOLNESmall jar of grey ware, with narrow foot, girth-grooves on neck, and everted rim. 2nd-4th cent. Ht. 90mm (restored).
X.0944RomanCOLNE?Small wide-mouthed jar of grey ware, with small foot and everted rim. Ht. 110mm (restored).
X.0945RomanCOLNEMortarium of pink ware, with fairly flat reeded rim and plain mouth. 3rd-4th cent. Diam. 260mm.
X.0946RomanCOLNEFolded beaker of grey ware, with narrow foot, bulged neck and plain rim. 2nd-3rd cent. Ht. 128mm (restored).
X.0947RomanNEEDINGWORTHJar of pink sandy ware, fire-blackened, wth girth-grooves on neck and undercut rim. Ht. 185mm (restored).
X.0948RomanCOLNEBowl of grey ware, with narrow foot, slight girth-grooves on neck and everted rim. Ht. 115mm (restored).
X.0949RomanCOLNESmall jar or bottle of grey ware, with narrow foot, step on shoulder, top missing. Ht. 111mm (badly restored).
X.0950RomanCOLNETall beaker of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, dark brown slip on buff paste, elegantly shaped with narrow foot and tall, tapering body, plain rim; two bands of rouletting, with fine foliate decoration in barbotine between them. Ht. 203mm (restored).
X.0951RomanCOLNEPlain dish of grey ware, flat-bottomed and straight-sided, with rolled-over rim. Diam. 243mm.
X.0952RomanCOLNESherd of "pie-dish" of grey ware, straight-sided with flanged rim.
X.0953RomanCOLNEFlat-bottomed dish of black burnished ware, with slighly convex sides and plain rim, crude geometric pattern burnished on inside of base. Diam. 229mm.
X.0954RomanNEEDINGWORTHLarge jar of coarse grey ware, with horizontal striations over most of body, and thick everted rim. Ht. 270mm (restored).
X.0955RomanGODMANCHESTERLarge jar of grey ware, with narrow foot, girth-grooves on body, band of lattice ornament on shoulder, top missing. Present ht. 344mm (restored).
X.0956RomanSAWTRYCheese-press of grey ware, two concentric ridges, eight perforations. Diam. 158mm (restored).
X.0957RomanSAWTRYTapered folded beaker of grey ware, with narrow foot and everted rim. Ht. 155mm (restored).
X.0958RomanSAWTRYJar of grey ware, with slight cordon on neck, and everted rim. Ht. 197mm (restored).
X.0959RomanSAWTRYNarrow-mouthed jar of grey ware, with girth-grooves on lower body, cordon on neck above zone of rough vertical incisions, and everted rim. Ht. 236mm (restored).
X.0960RomanSAWTRYLarge folded beaker of dark grey ware, with slightly expanded foot, several zones of girth-grooves, and everted rim. Ht. 244mm (restored).
X.0961RomanGODMANCHESTERPoppy-head beaker of dark grey ware, with cordon on neck, and panels of barbotine dots on body. Ht. 160mm (restored).
X.0962RomanGODMANCHESTERJar of black-burnished ware, with step just above base and straight, everted rim. Ht. 124mm (restored).
X.0963RomanGODMANCHESTERJar of grey ware with six girth-grooves on shoulder and everted rim grooved inside for lid; blisters on lower body. Ht. 178mm.
X.0964RomanGODMANCHESTERCarinated bowl of grey ware, with three sharp girth-grooves on neck, and everted rim. Ht. 120mm (restored).
X.0965RomanGODMANCHESTERSamian Dish, Drag. 18, stamped IINIIIINIM (?TINNITVS). A.D.80-120. Diam. 165mm.
X.0966RomanGODMANCHESTERDish of grey ware, carinated with inturned rim, poor imitation of Terra Nigra. Decoration inside of burnished lines. Diam. 153mm.
X.0967RomanGODMANCHESTERCup of black Arretine, Loeschke 77, stamped SVVRA OF. (retrograde). Diam 161mm (restored).
X.0968RomanGODMANCHESTERSmall bowl of smooth brown ware, with two girth-grooves on shoulder and neck, and everted rim. Ht. 89mm (restored).
X.0969RomanGODMANCHESTERFlat-bottomed dish of brown ware, mica-dusted, with slightly concave sides and down-turned reeded rim. Diam. 188mm (restored).
