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Community Projects

We are very proud of the special community projects that we deliver. These projects are often carried out in partnership with external organisations and aim to strengthen the links between the local community and the museum. People who participate in our community projects get the chance to take part in creative workshops, try new things, experience something different, learn new skills and broaden their knowledge. Each project is supported by our rich and varied collection of objects from across Huntingdonshire.


If you are interested in running a community project with us, please get in touch.

Arts Award

Working with Cambridge County Council Youth Services we delivered the Bronze Arts Award to 2 groups of young people in Sawtry and Ramsey. The young people have been identified by the school as those who would benefit from the Arts Award. The focus for the award has been around Crime and Punishment, using our collection as inspiration.


Tactile Museum

Action for Children’s Woodland Lodge is a respite care centre for children and young people with learning difficulties and disabilities. We have been delivering the Tactile Museum, giving these young people the opportunity to handle original museum objects. Together we are creating a mosaic of different textures and colours, based on our collection.


Savouries & Sweets

We love working with Saints, a group for Adults with learning difficulties and disabilities, aged between 16 and 25, based in St Ives. For this project, we took the groups interest in food and cooking, and over 10 weeks cooked and created all sorts of wonderful things! The recipes will form a book called Saints Savouries and Sweets.


Click & Create

Working with Huntingdonshire District Council Community Team we have had great fun on a photography project called Click and Create. The aim was to bring the community together by collecting old pictures of their village, Little Paxton, and the taking new ones, to add to the Museum’s collection. The final outcome was a piece of art work to decorate the HUB, the new community centre, on the new housing development in the village.