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Key Stage One

Sessions at key stage one are designed to support the topics and themes of the national curriculum. Session leaders will develop these topics with museum objects allowing pupils to explore topics to greater depth whilst having some fun too!

Under the Jurassic Sea

This session introduces and supports children’s knowledge of what fossils are and what they can tell us about the past. Children get to take part in a mini-excavation of real Jurassic fossils, as well as make a clay ammonite and an ichthyosaur puppet to take home with them.

Half-Day Session


Toys: Old and New

Meet Brian the very old teddy bear and Harry the very new teddy bear. Are they the same? How are they different? This session allows children to discover (and play with!) a selection of toys from Victorian times to present day, as well as discuss how we can tell that some toys are older than others.

Half-Day Session


The Great Fire Town Walk

You may have heard of the Great Fire of London, but have you heard of the Great Fire of St Ives? This walk follows the path of the fire and how quickly it spread as it moved through the town. How did people try to fight the fire? What made it spread so quickly?

Half-Day Session

A Day at the Fen Skating Races

Did you know it used to get so cold in the winter that the rivers and fields would freeze? People used to make the most of the cold weather by going ice skating. The Fen Skating Championships became such an important event that families would travel all the way from London to come and watch it. During this session children get to handle real Victorian ice skates, design their own skates and recreate their own fen skating championship!

Half-Day Session

Can’t find what you are looking for? 

We are always developing new learning sessions so please get in touch to find out what we are working on. We can also create bespoke sessions based on particular Key Stage 1 topics you would like to cover.

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