X.0970RomanGODMANCHESTERDish of grey ware with burnished surface, with foot-ring, smoothly curved body, and turned-over rim; slight kick in centre of base. ?Approximate copy of Drag.31. Diam. 225mm.
X.0971RomanGODMANCHESTERSmall jar of pink ware, with bead rim slightly recessed for lid. 1st cent. Ht. 85mm (restored).
X.0972RomanGODMANCHESTERConcave-sided beaker of colour-coated (?Nene Valley) ware, red slip on cream paste, with narrow foot, sharp carination at base of concave-sided body, plain rim. Ht. 33mm (restored).
X.0973RomanGODMANCHESTERCarinated bowl of buff ware with heavy reeded rim. Diam. 192mm.
X.0974RomanGODMANCHESTERLarge folded beaker of red ware, with narrow foot, girth-grooves on shoulder, and slighly everted rim. Ht. 162mm (restored).
X.0975RomanGODMANCHESTERJar of smooth brown ware, with burnished lattice pattern on body, and everted rim rising direcly from the body; a waster, the rim distorted. Ht. 156mm.
X.0976RomanGODMANCHESTERDish of grey ware, hollow base and curved sides, inturned rim; tilted somewhat to one side. Diam. 177mm.
X.0977RomanGODMANCHESTERJar of coarse brown ware, with globular body, girth-grooves on shoulder, top missing. Present ht. 141mm (restored).
X.0978RomanGODMANCHESTERFlanged dish of grey ware, with flat base, curved sides, and down-turned flange below vestigial rim, rather like Drag. 36. Bent and distorted, ?waster. Diam. 185mm.
X.0979RomanGODMANCHESTERDish of grey ware, with S-shaped profile, imitating Terra Nigra. Diam. 149mm.
X.0980RomanGODMANCHESTERLid of grey ware, with ring-knob on top, bead rim round outside. Diam. 169mm (restored).
X.0981RomanGODMANCHESTERSamian cup, Drag.33, stamped SEVERVS F. (AD140-180, E. Gaul/Rheinzabern). Ht. 47mm.
X.0982RomanGODMANCHESTERSamian cup, Drag. 33, stamped VITVRRI (?BVTTVRRVS, AD 80-120). Ht. 43mm.
X.0983RomanGODMANCHESTERJar of grey ware, with girth-groove just above base, and everted rim. Ht. 133mm.
X.0984RomanGODMANCHESTERCarinated, concave-sided beaker of grey ware, plain, slightly oval in section. Ht. 134mm.
X.0985RomanGODMANCHESTERSmall bag-beaker of colour-coated (?Nene Valley) ware, red slip on grey paste, with narrow foot and sharp everted rim. 2nd-3rd cent. Ht. 65mm (restored).
X.0986RomanGODMANCHESTERCarinated bowl of pink ware, with narrow foot, girth-groove above shoulder, and reeded rim. Diam. 168mm (restored).
X.0987RomanGODMANCHESTERCarinated bowl of hard grey ware, slightly mica-dusted; with narrow foot, sharp carination and instep at base of neck, everted rim. Ht. 93mm.
X.0988RomanGODMANCHESTERJar of grey ware,with cordon on neck and everted rim. Ht. 177mm.
X.0989RomanGODMANCHESTERFlagon of brown ware, with low bung foot, slight cordon on neck, reeded handle, top missing. Present ht. 153mm.
X.0990RomanGODMANCHESTERSmall bag-beaker of colour-coated (?Nene Valley ware), brown-black slip on cream paste, with narrow foot and delicate everted rim. Rough-cast. 2nd cent. Ht. 71mm.
X.0991RomanGODMANCHESTERBowl of red-black ware, with girth-groove on shoulder, cordon on neck and everted rim. Ht. 155mm.
X.0992RomanGODMANCHESTERRing-necked flagon of pink ware, with reeded handle, and four rings below lip. Ht. 197mm.
X.0993RomanGODMANCHESTERSamian dish, Drag. 18/31, stamped GEMINI M. (AD 120-160). Diam. 165mm.
X.0994RomanGODMANCHESTERLarge jar of coarse brown ware, with two girth-grooves on shoulder, and everted rim. Ht. 221mm
X.0995RomanGODMANCHESTERPoppy-head beaker of grey ware, with pattern of barbotine dots. Mid-2nd cent. Ht. 112mm.
X.0996RomanGODMANCHESTERPoppy-head beaker of grey ware, with panels of barbotine dots. Ht. 130mm.
X.0997RomanGODMANCHESTERFlagon of buff ware, with reeded handle and undercut lip. Ht. 159mm.
X.0998RomanGODMANCHESTERNarrow-mouthed jar of buff ware, with girth-grooves on neck, also two small lug-handles, everted rim stepped inside for lid. Ht. 293mm. Crosses scratched on side & base, ?owner's marks.
X.0999RomanGODMANCHESTERJar of dark grey ware, with girth grooves on shoulder and cordon on neck just below everted rim. Ht. 115mm.
X.1000RomanGODMANCHESTERDish of grey ware, with flat bottom, slightly curved sides and reeded rim. Diam. 183mm (restored).
X.1001RomanGODMANCHESTERJar of buff gritted ware, with thin cordon on neck, base and top missing. Contains cremated bones of "a small individual probably a female". Present ht. 203mm.
X.1002RomanGODMANCHESTERUpper half of jar of dark grey burnished ware, with burnished girth-grooves below shoulder, band of wavy incised decoration between upper two grooves, more burnished grooves on everted rim. Rim diam. 151mm.
X.1003RomanGODMANCHESTERTop half of jar of grey ware, with numerous girth-grooves above shoulder, and everted rim. Rim diam. 153mm (restored).
X.1004RomanGODMANCHESTERFlat-bottomed dish of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, purple-brown slip on grey paste, with slightly curved side bevelled to the base and plain rim. Diam. 194mm (restored from a single sherd).
X.1005RomanGODMANCHESTERSmall jar of colour-coated ware, red slip on white paste, with pedestal foot, girth-grooves at base of neck, and everted rim. Ht. 102mm.
X.1006RomanGODMANCHESTERBag-beaker of colour-coated (?Nene Valley) ware, brown slip on white paste, with narrow foot, and cornice rim with groove beneath. Ht. 95mm (restored)
X.1007RomanGODMANCHESTERSamian cup, Drag. 27, VITAГIS FE. Diam. 128mm (restored).
X.1008RomanGODMANCHESTERFlagon of colour-coated ware, pink slip on red paste, with ring foot, reeded handle, and flared mouth. Ht. 211mm.
X.1009RomanGODMANCHESTERLid of grey ware, with bevelled edge and ring-knob. Diam. 169mm (restored from a single sherd).
X.1010RomanGODMANCHESTERLid of grey ware, with plain rim and flat knob. Diam. 182mm (restored).
X.1011RomanGODMANCHESTERSmall jar (?unguent-pot) of thick white ware, with pedestal base and succession of rings round body, top missing. Present ht. 74mm.
X.1012RomanGODMANCHESTERPart of a large mortarium of thick white ware, with plain down-turned rim, few grits remaining. Diam. 303mm.
X.1013RomanFENSTANTONSmall flanged dish of grey ware, with flat bottom, straight sides, flange just below rim. Diam. 111mm.
X.1014RomanHOUGHTON?Dish of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, with slightly convex base and sides, plain rim; brown slip on buff paste. Diam. 119mm.
X.1015RomanHOUGHTON?Dish of grey ware, with concave base, straight sides and flat, reeded rim. Diam. 184mm.
X.1016RomanHOUGHTON?Samian cup, Drag.33, stamped LVPPA (late 1st - early 2nd cent). Ht. 63mm.
X.1017RomanHOUGHTON?Samian cup, Drag. 27, stamped CONDI M. (the "D" retrograde), late 1st cent. Diam. 126mm.
X.1018RomanHOUGHTON?Samian dish, Drag. 18/31, stamped ALBINI M. Diam. 175mm.
X.1019RomanHOUGHTON?Samian dish, Drag. 18/31, stamped PAVLLI M. (Lezoux). Four notches cut across shoulder, slight dent (pre-firing) in wall. Diam. 173mm
X.1020RomanHOUGHTON?Large Samian dish, Drag. 31, stamped CO . . . ERTI M. Diam. 255mm (restored).
X.1021RomanNO PROVENANCESamian dish, Drag. 36, diam. 189mm.
X.1022RomanGODMANCHESTERMost of a lid of sandy orange ware, with plain knob. Diam. 94mm (restored).
X.1023RomanHUNTINGDONJar of pink ware, with slight cordon on neck and square-sectioned bead rim. Ht. 169mm (restored).
X.1024RomanHUNTINGDONLarge jar of grey ware, with faint vertical strokes on body, two girth-grooves on neck, and wide down-turned rim. Ht. 258mm (restored).
X.1025RomanHUNTINGDONFlagon of colour-coated ware, grey slip on white paste, with beaded foot, reeded handle, top missing. Present ht. 157mm.
X.1026RomanHUNTINGDONBag beaker of colour-coated (?Nene Valley) ware, red-brown slip on pink paste, with narrow foot and delicate everted rim. Ht. 89mm.
X.1027RomanGT PAXTONGlobular bottle of grey ware, with narrow foot, top missing. Present ht. 107mm.
X.1028RomanLT PAXTONNarrow-mouthed jar of grey ware, with girth-grooves and cordons on neck, band of oblique strokes between two of the girth-grooves, everted rim. Ht. 200mm (base missing).
X.1029RomanLT PAXTONFlat-bottomed dish of grey ware,with concave sides and plain rim; 3 cut marks in rim: ?owner's mark. Diam. 147mm.
X.1030RomanLT PAXTONSmall cup of buff ware, with narrow foot, girth-grooves half way up body, tall vertical neck and everted rim. Contains nuts (?almonds). Ht. 73mm (restored).
X.1031RomanLT PAXTONJar of grey ware, with bead foot, very thin cordon at base of neck, everted rim. Ht. 138mm.
X.1032RomanST NEOTSSmall beaker of grey ware, with narrow foot, globose body, plain rim. 1st cent. Ht. 87mm (restored).
X.1033RomanST NEOTSSmall jar of sandy buff ware, with narrow foot and bead rim. Ht. 72mm.
X.1034RomanHUNTINGDONJar of grey ware, with girth-grooves below shoulder and cordon on neck, everted rim. 1st cent. Ht. 118mm.
X.1036RomanDIDDINGTONJar of buff sandy ware, with narrow foot and everted rim. Ht. 213mm (restored).
X.1037RomanDIDDINGTONJar of buff sandy ware, with wide mouth and everted rim. Ht. 162mm (restored).
X.1038RomanHOLYWELLJar of very gritty brown ware, with everted rim, 2nd century. Three holes are drilled round the body - purpose? Ht. 209mm.
X.1039RomanGT STAUGHTONRouletted bowl of brown colour-coated (?Colchester) ware, with stepped-in rim to take overlapping lid. Extensively restored from a few sherds. Ht. 95mm.
X.1040RomanGT STAUGHTONPiece of roof-tile (tegula), with stud-marks, and imprint of ?dog's paw.
X.1041RomanYAXLEYWide-mouthed jar of grey ware, with girth-grooves above neck, everted rim. Ht. 183mm (restored).
X.1042RomanYELLINGFlagon of pink ware, with narrow foot, mouth and handle missing. Present ht. 148mm (restored).
X.1043RomanDEANSmall mortarium of grey ware, with downturned flange just below rim, grits on interior almost worn away. Diam. 161mm (restored).
X.1044Roman?WEEKLEYBowl of grey ware, with pedestal base, vertical-sided body and everted rim: approximate imitation of Drag. 30. Incised & rouletted decoration on sides, with cordons & girth-grooves. Ht. 133mm (restored).
X.1045RomanWEEKLEYTapered, folded beaker of black ware, with girth-grooves below shoulder, top missing. Ht. 163mm (restored).
X.1046RomanNO PROVENANCESmall jar of grey ware, with plain rim slightly everted. Ht. 65mm.
X.1047RomanNO PROVENANCEJar of black-burnished ware, with fairly narrow body and wide everted rim, band of obtuse-angled lattice below zone of solid burnish. Ht. 117mm.
X.1048RomanNO PROVENANCETapered, folded beaker of grey ware, with slight girth-grooves above shoulder and everted rim. Ht. 145mm.
X.1049RomanNO PROVENANCEFlagon of rough-surfaced brown ware, with two-reeded handle and ring-neck. Ht. 223mm (restored).
X.1050RomanNO PROVENANCEFlagon of buff ware, with two-reeded handle and flanged mouth. Ht. 183mm (restored).
X.1051RomanNO PROVENANCEFlagon of buff ware, with slight offset at base of neck, three-reeded handle, top missing. Present ht. 157mm.
X.1052RomanNO PROVENANCEWide flagon of red ware, with narrow foot, girth-grooves round top of body, mouth and handle missing. Ht. 185mm (restored).
X.1053RomanFlat-bottomed dish of grey ware, with slightly convex sides and plain rim. Diam. 158mm (restored).
X.1054RomanSAWTRYLarge Caster box of Nene Valley ware, colour-coated orange to brown; with band of rouletting below offset plain rim. Rim diam. 176mm (restored).
X.1055RomanSAWTRYNarrow-mouthed jar of white ware, with girth-grooves above the shoulder and frilled decoration around the neck, everted rim; three bands of orange-red painted decoration. 3rd-4th century. Ht. 221mm (restored).
X.1056RomanSAWTRYSherds of a "pie-dish" of grey ware, with flat bottom, slightly curved sides and everted rim. Diam. when complete 185mm.
X.1057RomanSAWTRYLarge folded beaker of Nene Valley ware, colour-coated orange-brown, with scale decoration on folds. Ht. 224mm (restored).
X.1058RomanSAWTRYBowl of hard, light grey ware, with offset at shoulder, cordon half-way up neck, and turned rim on wide mouth. 1st-2nd cent. Ht. 125mm (restored).
X.1059RomanSAWTRYBowl of grey ware, with narrow foot, slight girth-grooves on neck, and everted rim on wide mouth. 2nd century. Ht. 119mm (restored).
X.1060RomanSAWTRYSmall jar of grey ware, poorly made, with narrow foot, rough girth-grooves on neck, bead rim. Ht. 95mm (restored).
X.1061RomanSAWTRYSherd of Samian cup, Drag. 33, stamped ROTTALI M. (Lezoux, AD 170-180).
X.1062RomanSAWTRYLarge mortarium, white ware with black grits, large down-turned rim. 2nd century. Diam 292mm (restored).
X.1063RomanSAWTRYHalf of a mortarium of white ware, with wide down-turned rim, stamped LOCCIP (retrograde). ?2nd cent.
X.1064RomanSAWTRYJar of grey ware, approximate poppyhead shape, rather crude, with incised lattice decoration and everted rim. 2nd cent. Ht. 159mm (restored).
X.1065RomanNO PROVENANCELower part of jar of grey ware, with band of incised lattice pattern. Present ht. 163mm.
X.1066RomanNO PROVENANCESmall jar of brown ware, with thick everted rim, horizontal striations on body. Ht. 95mm
X.1067RomanNO PROVENANCEJar of grey ware, with two girth-grooves on neck and undercut rim. Ht. 149mm.
X.1068RomanNO PROVENANCEJar of grey ware, with slight cordons on neck and bead rim. Ht. 143mm.
X.1069RomanNO PROVENANCEJar of brown ware, with everted rim. Contains calcined bones. Ht. 146mm.
X.1070RomanNO PROVENANCEJar of buff ware, a waster, distorted and with holes in the body; two slight offsets on neck, bead rim. Ht. 153mm.
X.1071RomanNO PROVENANCEJar of grey ware, with girth-grooves and burnished cable pattern on neck, everted rim. Ht. 170mm.
X.1072RomanST ALBANS?Large bowl of buff ware, with narrow foot, two girth-grooves on shoulder, and bead rim slightly undercut. Contains compacted earth and ?bones. Ht. 168mm.
X.1073RomanNO PROVENANCELarge narrow-mouthed jar of grey ware, with cordon on neck, top missing. Ht. 268mm (restored).
X.1074RomanNO PROVENANCETwo-handled, narrow-mouthed jar of grey ware, with two girth-grooves round neck, handles and mouth missing. Present ht. 215mm.
X.1075RomanNO PROVENANCEFlagon of cream ware, with two-reeded handle and ring neck. Ht. 175mm.
X.1076RomanNO PROVENANCESmall, wide-bodied flagon of buff ware, with two-reeded handle, top missing. Present ht. 91mm.
X.1077RomanNO PROVENANCESmall flared dish of orange ware, apparently made from the cut-down base of a jar or flagon. Diam. 91mm.
X.1078RomanNO PROVENANCEMortarium of pink ware, with down-turned flange and dark grits. 1st-2nd cent. Diam. 280mm.
X.1079RomanNO PROVENANCEPart of a Samian dish, Drag. 36, with graffito "X" scratched inside. Diam. 170mm.
X.1080RomanLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDSherd of a flat-bottomed dish of grey ware.
X.1081RomanLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDBowl of colour-coated ware, red slip on light grey paste, with girth-groove above shoulder and bead rim. Late 3rd - early 4th cent. Ht. 147mm.
X.1082RomanLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDJar of brown gritted ware, with horizontal striations on surface, undercut everted rim. Ht. 108mm.
X.1083RomanORTON WATERVIILEFolded beaker of Nene Valley ware, white paste colour-coated orange to lustrous brown; with bung foot, two sets of girth-grooves round body, offset at base of neck, plain rim. Ht. 182mm.
X.1084RomanSIBSONIndented beaker of grey ware, with girth-grooves above and below oval indentations, everted rim.
X.1085RomanSIBSONSmall folded beaker of Nene Valley ware, colour-coated brown, with slight girth-groove at base of neck, plain rim. Ht. 108mm.
X.1086RomanSIBSONSherds of the lower half of a jar of grey ware, with cordon around waist, decorated with stab ornament. Present ht. 133mm.
X.1088RomanSTIBBINGTONConical-necked beaker of Nene Valley ware, red slip on white paste, with rouletted decoration round waisted body, tall neck and bead rim. 4th century. Ht. 178mm.
X.1089RomanSTIBBINGTONConical-necked beaker of colour-coated (?Colchester) ware, brown slip on orange fabric, with narrow bung foot, rouletting on body, tall conical neck and bead rim. 4th century. Ht. 179mm.
X.1090RomanSTIBBINGTONFlat-bottomed dish of Nene Valley ware, orange slip on white fabric, with concave side and plain rim. 4th century. Diam. 136mm.
X.1091RomanSTIBBINGTONLarge flanged bowl of Nene Valley ware, orange-brown slip on white paste, with flat bottom, straight flaring sides, and heavy, down-turned rim. 3rd-4th century. Diam. 248mm.
X.1092RomanWATER NEWTONUpper part of a face-urn, cream paste with pink colour-coat, with features painted in dark brown, ribbon handle at back of mouth, apparently accidentally squashed flat before firing.
X.1093RomanWATER NEWTONCarinated dish of Nene Valley ware, orange-brown slip on white paste, with girth-grooves and rouletting on body, painted white dots on everted rim and round the interior of the base. Diam. 112mm (restored).
X.1094RomanWATER NEWTONSmall jar of grey ware, with girth-grooves round neck and delicate everted rim. ?Waster, with cracks in rim. Ht. 67mm (restored).
X.1095RomanWATER NEWTONBowl of grey ware, with slight girth-grooves at base of neck and eveted rim. Ht. 83mm (restored).
X.1096RomanWATER NEWTONMost of a jar of grey ware, with heavy cordon round body with stab ornament, everted rim. Ht. 160mm.
X.1097RomanWATER NEWTONMost of a folded beaker of colour-coated ware, black slip on buff paste, undecorated, with plain rim. Ht. 113mm.
X.1098RomanWATER NEWTONIndented beaker of grey ware, slightly tapered with narrow base and wide shoulder, everted rim. Ht. 121mm.
X.1099RomanWATER NEWTONFlagon of buff ware, with slight cordon at base of neck, mouth and handle missing. Present ht. 158mm.
X.1100RomanWATER NEWTONNarrow-mouthed jar of grey ware, with band of rouletting on shoulder and cavetto rim. Several slight dents, ?waster. Ht. 191mm.
X.1101RomanWATER NEWTONSmall folded beaker of orange-brown ware, undecorated, with plain rim. Ht. 95mm.
X.1102RomanWATER NEWTONFlat-bottomed dish of black-burnished ware, with convex sides and plain rim, decoration of curved burnished lines on underside. Diam. 173mm.
X.1103RomanORTONFlat-bottomed dish of colour-coated (?Nene Valley ) ware, red slip on pink paste, but slip almost enitrely abraded away; with convex sides and plain rim. Diam. 133mm.
X.1105RomanSAWTRYSmall spiral of iron with turned-out point: ?ox-goad.
X.1106RomanSAWTRYHollow iron point, ?ferrule. Length 80mm.
X.1107RomanSAWTRYTanged iron knife, slightly curved, point missing and tang detached. Present length 141mm.
X.1108RomanSAWTRYPart of a